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  1. Hei trippers and trancers, this is a label announcement with news + updates on whats going on within KER. discogs: https://www.discogs.com/label/1393052-Kali-Earth-Records bandcamp: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/ Kali Earth was established as a new label on the 28th of December 2017. The first release was on the same night. The release is a single track by Material Music (a talented artist) given to the psytrance event organizer Love&Magic, in 2015. It was only now let loose, just the way it is. A proper Record label, i think we most agree on is a label that publish and release physical formats (CD, Vinyl) as well as the new digital formats like i.e FLAC and Wav. We've chosen a tad unconventional way of starting up the label in these new times. Therefor we use mainly Bandcamp but we will when things are more ready and steady move onto other distributor pages as well to be more accessible to the general wider public. Right now, we only offer a CDr/Files of our debut release (KER001) . And the single is a grower, so expect it to get more tracks added soon.... Our aim is in general great psytrance and chillout music, and we're not afraid of pushing the envelope or to creating a new style on the way. The label name Kali Earth Records is in direct inspiration to the legendary label, Shiva Space Technology (SST). In retrospect, you could say that the world is also too full of bad kali, and hence, Kali Earth Records. We come with much love, and true peace of mind. Boom shanti *
  2. Hi everyone. This site has been a huge part of my life over the years and helped me discover massive amounts of great music. I've enjoyed crafting reviews (a lot of them silly) and interacting with other people. I don't visit like I used to as we all get older and distracted with this thing called life. I just wanted to float a topic and see what members still visit and how many new fans of psytrance are here. I'll start: Mdk from USA! Mdk
  3. Hi Guys! I'm a relatively new DJ from South Australia and recently I've been playing around with Goa trance, one of my all time favourite styles of music. This forum has frequently been a source of info and opinions over the years, and is my go-to website for discovering new (and old) psy and Goa albums and tracks. After years of reading through old threads that have assisted in shaping my knowledge and taste in music, I'm finally taking steps to involve myself in the global Goa trance community. I'm hoping to bring appreciation for Goa trance back into my local psytrance community where styles like fullon, prog and darkpsy tend to be most popular (and frankly overplayed imo). I've put together a rather short (41 minute) mix which I've designed as a journey through a few different moods. I'd love if you brilliant minds would give it a listen and let me know your thoughts, what I'm doing right and where I can improve Thank you 💚 Tracklist: Filteria - Filtertraces Artha - Monkeys Hypnoxock - Transformation JaraLuca - Mechanotronic K.O.B. - Identity Mash Portamento - A Grain of Sand Ra - Other Self Dimension 5 - Caprica
  4. Artist: Lunar Dawn Title: The Purge Label: Neogoa Records Date: July 31, 2022 Tracklist:- 1. Being Into The Trance 2. Divisive 3. Loose Me 4. Self Aligned 5. Liquefactive Neurosis 6. My Faith 7. Volatile 8. Being In A Trance 9. Out Of This Place Well Well Well. That didn't take long and I'm not surprised. Of course Neogoa came back, they had Lunar Dawn to release. It's essential and necessary and sometimes that means that you put your life aside for a moment for a higher purpose. . . Filthy Goa Trance The musical styling of this release was a surprise. The cover gives it away but still, when I think Lunar Dawn I think tribal Eastern European melodies n rhythms'. Well not no more, this sounds like the creation of hanging Lunar Dawn in a cage with UX over the volcanic pit of our past and our future for 3 years. That changes a man. As always, if you want people to keep making this music for our sweet little minds then giving them money for their work is a pretty good incentive. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-purge
  5. Hi dear friends, Big day today! Ship Commander is out now!!! Hope you'll enjoy. Bandcamp https://ankrosado.bandcamp.com/album/ship-commander Spotify
  6. Greetings, Goa Lovers! 🥰 Acid Destroyers are back with an EP to close out the year. Get ready to embark on a journey through emotional morning track, darker vibes, and our signature massive acid track. Special thanks to Sati Design for the beautiful artwork and Master-Dx for the clean and impressive mastering. Mark your calendars for the release date on 13.12.2023 on our Bandcamp. You can already catch a preview on our SoundCloud page. Stay tuned for further details!
  7. Do you remember all those crappy, chunky 4xCD releases from Rumour Records and Jumpin' & Pumpin'? Best Of Goa, Psychedelic Flashbacks etc? Although they were really, really bad in all aspects, there was always one artist that seemed to stand out from the rest. https://www.discogs.com/artist/7872-Transequence?superFilter=Releases Does anyone have any contact details or know if it possible to get in touch with Dave? His web site and email are not active anymore. I would love the opportunity to release his music in Digital Reprints. I was in touch with him some years ago but he said some other company had the rights of his music. He wasn't very keen to the idea anyway, and I regret of not pushing him a bit more P.S. An opportunity to listen to his album in a decent quality would also be greatly appreciated
  8. Hi! I am a Swiss DJ, born in 1979. I'm DJ since 1995 and like to play Oldschool Goa, Progressive Goa, Tech-House and Chillout. For many years I played in the swiss organization Indra (Electronic Dance Music) alongside acts such as: DNA, Dual Core, Symphonix, Audiomatic, Meller, Protonica, Freakulizer/Thujon, and Sonnenvacuum/Sonic Cube. Together with my good friend DJ Zeeno we played Progressive Trance, club trance, Chillout, Techno to Full On Psytrance. This is one of my mixes from 2001, but the sound is older... http://soundcloud.co...a/deva-30-04-01 Artistlist 1. Killing Joke 2. Typhoon 3. The Muses Rapt 4. Man with no Name 5. Marmion 6. Genetic 7. The Infinity Project 8. Total Eclipse 9. Digital Sun 10. Purple Release date: Apr 1, 2001 More mixes comming soon! http://soundcloud.com/deva-indra
  9. Hi! I invite to watch the my full version goatrance track, played on the last Live act on Moondalla Festival in Poland, with a videoclip. #psychedelictrance #psychedelictrancemusic #psytrance #trance #trancemusic
  10. Here's an homage I did recently to old school goa tracks from artists like Hi Score, Prana, Rhythmystec, Psychopod, Lunar Asylum.. It's all sequenced and performed on hardware and recorded in one take on PC. More info on that in the link if you want. I know the intro is too long haha. Been a long time since I posted here but I was here since the old forum, can't believe how long it's been.. Anyways hope you enjoy, would love some feedback. https://soundcloud.com/etherphon/06242023-dont-panic
  11. This little known dj has some amazing goa/full on tracks. have a listen!
  12. Artist: Triquetra Title: Human Control Label: Suntrip Records Release: August 14, 2020 Tracklist:- 1. Caveman Season 2. Impact 3. Forget About The Earth 4. Concentrated Dark Matter 5. Eternal Crusader 6. Dream (Interlude) 7. Rotary Reality 8. First Contact 9. Space Slugs 10. Future.exe 11. Incinerate (Live) 12. Captain Is Dead 13. Solar Searcher 14. Anomaly 15. Out Of Reach 16. Digital Heaven 17. Mind Virus 18. The Vacuum Catastophe 19. Coronal Mass Ejection ~ ~ I've heard plenty of people say and they are all right. - A current and a future classic. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/human-control
  13. Hello, people of Goa. It is an honor to me to write this review of Proxeeus' debut album, entitled At the Mountains of Madness. It is an honor, because this release has a special meaning. First of all, it is released on July the 14th, which is the French National Day, comemorating the Storming of the Bastille. And it is no coincidence that NeoGoa has chosen this very day to spot a fair light on the Proxeeus project, which proudly represents France in the Goa scene. It is also an honor, because this very day is also the 5th birthday of the NeoGoa adventure. Introducing a new artist to celebrate this time of the year is definitely a great way to spread the Goa flag. Hence it is a good opportunity to recall that NeoGoa has been a brilliant label all over the years, constant in quality and innovation, and that had definitely left its print in this scene. I shall also add, as a personnal remark, that the very first full-lenghth Goa release that I ever listened to was Dimensional Gateway vol. III, and that from this day this label has been for me a criterion to determine the average quality of a newschool product. Henceforth, I say to you, NeoGoa : a big thank you, and a happy birthday. I wish you eternal glory. Now, let's talk music. Introduction Behind the Proxeeus projects is Jérôme Lesterps, a rising artist who has spent a whole year building himself a reputation in the realm of Goa Trance. One year ago, he was anonymous. But after much work he managed to participate to some releases : Stellar Discovery [Goa Galaxy] in summer 2014 Celestial Transvibrations [NeoGoa] in winter 2014 Psychedelicus [Goalogique], Floating Between the Moon and the Sun [Goa Madness] and Translinguistic Perceptions [Visionary Shamanics] in spring 2015 And now a full lenghth album released by a famous Goa label. This rapid evolution can be explain by the peculiarity of his sound. A sincere acidic sound inherited from the golden days, with an extra supplement of smoothness and a rusty groove. It is with this musical signature that Proxeeus made me like acidic Goa Trance. At first I found it to be bizarre, but I gradually got into it, even though his music offered many little imperfections. Sometimes a bit bland, sometimes too fluffy, or too confuse, and pretty repetitive from track to track. According to me, the biggest challenge that Proxeeus had to deal with with the Mountains of Madness was to overcome these many issues to produce a brighter sound. The concept At the Mountains of Madness The title of the album in itself conveys us to an unusual destination. But the promise is clear. The journey will take us to an ascending spiral of altered mental states, until we reach the top of psychedelicness. Madness will be explored in its utmost glory, as mountains tend to be associated with something dominant and transcendant. The style This is the hardest part of the review. Depicting sounds with words is not a natural thing, but it is important to put an impression on an artist's fragrance. First of all, Jérôme Proxeeus remains here truthful to his former tracks. The album is characterized by a very strong feeling of organic-ness. While many Goa artists tend to focus on a story-telling structure with narrative movements, and resort to mythological motives, Proxeeus prefers to brew a mixture of sounds, like a sorcerer making up a potion. Psychedelicness is attained through the unfolding of many textures, through the cooling and warming of the beverage, through the chemical reactions that occur between the many drooling, peeping, bubbling sounds of 303 sparks cooking up amidst the bassline cauldron. The music acts as a warm fluid, a psychedelic lava that progressively enters the mind to make consciousness boil like a strange philtre. And this is precisely what I like about Proxeeus' sound : it's liquid, and it proceeds by waves. It has amplitude, regularity, roundness, just like water. Warm water. When I close my eyes while listening to this music, a biologic scenery unfolds in my mind. Many Goa artists tend to create a vast, cosmic sonic space, to fill it with energy, and to shake it with a sismic energy in order to create spacequakes, thanks to heavy basslines. Proxeeus does not. Instead, he occupies the space with a muffled bassline and dense textures that gives a feeling of an inner resonance. It's a bit of an underwater sensation that, combined with a organic input provided by the acid loops and the hot tempo, plunges your body in an amniotic bath. It is a carnal music, but in an intimate, cocooning sense. The heat of the music is the heat of a breath ; the pumping is a heartbeat ; the fluidity is like blood running. Adding up to this biologic theater, there is an underlying cyberpunk theme. Machines meet hot organic fluids. Living organs are connected to computers through wires. Sinister atmospheres of an uncanny laboratory go through the tracks. A mechanical menace is heard echoing. And accross the Galaxy, malevolent cyborg aboard their starships seek to rapture the living. The coldness of steel responds to the warm vividness of the body. And that is very interesting, because it highlights the relationships between the actual Jérôme Proxeeus, a being of flesh and bones, and the metallic instruments which he tries to make sing. But overall, it is an introvert music with a silky touch, a deep music aligned with the body's frequencies which uplifts organic memories from time to time, a shamanistic beverage with a retro sci-fi accent. The global mood of the track, with its deepening reverberations, put you in a stasis suitable to a psychedelic experience, and the constant buzzing of coloured spots all around the tracks puts the mind into a hallucinogenic state that soon becomes a form of enlightened madness. The plot The story takes place in a far future. Mankind is rotting in decay across the Galaxy. Machines are supreme and lead the Milky Way, while sloth and slunder have paralyzed most of humans. In the dark suburbs of one of the largest human colony, a rumor has spread. There is a new drug that circulates underground, an illegal substance with legendary properties that people struggle to obtain. Its name is ayahuasca, a synthetic product famous to awaken ancient memories from one's ancestors. But Proxeeus is a young hacker that isn't interested by drugs. One day, as he enters confidential files of the deep net, a mysterious entity appears within his occulus rift. It is a living hologram, a artificial intelligence made up of algorhythms who claim to be Hanuman, an ancient Hindu god. As Proxeeus talks to him, the divinity progressively takes possession of him. Hanuman's goal is to counter a conspiracy, machines plotting to enslave manking to a higher degree, a mechanical menace that threatens the colony and beyond. That's why he reveals to Proxeeus a code – the Vimana, to hack the machines, but his brain cannot handle it. To make his plan work, Hunaman sends the human to collect as much ayahuasca as possible, so that the god penetrates further into his mind, and expands it from the inside. As he is tripping high, Proxeeus deviates from his course, and enters a dimension against which the junkies warned him about : the Mountains of Madness, a range of hallucinogenic peaks against which consciousness is wrecked. As the hackers sinks into insanity, Hanuman seeks the cybernet for the help of another hologram : Chandra. The final track tells depicts the ruins scattered around the Sea of Tranquillity... The tracks 1. Across the Galaxy Dark, mysterious, stomping. A modern track with a bassline reminding me of Etnica – Intense Visitation, and cool electric FX. 08:36 is mind-opening. A- 2. Hanuman Deep. Twisted. Dedallic. A bit funky. Somehow recalls me of Miranda. A- 3. Vimanas I didn't expect this more full-onic bassline into Proxxeus' universe. Some metallic, scrapping sounds recall early psytrance. A slightly bit itchy for my taste. But I liked a lot the oriental climaxic melodies, which are very hypnotic. A 4. Mechanical Menace Very shamanic. Crazy and ritualistic. I would definitely dance to this one. A- 5. At the Mountains of Madness Some rare acid spirals in it. The bassline is awesome. Hard scratching acid. The climax is profound. A 6. Ayahuasca Classic acid trance, with some oriental highlights. B/B- 7. Chandra Knows A very futuristic track with a compelling cyberpunk atmosphere. A- 8. The Sea of Tranquillity You guys know that I don't like Goa downtempo. So, I won't rate this track :/ Overall : challenge succeeded. Proxeeus has refined his sound, and created an amazing album. He now stands as the new Semsis, even if he incorporates modern influences that recall early psytrance 1998 style (like X-Dream). Examples of Semsis : Planet, 1997 Pile, 1996 Artwork Not bad. The moon looked photoshopped. Overall it reminds me of a little something... Conclusion Cool music that is excellent to regulate your mental states. It's not surprizing that Jérôme Proxeeus found therapeutic virtues in this form of Goa Trance. GJ. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
  14. Two oldschool goa tracks, made with equipment/vsts, where the technology did exist in 1997ish, with very minor exceptions. 72000 Miles, 143 BPM G# https://on.soundcloud.com/317AE Freeform Delusion, 145 BPM G https://on.soundcloud.com/cpfmt Cheers
  15. ~ // PRIMARY SELEXION - GOA TRANCE PROMOTION DJ MIX SERIES // ~ I give you my latest promotion mixes, part one to five of my personal top track selections containing the very best of modern high energy goa trance has to offer today. ~ // FILES // ~ 01. DJ LURFILUR - PRIMARY SELEXION PT.1 Recording date 2022-08-21 Play time 2:00,10 02. DJ LURFILUR - PRIMARY SELEXION PT.2 Recording date 2022-08-22 Play time 1:59,20 03. DJ LURFILUR - PRIMARY SELEXIONS PT.3 Recording date 2022-09-30 Play time 2:00,17 04. DJ LURFILUR - PRIMARY SELEXIONS PT.4 Recording date 2022-10-22 Play time 2:04,42 05. DJ LURFILUR - PRIMARY SELEXIONS PT.5 (FINAL) Recording date 2022-10-31 Play time 2:01,14 Mixed by: ~ // DJ LURFILUR // ~ Official label DJ of Suntrip Records & Timewarp Records. Contact: theprankzter@gmail.com ~ // ENJOY & MAY GOA TRANCE BE WITH YOU // ~
  16. Dear Goa Freaks & Fairies, We are happy to announce you our new Ep '' Gamma Rays " It will be a collaboration with my good friend Trance Project 88 from Belgium. There will be 3 tracks focus on powerfull goa trance and about the invisible light. Big hug to Pieter Pan for this amazing cover art The release date will be the 15.11.2022 on my official bandcamp. You can already discover the preview here : Stay Tuned for more informations
  17. Artist: Filteria Title: Live With The Lag Label: Suntrip Records Release: 29th April 2022 Things change, the world changes, we change but one thing we can be sure of is Filteria's powerful, crazy and beautiful symphonies. If someone had of asked you about the expected changes of the world 5 years ago another solid Filteria Release might have actually been the only thing you got right. Is that because Goa trance is the truth? HUH? Is it? Yea, that is why. This album is easily my favourite of his albums. And to be perfectly honest the only one I've really found myself getting fully immersed within. Much softer undertones and more uplifting floating moments than seen in previous albums but on the same trajectory. From Sky input, to Heliopolis to Daze and Lost in the Wild, this has very much been the direction Filteria is heading. Is this the Apex? Who knows, there is more time and trance seems to live in this sweet man. The stock markets have crashed, the housing markets have crashed, the crypto markets have crashed - But Filteria keeps us soaring to the Moon and beyond! Anyway, this is surprisingly the most concise review i've done yet. Enjoy https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/live-with-the-lag
  18. My channel features vintage audio equipment demonstrations and psychedelic music from vinyl records. I also DJ old school goa trance from the 90s. I was taught how to mix using house and techno techniques from my aunt DJ Dawna Montell and our style utilizes phrasing in unique ways to allow long, seamless, transitions from one track to the next by playing them both at the same time for an extended period of time creating an all new "third" track from the combined melodies of both records making it difficult for listeners to identify when one track ends and the other begins. There aren't very many goa and psy DJs who mix like me so I take pride in what I'm able to bring to DJing psychedelic trance. Ill leave a link to my most acclaimed mix. It currently has the most all time views on psynews site and was well received on soundcloud. Please like comment and share. Dont forget to subscribe. Let's keep psy alive for generations to come.
  19. We had the 1.0 planned in June 2022 but police said no, because of administrative failures by the city deparment. There where even news articles in the news paper. talking about this post: We asked confirmation for this new party by registered mail, email and telephonic. We will offer the same line up, for only a slight bit more entrance (now we have to pay a lot more (first aid, security, ...) and we have a lot of not covered expenses from last time... But still it will be cheap for today... If we have confirmation, the line up will be the same, but will start from friday. Saturday night there is only campfire and acoustic music and sing. Sunday there will be very strong minimal, dub, and other heavy chill out. Bar closes sunday evening and camping we are in communication, because Space Safari is the week after and not so far iMPORTANT: PEOPLE WHO HAD PRESALE TICKETS FOR 1.0 WILL GET THERE ENTRANCE TICKET (10,15,20 euro) BACK IN DRINK TICKETS... IF THEY WANT... WHEN WE HAVE OUR APPROVAL FROM THE CITY, POLICE and FIRE DEPARTMENT, we will open presale and also the option to change your presale tickets for drink/food tickets... we want to be fair, hope your too
  20. (2hr50min/256MP3/330MB/©2022) Direct Download/Stream: goaconstrictor-604EVER.mp3 Mixcloud Stream: mixcloud.com/goaconstrictor/the-goa-constrictor-604ever/ Hearthis Stream: hearthis.at/goaconstrictor/goaconstrictor-604ever/ Yeah, so life can be unexpected. I’m not really good with people. It seems more evident and more relevant with each passing day. My neurodivergent brain can miss a lot of signals and a lot of normal social cues, so interpersonal relationships have always been challenging. I used to put the blame on others or simply run away and disconnect. One day, a special woman stepped into my world and learned about me, with me, and my world opened up. When I found my Goa’dess, I was taken aback and started to see the world differently. That’s right, in case you missed it, The Goa has truly, finally, found a partner (first introduced in the Taskmaster video and then again in Sequinox). The Goa Constrictor has met his Goa’dess. She’s an absolute treasure of a being. She cares so much about people and wanting to do the right thing for others. Having a grounded Goa’dess can keep me in check; I grow from her empathy and connection to humanity in ways I haven’t been able to before. The Goa’dess and I decided to get married at Solstice proper (which was about 214AM on a Tuesday). Since that isn’t the opportune time for hosting many people to a wedding, we decided to have a reception/celebration the following weekend and christen it as the sixth edition of the **GOA PARTY** series; heretofore known as **GOA PARTY 604EVER** We invited some friends to the special waterfalls, setup some lights and sounds, and had a proper stomp. God damn, after these years of COVID isolation, it felt amazing to reconnect with friends and to dance with the earth underneath my feet. Doing this with her love as the root of it all was truly profound. I can’t express how special and lovely this event is/was, and while this isn’t a direct recording of that morning (I had no idea there were gonna be so many frogs making their voices known when we planned this), I made this mix the following week to capture what was played, not played, and the overall feeling of Goa love that was present throughout the night. I hope you enjoy and feel the 604 love as much as we do. Always and forever! Click for Tracklist:
  21. Resurface in a new life while maintaining the essence. A producer of psychedelic trance since 2000, he began his career as a "@cid.U. "in partnership with Fluorenzo. His solo project was "Gemini Soul" (2001), and after spiritual experience, adopts the name "ZYZ Connection" (2004). He currently performs in lives and djs sets as "ZYZ". Over the years he has produced an extensive collection of songs, where several of them are presented live. Reborn is a re-reading of compositions conceived between 2002 and 2019, mixing full on classical trance with experimental melodies and timbres, expressing a story and setting for each song. This album is a dedication to Ulysses Costa (R.I.P 1971-2019). Uly brought the vintage aspect in mastering, in addition to numerous knowledge of music production. Thank you Uly for manifesting the musical essence in our hearts, and connects us beyond life. credits released June 29, 2022 All tracks produced by Sérgio Zyz Master by Ulysses Costa (in memorian) Cover by Pim Lama https://arrabida.bandcamp.com/album/reborn
  22. Lost in Time & ShiShu are joining forces to bring you to the... Asylum for the Musically Insane! A psychedelic 24+h oldschool goatrance & dance gathering between Chimay and Couvin (Wallonië, Belgium) with: -Live acts (each 3h - 1h DJ, 2h live)- Lunar Asylum - UK https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F7IvTHwsf2U Mindfield (Phantasm Records) - UK https://youtu.be/01OXr7G-3dw -DJ's (each 2h)- MummRa (ShiShu) ElfRa aka Quendi'Ra (Independent) Lugus (Lost in Time) Sjama'dan (Amanita Muscaria) PsyMush (ShiShu) ExoGen (Dance For Life) Psytek (Cromoni Records) Chakras (Dimensional Records) Mr. Crash (Independent) Moya (Independent) Sebidelica (BMSS Records) A total of 28h of Exquisite Music! sound is on from sat 16h till sun 20h Sound brought by ShiShu SoundWorks Deco installed by Mystical Forest Shop: T'winkeltje with Croques - Hippie alternatieve 2handskleren - Salie - Zeep & Badbruisballen - Oorbellen.. With Camping area and parking on the festival site! Camping Opens Saturday 12h Closes Monday 12h Please leave no garbage. Animals don't digest garbage. -please remember > NO sound systems allowed on camping or parking area- we will be very very strict on this. one warning, after out Tickets >> Early bird: 10€*: to late... thanks for the early birds who bought already. Presale: 15€ *: approx 300 tickets in May At the door: 20€ if tickets are left. *excl service and bank fees (+/- 1€) We only have place for 400 people. sold out is sold out location will be announced on your email after ticket sale or reservation. We will give you the address but no GPS will help you. name of the streets are changed recently and not known by Google.. please follow our directions we will spread out soon. is quite important you follow OUR directions, NOT GPS. Buy or make an reservation (400 is full), to get more info... please send an email (see flyer) with your reservations with full names. info and location we will send you by email the first week of June. this is a private party only tickets and reservations are invited https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/tickets/event/shishu-lost-in-time °- ShiShu & Lost in Time -°
  23. Tsotsi

    VA - Aloz Nogrog

    Artist: Various Title: Aloz Nogrog Label: Kandiszucker Records Release: 05, Dec 2021 Tracklist: - 1. Killer Eat Nutella - Virus Conspiracy 2. Theiamani - Gnome Toasted 3. Morichino - Lavazza Spirit 4. Triquetra - Talk Binary To Me 5. Narziss & Goldmund - Magnetik Storm 6. Galaktik Wizdom - Wild Cherry 7. Morioun - Lactera Rex 8. Zoon - Vilse Bland Kontrollerna (Weird Wizard Remix) 9. Slavs From Mars - Disco Satanico 10. Hada - Analogia Singuinalis Labels come and labels go. Meet Kandiszucker Records, the latest label to come (I could've made that dirty, but this album is going to get plenty of grim and grit into your crevices without my help). Straddling Goa and Forest with some loud boisterous melodies and more confidence than Hillary Clinton in 2016.
  24. https://soundcloud.com/user-461436214/keep-your-head
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