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  1. Psychedelic Quest - Space Jam (timewarp153 - Timewarp) Band Camp: bit.ly/33wzuXo Beatport: bit.ly/30FdF6n Psyshop: bit.ly/3knatUC Beatspace: bit.ly/2XCCU77 Spotify: spoti.fi/31sFeir Itunes: apple.co/3a5aDLy Amazon: amzn.to/33ByEJ6 GooglePlay: bit.ly/2DIuaWd JunoDownload: bit.ly/2DMMnBG Youtube: bit.ly/2DNDzvo Instagram: bit.ly/2XBEshZ Twitter: bit.ly/3a3LsZS Play Links: bit.ly/3a45ljv 01 - Psychedelic Quest - Space Jam 02 - Psychedelic Quest - Out Of Time (Future Mix) 03 - Psychedelic Quest - Chaotic Dimension (Goa Mix 2020) 04 - Psychedelic Quest - Alie
  2. Psylicious Radio presents a Geomagnetic label group showdown as it morphs together for this show its labels, Goa Records and Timewarp! Expect a magnetic force that draws you further into a hypnotic state of mind as our guest DJS Goa Doc aka Doctor Spook and Ovnimoon lead you into this psychedelic soundscape. After all Geomagnetic are based in San Francisco, home of psychedelia, so you know what to expect! Tune In Here: Psylicious Radio
  3. Artist: Barmohak Title: Adrenochrome Label: Timewarp Records Date: July 26, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Adrenochrome 2. Astral Life 3. Infinite Circle One of Timewarp's rising talents releases his 4th EP on the Label. When I first saw Mamomam Records release the Neogenia EP I was secretly wondering why it wasn't a Barmohak EP mostly due to him standing out the most in production style. Standing out isn't always a good thing, Like a clothed guy on a nude beach, or a nude guy on a clothed beach, a nude guy in a Mcdonalds play land or a Chinese flag waver in Hong Kong, the
  4. Artist: JIS Title: Illusions of Reality Label: Timewarp Records Date: October, 2013 1. We're The Aliens On The Earth 2. Behind the Lights 3. Aldebaran 4. Blessed Unconsciousness 5. The Illusion of Reality 6. Factorum Spectre 7. Plan B 8. The Journey 9. Mind Therapy 10. Birdie "This is a journey into sound." Blue Planet Corporation. I would swear I was listening to Blue Planet Corporation. THE name in melodic trancey goa finally has a worthy successor. Who the hell knew he was hidden away in Hungary. JIS is Gabor Czellux and this is his debut full lengt
  5. Psychedelic Quest - Vibrations (timewarp122 - Timewarp) Band Camp: bit.ly/2xRJU2T Beatport: bit.ly/2XYP73C Psyshop: bit.ly/2Y3Yjnc Spotify: spoti.fi/32AIyrf Itunes: apple.co/2Z0D7jf Amazon: amzn.to/2Z27qGe GooglePlay: bit.ly/2YY1L4d JunoDownload: bit.ly/2Z90reZ Youtube: bit.ly/2YeIkXK 01 - Psychedelic Quest - Vibrations 02 - Psychedelic Quest - Horizons Without End 03 - Psychedelic Quest - Psychotherapy "Timewarp Records proudly presents outstanding new EP 'Vibrations'! 3 super unique and melodic tracks which will for sure make you dance and enjoy! Leonidas
  6. Artist: Tranquility Base Project Title: Strange Theories Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: September, 2018 1. What Is Reality 2. Time Traveler 3. Bubbles In Space Timewarp Records is a goa trance factory, releasing a whole bunch of material. They cater to those who enjoy digital and physical media. This is a debut Ep from Austrian Alexander Koch and I gotta say it hit me in the sweet spot. This digital ep has three long, winding tracks that have an E-mantra feel. That's 33 minutes of kicking back and putting off today what can be done tomorrow. He shows that he
  7. Artist: Various Title: Goa Trance Timewarp V.3 Label: Timewarp Records Date: October, 2017 1. GoAtma - Listen 2. Microdose - Full Power 3. Persia Vibe - Through The Stars 4. Travma - Modular Sequence 5. Nostromosis & Sonic Elysium - New Life 6. Ion Vader - Trip To Nowhere 7. Jaraluca - Andromeda 8. Lucid Rainbow - Overtones 9. Omnivox - Silent Sweeper (Nova Fractal Remix) 10. Coagoa - Everything is Conscious 11. Javi & Skooma - The Amplitude 12. Screw Loose & Lunar Dawn - Big Crunch 13. Hyperspace - Fiery Dawn 14. Median Project - The Wanderer
  8. Artist: Fractal Vivesection Album: Through The Vortex Label: Timewarp Release November 25, 2013 There's something deeply alluring about the sort of main room goa trance that Fractal V put out on this album. If Goa was the sort of genre that had big 6 month promotions for stadium shows in capitol cities, Fractal V would be headlining. This is full power orchestral trance that blasts you through vortex after vortex with non stop energy pulsing through you. The use of vocals is Al Dente, the looping in some parts of the song could come across as repetitive to some but f
  9. Psychedelic Quest - Out Of Time (timewarp079 - Timewarp) Band Camp: bit.ly/2uGhkCO Beatport: bit.ly/2JfR0CU Psyshop: bit.ly/2Gvp7oC Itunes: apple.co/2Gu0koM Amazon: amzn.to/2GvQxKW GooglePlay: bit.ly/2pXAG1s JunoDownload: bit.ly/2EewAWZ Youtube: bit.ly/2qaxdMg @timewarp-records @geomagnetic www.facebook.com/Timewarp.rec twitter.com/TimewarpRec dj.beatport.com/timewarp www.beatport.com/label/timewarp/33169 timewarprecords.bandcamp.com geomagnetic.tv/ 01 - Psychedelic Quest - Out Of Time 02 - Psychedelic Quest - Flowless Mind 03 - Psychedelic Quest
  10. Artist: Fiery Dawn Title: Magus Label: Timewarp Records Date: February, 2018 1. Dancing Fire (feat. Omneon) 2. Electro 3. Kundalini 4. Nightfall 5. Searching For UFOs 6. Tartarus 7. Wings of Fantasy 8. Magus 9. Flying To Infinity Yeahh....I'm gonna file this in the "just because it's goa doesn't mean it's super awesome" folder. This is Giorgi Shavgulidze with his debut album and unfortunately it sounds like he released a bunch of sketch pad ideas. Tracks that go nowhere, sounds that aren't really inviting...it just doesn't work for me. Even the parts tha
  11. Artist: WOTE (Worms of the Earth) Title: Sekhem-A-Kheftiu Label: Timewarp Records Date: October, 2017 1. Umes (Opening the Hidden Doors) 2. Sekhem-A-Kheftiu 3. Tesert-Baiu "You know you cannot escape death, but immortality can be obtained." This movie looks awesome! I always appreciate artists asking me to write reviews because most of the time it means that they have read my work and find that it has some value. Writing reviews is a time consuming process so getting asked to write one helps me continue to want to do it. This is the solo project of D
  12. Artist: Median Project Title: The Wanderer Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: July, 2017 1. The Wanderer 2. Made On Earth 3. Nuclear Reactor 4. The Lonely Mountain With the newly announced upcoming album from the Median Project on Goa Trance powerhouse Global Sect Records I thought it would be worthwhile to take a look at some previously released material. Sergei Petrenko from mother Russia delivers a digital ep on Timewarp (have they gone full digital?) which I believe to be a gem for lovers of straight forward space goa. While he didn't reinvent the wheel, the result is
  13. Artist: Cactus Arising Title: Solar Storm Label: Timewarp Records Date: December, 2014 1. Sand Inspiration 2. D.I.Y. 3. Night Fractals 4. Star Storm 5. Opposite Spinning 6. Between Our Galaxy 7. Transfer at the Speed of Light 8. Moon + Sun 9. Nova Fractal - Connect (Cactus Arising rmx) A little over a year ago Timewarp Records released this album to minimal fanfare. I mean, it seemed like it was only very lightly advertised. It's digital only from two Greek newcomers who have made the rounds on several compilations like Goamystica, Goa Energy, and whatever the hell Goalogique is
  14. Artist: Nostromosis Title: My Way Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: August, 2017 1. Psychedelic Space Mom and Baby (First Breath) 2. Old ROM 3. Sirena Cosm 4. Monomakh (Second Breath) 5. New Life (with Sonic Elysium) Timewarp keeps chugging along and I for one am grateful for that. That said when you produce a lot of material it's fair to say that not all of them will be home runs. Nostromosis is Igor Sidorov from Mother Russia and I've always felt that his is on the lower tier of today's goa producers. Nothing personal, but his sound isn't as polished and seam
  15. Psychedelic Quest - Morning Trip (timewarp053 - Timewarp) Beatport: btprt.dj/2ntEis7 Psyshop: bit.ly/2nsc3FZ Beatspace: bit.ly/2n7o1YC 1 - Psychedelic Quest - Morning Trip 2 - Psychedelic Quest - Crystal Moon 3 - Psychedelic Quest - Lunar Circles 4 - Psychedelic Quest - Crazy Forest Timewarp is honored to welcome back this amazing sound sculptor, Psychedelic Quest, for his second release with the label called Morning Trip. These four epic songs will take listeners on a wild ride across the event horizon with a soundtrack from the future which will stoke memories of leg
  16. Artist: Psychedelic Quest Title: Morning Trip Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: March, 2017 1. Morning Trip 2. Crystal Moon 3. Lunar Circles 4. Crazy Forest Dude....where are the f*cking cookies? That's how this short digital ep from longtime producer Leonidas Giotis makes me feel. The sound is great, but it is what I term new school stagnant. It finds one groove and rides it all the way home. It's got a very happy and uplifting sound, but man it just doesn't go anywhere. All the tracks have similar arpeggios and feel a hell of a lot longer than they are. Sorry, but I c
  17. Artist: Cactus Arising Title: The Remixes Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: 2016 1. Radical Distortion - The Dreamer (Cactus Arising Remix) 2. Fiery Dawn - Mahakala (Cactus Arising Remix) 3. InnerZone - Universal Enlightenment (Cactus Arising rmx) 4. Spectrum - Medi teranno (Cactus Arising rmx) Cactus Arising is a Greek duo which had their debut Star Storm a few years ago and it uh...hmmm. Well let's just stay it failed to impress. So now they release a digital Ep of remixes on prodigious Timewarp Records. The Dreamer- The original on Suntrip's Opus Iridium by Radi
  18. Artist: Sky Technology Title: Spirituality Label: Timewarp Records Date: October, 2016 1. There is Enough Room For Everyone 2. Dancing Elves 3. Spirituality 4. Cold Ies 5. Somewhere In Travel 6. Enlightenment 7. Hypnotised 8. Trance Asian Express 9. Shamanic Dream 10. Words In Collision So the lord of chaotic goa made...a downtempo album? I'm listening. Dmitriy Kolosovskiy from Kiev is a guy that has taken goa to places that may make some feel uncomfortable yet refreshed at the same time. Like when you decide to wear your wife's panties for the first time. An
  19. Artist: Javi & SkoOma Title: Anatidaephobia EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: June, 2016 1. Save the Universe 2. Butterpsy Effect 3. 1123581321 4. Dark Side of Our Foot Ummm...is that...a, uh...I mean...seriously? That's a thing? Apparently anatidaephobia is a thing and it means a fear of being watched by ducks. All I know is Daffy is making me feel a bit uncomfortable right about now. I think I have it. No seriously, I think I have it now. I'll never look at ducks the same way. The funniest team name in goa is back at it with another ep of goa trance.
  20. Artist: Fractal Vivisection Title: Through The Vortex Label: Timewarp Records Date: November, 2013 1. Interplanetary Voyage 2. Traveling Apart 3. Interstellar Gliding 4. My Name Is Trance 5. Molecular Instability 6. Distant Echoes 7. Tachyon 8. Subconscious Flashback 9. Traveling Apart Pt. 2 One, that cover is hideous. Two, I have been listening to this for a while and it made me think of cats. "Jack! Jack! Get the f*ck in here! Check it out...That fat f*cking dog just put a slice of pizza on my head. I know, I know...*makes explosion motion
  21. Sky Technology - Spirituality OUT NOW! PSYSHOP 01. Sky Technology - In This World There is Room For Everyone 02. Sky Technology - Dancing Elves 03. Sky Technology - Spirituality 04. Sky Technology - Cold Less 05. Sky Technology - Somewhere in Travel 06. Sky Technology - Enlightenment 07. Sky Technology - Hypnotized 08. Sky Technology - Trance Asian Express 09. Sky Technology - Shamanic Dream 10. Sky Technology - Worlds In Collision PREVIEW: Drift away with us on a cosmic journey deep into a dew drop suspended above infinity. Timewarp Records is profoundl
  22. Artist: Nostromosis Title: Battle Times Label: Timewarp Records Date: April, 2015 1) The Gods Descended From Heaven 2) VlaMen 3) Kali-Yuga 4) Nuclear Apocalypse 5) Space Tribe Of Siberia 6) Revival 7) Voyager 8) JeVo Ugh. That cover. I realize the artist chooses their cover, but perhaps some stronger nudging in a different direction was in order? So conflicted on this one. I see boobs so I already want to like it. The fact that she's blue is irrelevant because we as a people should celebrate our differences, but mostly she's got tits. If making it with an alien of a di
  23. Artist: 01-N Title: Acid Experiments Label: Timewarp Records Date: August, 2015 1. Acid Experiment 2. Implant 3.Tri-sight 4. Groans 5. Hippocampus Control 6. Incubus 7. Proliferation 8. Vishuddi Chakra Believe it or not this is the 5th album from Japanese producer Takashi Oikawa. I know right? Never heard of this guy. Anyone know the significance of the artist's name? If I read the promo right on the Timewarp Bandcamp page, these tracks were made in the early 2000's. Suppose he was just waiting for the right climate with which to release this. This digital o
  24. Out Now ! Psychedelic Quest - Unusual Chemistry [timewarp040] (Timewarp Records) Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1RKzyWa Psyshop: http://bit.ly/1N61Cgn Goastore: http://bit.ly/1ZZ4uov 1 - Psychedelic Quest - Unusual Chemistry 2 - Psychedelic Quest - Endless Journey 3 - Psychedelic Quest - Spiritual Atmosphere Timewarp presents Unusual Chemistry, the debut EP from Psychedelic Quest a new Goa Trance artist from Greece, welcome to his wild stories and epic melodic journeys through these 3 killer tracks. https://soundcloud.com/timewarp-records https://soundcloud.com/ge
  25. Artist: Tavi Title: Magnetic Field Label: Goa Records (Cd) Timewarp Records (Digital) Date: April, 2013 1. Magnetic Field 2. Step of the elephant 3. The spirit of the east 4. Space Sail 5. Wanderers of the desert 6. Reactive Acid 7. Airavata 8. Desert Wind 9. Neptune 10. Cosmo Elephant I tried. Ummm...I tried harder than that. Not that I'm faulting your effort, but perhaps you should go look in the bootyliscious section. Hold up, I'll come with you. I really tried. This album came out of nowhere and I'm like, "Tavi? Who the f*ck is Tavi?" Then I read a
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