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    Ektoplazm is happy to present a new album by Swiss musician SubConsciousMind. Symphonies of Life, his fifth full-length release, explores different aspects of the human experience: Patience, Truth, Consciousness, Destruction, Love, Creation, Beauty, Humility, and Trust. This is an album that reveals its true intensity the more you listen to it. Every time you hear it another theme might resonate with your inner world, or new revelations may come to pass. One day a theme may not get through to you, another day it will open up an emotional world without description. Keep this in your playlist, let it be part of your life, and the beauty of this musical artwork will unfold even more over time. Just two clicks away for free: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/subconsciousmind-symphonies-of-life http://www.subconsciousmind.ch
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    Normally I do not reply to reviews, but I have to do it now (please take no offence in my words, it is just my humble opinion after listening to this 'genre' for 20 years and numerous talks with Ray and many other psychedelic trance artists in the past decades). I'm not talking about the quality, style or what ever of these tracks, just about what they are and do (imo). These things are up to everyone to decide Apart from that, if you would take even more time to dig deep into the history of this 'genre', you'd realise a few things: a ) goa isn't a genre, it was called 'goa trance' by party organizers in the mid 90's in Goa (India) to attract people; so it was a pure commercial move to call it 'goa trance'. Detail: at that time all sorts of 'weird' electronic music was played at those beaches - info by Ray Castle himself. It is an illusion to pose goa trance started to exist only at the mid 90's, nope, the sounds capes we so adore came a live gradually (listen to some 'proto goa' sets from the early 90's and you'll hear what I mean). b ) That is why 'goa trance' could better be called 'avant garde trance' (quote by Ray Castle), and he is right: that is exactly what this music is all about. Fucking avant garde and out of the box: challenging the mind in a musical way. Goa therefore is a mind set to rethink electronic music to re-invent itself and NOT get stuck into a certain formula or sound scape. c ) So that taken in consideration the term(s) 'old skool goa' (and new skool goa) is (are) far from correct and is (are) utterly useless to determine what has been released here. (my personnel) Conclusion: this CD/album should be for everyone who wants to know about avant garde trance and wants to buy and support a wonderful project/artist/music! -Our minds are polluted with the idea goa is a genre and the fact that goa should sound a certain way: guess again Ray proves goa is a fluent, organic and non deterministic way to make psychedelic electronic dance music. Good thing to wake that up again Ray (and Suntrip): may it inspire more new artists to be more unique and utterly avant garde <3 ...and not just copy a existing sound without searching and using the 'basic' ingredients. -Our minds are polluted with the idea this 'goa trance' has to be melodic and that these (well distinguished) melodies should lay 'on top' of the music. No, melodies are found also here in Rays music, but in a more non obvious way we hear nowadays. Again, Rays music is about being unique, psychedelic and avant garde, and - surprise - this is what (how we call it today) 'goa trance' is all about. -Rays melodies are blasting and crazy...plus: this sound is far from 'early goa sound', it is the 'goa sound' from a certain period. Without the intention to be smart or arrogant...yours truly
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    Furthermore, please read this: At DAT Records we constantly aim to provide a portal to the golden age of trance, when the music was new and a global scene was starting to emerge. While the ‘90s were seen as a halcyon age with creative music and a unique atmosphere at events, there were also a few challenging aspects to the scene. One was the frequent mislabeling of tracks on DAT tapes as music was being traded in various circumstances. DAT label DJ Solitare recalls many such situations, including a case a track by Avi circulating as a live mix by Hallucinogen in 1998 and several tracks inaccurately attributed to X-Dream, and in our recent transfer work of DAT tapes made in the ‘90s we regularly come across inaccurately identified tracks. Unfortunately this kind of situation could occur not only with amateur DJs but also amongst producing artists - and as a result of such a mislabeled DAT tape, our recent 3-disc Etnica release features a track that was inaccurately attributed to Etnica. The track ‘Party Druid’ circulated on DATs for decades and was dutifully copied from a DAT tape filled with Etnica productions by label manager Draeke when archiving the band’s output. It naturally made its way into DAT’s latest Etnica release covering their early compositions, with the artists having noted that while they didn’t recall the details of producing the track (as was the case with some of the experimental works on this release), they recognized it and recalled having played it. It has come to our attention that this track was indeed mislabeled and is in fact a track by the project Evolution entitled Alien Phenomenon - a longer mix than the version that appeared on his album, which was on the same High Society label as Etnica’s first album. Since learning of the error, we at DAT have been in contact with Andreas Roll, the artist behind the Evolution project, who was very understanding of the mishap. Andreas has been most gracious, with no expectation of the set being withdrawn and repressed, simply requesting that the error be addressed online. We are of course very regretful that this CD set dedicated to Etnica features a misattributed track produced by another artist - a completely unintentional and unanticipated throwback to ‘90s era of track distribution. We hope that DAT Records supporters will be as understanding of this unfortunate error as the producer of the track was, and will continue to enjoy what is still a remarkable release of a key cross-section of Etnica’s early productions.
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    Hello everyone, sorry it's all been a little slow, and it's time for me to add some proper reply to this thread. Everything has been in the work since a long time, I signed the deal for etnica 3cd in 2015 when i was last in Ibiza with the guys at the studio, and as you can see the cd is going to be finally published in April 2018, did i plan such a long time needed to finalise things? nope, it just happened. But in the meantime I pressed IFO vinyl and many more things happened, so i always work at different projects simultaneously but then i still follow a certain release schedule that was decided a long time ago. There are even more releases that are in the pipeline and not announced, but i cannot announce every release from datcd10 to datcd18, can i? I have plans and ideas for many other discs and even for some vinyl. Contracts have been signed already and tracks have been paid for for some upcoming release. Heck , Analog Visions is almost ready and some tracks we have paid for in 2014, so as you can see, it's just not so quick when dealing with oldschool artists and tracks. Sometimes it takes forever to find a good dat version, and then to get an agreement too, but we want to make things in the best possible way and i can't wait to sign the deals for the last few tracks that i want to publish on Analog Visions. GangGuru album is ready too, but i still need to get the tracks mastered and the artwork done, however the tracklist is final and all is ready, so it will happen soon, together with Analog Visions and not even mercury retrograde will stop us . I also have to add that I am personally volunteering in Thailand at the moment, helping kids at an association called Asian Center Foundation, I welcome you to check them out, they are a Christian organisation that has helped kids in Phuket since 2001 or so, and I am doing a lot with them, loving every minute of it. Because of child protection agreements I cannot really post pictures online of the kids with us, but they are having an amazing time and each and every time they smile, they fill my heart with joy. So that is what I am doing until may but then I will be back in italy and in the meantime in the evenings i am following DAT Records sales and progress in my releasing schedule (slowly but steadily). So thanks for the support and about Mind Rewind 4, as usual not many are helping, but I managed to get the license for at least one track, so it's a start, a vinyl only that will hopefully surprise many as it's not a "common one". Cheers
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    Every time Duvdev steps to the mic...
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    Released January 15, 2018. Purchase from: https://bmssrecords.bandcamp.com/album/unknownium 1. Unknownium 07:15 2. Squareish Sawtooth 06:58 3. Absent Presence 06:31 4. Greasy Roller 07:01 5. Four Sided Triangle 08:06 6. Blackholes 07:46 7. Someone Elses Memories 06:34 8. Randomness of Thought 07:10 My interest was piqued a few weeks ago when the top-quality psy DJ Boom Shankar (who's always impressed me when I've seen him live) announced that Psilocybian and one half of Lunar Dawn had completed a full-length LP to be released on his label BMSS Records. Yesterday's release by the duo who've adopted the name Unknownium was an instant purchase without even listening to a sample. I'm not inclined to do a track by track review. I've only had three full listens and not sure that's my style anyway. But this is a gem. I'd describe it as sitting loosely in the "morning full-on" genre, but what makes it stand out is how it carefully straddles the known patterns that make this style enjoyable and popular while bringing something fresh to the table. In today's world where a lot of music is released that falls under the very broad umbrella of "full on" and "morning full on" that are WAY TOO REPETITIVE AND LACKING UNIQUE SOUNDS, this stands out very quickly. It's a timeless style that is still a lot of fun for the dancefloor and even good for the mind when done well, but I've more or less given up on hunting new releases given how hard it is to find gems amongst the magnitude of shit that gets released. I know I probably miss some good stuff but I chase up tunes I hear at parties and trust a few labels to check them frequently, but I leave it at that rather than surf through rubbish frequently. This release does not fall in to that trap at all. The production is sharp, which is no surprise with Psilocybian involved, but it's the song-writing that stands out here. Words fail me in describing how these tracks progress. They tend to unfold fairly quickly, only one track cracks the 8min mark, but each stands out with a different approach to sequencing and flow. The 303 sound is prominent throughout but to varying degrees from track-to-track, which aligns with the fact that each track has a unique atmosphere. As much as I absolutely love the full power acid attack in tracks like "Squareish Sawtooth" I am glad it's just a supplement on other tracks to keep things interesting. An 8-track LP in this style with something like 8 different vibes is a rarity. The tracks are largely written in F or E minor, but span a very wide range of tempos from 125 - 148 bpm (!) so can find homes in a variety of DJ sets. My first listen had me a bit disappointed the goa influence from Lunar Dawn (and indeed Psilo's own dalliances with goa vibes) wasn't more prominent. I must have been tired or something because it's shone through more in my subsequent listens, something about each repeat listen has the music overpowering the bassline more each time. The tracks "Four Sided Triangle" and the more pumping 147bpm "Blackholes" lead the way in melodic goa vibes. But I think at this stage my pick of the album is "Someone Elses Memories". A unique and twisted track, suitably mixing headcase vibes, psychedelic layers and dancefloor sensibilities. I've only listened on headphones so far - while they are decent quality cans I am looking forward to putting this through my mixer and proper speakers some time tomorrow to hear the full soundscape a bit differently. If you're a goa purist with a genuine, wide-reaching disdain for the chunky basslines of modern psy this isn't for you. But if you have any kind of open mind and an interest in full on or goa this is well worth your time exploring. Best 8 euro I've spent in ages.
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    OUT NOW! Buy here: Bandcamp Goa Madness Records is very proud to present you the new album of Ephedra: "What The Future Brings" After the success of his first 2 albums, Alexandre Cohen is back with 9 full length tracks filled with acid sounds, crazy melodies & groovy rhythm's. The album starts with some more twisted feelings. In Search Of Flying Saucers, Flowing Into The Night, Twisted Keys & Machiavellian will reveal some different atmospheres of what Alex showed us in the past. Expect deep atmospheres, weird lead sounds, growling acids & melodies. The album then introduces 2 collaborations: Savannah Monk trail (feat Imba) will reveal an atypical tribalistic track filled with groovy percussions and wicked samples, while Cosmic Collaboration (Feat Proxeeus) blends perfectly the acidic & twisted sounds of the French master Jerome Lesterps with some more mellow and floating melodies. The album then evolves into another dimension. Return To The N Life & Deep Inside Feelings will bring a very powerful groove with euphoric melodies. Floating souls will make sure you have a proper landing with some beautiful & deep sounds. We hope you will enjoy this album and if you ask yourself what the future brings... Well, the madness continues! Tracklist: 1: In Search Of Flying Saucers 2: Flowing Into The Night 3: Twisted Keys 4: Machiavellian 5: Savannah Monk Trail (Feat Imba) 6: Cosmic Collaboration (Feat Proxeeus) 7: Return To The N Life 8: Deep Inside Feelings 9: Floating Souls Artwork by: Sati Preview: Soundcloud
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    Been dabbling in and out of this comp since it's release. I cant even count how many shattered bandcamp hearts i've created. You're review has tipped me though, gonna buy later today. The Zopmanika track is straight bliss, probably the standout for me. Sykespico nails it too. I'm normally a little disappointed when an artists single strays from their latest album, Hypnoxock breaks that wall down like it's 1989, track is stellar and it's great to him sticking with Goa. You're right about all these artists really starting to cement their place as new school heroes. Probably why Compilations are coming out so hot at the moment
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    Thanks for the review Aspartic. This compilation is phenomenal. Probably the best trance purchase I made this year. Check it out people!
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    This is a very good exsample for shitty psytrance with an stupid video clip. That shitty music sounds like crappy psytrance, who goes to popular music. And that bad animated video clip, what should it to cause or to be? It's really looking from the 90s, which included some stupid ugly looking aliens, who are also do some idiotic dance moves.
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    @OopieBecause we don't think those tracks are on par with the rest of the album.We might release them somewhere else or on another reissue (maybe alien protein ?) but for now they will remain unreleased. Believe me, we chose the best of the best and speaking of which, the release is coming soon, pre orders will start next Monday, also on bandcamp for all the fanatics !!
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    Let's post some old school Goa that is legitimately crazy. First a fucking insane track. Next this fucked up monster And of course the craziest of all
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    One of the few artists that connected the past with the present so skilfully. Instant buy for me. It is coming on CD, isn't it?
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    Artist: Ray Castle & Collaborators Title: Mystique of the Metaverse Label: Suntrip Records Date: February, 2018 1. Insectoid - Tribadelic Nomads (Feral mix) 2. Insectoid - Astrotrekker 3. Rhythmystec - Plutonica 4. Rhythmystec - Plasmatik 5. Rhythmystec - Cathexis 6. Rhythmystec - Stellium 7. Masaray - Time Traveler of Trance (Joyfull Natives Mix) 8. Insectoid - Omniscient 9. Sonic Sufi - Optimum Flux "Follow your bliss and don't be afraid." Ok. Like most of you I am a fan of Suntrip Records, but as a reviewer of their music I have to put aside my fangirling ways and immerse myself into the artist's work. And most of the time I come away with a positive experience. Allow me to introduce the first hiccup of 2018. There are a lot of things wrong with this release which seems more like a history lesson than a Suntrip album offering. I don't own the label or have any say in what they release and I surely don't want to offend the artist, but... was there a lot of demand for a Ray Castle album? This is a definite niche album that to me is attempting to capitalize on the everything old is gold momentum. Ray Castle worked under several project names and according to the headache inducing word salad album blurb found on the bandcamp page he was "one of the most distinguished trail-blazing legends of the nineties Goa movement.." Really? Ok I don't have a masters degree in goa trance history so I'll accept that on its face. The head of this fine label are in a way better position than I to determine that. So let's just talk about the music because I am one of those that appreciate music from the past finding its way to the present day. This label did a remarkable job with the Shakta, Prana, and Denshi Danshi releases. The Rhythmystec tracks were released in 95-96 and are decent if not dated. Different time, technology, yadda yadda yadda. I was excited about the Insectoid tracks because unlike the stuff from Rhythmystec I had never heard of this project. Two tracks from that project take up the first 17 minutes of this album and to say they were underwhelming would be an understatement. Omniscient would also fall into this category regrettably as did the Sonic Sufi track. They have the sound of early goa without many layers to give it depth. The best track for me was the Time Traveler of Trance remix as it sounded more like the goa trance I like. Personal preference of course. So for me I cannot recommend this album. If you're looking for blasting old school goa trance with crazy melodies you will come away from this disappointed. As I mentioned I see this as a niche album (which I will still be purchasing to support the label) appealing to fans of this project and the early goa sound. Suntrip Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
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    Отличный релиз! Не без недостатков, но в целом очень понравилось. Так держать! Really like the album. It indeed does have many similarities in sound and overall atmosphere to Artifact303's Back to Space, which is my favourite newschool goa album so far, and it does approach almost the same level of awesomeness. My favourite kind of goa, melodic in a good way (I mean, real pleasant melodies, not chaotic mess of notes like in many other "melodic goa" releases), deep, warm and lush. The production is pretty good. On the other hand I agree that there is not enough variety both between the tracks and within the tracks, at least as it appears at the first couple of listens. Some tracks are a bit darker (but it never gets actually dark) some others are downright euphoric (which I always appreciate anyway) but they all follow the same formula, a short intro with filter sweeps and some pads, then the track starts almost full power, fully unfolds in first two minutes and then just rides on. Comparing it to Back to Space the latter has more unexpected turns, more variety in melodies, moods and textures, even though it's the same kind of smooth floating goa. I can skip over to any random part of any track and while I'll most probably hear something I like it all will sound very similar. I think the tracks from this album must work better if mixed up with tracks by other artists, as a whole the album is a bit too much of the same thing. Anyway, I'm glad that this kind of goa lives on, this album offers exactly what I actually expect from goa trance. Being a big AP fan, i'm finding most newschool goa too harsh and chaotic. I hope Median Project will continue working in this style just making his tracks a bit more varied and challenging. Btw, is there such a rule that any goa act from Russia must have "project" in its name? I mean, Psy-H Project, Median Project, Atlantis Project, Centavra Project, Nord Project.
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    "Zirrex - Zirrex" can be found at 40:10 in this set (incredible and honestly one of the most accomplished goa trance track I have ever heard): ECT - Helpless Dimension 5 - Utopian dream Cosmosis - Psychofunk PS: The Rotatum track is so good, cannot get bored with it.
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    Forestdelic is a good label, but their sound is closer to UK psytrance than Forest IMO. Some fantastic pure Forest labels: Stoneage: Defunct, but one of the best early forest labels Treetrolla: For the authentic scandinavian forest sound Sanaton: One of the best forest labels Parvati: They started as darkpsy, but now they are almost exclusively forest Schlabbaduerst: For the classic melodic forest style Chronicle Of Mystery: Similar style to Schlabbaduerst
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    In this case, I don't see what's the big issue. Or, I guess I do see it, but it just doesn't bother me that much. I got into psytrance in 2010 and as the years went by I accepted the fact that there were albums I'd never own in any format (among others I.F.O. and The Juggeling Alchemists Under the Black Light), Draeke had other ideas and I'm definitely grateful for that. I would've been happy with just vanilla re-releases of the original albums, but instead we got so much more. I really hope Federico continues unearthing the gems of yesterday as DAT is among the few labels I follow.
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    BOTFB loves this track and it's easy to see why; it's minimal yet bonkers at the same time. Not as twisted, but still pretty manic:
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    Where to begin... Could you maybe post some of your favorite tracks or parts? Then I can recommend you tracks in a similar style. A lot of decent labels and subdivisions were mentioned here. I usually see these big subdivisions in the genre. I put my biggest recommendations in the beginning of the sum up. I think your taste in Forestdelic Records resembles the "abstract" sum up the most. I also posted my dj sets here in case you want to hear a lot of recommendations at once. A) Oldskool Forest / Melodic Forest: Schlabbaduerst Rekkords (check out their Bandcamp and also the Bandcamp of the individual artists like BOTFB, Ka-Sol and Zoon), Chronicle of Mystery Records, Kiriyama, Kluster. B ) Sanaton style "mossy" Forest (I'm using Sanaton in the name here because they were the first label that I listened to that was releasing this style): all the Hallucinogenic Horses Artists (Derango, Traskel, Makadam etc...), Attoya, The Cure Records / Medulla Oblongata Records, Flipkompagniet Records (Smuds, Volapyk, Orhm), Treetrolla Records, Mighty Quinn Records (latest VA!!), Shivattva, Oneiromanix, Digital Shiva Power Records, Vantara Vichitra Records... C) More "abstract" Forest that leans closer to Dark Psy: Parvati Records (a lot of variety here, all quality, my fav release is Arjuna - Primal Contact), Farebi Jalebi, Phreex Networx, Lost Theory Records (also a lot of variety and some "Sanaton" style too), Sonic Loom Records. A lot of Japanese artists in this style too like Gu, Jangaramongara, Shiibashunsuke... D) And then there's this label that releases a very distinct and unique style that I can't put anywhere else: Yggdrasil Records!! Loke / Hutti Heitta / Freeform Syndicate + almost everything else released on there.
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    I'd love a Schlab-vinyl but I'm in a really shitty financial situation xD Could probably donate a 10-15$ or so to support the project, the Schlabbaduerst-gang has done so much for the music that it would be a shame not to, but that's about it for the moment. About waiting time, I don't see it as that important. Give it the time that it would need. I suppose singles are a tad cheaper to produce? Would be really cool to have a Botfb - Ka-sol split single, of course a double vinyl would be awesome too. I live in Sweden so kinda hard to answer your last question, if it actually were pressed I'd buy it if I could afford it.
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    That's my second EP at Gert Sound Records, three tracks combining progressive, full-on and uplifting trance elements. Track list 1. Soul Of The Machine (137 bpm) 2. Morning Wake Up (vs MTR) (140 bpm) 3. Andromeda Nebula (146 bpm) https://www.beatport.com/release/soul-of-the-machine/2167570 You may preview the full EP in the above video, though the sound quality in it is not very high (128 kbps I guess), the label doesn't allow posting high quality audio of full-length tracks. There is also a respective playlist on my soundcloud but it contains preview versions which I have mastered by myself, the release is mastered in a pro studio. Also special thanks to Antic604 who helped me to finish the third track (he didn't participate directly in the track writing/production process but his advices on the intermediate versions which I posted here were quite helpful)