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  1. Gamma Draconis? The third star in the Draco constellation? The third dragon? The third coming? I'm not sure. Whatever the title means, the sound is good on this vinyl compilation of classic Goa artists. What a great pleasure it is to have Goa on vinyl again; Suntrip Records are to be commended - let us hope they produce more vinyl editions. It must be admitted, however, that their postage and packing leave much to be desired. Mine arrived bent and buckled due to the inadequate flimsy box and took its sweet time too. When I wrote informing them of this there was no reply. Tsk tsk Sunt
  2. A fine debut album here, demonstrating an impressive level of maturity and diligence: it is immediately apparent that a lot of thought and practice has gone into each track as they are all well-structured and feature harmonious sounds that have been carefully pruned and edited to fit together well and hence create a floaty atmosphere and effect. If the artist's intention (always problematic to ascertain) is indeed to create an aural space voyage, then the album succeeds triumphantly. On the down side, the artist is fairly obviously a big Astral Projection fan, and at times I found myself wonde
  3. I'm enjoying this album. Victor Solsona has his own Goa style that could be described as deeper, slower, funky. This gives this album its own identity, something lacking today. He often goes deep and a little slower and less manic than some other contemporary Goa acts. He prefers bigger leads that are not too cluttered with layerism. This is a good thing in my book as it creates more space for the listener and dancer. On the down side, at times the sounds on this album are a bit cliched, and it sure likes its panned swooshes and ripping noises. Worth a listen I think. ~*~
  4. DoktorG

    Merr0w - Odysseus

    I must put a special shout out for the track "Their Own Light", which has an innovative kick drum sound and beat. What a storming track! Overall a good neo-Goa album, though at times it feels a bit manic for its own good and can sound a touch formulaic. Occasionally I find the leads a bit plasticky/strident sounding, though the production as a whole is good. MerrOw's characteristic theme is quite original, however, as most Goa has been more about the beach and bamboo forest and stars above than it was in the Indian ocean. I guess the artist is an Aquaman, Mera, Nemo and Fathom fan, as well as
  5. One of the few genuine Goa albums of 2019. What makes this album stand out for me is its elegant simplicity. It reminds me of Electric Universe's "One Love", for just one example, in its refusal of manic layering, the weakness in my view of much nu Goa, and goes for a relatively simple sound with plenty of space and time for each sound and idea to evolve. This encourages true trance and spaciness, inner and outer. Buddhas keep some of their signature darkness and roughness, evident here in some melancholic and sinister feelings, but this is a slower and more melodic album than much of their pr
  6. DoktorG

    V/A - Assassi-Nations

    You can read what I wrote above in 2003. It is now 15 years later, and my opinion is not the same. I still like the Alien Project and Logic Bomb tracks, but the rest is disposable dance floor filler. It is a compilation which is in my reject pile, to be sold. Significantly, very little of the Goa trance that I have from 95-96-97 makes it onto the reject pile. 'Nuff said.
  7. Ahhhh... how sweet it is to get some proper acid Goa in 2018. By proper, I mean kicking, intense, varied and otherworldly. Further, this album is blissfully free of the generic "16th note" bassline and rhythm section that, imo, spoils so much contemporary full on and Goa. If you listen to 90s Goa, you do not find the same beat hegemony that, along with other generic factors, makes today's trance so often cookie cutter in its formulaic similarity. These guys vary their basslines and drums/percussion, to my immense delight! The whole album is rip-roaring, and it sounds like they had a good time
  8. Yes, I have to agree with the other reviewers here: "Goaway" is the best track of Power Source. Typical of Matsuri to pick that track to put on a 12". "Gargamel" which is on the other side of the 12" is only ok; the piano sound that comes in a couple of times rather ruins the spell of the track. But "Goaway" is a fantastic track, one of the greats of Goa trance. Really scathing sawtooth leads that scythe and slice and would devastate on the dancefloor accompanied by a hypnotic beat that could go on forever. "Cosmic Waves" isn't quite up to this level. Like the 12", it is a bit of a mixed bag.
  9. Btw, off-topic I know, but I really enjoyed the youtube clip of "Kapala". A good psychedelic tune with lovely melancholic intro Happy Horse. ~*~
  10. Happy Horse, I really want to support what you've written above. Unfortunately, most psytrance played at parties and festivals today sounds very plastic and kitsch to me. Maybe I am an old fart, but let me make a few points. Firstly, the "full on" 16th note bassline is utterly repetitive, boring and mind-numbing in the worst sense. Uniformity? You betcha! Goa circa 95, 96, 97 did not have a generic bassline. Just listen to Etnica's records - practically every single song has a different bassline. Secondly, the "telephone line" series of valleys and peaks (obviously made to give
  11. I'm listening to this as I type, and I have to say I just don't get the hype. Sure it is a little bit better than generic full on, which is to say that it is just slightly less crap than a steaming pile. The only tracks with any individuality are the opening, the Hallucinogen track (which is not so special imho) and the Prometheus track which at least has an actual melody. The rest have moments here and there but are otherwise dominated by that maddeningly samey full on bass line and extra cheesy "psychedelic" samples. Meh. Moving on. ~*~
  12. DoktorG

    Cwithe - Illegal

    Hey Goa heads, why no love for this album? I admit, firstly, that I'm a bit of a fan of the short-lived "psybreaks" or "breaktrance" movement, enjoying the excellent 21-3 compilations, Deviant Electronics, Germinating Seeds of Doda and so on. I also love drums and complex rhythms; full-on with its super-repetitive generic bass line (I can't say bass lines, cos there's only one), simple drums and non-entrancing stop-start buildups just can't do it for me. Those biases on the table, I enjoy this album, though it took me a number of listens to like it. The mix of drum n bass, breaks and Goa melod
  13. Thanks Draeke. I guess in some ways the more interesting question is not how Trip to the Stars relates to IFO, but how Trip to the Stars relates to The City of Moons, Cristian's previous album? To be flippant for a moment: Pleiadians vs UX? I need to listen more to say something substantial about this, but it is clear just from memory that Trip to the Stars is more obviously melodic and spacey than City of Moons. City of Moons is visceral, darker, harder, has more of an industrial edge and rusted metal feeling to it. My gut-level experience of the two albums is summed up by their titles. Trip
  14. I have tried to like this record because Bilbo Bagginz' debut with Jeremy van Kampen, the widely-praised "Cosmology", was so great. However, despite my best efforts and many spins, I can't rate this album as highly as the previous two. As Jikkenteki suggests, the production values are superlative. The sonics are really something; every sound has its place, the tonality is superb, bass growls, treble stings and soars. Those smoking sessions with Gandalf really paid off, and Bilbo successfully refines his studio technique here. But I find the conception is lacking: there is little coherence or f
  15. Mount Kailash meditation guaranteed. Totally hypnotic music which will give you an out of body experience if you allow it to bathe your neural matrix. No psychedelics are required because this is aural acid of the purest quality. If you don't lift at least a little off-planet listening to this, may I humbly recommend that you join the queue for Getafix's magic potion, get thee to a nunnery, do fifteen years of pranayama or otherwise reprogram your horizons. Even the slightest openness to this trip will allow you to view our galaxy, let alone our planet, from an impossibly remote distance and c
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