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  1. @draeke yesss, this release is awesome. the look of the splattered vinyl in UV light with the intense psychedelic oldschool sound is pure blissful joy. thank you for it and i really really hope for more oldschool vinyl releases. trifold covers for 3xLP are actually very great. maybe check out the viny lrelease of Captain Hook - Origin. its really nice cover for 3xLP, embosed, very good quality artowrk print. it was produced via diggersfactory.com
  2. just received my copy of tetrahedron vinyls. the vinyls look really nice. but please DAT Records for 3xLP release in future use covers meant for 3 vinyls, for eg like Shpongle - Codex VI, Captain Hook - Origin. its really hard to fit those 3 vinyls in the gatefold cover meant for 2 vinyls.
  3. open for trade the Pleiadians - Alcyone - Etched Promo Vinyl in very good condition. looking for some other rare collectoritems for e.g. Koxbox - Live at Burning Man vinyls
  4. found it Deniz Kabu - In A Life [Eleatics Records] https://youtu.be/ZulUaUzkYss
  5. pity the forum became so inactive. for those interessted here it is: Part 1 Part 2
  6. hehe yea kind of in the meantime i got my hands on a copy. it looks like a legit Twisted release, very well done bootleg, and the tracklist is very interesting as it varies from the official Shpongle Remixed release. glad to have it in my collection.
  7. does anyone have a recording of the Shpongle Static performance from Ozora 2019? i know there was an online live stream.
  8. it was played on a forest rave ive been to lately, i assume its something newer. sample recorded with phone but you can hear it good enough and its pretty characteristic. https://soundcloud.com/psyhoe/waldtanz-open-air-id-27072019
  9. while digging on an old harddrive found it again. including interview (in polish) enjoy Artha_at_Toksyna_FM_-_07.05.2010.mp3 https://go4up.com/dl/b22ef86fa4ed2c
  10. I have received a replacement cover today and the disappointemnd continues. The new cover also has the bubble issue. It's not as much as the first copy i received but still the bubbles are present and make the cover look wavy on the front. This one is the forth copy i see and ALL have more or less this bubble issues. Also there is some ugly fold in the green layer on the front top (another copy also had a fold on the bottom part). And the highlight of this cover is: there is a freakin HAIR pressed under the graphic layer of the front mask!! What the heck goes wrong there? I hope at least its a hair from Raja or Simon but i doubt that. I reported these issues with photos to Twistend and will see what they reply. I dont want it to sound like whining but so far Im really disappointed about the products quality for the price they asked. I will report when i know more.
  11. what would you guys say about a Subcategory Forum for Vinyl Releases here in "Artist News and Labels announcements"?
  12. Soo.....the next, long time announced Shpongle Remastered Deluxe Vinyls finally arrived. Nothing Lasts...But Nothing Is Lost. SUPER DELUXE 2xLP PACKAGE The Artwork is beatiful and done with a lot of love for the detail. The remastered sound is just as like the other two albums awesome. I think its very pity they havent pressed it on 180g vinyl. The inner sleeves also looks very basic and could be more attractive as for a deluxe edition. I compared my copy with the one of a friend and both releases have like air bubbles between the atwork layers on the cover. aspecially around the metalic parts. mine has a lot more and after reporting it to Twisted they say its a damage and will send a replacement cover. I will see what will arrive. my friend and i both are worried that the bubbles will grow in time and the cover will look wavy. well we will see in the future. also a minus point imho is the untypical size of the release. Its longer than any other vinyl release why im having trouble to fit it on my shelf next to my other vinyls. if you want them in order this one sticks out and disturbs the line. also i cannot present it on my shelf that has boxes specially with the size of vinyls so you can put in a release with the cover to the front, the hight is ok but its too wide. and, on the margin, what i miss is some hidden extra, like on Are You Shpongled? Deluxe Release. or havent i just found it yet? last but not least, they are asking their fans for a lot of money. including shipping it cost me 150€. all together its a beautiful release with amazing remastered sound, but after all the announcents and the very high price the expectations were also high. im a bit dissapointed in how the result is, even more comparing to the former deluxe editions. What is Your opinion on it? Anyone else having trouble with the quality?
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