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  1. I'm using Logic and one synth only, the retrosynth, one retrosynth with the Step FX effect, everything from Logic stock, thanks for your opinion, I know my tracks now sound a bit repetitive I will try to improve.
  2. I believe you, I have some headphones Audio-Technica ATH-M50X, I will use them too in mixing and mastering too.
  3. Here are two tracks I'm making, they are work in progress how can I improve them? I will add more elements for sure but for now I wanna know about sound quality and that kind of stuff. https://cosmicequilibrium.space/audio/ Thanks
  4. The title is self explanatory, but I wanna the volume of bass going down when the kick hits using ulrabeat.
  5. In what elements you guys use it? Lead? Bass? every one of them? try to avoid to use it? Tell about it
  6. Even Logic Pro has the option of export directly to soundcloud, but I like to have all in one place like my site, soundcloud site seems good, but has very content and is a bit distractive, but should be good to get feedback and to get in touch with more people with the same interest, maybe later when I had some work to show.
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