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    New backdrops in Global Sect Shop!

    Hey man, sorry for long feedback, so my experience say me something like 2-3 weeks. If standart post service. If talk abour fast shipping its will be more fast.
  2. Katedra - We Are Not Alone (Global Sect Music, 2019) Listen 2 tracks & Pre-orders СD & Merch: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/katedra-we-are-not-alone Human civilization, gradually overcoming the difficulties of evolutionary development, enters a new space age for itself. Very soon we will begin to explore the space of the Solar System and rush beyond its borders towards the Far Worlds. What secrets have a cold and unexplored Cosmos prepared for us? Will we be able to find a new home or make first contact with intelligent life? These questions still have to get answers to our descendants, but already now, looking at the starry sky late at night, in the mind, sometimes, there is a feeling: We are not alone... After several years of creative process, we are pleased to present to you the debut album of Ukrainian musician Ostap Hirnyak. This disc is literally saturated with alien goa-trance vibrations and will send you on an unforgettable space journey to other worlds and life forms. "I am grateful to all the friends who helped and supported me throughout my creative activity." (с) Katedra Tracklist: 01. The MoonShip (mix 2019) 02. First Contact 03. Ring of Fire 04. Nagual 05. You Are Not Alone 06. Alienated Hallucination 07. Radiointerference (mix 2019) 08. The Edge Of Spaces Cover art: Ahankara Art & Andrei Verner Mastering & Mixing: One Day Mastering Studio Release date: 25 march Released by Global Sect Music.
  3. Yes cool track, i know it very good and was play it before release Sky Technology very cool guy too 3 Ukranian guys work on this album: Ostap, Dimitro Zymosis (mastering, mixing) and Ahankara
  4. Thank you for the story bro My story is: I was going to Siberia, to play on 3 festivals, in 2014. Organizers asked me to play on chill stage too. I was thinking that it's ok, but I want to play downtempo goa trance vibes, and in this time Ostap sent me some tracks. I can say truth, I didn't like it so much after first listening, because sounds very strange, but I burn CDs because I didn't have many alternatives and time. So, I played on main stage and after that I went down from this location to chill stage and think: okay, I will just play something and go relax with friends. But when I started to play, something very strange started to happen. People that were just sitting before, started dancing and vibrations from music were very cosmic. I saw big interest in eyes of people. After this trip I returned to Moscow and made offer to Ostap to release his album. But, last 5 years I was very busy with another releases and Ostap was not fast too, he continued experiments. I like this release very much, because its unique music with dark alien vibrations and it can be soundtrack for movies like Alien maby. Here you can see video from one of this 3 festivals:
  5. GS Concept

    V.A. 303 Syndroms [ Mamomam Records ]

    So, i listen this release yesterday, its very cool stuff. I like mastering by Ovnimoon, many amount in sound, very good. If talk about tracklist i like spirit of this VA, powerful acid sound with oldschool vibrations. I reccomend make more compilation, goodluck!
  6. VA - Shambhala (Global Sect Music, 2018) Pre-order now: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/va-shambhala "The light shines on the Tower of Shambhala like a diamond. He is there tireless Rigdet - Djapo, - eternally awake for the good of mankind. His eyes never close. In his magic mirror, he sees all earthly events. And the power of thought go through distant lands. For him there is no distance; he can help worthy in an instant. His bright light can destroy the darkness ... (с) Nikolay Roerich (Shambhala Shining) Tracklist: 1. Fiery Dawn - Magic Mirror 2. Skarma - Cianendeon ( Median Project Remix ) 3. Goasia - Hidden Waves 4. Median Project - Heaven and Earth (Omneon rmx) 5. Zopmanika - Namaskara Mantra II 6. Centavra Project - Shambhala 7. Median Project - Scarab 8. Mindsphere - Floating in a Widescreen 9. Astrancer - Neighbor Shambhala lies on the very edge of physical reality, as a bridge connecting this world to one beyond it. The paradise kingdom, the place of silence, the source of happiness where only the pure of heart can live. It was searched by many, but it's not the ordinary country which can easily be found. Although those with special affiliation may actually be able to go there through their karmic connection, nevertheless it is not a physical place that we can actually find. We can only say that it is a pure land, a pure land in the human realm. And unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there. Shambhala is calling with fine vibrations of pure goa trance. The music of paradise is the music of your soul and it will bring you to your own paradise kingdom. Enjoy the energy of heavenly goa trance with our new compilation. ॐ
  7. Out now: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/va-shambhala
  8. Samples! https://soundcloud.com/globalsect/sets/va-shambhala
  9. Final cover art for our new compilation Shambhala ✨ Presales and 2 first tracks: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/va-shambhala Samples very soon.
  10. Check this guys, amazing stuff. https://impulse-audio.bandcamp.com/album/transdriver-rudimentary-synthesis Impulse Audio Records presents new release of old creative work of Transdriver project: Rudimentary Synthesis Tracks of the period: 1995 -1998. From the author: The style of this music is very close to Goa Trance with elements of Acid-sound of those days. Release includes some tracks, which were part of Analogue Terror album, but also those, which remained unknown till this time. We were drastic! That was an era with no VST instruments. We used only original synthesizers, inexpensive sound cards with limited memory, which was capable of accomodating just several sounds. Most of methods implemented in such synthesis were dropped over time as useless - became rudimentary. Hence the name of the release - Rudimentary Synthesis. Mastering brought me a lot of troubles. Some tracks sound with distortions, since were created live, and mixing console "Elektronika" was overloaded. Despite all these, many tracks contain very interesting musical discoveries. Hope you will enjoy origins of contemporary Transdriver sound.
  11. Make Cronomi great again ! :D Nice see in game this label. Cool samples
  12. Median Project - In the Dephts of Space (Global Sect Music, 2018) Pre-orders digital, CDs and amazing uv-backdrops: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/ In the infinite space of the Cosmos, a countless number of stars exists in inconceivable way, among which lives unimaginable number of beings. Powerful ancient civilizations observe the development of new forms of life, capable of the evolution of consciousness. Homo Sapiens of terrestrial origin have passed a long evolutionary path and they are gradually entering a new, cosmic Era. The time will come and the race of the planet Earth will reach a level of development, at which they will be able to have reasonable dialogue and joint creativity with the older space brothers that observe us from the depths of Space... Median Project is musician Sergey Petrenko from Russia. After a long time of hard work, we present you ten amazing tracks, written by all sacred canons of classical Goa-trance. The album is dominated by cosmic special sounds that are embodied in traditions of Astral Projection, Artifact303 and other masters of the genre. You will also find two joint works with the projects Centavra Project, Atlantis Project and a wonderful remix of the track Artifact303 - Life Support System. The album is dedicated to all those who believed and supported Sergei on his creative path and to cosmic harmony in all worlds and spaces. Tracklist: 1. Median Project & Centavra Project - Astral Fobia 2. Median Project - In the Depths of Space 3. Median Project - Heaven and Earth 4. Median Project - In the Dark 5. Median Project & Atlantis Project - Morning in Space 6. Artifact303 - Life Support System (Median Project remix) 7. Median Project - Wishmaster 8. Median Project - The Third Element (Original Mix) 9. Median Project - Over The Horizon 10. Median Project - Kometa Cover art: Artrama & Ahankara Art Mastering: 4CN-Studios Release date: 31 january. Released by Global Sect Music. ॐ
  13. Mega-exclusive! BUY NOW: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/median-project-in-the-depths-of-space For sure, the old school fans of the psychedelic trance remember times when, at the peak of popularity, there was an old kind rave and trance on cassettes. It's an unforgettable feeling when you open a fresh cassette, insert it into your tape recorder, give out the most pleasant hiss to the ears and begin the flight to discover cosmos. We decided to give you the opportunity to receive this aesthetic pleasure in our time. The purchase of a test edition of our latest release of the Median Project - In the Depths of Space is available . Includes unlimited streaming of Median Project - In the Depths of Space via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Enjoy!
  14. Спасибо за отзыв бро. Мы смотрим на этот релиз по другому, чтобы получить такой результат нужен огромный обьем работы и удача. В этом альбоме мы достигли максимума и в следующем попробуем еще повысить планку. Насчет названий это вопросы к музыкантам
  15. GS Concept

    The Call Of Goa Vol.3 (TIM2CD073)

    Cool compilation, many interestring tracks with nice production. Good job guys.
  16. Surprise, stuff for really oldschool fans very soon
  17. Thank you for all feedbacks guys. Only full support to Median Project from us. Its fresh serious player in melodic goa trance and we waiting second album. So, we start print new t-shirts and very special surprise for goa fans. More info soon.
  18. OUT NOW https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/median-project-in-the-depths-of-space
  19. Our new baby is ready You have last 5 days for make preorder with special price guys: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/median-project-in-the-depths-of-space
  20. Last nice releases: Daniel Deluxe - Desync (Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1) [url=https://danieldeluxe.bandcamp.com/album/desync-original-soundtrack-vol-1
  21. GS Concept

    Global Sect Chronicles

    DJ GoaPal - Starline Tour (2018) Dear passengers, welcome aboard to the interstellar cruiser "Starline". You will have an amazing adventure in the most magnificent corners of inhabited outer space. You will visit the most interesting planets and meet cultures of the ancient powerful civilizations of the Universe. Fasten your seatbelts, we wish you a pleasant flight! We present to you a fresh mix from DJ GoaPal (Global Sect Music), which is filled with cosmic vibrations of the old school Goa trance. Magnificent mixing and selection didn't leave us indifferent and we are gladly sharing this creation with you. Tracklist: 1. Kurandini - Brahamantra (VA - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds, Global Sect Music, 2015) 2. Centavra Project - Capsula (VA - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds, Global Sect Music, 2015) 3. Man With No Name - Lunar Cycle (LP - Teleportation, Dragonfly Records, 2000) 4. E-Mantra & Nova Fractal & Oxi - Stargate (VA - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds, Global Sect Music, 2015) 5. Merr0w - Utopian Society (VA - Twist Dreams, Suntrip Records, 2007) 6. Triquetra - Mordocs Challenge (VA - Phases of Madness, Goa Madness Records, 2017) 7. Sirius - Intergalactic (VA - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds, Global Sect Music, 2015) 8. Astrancer - Athanaton (VA - Energy Waves, Suntrip Records, 2010) 9. Liquid Flow - Land Of Time (VA - Planet Riders, Dimensional Records, 2011) 10. Merr0w - Mind Blowing ( LP - Born Underwater, Suntrip Records, 2009) 11. J.I.S - Journey In My Head (VA - Goa Overdose 3, UAF Records, 2013) 12. Filteria - Food Demons (Demons Head Remix) (LP - Lost In The Wild, Suntrip Records, 2013) 13. Ephedra - Disappearing Dreams (VA - Goa Trance Revolution 2. Retrofuturism, 2016) 14. Centavra Project - Journey To Another Worlds (Mix 2017) (VA - Terraformer, Global Sect Music, 2017) 15. Psy-H Project - Crystal Worlds (VA - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds, Global Sect Music, 2015) DJ GoaPal: www.facebook.com/604pal www.youtube.com/c/goapal All tracks used in this mix are the property of their owners. No copyright infringement intended, strictly for promotional use . Cover art: Anahart Art Mastering: 4CN-Studios Release date: 12 january, 2018 Support by Global Sect Music.
  22. Okay guys, time for news. Our plan: 1) Median Project - In the Depths of Space (debut album) 2) Omneon - Ascension (debut album) 3) Special project (experiment): Psy-H Project & Zirrex & Centavra Project & Nostromosis & Median Project & Alienapia & Omneon & DJ Adept - Intergalactic Cult (digital single) Epic long track by Global Sect Team. Crazy experiment 4) Atlantis - Psychoactive (debut album) 5) Slow Reflections - Natural Vibrations (downtempo side by Psy-H Project) 6) VA by DJ Masala 7) Katedra - Nagual (debut album) 8) Centavra Project - Alone in Space (debut album) 9) Artifact303 - new album If you have any questions and ideas about our label, you can post it here ॐ
  23. GS Concept

    Global Sect Chronicles

    Chronology can change because its art process. But i think its will be not short time, because its very special album and we want give best from us.