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  1. VA Trinity (compiled by Ages of Love, 2021) Pre-order CD, digital & merch: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/va-trinity The goddesses of nature united in the trinity are bringing the raw goa trance and genesis of the female principle of the universe. 1. Miranda - Clear Vision 2. Astrogano - Head in a Cloud 3. Slavs from Mars - Speed Crusher 4. Midiotz - Folie à deux 5. Morphic Resonance - Borg Madness 6. Hypnotic Signal - Brain Hole 7. Mindsphere - The Outer Limits 8. Clementz - Footsteps 9. Imba - Cosmos in Her Eyes (Eternity mix) 10. Crossing Mind - Hydrophobic Visions (2019 edit) From the iced snow, with the sound of the piercing cold Rose the black hair and marbled face, carved and old. She spread her wings over the mountain Lifting her spawn, the snowstorm. Dancing under the moon, the crow of the doomed The goddess of winter begins her moan. But the sun rises, melting her kingdom, Bringing the spring upon the petrified willow. Gentle drops of rain caress the grass And the new life is born at last. The sleepy princess dances towards the sky Covered with sparkles and joyful light. So young and holy, she brings hope. Cheerfully she slides on the river slopes. The sun starts growing and blooming, Turning into fire, all-consuming. The women, the goddess, the mother of all, Whirling in passion, spreading the love, Flies out of the fireball. Third of the sisters begins her rule, Covering the universe with flames of emotions. Neither good, neither bad, Neither right, neither wrong She is the power, Beautiful and strong. The tree sisters dance their infinite dance, Raising and falling, But holding their hands. They are the whole, and they are all The neverending story Of chaos and harmony, The perfect circle. ... Ages of Love is the first Serbian female goa trance organization, formed by Amaryllis, Yella and Mir. They are long-time travellers in the goa trance universe, creators of numerous parties in Serbia, and Trinity is their first compilation. VA Trinity is a part of series called 'Intergalactic Cult' in which various goa trance DJs have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and create their own compilation with the support of our label. This conceptual album brings the spirit of the old Slavic tales and pagan archetypes, embodied in the trinity of opposing forces and nature of the female principle. Release date: October 29, 2021 Label: Global Sect Compiled by Ages of Love (Amaryllis, Yella & Mir) Mastering: 4CN-Studios Cover art: Artrama ft Yella
  2. Good job bro, track with E-Mantra very powerfull, also other tracks very acidic. I like this album
  3. Yes we have concept about it but its in progress. We try write book now for future release and in Fiery Dawn album we have small part of it in booklet, like teaser. It was not really plan, but last 3 releases very connected about concept. So here about this 3 red guys: A flat platform sways in the void. Three gigantic creatures hover above her in robes crimson like blood. The heads of the unknown are hidden by hoods, like those of priests or monks. Outwardly, the giants look like earthlings, only their skin shimmers with the same light as the crystal. Adepts hold energy spheres in their hands. The flashes surrounding the platform form an ideal circle, woven as if from a myriad of multi-colored sparks. And high above the heads of the creatures hangs a golden structure of stunning beauty, with a spire extending upwards. Suddenly, the astronaut realizes: it is the source of the ringing melody, thanks to which he was here. But the insights do not end, in an unknown way he seemed to be connected to the source of information. Now the man knows for sure: the adepts hold the worlds in their hands. The mind freezes and completely obeys the flow of data. The being in the center is clearly the most powerful of them all. The power of his intellect, wisdom, and endless knowledge cannot be described in words. Like a Cosmic Deity, it preserves and guides entire worlds, and perhaps galaxies and universes. Adepts on the sides look no less impressive. Yet the astronaut feels that they are different. The personality of each is unique and incomprehensible, but the mission, apparently, is common - to protect the worlds entrusted to them. And now something more is happening than contact with the ancient mind, about which earthlings dreamed so much. By absolute coincidence, a lone astronaut collided with something unimaginably ancient and powerful - the foundation of the entire universe, the center of the forces of the universe. You can read full story here: http://globalsect.ru/blog/anna-bogarne-lost-astronaut-sci-fi-story
  4. Thank you, good job. For not be off topic my favorite 3 tracks from album: - Solar Warden - just killer morning sound - Unidentified - very strange alien track. It looks like classic modern goa but when i hear synths with deep attention it looks like very experimental sound imo. I very want test it on dancefloor. - Secret Space - i understand why some guys very like it and some dont like. Its just special cosmic style of goa (my favorite). All other tracks cool too, i think this music not classic goa in many moments, but level of Artifact303 skill very high and i enjoy all tracks. It was very interestring and long adventure work with this album. I hope we will continue work with Zsolt in future.
  5. Photos of cds and merch, more you can find here: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/artifact303-from-the-stars
  6. Hello guys, sorry for long feedback, here all info: Today is the day! The new album by Artifact303 is landing Don't miss the premiere on our radio http://globalsect.ru/radio at 20h CET tonight, and after that at 21h CET we will have the streaming at MrLemilica YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrLemilica1 Also here you can check final concept of uv t-shirts:
  7. Cosmonauts, we are pleased to present to you the long-awaited, second album of the project Artifact303. You will find ten stunning and varied musical works from the producer Zsolt Peter. Just press the PLAY button and go on a space adventure towards beautiful melody and the light of distant Stars. Listen one track and pre-order merch: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/artifact303-from-the-stars Artwork is designed by our eternal master of visual arts Ahankara Art. W&P by: Zsolt Peter Cover Art: Ahankara Art Mastering: 4CN-Studios Label: Global Sect
  8. Out now https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-dimension-altar-of-wisdom
  9. Tune in for the exclusive premiere of Cosmic Dimension - Altar Of Wisdom right now: http://globalsect.ru/radio
  10. The story about two travelers Let us tell you a story... A story of the great universe. A story that begins deep inside the darkness. Listen 2 tracks: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-dimension-altar-of-wisdom A magical Coral Tails that were spreading the light full of potential life forms deep inside the universe.Those blue shiny tails started to create a Different Species. Well, we all know about the big bang. But, is that the real truth? Who knows... We can only say that's the Fabric Of Creation, littered with other worlds. Suddenly, Orot Gvohim came from nowhere, known as the higher light in the sky. There was a huge amount of blue light. And boom! Altar Of Wisdom was created... From time to time, far Beyond The Darklight, two travelers could be seen, flying with an enormous speed To Sirius. There, they made their Transcendence... Today, they are everywhere. In the air, in the light, in the music, all around us like Radioactive Atoms. They're known as Cosmic Dimension. releases February 14, 2021 W&P by: Antonio Simonovski and Denis Bogdanovski Mastering by: Baba's mastering room Artwork by: Areni, Cosmic Dimension, and Ahankara Art.
  11. Hi bro thank you. I saw and like your reviews and we will upload it on our page, its can help you with yt channel. My plan was say Respect to you, but i was very busy and forgot every time. So, Respect I have idea. When you talk about track, play this track 10-15 seconds if you can, its will help guys who not listen release more deep understand what you mean. But how you want. From our side, we can send to you our cds and merch, we want support you. But, if you dont like release say that this release of global sect is shit, only respect for it. If you like idea, send me pm.
  12. OUT NOW https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/fiery-dawn-lost-astronaut
  13. The launch of the new release -Fiery Dawn 'Lost Astronaut', is rescheduled for tomorrow, 16th December. We will stream the exclusive premiere of the album on our radio, and after that, the release will be finally available. Tune in tomorrow at 20h CET: globalsect.ru/radio
  14. Hello cosmonauts Here is our plan for 2021: Cosmic Dimension - Altar of Wisdom (new album) Astronobios (EP) VA Trinity (compiled by Ages Of Love) Alienapia and Shivaૐ - FOA (forest goa album) Artifact303 - From the Stars (new album) Centavra Project (debut album)
  15. Centavra work hard last years on album, so its will be released in next year. About Astronobios, we will release his EP in begin 2021. I like your mix and video, good job, you can send me in pm tracklist and DJ nickname, we will upload it on facebook, i hope you will have attention to your job. And about collabs, yes we like it, in future will be more collabs.
  16. Fiery Dawn - Lost Astronaut (Global Sect Music, 2020). Listen 2 tracks, pre-order digital & CDs: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/fiery-dawn-lost-astronaut Global Sect presents a new conceptual release, the album of musician Giorgi Shavgulidze (Georgia). A deep space dive awaits you, and the story of a lost astronaut who meets a mysterious and mystical alien temple on an uninhabited planet. The story in the intro will be narrated by the legendary reader Vlad Kopp, who is widely known to Russian fans of science fiction and the "Model for Assembly" program. For English-speaking listeners, the story will be available in the form of a colorful booklet in a special edition of a CD, as well as in digital format on our website. The release will also feature true goa-trance masters: Alienapia, Merr0w, Centavra Project, Atlantis and Astronobios. This release is the spiritual successor to the compilations "Space of Power", "Terraformer" and continues to develop the line of space goa trance of the new school on our label. On the first disc "Cosmic Temple" you will find a powerful and melodic goa trance, and on the second disc "Logos of Violet Star" you will plunge into the vibrations of the cosmic downtempo goa. We are also pleased to announce that our label is starting active cooperation with science fiction writers, and in the near future you will find a deeper disclosure of the Global Sect universe and interesting experimental content. Tracklist: CD 1. Cosmic Temple 1. Fiery Dawn - Interplanetary Station 2. Fiery Dawn - Lost Astronaut 3. Fiery Dawn & Astronobios & Atlantis - Phase 4. Fiery Dawn & Merr0w - Inside The Lunar Crater 5. Fiery Dawn - Run 6. Fiery Dawn & Alienapia - Screaming Through The Universe 7. Fiery Dawn & Centavra Project - Oxygen 8. Fiery Dawn - Dimension X 9. Fiery Dawn - Enceladus (First Contact) 10. Fiery Dawn & Atlantis - Prana CD 2. Logos of Violet Star 1. Fiery Dawn & Vlad Kopp - Join to the Cosmic Temple 2. Fiery Dawn - Flight To Infinity 3. Fiery Dawn - Enceladus (Ocean of Mystery) 4. Fiery Dawn & Centavra Project - Cosmo Acidic Lifeforms 5. Fiery Dawn - Alien Civilization 6. Fiery Dawn - Cosmodrome 7. Fiery Dawn - The Dark Tower 8. Fiery Dawn - Echoes In Eternity 9. Fiery Dawn - Vibrating Universe 10. Fiery Dawn - The Key (Star Gazer) Stay connected, astronauts
  17. Out now: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/globalsect-radio
  18. Hello cosmonauts! We moved the release date of our new VA Globalsect Radio to 27th June and you will have a chance to listen the exclusive premiere at 20:00 CET on Global Sect Radio Tune in: globalsect.ru/radio
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