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  1. If you want a signed copy of the Elysium box set now is your chance Only 10 of those exist. https://digitalreprints.bandcamp.com/album/live-and-beyond
  2. If you want a signed copy of the Elysium box set now is your chance Only 10 of those exist. https://digitalreprints.bandcamp.com/album/live-and-beyond
  3. 103% funded. Only a few copies left in the next couple of days
  4. well, with 3 mins preview clips is not exactly blind trust, is it?
  5. First it needs to reach the target. That' the important thing now
  6. Totally agree, that's why I mainly go by label. That and because I like to see the catalogue numbers on the spine of the covers I guess that's the collector in me.
  7. These are my currents stats, which are pretty much up to date. As you can see most of them are based on the Goa/Psychill genres What is considered big collection is very subjective. I know for a fact that my collection dwarves in comparison with some other people's.
  8. Charging your fans for 15 euros and then finding out the physical cd sells for £9, that's bad, really bad IMO. The fans are first their to support you should be able to get a better deal, not worst.
  9. The Suns Of Arqa Kickstarter is live. Over 5 hours of previously unreleased recordings starting from 1979 up to this day. The tracks are compiled and mixed on chronologically order to give you that immersive feeling of a live release. Go over to my Kickstarter page to have a look at the trackilist. I hope you like it
  10. The latest project from Digital Reprints. http://kck.st/370B5UC Please share if you can. These historic recordings need to be preserved Back to the roots (again) "There are so many artists out there that I would love to see their music printed on cds. But it makes it so hard for me to put them on a priority list because for me all of them are on the same spot, first place. So, to make it easier, I decided to change my way of thinking slightly. It is time to surprise people, go back to the roots, to the artists that started this music genre, the legends." That was part of the description for Greg Hunter's Kickstarter project. And after a short intermission (read amazing Goa Trance by Elysium) I am back to the same principle. And taking a step or two further back (in time). I have said it before and I will say it again, the artists involved in my projects make it redundant to write any introduction for them. I just do it to make the landing page look cooler :). So let me present you my next project Suns of Arqa "Suns of Arqa creator and mentor Michael Wadada has been continuously investigating the supernatural potential hidden in the Classical Raga structure of the music of India. His mission – to mix the cerebral and illusive cosmological vibrations of Raga, with the mother earth rhythms of Niyabinghi drumming that were surfacing in England in the guise of Dub Reggae. An epic sonic mission which began in 1979, over 200 artists from around the globe have collaborated with Suns of Arqa, interpreting the various indigenous, tribal and classical folk traditions, and creating some of the most sublime Dub - World - Dance - Raga - Reggae Music in the world today." Discography Throughout the decades Micheal has provided with a truly extensive discography which will be pointless to detail here. Just visit Discogs or his site to get an idea. When we were discussing with Michael which tracks/albums we should include in the box set I spent a lot of time trying to identify any unreleased or obscure tracks to make this set as good as possible. But then I got the subtitle of the release... ...over 5 hours of previously unreleased recordings And that my friends truly does not need any introduction. My search was over :) Michael went through his vast collection of old tapes and recordings, compiled and mixed 4 CDs spanning over 10 decades on a chronological order Have a look at the tracklist and go over to my Bandcamp page for preview. Disc 1 - एक (1979 - 1987) 01 Acid Tabla (Studio Outtake, 1979) 02 Electric UniverseCity (WOMAD Festival, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, 17/07/82) 03 Throw Away Your Guns feat Prince Far-I (Band on the Wall, Manchester, 7/12/82) 04 Voice of Thunder (Band on the Wall, Manchester, 6/12/82) 05 Steppin to the Music (Band on the Wall, Manchester, 6/12/82) 06 Asirus (De Melkweg, Amsterdam, 5/4/84) 07 Give Love (De Melkweg, Amsterdam, 5/4/84) 08 Acid Tabla (De Melkweg, Amsterdam, 5/4/84) 09 Ghost Dub (Studio Demo, 1985) 10 Erasmus (Greenwich Borough Hall, London, 6/6/86) 11 Kali the Destroyer (Greenwich Borough Hall, London, 6/6/86) 12 Love That Little Girl of Mine (Greenwich Borough Hall, London, 6/6/86) 13 The Truth Lies Therein (Greenwich Borough Hall, London, 6/6/86) 14 Kali The Destroyer (Drum Solo, Elephant Studio, London, 1987) 15 Tabla Solo (Outtake, Elephant Studio, London, 1987) 16 The Truth Lies Therein feat John Cooper Clarke (Albany Empire, London, 19/4/87) 17 Many are the Paths, Many Are The People (Studio Demo, 1987) 18 Professor Stanley Unwin and Wadada in 1987 19 The Undrawn Sword (Studio Demo, 1987) Disc 2 - द्वि (1989 - 1996) 01 Bairagi Alap (Studio Outtake, 1992) 02 Gavati Vilambit (WOMAD Festival, Morecambe, Lancashire, 17/7/89) 03 Jaggernaut (International, Manchester, 1988) 04 Bhupali Alap (Asian Arts, Nottingham, 8/92) 05 Let The Spirit Move You (Mega Dog Rocket Club, London, 26/3/93) 06 Les Anciens Mystiques (Atak Enschede, Netherlands, 17/4/94) 07 Snelson's Last Stand (Nia Centre, Manchester, 13/9/93) 08 Let Me Show You How (Subterranean, Ladbrook Grove, London, 15/9/94) 09 Cradle (TransMusicales, Rennes, France, 8/12/94) 10 Lost Souls of Salem (Nijdrop, Opwijk, Belgium, 17/11/95) 11 Beyond the Beyond (TransMusicales, Rennes, France, 30/11/95) 12 Kabalitician Last Chance (TransMusicales, Rennes, France, 30/11/95) 13 If You Go There/Hiawatha (Berlin, Germany, 1996) Disc 3 - त्रि (1996 - 1999) 01 Never Know Tomorrow (Geneva, Switzerland, 1/3/96) 02 Jagnath Bhairavi (Etno-Heartbeat Festival, Hasselt, Belgium, 16/5/96) 03 Tabla Rassa (Zero Studios, Manchester, 1997) 04 The Mysore Mystic (Kantkine Club, Cologne, 8/12/97) 05 Puria Dhaneshri (Kerosin, Augsburg, Germany, 11/12/97) 06 No Danger Here (Kerosin, Augsburg, Germany, 11/12/97) 07 Zhen Shan (Marseille, France 18/12/97) 08 Sir Richard Glyn (Gaunts House, Winborne, Dorset, 14/8/99) 09 Verhadi feat Milka Kraleva (Gaunts House, Winborne, Dorset, 14/8/99) 10 Czakra Serca (Warsaw, Poland, 11/11/99) 11 Maj Hi Ra (Warsaw, Poland, 11/11/99) 12 La Pucelle d'Orleans (Warsaw, Poland, 11/11/99) Disc 4 - चतुर् (2003 - 2020) 01 Ishopanishad Veda (Gaunts House, Winborne, Dorset, 7/8/08) 02 Szansa Na Pokój To Sztuka Twych Słów (VK Club, Brussels 22/11/03) 03 Shree Geeta Bhawan (Hindu Temple, Birmingham, 4/11/04) 04 Bhupali (VK Club, Brussels 22/11/03) 05 Hear the Call (Belladrum Festival, Beauly, Scotland, 12/8/05) 06 Quetzalcoatl (St Leonard's, Skegness, Lincolnshire, 7/4/06) 07 Nekkhamma (Studio Outtake, 2006) 08 Pablo's Lament (Telerama Dub Festival, Paris, 16/5/06) 09 Pablo's Lament (Flamjangled Tea Party, Cape Town, South Africa, 19/3/11) 10 Journey Into The Black Spherical Cube (Rehearsal at Paris Studio, 6/07) 11 Tiamat Versus Marduk (Glastonbury Festival, 29/6/08) 12 Prayer For Messiah (Beatherder Festival, Lancashire, 6/7/13) 13 Govinda's Watchtower (New Horizons, St Anne's, Lancashire, 26/10/15) 14 MaKali Vortex (Ozora Festival, Hungary, 3/8/18) 15 Requiem Dunkeld (From the new album 'The Wolf of Badenoch', Due 2020)
  11. He is overselling a bit but still, he can explain it much better than I
  12. Wouldn't that classify us an unintelligent? Are dolphins or chips or mice less intelligent than us? We define intelligence by using a measuring stick that it's measuring limits are defined by our own, so it's not really a successful measuring device. Wow, I was doing the same thing (although the other way around) talk about coincidence.
  13. Posting this on facebook. "WTF??? No unnecessary use of the knobs, no hands on the air, no dancing around to keep her hands steady and LOOKING DOWN all the time? Could that be....mixing??? I've heard tales about that but I didn't believe it was true. More like a legend told by an older generation to frighten us youngsters. I thought playing one really long audio file, prepared and mixed back at home was the only way to properly mix.It's madness I tell you. IDIOTS. You know who you are."
  14. Ultimae is not doing bad, on the contrary. Changing direction to the more easily accepted Dub Techno Glitch genre they are actually doing better (as a record label and record store). I have given up on them years ago. BTW, did you know RGB collection was to be released on Digital Reprints? Plans changed just before the Kickstarter was launched because Sidereal moved in offering to re-release the whole back catalog of Solar Fields. I was actually glad, they deserved a proper release. (Still struggling for Mirror's Edge )
  15. What makes you think we are brilliant as a species?
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