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  1. Digital Reprints News

    True, although remastering a release of only 100 copies you can understand that it would make it prohibitively costly I am afraid. Although I remember you sometime in the past asking for Retro 1+2 to be released on cds. What changed from then? Hadn't you noticed the sound back then?
  2. Digital Reprints News

    I can guarantee you one of them is coming to Digital Reprints. Who would you like to see?
  3. Why do we keep worshipping the old Gods?

    Just to prove that we don't worship them. We just like the sound made back then. And obviously due to age we are a little bit harder to please
  4. Why do we keep worshipping the old Gods?

    Also, depending on the hardware the the group/artist had invested on this had an impact on their sound making distinct from other artists.
  5. Why do we keep worshipping the old Gods?

    Even Koxbox's last album was bad. And no reason to talk about AP, I have given up on them years ago.
  6. oh wow. they sound so movie like
  7. I don't mind where they release it as long as the music is good. However, it would be nice to see them putting the same attention on the cover design as they are doing with their music. Unfortunately, all 4 CBL releases on that label fail short, too short tbh. However, Nattväsen, wow, haunting. Anyone knows where the samples are from? The girl's voice sounds like
  8. You are getting harder and harder to please
  9. How difficult are reissues?

    Can I have those hints pls?
  10. Modern goa/new school

    It's funny though because back to the 90s one of the reasons Goa changed to Psychedelic was because it wasn't innovative any more. In 2-3 years time ppl thought they had heard everything Goa could give them. To be fair the problem was that Goa reached it's height production wise almost from the get go, mid 95 to mid 97.
  11. Digital Reprints News

    48 hours and reached the target. Still some box sets left if you want http://kck.st/2f4n2Un
  12. Digital Reprints News

    I always believed there is more quality chill music in digital format than uptempo to be honest, hence why I've sticked with chill so far. However, proper Goa coming up in the near future if that makes you happy And thnx for your kind words. I do what no label would do since there is no financial benefit to it, hopefully Globular will be a success as well. BTW, does anyone think they may sell for crazy prices in the future? Maybe I should keep some extra copies for myself, hehe
  13. Digital Reprints News

    Globular Kickstarter is live. You can pledge here (and please share) http://kck.st/2f4n2Un
  14. Digital Reprints News

    Last few copies are available now on Bandcamp or on Discogs. Or you can contact me directly. https://digitalreprints.bandcamp.com/album/mixed-remixed https://www.discogs.com/Kaya-Project-Mixed-Remixed/release/10266605 Next week Globular Kickstarter starts