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  1. Since they went live again I presume they have sorted out their problems. Even if they didn't, use Paypal and if things don't work out you get your money back. I personally never had an issue.
  2. Damn, it sounds like it't gonna be one of my top 3 releases from DAT.
  3. thanosp81

    No love for the new Entheogenic?

    Well, unfortunately Piers leaves in the US and the shipping rates there are horrendous. I mean I send a parcel from UK to Australia (insured, tracked and signed for) and it "only" costs £14. I feel sorry for Australians, the shipping fees they have to pay are enormous.
  4. thanosp81

    No love for the new Entheogenic?

    Why no love as a title? I think it is doing pretty good. To be completely honest i was relieved when I listened to it. I found Dreamtime Physics really bad, but Kykeon sounds Entheogenic enough. Haven;t been able to give it a proper listen yet. And the shipping costs, OMG.
  5. thanosp81

    Childhood immunisation

    Well, I wouldn't say stupid since they are based on a reasoning. However, whether that reasoning has any validity, that's what I would like to discuss Not just some, the vast majority, at least in developed countries. That stuff have a clearly defined reason for being there. I take it you are not immunised then? Am I correct?
  6. Serious topic here people. Childhood immunisations. Where do you stand? I hear more and more people taking pride of how they haven't given any immunisations to their children. And since Psy culture is, well, alternative, I want to hear your opinions. And if you are against it what made you change (or make) your mind, based on what evidence, are you the least worried you made the wrong decision etc etc. Please also state whether you have children or not, it adds a bit of weight . And to give you a bit of background for me, I have an MSc in Molecular Biology and currently undertaking a PhD so I am pro-immunisation
  7. Wow, Intelligent Goa Trance in 2018? Is it real??? No cd on Bandcamp?
  8. thanosp81

    What music are you listening to right now?

  9. thanosp81

    Am i being too critic?

    Keep also in mind that what you consider worthy of your time now is gonna change in the future (near or far).
  10. thanosp81

    Am i being too critic?

    I would say this is how things are. It very easy to find music that is of high quality, good mastering, crisp sounds, following the pattern of each genre, having all the ingredients etc etc. But that's not what makes good music. Good music is whatever moves you and that you have to find on your own. Because it is so easy cheap to produce electronic music these days, feeling is what they lack IMO.
  11. thanosp81

    Digital Reprints News

    Kickstarter project is live. Let's make this happen ppl http://kck.st/2JRc8TV https://digitalreprints.bandcamp.com/album/to-infinity-and-beyond
  12. thanosp81

    Digital Reprints News

    Get ready people. Kickstarter goes live this Monday (18/06/2018). For the people that are not familiar with his work there will a Bandcamp link for preview as always 5xCD