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  1. Elysium Box Set

    Yeah, I understand that, but it has nothing to do with trust. The tracks will be available on my Bandcamp page before the Kickstarter starts for preview (as with all my projects). He is referring on his funding project for his new album, an album that he still hasn't released. Although he is adamant it will be. Anyway, these are thoughts are for the future since there are already 2 Psychill artists that have agreed for a box set with Digital Reprints oh, and a compilation at some point
  2. What music are you listening to right now?

    I love that album
  3. Elysium Box Set

    I'll take that as a negative response then
  4. I mean it's simple isn't it. I don't understand how people don't get it.
  5. Elysium Box Set

    I was wondering if people would be willing to buy/pledge towards an Elysium Box Set in the same vein as the previous Digital Reprints releases. That would include his live versions, the EP's and maybe a couple of unreleased. That would be 3 cds with the option of a 4th with downtempo material. For me Kristian is one of the best Goa artists ever and his live versions are mind blowing and long have I been dreaming of having those on a physical format. However I am aware with the issues in his Kickstarter campaign. The big difference is that this one would be run by me, having already secured the Files before starting the project. So my main question I guess is would ppl feel inclined to "punish" him for not delivering (yet) what he promised or would your priority be the music?
  6. Don't get it. Why an EP? With tracks that will be available on the album anyway?
  7. Don't you get a notification when the status changes from pre-order to released? Not sure.
  8. I understand the notion of preorders for physical sales, it gives you a head start on shipping so you can get your copy sooner. It also guarantees you a copy in case of limited releases. I also understand it for digital games, gives you enough time to download and install huge files so you'll be able to play the second it gets released. But on digital files (why do we call them digital again? ) what's the fuss. You won't be able to listen to or download them before the release date anyway.
  9. W00t, triple Etnica, triple Solar Fields, really nice week indeed. Now just have to wait for them to arrive
  10. Preorders http://www.datrecords.it/dat/online-shop-2.html#!/Etnica-The-Juggeling-Alchemists-Under-The-Black-Light-3CD-Digipak-DATCD010/p/103313922/category=178775
  11. 42 tracks in total Cosmosis – RetroFuturism CD 1 Retro Vol. 1 1. Atom Bom! (Fat Kik Mix) 2. Reality Check 3. Psychofunk 4. Do It! (Teutonic Technoid Mix) 5. Grinder Winder 6. Atomic Funfare 7. In Yer Face Part 2 8. Telekinetic 9. Two Sticks of Nag Champa and a Packet of Bhindis 10. Deep in the Dark Forest CD 2 Retro Vol. 2 1. Dans Ta Figure 2. Visitors 3. The Outer Limit 4. Do It! (Procrastinator Remix) 5. Just Say No (Melodic Mix) 6. Kinda Weirda (Deep Space Mix) 7. Pigs In Space 8. The Doors of Perception 9. Cosmosis & Shakta - Scientific (Acid House) 10. Zero G CD 3 Futurism Vol. 1 1. Cosmosis & Quantica – Rastafari Rising (Cosmosis Mix) 2. Mumbo Jumbo – Mirage (Cosmosis 2011 Remix) 3. Cosmosis & Colorshape – All Funked Up 4. Cosmosis & Avalon – Destiny Awaits (Cosmosis Mix) 5. Cosmosis & Quantica – That’s The Moment (Phat Mix) 6. Tiny Particles Of Matter 7. Cosmosis & Burn In Noise – Ancient Knowledge (Original Mix) 8. Burn In Noise – The Last Window (Cosmosis Mix) 9. Mumbo Jumbo – Oompah Oompah (Cosmosis Mix) 10. The Hidden Track 11. Govinda CD 4 Futurism Vol. 2 1. Discomboobulated 2. Cosmosis & Eskimo - Something’s Wrong 3. Cosmosis & Headroom – High Volume (Cosmosis Mix) 4. Cosmosis & Quantica – Transcend The Limits 5. Different LEvels 6. Cosmosis & Quantica – Matter Is Magic 7. Imagine What You Will 8. Reclaim Your Mind 9. SoundMagus – Mai Pin Rai (Cosmosis Remix) 10. Parvati Pines 11. Floating
  12. In case you've missed it there is a Kickstarter currenlty on for a box set of Cosmosis tracks http://kck.st/2FzdXma It will be a 4xCD 8-panel digipack with slipcase and booklet containing Retro Vol. 1 & 2 and 2 more CDs with digital only tracks. Only 100 copies will be pressed, 10 of them signed (already gone, sorry) and only a few copies are left (98% of the target reached so far). If you want to preview the tracks here is a Bandcamp link https://digitalreprints.bandcamp.com/album/retrofuturism Also sharing on social media is a great way to help us as well
  13. blue:tech* ‎– Lead Into Gold

    Can you? I want to check if they are worth including those in a future Digital Reprints release
  14. One of the few artists that connected the past with the present so skilfully. Instant buy for me. It is coming on CD, isn't it?