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  1. Entry #56 Four more entries from Lemon magazine. Some psychedelic trance tracks included with #12 and #13.
  2. Probably Filteria as you said, or at least the most well known. I see NeoGoa as a blatant copy paste of Pleiadians sound to be honest. What was difficult to achieve back then sound wise due to technical limitations (and made them sound so distinct and well produced) now days you can do it with no hardware and in a couple of days probably. Throw in a hundred of channels, melodies that have no feeling or connection between them and you have the bad NeoGoa. And where are the bridges in track structure? Goa was full of them, NeoGoa...not really. Or...I'm just old
  3. Entry #55 Continuing with Master Output series. This lot should include Vol.5 as well.But since my LP collection is in Greece it wil have to wait for another day. Yes, you read correctly, LP. The 8th issue of Lemon magazine came with an LP . Vol. 6 is quite nice, featuring a Goa track. From Vol. 7 and later you can find a Psychonaut track in each release, maybe the easiest way to obtain their LP releases and if acidic Goa is your thing. At the same time though quality started to suffer with only a couple of tracks in each release being of interest.
  4. They are planning to come back and their Bandcamp page went up relatively recently so I highly doubt they are gonna mess up again. I think the music alone is worth the risk. The worst that can happen is never get your cds and get a refund through paypal. Go for it
  5. Yeap, bought them as soon as they were released. You can still get them on Bandcamp as downloads if you don't care about cds.
  6. Entry #54 The next 2 releases from Lemon magazine. Special mention goes for Master Output Vol. 3 for the compilation effort. All the tracks fit together nicely having a Dream House/Progressive Trance (as we used to call them back then) feeling. Nothing to get excited about vol. 4, typical club house.
  7. Entry #53 I still remember the time. It was summer '96, around 15yo at the time. I was walking back home from the beach and I saw a magazine with an audio cd as a promotion. I was like "WTH?". It wasn't a thing yet back then. Master Output Vol.2, intriguing. And the magazine title "Lemon". who names their magazine lemon. Everything on it screamed Rave. I grabbed it, went home and straight into the cd player. Oh boy, a greek magazine dedicated to the rave culture, with a cd with greek productions? In the next days i hunted the previous issue (#3) with master output vol. 1. I've never been able to find the first 2 issues unfortunately (if you have them I want them). Lemon is THE greek magazine for rave culture. Especially the first issues were so..colourful, fresh, exciting, so....rave. It was a true thing. Every issue (except 1, 2 and 5) had a free cd. The first ones only with greek productions but that changed with time. Master Output Vol. 1 is a great compilation on its own right. It has everything, from Trip Hop (with samples from Ghostbusters coming in just the right point) and ambient to Goa Trance. Yes, Goa. Vol. 2 is a much weaker release but it is worth it just for Electroware's Watching The Cycle Dance. A magically simple downtempo track that still gets me today. Memories.
  8. I just acquired this beauty Audio-Technica LP120SB. But until next year when I will buy my own house and put all things where they should be I need to rely on Bluetooth connectivity with my speakers. Do anyone of you have a good/tested bluetooth transmitter to recommend for audio signal? ... ...And now to choose my first LP after sooo many years.
  9. Yeap, I agree. Too bad for all the drama behind it.
  10. Entry #52 I think with the last 3 releases is where Anjuna Records peaked. 3Om3 probably the most Goa sounding release of the label. And then you have a compilation of Jamie MoonWeed's tracks. If you like your Goa more acidic, as only a handful of artists used to make back then, then don't look any further. All tracks are excellent. And for a bittersweet finale you have UX with live versions of his tracks. Wow, powerful stuff. Anjuna we need you back, just no drama please this time :)
  11. Entry #51 One of the most promising and high quality modern Psychedelic Trance labels. Skilfully combining the Oldschool and modern Psychedelic with a dark twist. What we used to call back then as European Psychedelic, isn't that right? Even the covers are so well balanced, psychedelic to the core but without going crazy. Let's hope they will return (that's the plan anyway) Jaia as always are great and Nervasystem, yeah, what to say about that? True Psychedelia.
  12. Entry #50 I'm glad this is over. Now let's move to something more interesting, shall we?
  13. Entry #49 I don't like ambient. But I think Chronos did a really good job here. Lab's Cloud album also surprising good.
  14. Entry #48 Hmm, I should have paid more attention to Akshan. After so many releases on Altair that's the one that made me to pause and have a search on the internet about him.
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