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  1. thanosp81

    Digital Reprints News

    Get ready people. Kickstarter goes live this Monday (18/06/2018). For the people that are not familiar with his work there will a Bandcamp link for preview as always 5xCD
  2. Ok, I got to ask. What is the idea of being able to listen to the full tracks on Youtube but not on Bandcamp? If it is a preorder why make them available on Youtube? is it a promotional thing?
  3. thanosp81

    [ Human ] - HOL BAUMANN

    https://olivierorand.bandcamp.com/album/human Remastered and expanded
  4. thanosp81

    Hol Baumann - Human

    https://olivierorand.bandcamp.com/album/human Remastered and expanded
  5. Ka-ching
  6. I was expecting a pre-order link as well . I guess in a week or so?
  7. thanosp81

    Digital Reprints News

    For the people that don't follow me on facebook here are 3 hints/photos about the upcoming project. https://uk.flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL420/history/20180509/0110Z/KORD/KDCA Should be fairly obvious
  8. thanosp81

    What music are you listening to right now?

    The whole compilation is one f***ing masterpiece after another.
  9. thanosp81

    Elysium Box Set

    True, the same case was with Globular though, all his material is for free, however there are still enough people that like their music printed (like me). Time will tell
  10. Currently checking DDPs and working on the layout.
  11. Can we have the next release please now? (A massive 3CD Gangguru). And lets agree that whoever likes your work buys your releases and whoever doesn't, don't. I think it is simple. OCD.
  12. thanosp81

    Elysium Box Set

    Yeah, I understand that, but it has nothing to do with trust. The tracks will be available on my Bandcamp page before the Kickstarter starts for preview (as with all my projects). He is referring on his funding project for his new album, an album that he still hasn't released. Although he is adamant it will be. Anyway, these are thoughts are for the future since there are already 2 Psychill artists that have agreed for a box set with Digital Reprints oh, and a compilation at some point
  13. thanosp81

    What music are you listening to right now?

    I love that album
  14. thanosp81

    Elysium Box Set

    I'll take that as a negative response then