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  1. Really nice review... ....And a little bit of drama added to keep things interested. You can buy the release here: https://digitalreprints.bandcamp.com/album/human-odyssey And in the meantime check the new 2xCD Elysium's release as well :) https://digitalreprints.bandcamp.com/album/a-journey-through-time-space
  2. Keeping up with uploading Lemon and Freeze magazines CDs and here are 3 uploads that are definitely of interest to our forum. Psy-Harmonics, Phonokol and a compilation by G. Staikos. Enjoy and subscribe for more
  3. The most ambitious project of Digital Reprints is live now. A full discography of Maestro Greg Hunter is now live. http://kck.st/498g7Ta All in all, 9xCDs will be present in first part of Greg's discography. That will be 7x albums, 3x EPs, 1x compilation and extra unreleased tracks. A luxury, full colour case, a 16 pages booklet, and a QR code to download extra music and a 10% discount for the 2nd part (coming mid 2024). Also, a Bandcamp download code to keep your copies in pristine condition Aaaaand your name will be included in the credits. Phew. Already over 70% of the target.
  4. I understand, unfortunately that's the reality of things. I am working on a way to save customs/tax fees for people that buy from Bandcamp. Hopefully it will work.
  5. Every month I would look at the kiosks (periptero) to see if the new issue was out. Especially the first issues caught the rave culture 100%. Lots of memories. I've kept all the issues (only missing the 1st) and I plan to scan them sometime. But for now they are in my parents' house but in Greece
  6. Only 1 CD remaining to upload (the compilation by Greg Staikos), so here is the latest addition that will interest our group. At the same time I started uploading CDs from Freeze Magazine. The spiritual successor of Lemon, another greek magazine dedicated to electronic music with a CD (usually more than just one) in every issue. The first issue came with some Nitzh O Not (uplifting psychedelic or tsifteteli trance as called in Greece back then) tracks. I have no interest in that genre but I know some ppl form this forum might appreciate it more.
  7. Almost done with uploading all the CDs, only a couple left. Here is another with might be of interest to Psynews community. A compilation of Ceiba Records. A really nice release. Enjoy
  8. Join me this Friday (3rd of November) for a live preview of the release of Vaporized by Kristian Thinning Andersen. You can preorder the 2xCD digipack, which is scheduled for release start of December. https://digitalreprints.bandcamp.com/live/vaporized-listening-party
  9. kck.st/46vEzN4 Tor.Ma in Dub emerged from the psytrance movement around 2006, you can notice it in his sonic style: a kaleidoscopic montage of dub filtered through the psychedelic realms. This creates a new, dark, trippy, hypnotic, bass-driven and twisted interpretation of steppers dub. With 8 full albums under his arm and an array of EPs, collaborations and remixes, he had played on some of the most important gatherings of psychedelic music like Boom, Hadra, Mo:Dem, Ometeotl, Cosmic Convergence, Tribal Gathering among others. All tracks have been selected and compiled by Rafael himself. The 4 discs represent 4 chapters of his musical life. The Beginning: The style was a fusion of psychedelic chill out with dub, learning to express feelings with this new musical language, since I produced goa/trance before. The Seeker era: Playing with several reggae/dub styles trying to find my own way, great tunes were born here and the name started to make some noise around. The Grow era: More energetic music with many sections in each track. Developed the Tor.Ma in Dub stamp, recogniseable on every tune. The psychedelic stepper dub style started to get in shape. The Focus era: Straight Stepper PsyDub led to the dancefloor focused more on the Sound System Culture. Darker and heavier basses appear, hypnotic percussion and psychedelic elements flying everywhere. Only 100, hand-numbered copies printed.
  10. Having recently managed to get a huge chunk of my CD collection at my permanent residence, I had the time to experience once again the joy of holding a physical release in my hands. All those albums and comps that were with me for so many years during my youth and beyond Like holding old photos with your mates and partners. And that got me thinking. Which are your favourite covers? Or are you most fond of? They don't have to be works of art per se. As long as they manage to invoke feelings to you No more than 3 per post please, so to make it easy to follow. I would say my top, as a series as well are the Goa Trance comps by Rumour records. https://www.discogs.com/label/450703-Goa-Trance Love the Hindu paintings on a simple, monochrome background. Volume 3 was my first Goa LP and it holds a special place Another one is the Goa Raume series. https://www.discogs.com/label/450583-Goa-Räume I loved the fact that the painting was continuous across the panels
  11. Do you remember all those crappy, chunky 4xCD releases from Rumour Records and Jumpin' & Pumpin'? Best Of Goa, Psychedelic Flashbacks etc? Although they were really, really bad in all aspects, there was always one artist that seemed to stand out from the rest. https://www.discogs.com/artist/7872-Transequence?superFilter=Releases Does anyone have any contact details or know if it possible to get in touch with Dave? His web site and email are not active anymore. I would love the opportunity to release his music in Digital Reprints. I was in touch with him some years ago but he said some other company had the rights of his music. He wasn't very keen to the idea anyway, and I regret of not pushing him a bit more P.S. An opportunity to listen to his album in a decent quality would also be greatly appreciated
  12. Not new music per se, but finally most of my music collection in reunited. When I left Greece 10 years ago, I had to leave my CD collection behind. But now they are back with me, only a 30kg box remaining to be shipped . Time to see what hidden treasures I will uncover.
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