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  1. I remember a time when the main way to get any news from my favourite labels was by seeing a new release on the Record shop shelves. Spoiled brats. (That's a joke, in case anyone is offended). @DJ SunbornSeriously m8, take it down a notch. The way you reply is not much better than the people's posts you are referring too. I can see a negative aura surrounding you.
  2. Maybe he will do a reveal with the upcoming 3xcd release. Who knows.
  3. I'm pretty sure the samples were spoken from the creators of the track, although I might be wrong. "Inside my head, the shadows of the moon"
  4. Bandcamp does not provide streaming or storage services. It's official role is selling/offering files that you need to download and keep. Anytime they want, an artist or label can remove the files without prior notice and with no legal obligations. My cds are not going anywhere though
  5. Stereo Dwarf - Echoes Of Existence 6-panel 2xCD digipack http://kck.st/2TW5jn5 Stereo Dwarf is an ambient/chillout solo project by Kristian Thinning Andersen (Elysium/Sheyba) focusing on atmospheric, spacey and pulsing soundscapes, experimental psychedelica, evolving journeys, ambient washes, reverberating electronic textures, sequencers and rhythmic textures. Inspiration is taken from genres such as "Berlin School" (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze) with a modern sound and Kristian's own touch. Listen to the mixes (unmastered) on Soundcloud and you will instantly fall in lo
  6. Listening to the magnificent vocals in Ievan Polkka i accidentally came to some samples/vocals used by Shpongle Jump to 8:00 for Ievan Polkka and 10:50 for the samples
  7. That's the norm with science. The knowledge is based upon current observations and more data could always change it. Only religion and politicians claim to know the "truth". The chances for mutations (in a meaningful manner) are very low. The specific virus has only one "fragment" of RNA to replicate, meaning that any mutation are statistically more probable to have a negative effect (on the virus) and make it less viable. While humanity is hiding in their homes planet earth is having a party. The truth is we are TOO many and no one will miss us.
  8. Vinyl needs a different mastering. Just the low frequencies are reason enough to have a different mastering. Digital has deeper bass but vinyl is more dynamic. You also need to change the tracks order, since the inside is quieter than the outside etc. A typical example for different mastering versions that I had personal experience was with Cosmosis and his Retro compilations. The new remastered versions were well, u know, loud. Personally I almost always prefer the old versions, as long as they were not bad masterings to start with. If for not any other reason just because that's how the
  9. http://kck.st/2u5WcGK Only a day left and just a handful of copies available now. If you want your name to appear on the credits this is your chance.
  10. http://kck.st/2u5WcGK Only a day left and just a handful of copies available now. If you want your name to appear on the credits this is your chance.
  11. https://www.discogs.com/Joking-Sphinx-A-La-Recherche-De-La-Banane-Pyramide/master/59987 There you go, a whole album
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