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  1. The very rare first 12" from Koxbox is available in a limited repress! Just ordered mine! https://kimchirecords593.bandcamp.com/album/koxbox-world-of-illusions-crystal-orientalic-reissue
  2. Accidentally discovered this today while looking for Youtube videos for my class! Listening right now. Loved the set from Nebula Meltdown. He was off my radar, since it's been a while since his album came out, but was exactly what I needed to hear! Hope he has new music coming out soon!
  3. Some music is perfect for the morning, when you've reached that point where the people who have been up all night dancing have hit their second wind and are not ready to stop, and the people who are just waking up have fresh energy, and it all comes together... Melodic uplifting music is what I think of... Maybe a little "lighter" but still powerful... Jaia is perfect for morning, old Protoculture when he was still making psy, Delirious Noon, Zorba (especially the track "The Deep"), Vibrasphere, Liquid Soul, etc.... If you are only talking about "Goa" Goa, a lot of melodic Goa sounds better suited to me in the late morning/daytime slot... Of the newer artists, off the top of my head, Somnesia has that "floaty" uplifting quality that suits day much better than night... Space Cat - Kreak is perfect for the morning, and as a contrast for day/night - break out your old Infernal Machine 12" - I would say "The Loin Sleeps Tonight" is better for nighttime, and "Loin King" is a better suited for the day. And there is a reason why certain labels, such as Sundance and Suntrip, have "sun" as part of their name! My brain is tired, and my collection is not in front of me. I'm sure I can think of other examples later... (And some music can sound good in different timeslots, depending on the flow of the party!)
  4. Yes, I am referring to full band. 2001 was first full live band performance (although not quite the festival on stage like the newer shows!). They also did a full live band in Israel, and maybe another live show in Japan too... I know there were a few full band shows prior to 2008. Here is clip from the 2001 live show:
  5. Actually the first Shpongle live show was in 2001, at the Solstice Festival at Mount Fuji, Japan... They put out a dvd of the festival, with an excerpt of Shpongle's performance: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Solstice-Music-Global-Trance-Festival-2000-2002/release/1302164
  6. Yes, this album was released... I have a copy on cd, which I ordered from the Suntrip shop last year.
  7. I use Youtube quite a bit to preview samples before I buy albums. Then I can listen to better flow of the tracks and not just the "awesome raise your hands in the air build up" like on the 45-second online shop samples. In the past, I've bought cds based on short samples where I've been very disappointed because that turned out to be the only good part of the song, or the song had very awful parts that were not included in the sample. I've also missed out on cds because the short samples were not enough to provide the atmosphere and build-up that was required to appreciate the song or album... So having the whole album available to listen to online has actually increased my cd purchases, rather than the other way around... I very rarely listen to the whole album online before buying, but listen to lengthy samples at several points. Don't want to spoil my ears for the better quality cd version!
  8. I understand that it is impossible to know every single band name ever created, let alone every psytrance producer in the history of the world, but surely the original Slide is well known enough that this, uh, "oversight" should have never have happened by the artist or the label. He was pretty involved since the early days and not some one-hit wonder with just one obscure 7" or anything... Pete Martin deserves much more respect than that!!! I suggest you change the name immediately: Here are some suggestions: Slip and Slide Pslip and Pslyde Pslyde and the Family Stoned Sly-Ed (since we're stealing names anyway...) Remember the Slide When I Eat Too Much Chili, It Just SLIDEs Out and Runs Down My Legs! See Saw Merry Go Round Or you should give all the royalties directly to Pete, as I suspect many of the downloads will be 100% because they think it is him... It's the only reason I even clicked on this link... He already had the name Satori stolen from him a couple years ago too...
  9. Fantastic news! So glad I resisted temptation and waited for a physical copy of these albums! Will order as soon as link is available. Thank you!!!!
  10. Just a few more days to go! https://www.facebook.com/ticonmusic In addition to the usual online shops, it is available here with some other goodies too: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/ticon Looking forward to this one; it's been a long time!
  11. The "Welcome to the Machine" remix has been around since the late '90s... unless it's a newer version.
  12. I know these albums wouldn't fit into the Darkpsy TM category, but when I think of "dark" - and I'm talking mood, not stupidly fast bpm or cheesy horror movie samples, these are some examples that come to mind: Cydonia - In Fear of a Red Planet Semsis - Letting Go Menis - Temporary Insanity v/a - Kiss the Future (Atomic Records) plus other releases from Tim Schuldt, Tortured Brain, some other earlier Atomic Records releases, etc.
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