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    Hello we had a screwed-up update that went wrong and we needed a bit of luck to get back online ... we were down for a few days ... it is now restored But I am thinking that the admin CP problem micht not have to do with that ... I can still log into the admin cp (was there just now), let's sort this out via PM ...oh and if anything got lost content-wise through the database scripts we had to execute: I can't restore it myself cheers RTP
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    Artist: Kunai Title: Ascendancy Label: Submoon Records Date: August, 2015 1. Himalayas 2. Mandarin 3. Origami 4. Mahjong 5. Ascendancy 6. Wushu 7. Tranquility Another Filipe Santos project? You betcha! I've lost count of how many he has, but this is his first release under the name of Kunai. And he does something that I hoped he would and that is deliver a different style of goa. This CD-r has tracks that exhibit a more laid back feel. Pumping up tempo, yet not aggressive. The sound is good and instead of pounding you into submission it's a gentler "lengthening" of melodies that still retains that sense of depth and exotic atmosphere. Not a lot of changes and not a lot of melodies thrown into the mix, but a gradual unfolding. The difference in the style here is instantly appreciated and while I love his signature sound he navigates this other approach with skill. Recommended for those that would like their goa with a relaxed flair. Love that cover btw...
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    Thank god, I checked everyday if the site would be online again or not.
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    Nice review by Astro Cortex. Listening to this again under lockdown, after a long time, it remains a deep chill favourite, eclipsing many other efforts on Fax (RIP Pete N) and other labels. As Astro Cortex noted, the track names are especially suited to the sounds. Karmic light really does sound like nirvana (the afterlife not the grunge band). Ambiant otaku really does sound like an ambient nerd's nightmare down a rabbit hole. Magnetic fields really does sound like how I imagine they look.
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    Artist: Circle of Protection (Pssssst....It's Filipe) Title: Trinity Seven Ep Label: Goa '96 Records Date: June, 2017 1. Trinity Seven 2. Druid "Hmmmm...should I sh*t in Steadman's mouth tonight?" Ever heard anything by Filipe Santos? I mean, literally anything. Well, this is that. Sure the project name is different (isn't that the M.O. of one who wants to constantly reinvent?) much the same way food companies try to shoehorn artificial sweeteners into everything you eat. I mean how many f*cking words are there for sugar? If you're a fan of his music (I am) than you will won't have a problem bellying up to the table to suck this down. It's good, melodic, layered, power goa. Even though I'm sure I've heard it before. Filipe Santos Music
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