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    Hello world our Psynews Youtube Channel has just seen the light of day At this moment, our first video was uploaded - which is the first part of a founders interview of Children himself - one of the people who founded the site! Please find it here: I hope you enjoy it. It marks one more steps in this 20th birthday jubilee year of 2020 and I personally hope that we will bing much more content your way this year - and also maybe better edited one as my video edit skills get better aswell The next steps are: a new forum will be created here (visible for members and above only) to discuss our Youtube channel and for you to give feedback and suggest content the second part of the interview with Children will be composed by me to be released in the not-so-far-away future We would appreciate if you support us on YouTube by subscribing to our channel, commenting - hopefully in the same police and positive way most people post it on the forums here - and yeah, also by dropping a like if you enjoy it #HappyBirthdayPsynews.ORG
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    hello all, the first step for the next 20 years has been taken: we have now a YouTube channel and we have a first video out ... an interview with Children = one of our founders ...if the name Children doesn't ring a bell with you, I suggest you head over right now and watch it (seriosuly please, don't make me brag here how profound this is ... Children has been "inactive" for many of the last years ... it's a very special thing that he decided to step forth and do an interview for us - and we also have to thank Mars for this a huge lot because he was the one making contact again) more here: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/75788-psynews-youtube-channel-it-is-now-live/ #HappyBirthdayPsynews.ORG
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    Starting off 2020 with that rare and elusive genre, PsyDnB! Like the soundtrack to a dystopian sci-fi story, we blast off at 180 BPM on a psychedelic journey with the latest Kaiju Lounge mix. Tracklist Zis0ky - Into the Abyss 00:00 Cybernetika - Towards The End Of Time 07:50 Mellow Sonic - Sapphire 15:50 Cybernetika - Constellations 20:06 Xenofish & Mellow Sonic - Radiating Scapes 27:55 Shivaxi & Xenofish - No Turning Back 33:33 Mellow Sonic - Intergalactix 39:26 Xenofish - Datastasis 45:52 Xenofish & Mellow Sonic - Revenger Call 50:54
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    Thank you all for noticing, subscribing and watching the video! I appreciate your comments and it is a cool motivator to keep on ... also lots of thanks to Children and Mars for doing this (those 2 are confirmed I can say). The second part of Children's interview is online now: I will start doing more in the next "weeks" ... I will try to work on videos every week, but I won't promise that I finish a part every week
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    Checked Pete and Pan's cd. It's quite fluffy, lacks oomph. Could be nice at a beach in the summertime but can't see much more to it. Definitely wouldn't put it in the list.
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    Congratulations for the 20 years! I remember coming to goatrancefree.fr from the Third Eye UK. There have been changes along those 20 years and it is nice to see the site still alive and relevant. Especially since I am not a facebook sort of chap. Pedro
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    thanks for that list. some really nice suggestions in there that'll most likely find their way into my top ten.
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    Oh yes and this is the main site of our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjEL2jqG4EqNfBJBeCgE91w thanks
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    Cheers and Happy 20th Birthday to all and everybody on here #HappyBirthdayPsynews.org I did not plan to show up empty-handed, but it turned out that way for now - however, as it's 2020 and we are 20, I think it's good to say that we have the whole YEAR to celebrate -- and that's exactly how I would do it! If the things I had in mind turn out well, I will let you know and will post it under the hashtag above. It's most certainly not over for me before the year is over. First I'm gonna bake a cake for the occasion EDIT: Cake is done! Happy Birthday Psynews.ORG:
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    Lots of names that I can't add in. Some spots likely to change as I re-listen to 2019. Uptempo 1. Median Project - Constellation (Suntrip Records): Number 1 for most listens and taking this style of Goa to another level. 2. Sykespico - Perspective (Suntrip Records): Could easily have been number 1 as well. Thick melodies abound. 3. Va - Goa Gilde (Kali Earth Records): Still fresh in but listened enough to know this will stay in the list 4. Pete & Pan - Return of the Goddess (Goa Madness Records): For originality and straight up enjoyment 5. Dreamchild - Akashic Dreaming (Unreleased Goa Records): Beautiful and exciting style. 6. Elysium - Live ...And Beyond (Digital Reprints): Filled with seriously groovy and fantastic trance music. 7. Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom (Suntrip Records): Everything that is good about Goa can be found in this album. 8. Merrow - Odysseus (Global Sect): Needs more listens but another stellar advancement of skill. 9. Jaraluca - The Prologue (Mamomam Records): Craaaazy Trance music and a big progression in Jaraluca's skill and style. 10. Jagoa - The First Steps (Self Release): Thoroughly worthy of a spot on the list, emotional, trance dancey & exciting. Downtempo 1. Shamanizm Parallelii - Blue Lizard (Neogoa Records) 2. Dreamfish - Mixmaster Morris & Pete Namlook (Avatar Records) 3. Advanced Suite - TAKING MUSic in tHe ROOMS th&t DreaMT (Self Release) 4. Blisswave - Manvantara (Melusine Records) 5. Va - Ethnomystica (Mystic Sound Records)
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    01. Bluetech - Holotrope (WHAT a wonderful year from Evan Marc ... 4 released albums and all of them are amazing! , the Holotrope is the best one! ) 02. Desert Dwellers - Breath (A perfect combination between psychill and mid-tempo ) 03. Avaris - The Forgotten Language (The most shamanic-forest album in a while after Tengri's album Icaros back in 2013) 04. Distant System - Infinite Continuum (The style is very similar to the Spiral Empire album , and probably it's the last musical work from Tyler Smith aka Androcell) 05. Entheogenic - Hypatia (Perfect for meditation and study, just in that mood I realized how this album is special!) 06. Cabeiri - Molecule Language (Focus the bass lines) 07. Lauge - Dawn (Very quality and melodic chill-gressive) 08. Spatialize - Beyond the Radar (Reminds me OTT) 09. Shwamp - Inner Landscape (VERY PSYCHEDELIC Downtempo Psy-BASS music! 10. Deep in Mind - Autumn to Spring (This guys combine live instruments: guitars, violin and more, very beautiful music!) Bonus: 11. Moon Duo - Stars Are the Light (Lovely psychedelic space-rock album) Just an AMAZING year for Downtempo music! there were SO many good albums so it was hard to pick only 10. I see a promised future for this genre. I'm really recommend to check this list, you might like some of it. worth a try
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    first track promising but then a lot of messy melodies with wrong notes reminds me crossing mind not for me
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    both globular and geoglyph, this is going to be good! sadly no cd release, i would have liked to add this to my small collection. i have no way to play a vinyl record. btw, here's the link to the kickstarter that's apparently missing in the first post: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/8616209/globular-and-geoglyph-a-new-collab-album-straight-to-vinyl/description
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    Wow what an album! Yes! And YES!!!! It's even better than when I heard it last several months ago (posted above). How the shit?! Finally someone new grasps what we love about Goa and totally reimagined some of the best elements. A LOT of them! This album is sooooooo good. I've rarely felt this way since writing reviews as a teenager. It's the ANSWER to what's been missing from a lot of Goa now days: HEART, FIRE, & SPIRIT. People put a ton of MIND into art, but not always spirit. Spirit is more expansive; you're in the zone, channeling fluidly, ever connected and yet free to intuit/engage at a mere desire or thought. You've expanded beyond this frequency of consciousness and in tune with something greater-- more expansive and in relation to your experience, more consciously aware. Your desire is your experience with other energy that desires to experience that too - 4th dimensional, 5th dimensional, etc (like attracts like faster with higher/lighter density so raising our vibration by evolving to the positive/Stay Whole, mindfulness, empathy, LOVE). I'm not saying the album is 5D, ha!, rather it tapped into something deeper and more expansive, probably 4th density is all I'm saying (which is inspired by the 5th ) God bless this album with awesomeness forever! It sounds like a wildly inventive Goa classic with new production values. I don't just love it. I'm in awe. Every track-- EVERY TRACK IS DOPE AS F$#K. How the?!.. Even Filteria often has ONE track I don't care for. Here I'm high on Goa fever. Just track 2... that dark, magnetic vibe in the first minute. Then that's matched and/or topped a hundred-plus times on the album. Listen to this on a good pair of ear buds or sound system. Every track isn't just strong IMO-- It has an infectious YES!!!!! PURE Goa sound. It's magnetic, mystical, magical. The album is beautifully designed. Rarely am I so hooked with every track back-to-back as I am here. At least I feel that way upon returning and listening to the album as one full story. Every track compliments the one before and after it. The artist understands visionary, imaginative concepts, development AND evolution. Not only that, he understands and respects the "art" of Goa Trance-- the storytelling, the spiritual/transdimensional (magical, higher vibrational) aspects. He clearly shares marbles (conscious aspects) with us and Goa similar to Peter Jackson's ability to intuit/guide-- become the cinematic vision for Lord of the Rings (trilogy). I'm impressed with the ambitious, elaborate, and beautiful work consistently throughout. The album delivers with intuitive sound/melody work, mixing, HEART+FIRE+SPIRIT imagination and direction. I hope the artist is [as] inspired to make a sequel. Go with whether you're inspired (heart+mind). This album is like kid-excitement all over again. It's fun and playful, yet edgy, traveling, and OUTSTANDING from start to finish. Eurythmia is one of the most definitive sounding Goa albums to date to define [PURE] New Old School Goa Trance. Seraph! Lemmiwinks! Mars! Joske! Where are the old-schoolers on these forums??! They have to hear this!!! DeathPosture?!! Antic604-- Thanks again for bringing people's awareness to this album along with the record label and artist for releasing/creating it. It's like a bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow. 5/5 ... 10/10 ... 100/100... tooooo infinity................. and beyond!!! A = A future classic
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    This is my TOP 10 for 2019 GOA & PSYCHEDELIC 01 - K.U.R.O. & Charm - Japanese Vibrations (DAT Records) 02 - Battle Of The Future Buddhas - The Light Behind The Sun (Suntrip Records) 03 - Psylent Buddhi - Secrets Of The Atom (Suntrip Records) 04 - V.A. - ZNA Retro Futuristic Compilation II (DAT Records & ZNA Gathering) 05 - V.A. - Analog Visions (DAT Records) 06 - Total Eclipse - Tokyo Live (Suntrip Records) 07 - Spindrift - Deep Nature (StereoHemia Records) 08 - Ree.K - Early Tracks (Hypnodisk) 09 - Pleiadians - Pyramid (EtnicaNet) 10 - Ultimate Xperience - Realm Of A New Dawn (Neogoa) DOWNTEMPO 01 - Avaris - The Forgotten Language (Axios Records) 02 - Eric Electric - Run Away Controls (Bass Star Records) Tips for the new producers: Sorry, nothing "ringed my bell", try harder! STOP using psy-trance machine gun bass everywhere, DON'T make everything sound "Full-on", lower down your damn BPM!, STOP over-compress your mastering!!!!!!!!!!!, BE more unique and for God shake, FORGET the typical Goa or Psy forms or use them minimal!, DON'T copy-paste ideas from others or from the past, Create your own sound! This is the ONLY way to be remembered in the future! One exception, Pete & Pan - Return of the Goddess, somehow this one touched me... very good album but not that good for the top-10
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