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    Dear trippy friends, I've collected and sorted all the votes from the 2018 voting thread and the results are in. I didn't style or pimp the list, sorry. But the results are correct! :-) Congratulations to the winners and all artists!!!!! UPTEMPO 1 48 pts Denshi-Danshi - Brain Chemistry (Suntrip) 2 47 pts Triquetra - Ecstatic Planet (Suntrip Records) 3 41 pts Proxeeus - Non-Euclidean Geometry (Goa Madness Records) 4 40 pts Morphic Resonance - Perplexity (Suntrip) 5 33 pts Median Project - In The Depths Of Space (Global Sect Music) 6 30 pts Unknownium - Unknownium (BMSS) 7 29 pts E-Mantra - Stapanii Timpului (Suntrip) 8 27 pts V/A - Shambhala (Global Sect Music) 9 25 pts Ray Castle & Collaborators - Mystique Of The Metaverse (Suntrip) 10 24 pts Ephedra - What The Future Brings (Goa Madness Records) 11 24 pts Sab Kuch Milegator - Surrounded By Surreality (Self-relea sed) 12 24 pts Veasna - Spectral Flux (Neogoa) 13 21 pts Ufomatka - Off the Beaten track of the universe (Cronomi) 14 19 pts SubConsciousMind - Symphonies Of Life (Self-released) 15 18 pts Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light (Dat Records) 16 16 pts V/A - 303 Syndrome (Mamomam Records) 17 15 pts Cos mosis - Retrofuturism (Digital Reprints) 18 15 pts VA - Under the Moss 4 (Forest Freaks) 19 14 pts Lectro Spectral Daz e - Infinitely Intricate Unfolding Kaleidoscope (Neogo a) 20 12 pts Gangguru - Be Your Own Guru (DAT) 21 11 pts VA - The Call of Goa 3: New Horizons (Timewarp) 22 10 pts Abraxas - Inner Worlds (Future Music) 23 10 pts Archaic - Mountain Powers (Parvati) 24 10 pts Material Music - Love & Magic [The Dust Album] (Kali Earth Records) 25 10 pts nangijala - fermented behaviour (zenon) 26 10 pts Ov erdream - Redux (self-released) 27 10 pts Re-Horakhty - Purgatoria (Forest Freaks) 28 10 pts VA Chronika Chapter V (Liquid Drop Groove) 29 9 pts deviant species - advent of the blue radula (trick music) 30 9 pts Goch & Friends - Woody Vegetation (Vantara Vichitra) 31 9 pts Material Music - Magic Science o f DNA (Ovnimoon Records ) 32 9 pts Starseed - Galactic Incubation Atmospheres EP (Iono) 33 9 pts VA - Purple Brain (A.N.A.L.) 34 8 pts Espoo So und Machine - Discobedience (S ound Kitchen) 35 8 pts juno reactor - the mutant theatre (metropolis) 36 8 pts Somnesia - Infinite Mind (Timewarp) 37 8 pts V/A - Offspring of the Dra gon (Manic Dragon Records) 38 8 pts v/a - The 50th Parallel (Suntrip) 39 7 pts Igor Swamp - Akrabadabra (Hippie Killer Productions/Nullzone) 40 7 pts Omnivo x - Surrender (Goa Madness) 41 7 pts Psykovsky & Friends - P rostra Potustoronn ego Zertsa l a (Not On Label (Psykovsky Se lf-released)) 42 7 pts Roof Raiser - Synthetic Forest (Another Dimension Music) 43 6 pts va - lost diamonds (digital diamonds) 44 6 pts VA - Lotus 45 6 pts VA Colo urs of Goa 3 (Timewarp) 46 6 pts Visions - Goblin Fungus (Geoma gnetic) 47 5 pts Concept Lightwork - Moments of Magic (Timewarp) 48 5 pts Sirius Music - Gaias Tears (Ovnimoon Records) 49 5 pts Urjasa - Happy Landing (Hypnotica) 50 5 pts v a - psychedelic depths (manifol d studio) 51 5 pts v/a - Return To The Source (BMSS) 52 5 pts VA Hear t of Goa 6 (Ovnimoon) 53 4 pts I nfected Mushroom - IM21 (HOMmeg a HD) 54 4 pts Insignia - Time Travel EP (D acru) 55 4 pts Material Music - Love & Magic [Master XXPSY Systems] (Kali Earth Records) 56 4 pts Smuds - For Fuld Musik (Real Vision Music) 57 4 pts U bar Tmar - Early Fusion (Zion 604) 58 4 pts V/A Goa Trance Legacy by Kanc Cover (SpaceDock Re cords) 59 4 pts va - hadra trance festival (hadra) 60 4 pts VA K ensho (Sangoma) 61 3 pts Anarkick - Eat the Mushroom (Anarkick Records) 62 3 pts Jayex - Soul Echoes (Surface Tension) 63 3 pts Solar Fields - Red Green Blue (Sidereal) 64 2 pts Fiery Dawn- Magus (Timewarp) 65 2 pts Oraalidonitsi - Who Cares About Name (Random) 66 2 pts V/A - Elan Vital (Melusine Records) 67 2 pts infected mushroom - head of nasa... (monstercat) 68 1 pts Discolin - Hercule Roilot (Nullzone) 69 1 pts Qiujan - Jahān-e Qiu (Self-re leased) 70 1 pts Rayavana - San ds Of Time (Sita) DOWNTEMPO 1 33 pts Kaya Project - Up from the Dust (Tribal Shift) 2 24 pts Suduaya - Loveology (altar) 3 24 pts Youth & Gaudi - Astronaut Alchemists (Liquid Sound Design) 4 23 pts Globular - Entangled Everything (Self-released) 5 21 pts Solar Fields - Ourdom (Sidereal) 6 19 pts Nibana - Earth From Above (Self-released) 7 18 pts Dr Trippy - Bhang! (Disco Gecko) 8 16 pts Entheogenic - Kykeon (Universal Symbiosis) 9 16 pts Geoglyph - Geolinguistic (Psychedelic Jelly) 10 15 pts Akshan - World of Duality (Altar) 11 11 pts Maiia - Evolution 12 10 pts Advanced Suite - Drifting (self-released) 13 10 pts Airi - After The Rain (Zenon) 14 10 pts Conical Brazers - Crazy (Not On Label (chrncl brwsrs Self-released)) 15 10 pts Kalpataru Tree - Rhythmic Fractals Of Earth's Imagination (Self-released) 16 10 pts the polish ambassador + the diplomatic scandal - land of the lush (self) 17 9 pts Connect.Ohm - 9980 re-issue (Ultimae) 18 9 pts Echo Season - Periphery 19 9 pts Kaya Proje ct - The Dust Remixes (Not On Label (Seb Taylor Self-rel eased)) 20 8 pts Kuba - Animalia (Liqui d Sound Design) 21 8 pts State Azure - Mirror infinite 22 8 pts Zen Baboon Collected 23 7 pts Klaada - Breaking The Cycle (Mindspring Music) 24 7 pts Rukirek – I Will Return In Thousand Years 25 7 pts sephira - the master work (self) 26 6 pts Argus - Field Of Dreams (Altar) 27 6 pts Blue lunar monkey - Essential Oneness 28 6 pts Shogo Buzz - Shogo Buzz (Self-released) 29 5 pts One Arc degree - The glow baneath 30 5 pts Scion - Ascend (Self-released) 31 5 pts v a - blue dubs vol.1 (blue hour sounds) 32 4 pts abraham carmona - ibiza (liquid sound) 33 4 pts Rameses 2 - Spacewalk 2 Zero gravity 34 4 pts VA - Lurve Connection 35 4 pts VA Psychill downbeats 36 3 pts Deep Forest And Gaudi - Epic Circuits 37 3 pts Seamoon - Archaic Mind (Merkaba) 38 3 pts VA - Ethneomystica Vol. 6 (Mystic Sound Records) 39 3 pts va - ethnostep 8 (subbass) 40 3 pts VA Goa meditation 2 41 2 pts Master Margherita - Border 50 (Ultimae Records) 42 2 pts Shamanizm Parallei - Blue Lizard 43 2 pts VA - Vision Quest (Visionary Shamanics) 44 1 pts Indigo Egg - Aten (...txt) 45 1 pts VA - Infusions Vol. 6
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    Glad I got the CD, because it is a great piece of chill music. Quality production by Jerome as usual. It combines light and dark together, but you feel the goa vibe everywhere. Albeit in a chill environment. This one's gonna be in my downtempo list of 2019. :D
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    thank you so much for your words, truly !
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    All right then, here is my story. Mostly accurate give or take a year, it's been a long time since I had no interest in music until the age of 13-14 (94-95) when my father bought me a Sony compact Hi-Fi for getting a degree in English language. It had a lot of buttons and shiny displays so I had to use it. So I opened my sister's drawer (2 years older) where she kept her cassettes and started playing them one after another. Mostly pop and rock of the time but also some rave and house played that time on the radio. I didn't pay much attention then, I could only hear a bang bang anyway However she also had a cassette of MJ's Bad. I really liked it but I remember thinking "it would be much better if there were no vocals, just the music". And after a while I realised that there was some music with no vocals, the bang bang thing. So I started re-listening those tapes with a bit more interest. One of those tapes had Scooter's Back In The UK. I used that track to wake up every morning for months. I guess that's the point where I was hooked in electronic music. Soon after I found out those genres were called Rave and it's harder sibling, Trance. So, as a teenager, I started looking for Trance (because, you know, harder). I went to my city's biggest record store (Musical, Patra, Greece) and bought my first vinyl. Titled N-Trance - Electronic pleasure with computer generated cover art. It was obviously trance. Well, no. What the F*** was that? Tried to return it the next day, but in vain, no returns accepted. So this time I go to another record store, smaller, run by the daughter of the Musical's owner. Although I didn't know back then , I got lucky. She knew about electronic music. I asked for a recommendation. It was between Trust In Trance 3 or X-Mix - Electronic Storm. She said get X-Mix, much deeper stuff. And it was. But I don't think I was ready for the subtleties of Techno music back then. But I was getting closer. And then it happened, goosebumps all over my body with the opening track of Goa-Trance Vol. 3. Struck gold. This was music I knew it. Goa Trance. Soon after I also purchased Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land and The Truth Of Communication. Thank you for ever (I don't remember your name). It was diificult to get Goa Trance vinyl so after those buys I turned to cds. My first purchase was Goa-Head Vol. 1. I had payed back then 10,000 drachmas, equivalent back then to 30 euros. How much do you pay now for your music? The rest is history. For a couple of years I was purchasing alongside Goa some Jungle, Drum & Bass and Rave but I had found my lifelong companion. I was happy.
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    That's something I would absolutely never ever tell anyone
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    I was going to wait till I listened to it 100 times, but after 20 times I think I'm getting the feel. This is one of the best goa trance I have ever heard. We already had a great share of good music and amazing artists, but Median is right up there. Shining. Where his album on Global Sect was also very good, Constellation has enormous depth, euphoric layers, and fantastic balanced frequencies. I'm very happy to hear that Sergey tuned down the snares and claps, which were very present in his previous work. I'm listening to parts of Constellation every day. In my bed, in the car, ... He manages to transform a whole idea into music. Only given to the most talented. Every track is a space journey. Every track puts a smile on your face. Very good review Tsotsi! Constellation deserves that. We will look back and confirm year after year that Constellation is a milestone in Goa history. I'm sure of that. Grab it while you can!
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    Slightly offtopic but Eldritch Horror / Arkham Horror are fantastic board games!
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    One month will go by fast =) Thankfully. I will take the bus on the 18th to the festival solo. So if anybody of you guys want to meet up at the airport Sunday morning let me know. Yes I will find you Trunks. This is from another thread... Unless you have shaven off that beard. Then maybe I will have to look for the t-shirts. =))
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    I am just curious how and when other people started to hear Goa psy music... how was the way that led you all to this awesome music? How has your music taste changed over the course of your life? Is there even better and more mature music than Goa out there? Is there a next musical step upwards after Goa? Would be very nice if you would dive into your past and write down your approximate age + the music you loved at that time(Style, Bands, DJs...everything!) Youtube links woud be cool to. Maybe one track that describes the phase in your life the best! I will do it for myselfe first ( i am born 1990): START: 3-5 Years: My parents told me that i loved Russian chanson music and a guy called "Oleg Gasmanov" ...i was singing it all the day xD 6 Years: I had a magical experience with Trance music on the family birthday party of my 18 years old cousine...my parents have all the euphoric dance expressions of me on video Tape...yeah It was basically commercial stuff like Paul van dyke...But for a child pure Magic. Fantasy. Wonderland. Space. Insomnia. Madness. I remember this track very well...it sounded very "hard" to me at that time. 7-10 Years: Modern Talking, russian Synthpop, Eurodance. CDs from my parents... My favorite at that time. 10-13 Years: An Italian school Friend gave me a cassette with "Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory" from his older Sister and at this point i became a hardcore Linkin Park fan! I always liked the electronic elements in their music. After Linkin park i changed to the Emo side and my new flame was stuff like: Evanescens, Within Temptation, HIM, Nightwish and...I AM PROUD OF IT OK!!? 14-16 Years: I dont know how but i managed to download a Sven Väth Mix from the Internet. From this point on i Loved stuff like: Extrawelt, Pig&Dan, Boris Brejcha...but at the same time i was also into Progressive House and heard stuff like Deadmau5 or Glen Morrison. All in all this phase could be called Progressive Techno/House. 17-20 Years: Through Youtube i had the first Contact with Fullon and ProgPsy in 2006-07. Astrix, Astral Projection, Audiomatic, U-Recken, Vibe Tribe, Bizzare Contact, Sesto Sento and many more. Man that was a crazy time!!!!!!!!! At first i didnt even knew what goa is...until i bought Goa Head 2 on a flea market. I dont really know how old i was but Astral Projection - Kabbalah blew me away on this day. I remember the moment very well... Since GH2 i could finnaly distinguish between Goa, Psytrance and Progressive. 20-22 Years: Neurofunk, Dark Dubstep... 23-26 Years. GOA. 27-28 Years: Goa but more often the darker side of it...found Twilight Fullon for myselfe. Now: Darkpsy, Dark Ambient, Dark Wave/Synth, Ebm, Industrial, Psychedelic/Space/Doom Rock. so thats basically my musical "curriculum vitae" for now... You are welcome to write yours my friends!
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    If you like Silicon Sound and good full-on in general also listen to these albums if you haven't already: Tikal - Ritual Cycle Protoculture - Refractions U-Recken - Deeper into Man / Aquatic Serenade Digicult - Avenida de Belgica / Out of this World Exaile - Hit the Machine Psydrop - The Miracle Man / Fantasy Seeds Beat Hackers - Notes Junky Space Buddha - Storm Reaction / No Shields / Full Circle Astrix - Eye to eye Alien Project - Aztechno Dream O.O.O.D. - Fourthought Opium of the Masses - The Lost Planet
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    thats the art to communicate with other humans...let them never know what you really think about them. Greek people are philosophs or not? the REAL nerds of life...(Philosophie = Love the Life) The best way to handle "the mass" is to bring them to love and respect you at the same time...if you only can have one of both...then frighten them with your knowlege/ talents and strenght to live a free sorrowless human life. otherwise you will be eaten alive.
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    Trunksan Winns FLAWLESS VICTORY... FATALITY! you are the Thread winner and the Throne is yours....haha xD No Seriously, you should call yourselfe "Spacelord of Multiverse" or something like this. Your life must feel like a Trip...wish i could move my ass like you through life! I hear this music for more than 10 years now and i never was on a psy party or festival. now i have to cure my depressions and midlife crisis made by Trunksan.... THANKS
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    I can help with that. I know the exact incantation from the Necronomicon and the sacrifice required.
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    You can all stop now, I'm collecting and processing the results as we speak. Stay tuned!
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    Since this psy rave thing actually comes from the old ebm in the 80's, it's not that strange. Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 was played on the beaches of Goa. So I've been told anyway. This Hocico is not from the 80's, but great anyway. Or just some classic Skinny Puppy.
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    Well, I got a tape from a friend. Who got it from his sisters friend, maybe sisters boyfriend, lol. With this new cool rave music. I didn't knew what it was, except that it was cool. This should be somewhere around 94. If I remember correctly I was like 12 or 13. I wasn't into EDM at all, other than the euro dance techno stuff that was popular at the time. No, I listened mostly to rap music back then and continued with rap and psytrance until 97-98. Thats when I took a break from hip hop. The music that came out in the late nineties didn't really interested me, and I went to my fist psy rave. =)) 16 year old me got the chance to experience Psychopod live, man that was something. Wu Tang Clan, Das EFX, Goodie Mob, Pharcyde, Gang Starr, Mobb Deep and many others. Before that was Magnus Uggla. That's maybe my first memory of music, or Jerry Williams. Not sure who was first, this should be in like 86-87. But when I was 7 or 8 years old, 89-90, I discovered Guns n' Roses. So until I found hip hop I was a huge fan of hard rock. Deep Purple, Skid Row, Alice Cooper. Stuff like that. After psytrance I started with ebm, industrial and genres like that.This is around year 2000. Ministry, Front 242 and Skinny Puppy was the first ones I listened to. Thankfully we in Sweden had Arvika festival that booked both psytrance and ebm, well many alternative acts. I have seen so many good shows there. =)) Ministry, Front 242, Hocico, Björk, Ladytron, Nouvelle Vague, The Young Gods, Laibach, Nitzer Ebb and many many others.Ohh the psytrance. Hallucinogen, Juno Reactor, Joujouka, MWNN, Cydonia, Atmos, Astral Projection, lol. I could go on forever, I have always loved music. So I stop for now.
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    oh wow psychedelic. i too, adore Vocal Trance (and to some extent Progressive Trance/Euphoric Trance) and those are nice ones. do you recognise these? aled mann - flashback castenada - oceanborn ashley wallbridge - i believe andy moor - halcyon red flag - pacific memory m3 - bailamos duende - amor de dios i used to listen to DI.FM vocal trance channel back in 2007-2013 when i played wow like 8 hours per day.
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    The last copy available via Bandcamp - https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/celepha-s After it's gone this release is officialy sold-out! Thank you all for your support and trust in the behalf of Neogoa team and Proxeeus himself.
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    It was also my favourite song when I was 4-5 y.o. I was singing all the time which annoyed the hell out of my grandma. Actually it was the first piece of music which I consiously defined as having some emotional impact on me. Maybe if we dig deeper it had some subliminal message which eventually brought all of us here?
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    Funny topic. 4 years old: The first favorite song i remember is "Lambada" by Kaoma 9 years old: I get the cassette of the techno-smurfs as a gift. This was my favorite track. Original was "Omen III" by Magic Affiar, i think. 10 years old "Children" brought me to electronic music and trance. :-) RIP 1996 was a great year for commerical trance: ;-) My first "underground" track was "trash the temple". I dont have the vinyl It was included in the racing-game "Screamer 2". I love the whole soundtrack. As a child i recorded is on cassette to take it with me to the school trip in 1997. Recently i notice, that many tracks, maybe all tracks were released on vinyl by serious artists. This year I bought the vinyl from "Trash the Temple". And the track is so good, very nice Acidtrance. One of my absolute favorites until now. 12 years old In 1998 i bought my first cd: The Love Parade 98 comilation with tracks by Dr. Motte & Westbam, Energy 52, Kai Tracid and Aurora Borealis. "The Milky Way" was my favorite track (with the Naline and Kane rmx from "Cafe del mar"), which originally released in 1994. And yes of course it was in 1998, the best Tunnel Trance Force was released. So cool tracks are on this CD by Hypertrophy, Push, Aquaplex Meets Jumk Project, Travel, C&M, Plastic Angel, Double Force, Dj Dean etc. 13 years old 18 years old With the comedown of commercial trance I looked for new music i bought two compilations with Psytrance called "Goa" My favorites were: I like it and went back to the electonic market and bought this here: my first Oldschool Goa exiperence. 19 years old, my favorite tracks: 20 years old In 2006 I discover this forum to look for new music. I read reviews about Filteria, Khetzal and the compilation "Apsara". I bought it all and was blown away. 30 years old After 10 years of mainly listen to goa, I went back to trance and discover Oldschool trance by Eye Q Records and MfS. Today I listen to goatrance, trance, techno, house, ambient and electro.
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    my first muscial love were the beatles somwhere around age 5 (1990). even back then i liked the blue lp (basically their psychedelic years) the most. from then on it was basically my parents' taste (blues to prog rock) until i moved to harder stuff and ended up fully into heavy metal at around 13-14 (1998-1999). after that i got absorbed into psychedelic music (mostly psy rock; floyd, jethro tull, early genesis, grateful dead, …), then as first electronic music added some dub to the mix. since i reluctantly went to a dnb party with friends in 2001, liked it a lot so from then on i went to parties regularly, while still listening to psy rock at home. i went to my first psy party in late 2001 (they still played goa trance there) but didn't think much of it until much later. from mainly dnb i moved via raggajungle to freetekno over the following years (it took a while to take liking to the 4/4 kick drum. "techno" is not easily acceptable for a former metal head . but after my first teknival (also first festival at all), czechtek 2003, it was clear that nothing else compares). once i had made that move (2003, 18 years) some old goa i had on my harddrive started to complement psy rock at home. i didn't think of it as fast or energetic enough for partying back then after a while i became a bit oversaturaed with freetekno and its "party like there's no tomorrow, fuck everything else" attitude and went to my first psy festival in 2006. it had rained constantly for days but at saturday night just before sunrise it cleared up and psysex played. then it finally clicked, i danced like a madman knee-deep in the mud and it was all psy from then on. i the following year or two i wondered why the old goa on my harddrive sounded so different than the "goa" played at parties and why there was none of that cool multi-layered stuff played there. when i finally found out in 2008 i purchased basically the whole suntrip catalogue :). since then it was back and forth between goa and fullon. i finally almost stopped going to parties when they almost always played psycore/hitech whenever it was dark outside, but have started to take a liking to forest which thankfully has replaced the high bpm stuff in the recent years.
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    cheers buddies, nice topic to come back after a while... my first love was hiphop, back in my youth, early 90's - was attracted from smoking and all this dirty language - snoop cypress hill the wu-tang, i loved back then, still love today - one week ago i attended a concert from 40years old Sugarhill Gang with Melle Mel from the Furious Five !!! great show from these pioneers with almost 70 !! then came rock. through a cassette from a friend with hamburg school rock. opened a wide door of guitar music - through the years i wandered through galaxies of stoner, psychedelic, progressive, blues, classic rock... festivals de rocknroll i love also. next weekend a small one with stoner blues and doom stuff, few kilometers from here. live music was and still is an important part of my life, truly different kind of experience at the time, euro dance was all around, scooter, prodigy, and the likes - but this corny techno music bored me away around 1999 some of my friends showed me their music. i can't remember exactly the specific track or album which opened my mind for psytrance in general. but in Germany at that time we had SpiritZone, ShivaSpace, FreeForm Records, Insolation, GTN, albums available in local stores, also israeli psy, juno reactor and shpongle, all this together changed my musical approach to electronic music. i fell in love with early fullon and progressive, love alot of oldschool goa and psyfestivals, sometimes lurk into dark wooden swampy trance, absolutely relax a lot with various downtempo ambient loungy house and sofa tunes, my interests brougth me into liquid dnb, all the triphop, early techno trance and minimal, later breakbeat bigbeat funk and soul... actually i don't really care about labels genres stickers... well, not easy to follow each artist, label, genre - nevertheless, i collect tons of material i actually never will be able to listen to, but anyway, i always need something specific, be it old or new, groovy or soothing, electronic or instrumental,... today i can say i need a good portion of mix
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    yes. i wish i still had that tape labelled "RAVE" on it. that would be one of my highest wishes... to just have that tape, go back and never come back again.... i guess thats a bit morbid though... to this day i still remember the pitch errors that tape had; it was wobbly and went up and down in pitch and i thought that was the way it was supposed to sound... it was almost musical; in that it took like 30 sec to go up a full note then down again. so it was a very slow pitch shift, but still. i thought it was like it was supposed to sound... somehow it made it all the more magical......
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    1992. I was 10. i bought Prodigy - MFTJG. Best album to date. Previously i'd experienced lots of music from my sister, which is 4 years older. So alot of Nirvana, Metallica..... 1994/1995 Cyberspace Level 4 album found at a flee market, i was 12. It contained tracks like Mindfield -Lets get stoned and Bassline Baby - Altered states. very much goatrance, but it was brand new then, i think. i certainly didnt know it was goa, nor did i know what goa was until 2000. i bought it because the cover looked cool. 1996 got on a stray path, and found out about hiphop, and dove into that for a long while. Things like Busta rhymes, cypress hill. 1998. 10th grade, "junior college" i suppose. Drugs and stuff. More goatrance. But still, didnt know it was called like that. Got the album "Goa-Head vol 5" on tape. It only said "RAVE" on it. had tracks like Gamma goblins part 2, Cosmosis - Moonshine and ofc - Juan Domi Jorg - Spiritual Healing aswell as the original. To this date, that is the best Goatrance album ever. in history. go check out the tracklist.. I fell in love with spiritual healing, something crazy. I couldnt get enough of it. I listened to it several times per day, for years. Still, it was just called " RAVE " back then. Had no idea what the tracks were called nor what album they were from. 2000. Revelation time. A dude told me what the track was called; that i had been searching for, for 2 years. It was spiritual healing. It was goa trance. A world opened up. End story
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    Ok, my fisrt exposure to electronic music was mid 90's (I'm that old!), it was some eurodance like 2unlimited and Russian synthpop (Technologia, Biokonstruktor), I discovered Prodigy a bit later and then EBM like Wumpscut and Front Line Assembly. There was only so much music I could find in Russian "music sores" (actually these stores were just kiosks with pirate tapes near metro stations, I was lucky if the tape had a proper tracklist) so I didn't even know goa trance existed. Unfrotunately I switched to heavy metal soon, all cool kids in my school were into metal and punk rock/alternative so I had no other choice, din't want to be called out "raver", "druggie" and such. The next decade I listened to metal, later I also had some interest in progressive rock, blues, fusion and stuff. Played guitar all this time but not really professionally. One day in 2005 I woke up and suddenly realized that I can't listen to any song with any guitar sound in there anymore. I went to a kiosk near the next metro station to buy some "other" music, they had some Paul van Dyk tape playing and I immediately relaized that this was what I needed right now (or it was Paul Oakenflod, i don't remember... some of these Pauls). I was an eager trance listener (van Dyk, van Buuren, Tiesto, Dj Feel and shit) for next few years until I realized that I can't listen to the same supersaw arpeggio in each new track anymore, so I started looking what else was there. I discovered liquid DnB, then psychill, then Infected Mushroom and Astral Projection. In 2010 I occasionally found VA-Orientation 5 released by Dacru (I was actually looking for something else and bought it by mistake). And now I'm here.
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    then share your experience For the new people here on psynews and me...
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    totally! i just double checked if memento and pure reality are among the ones i listed, but i mentioned onida and analog device instead
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    Sol Music - Feb 2019. 1 - Heart Beats 2 - Purple Rays (feat. Theona) 3 - The Gypsy Symphony (collaboration with Morten Granau, feat. Theona) 4 - Moments Of Thinking (collaboration with Vertex) 5 - Humanity 6 - Rage (collaboration with Zyce) 7 - Gemini (collaboration with One Function) 8 - The Legend (feat. Theona) 9 - Simin (feat. Theona) - Lyrics by Roshanak Ghahremaninia Project from Ukraine, based in Nahariya, Israel. If you dig the melodic and dreamy progressive sound with a clear club approach, this album is for you. I was not familiar with Static Movement, and for me SiMiN is a mixed bag. In my opinion, some tracks would do better without the vocals (starting from the second track). We often swim between seducing mellow trance and over the top cheese, but the moments of brilliance make the album worth listening. Sometimes the sound is reminiscent of Ovnimoon, definitely more clubbish and commercial sounding though. The production and mastering all along are crystal clear, the super clean sound is what stroke me the most. I would like to comment on track 3 which is in my opinion a nice surprise, you cannot deny the effort and creativity put in this composition, it contains some piano and other instruments, key changes too, melodies one after another... positive and imaginative trance music! And this remains mostly the case until the end of the album. The 4th track is sweet as well, still walking that fine line between progressive psytrance and club trance, no vocal this time just clean trance melodies all the way. The gem of this album for me. Some uninteresting and generic moments (cliché bassline) towards the end. Cringy and cheesy at times but I will still recommend to give this album a try, it is more melodic and dreamy than most progressive trance I heard recently. Rating: 6.5/10. To stream To buy: https://www.beatport.com/chart/simin-2019/551723
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    Yeah, pretty busy release schedule, but artists get better and better and may get a change in the future dont stop, your music is getting better and better for sure!
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    Wow, you are lucky! Straight to GOA Trance...and also quite good goa trance(Cosmosis, Dragonfly rec...) i had first to go through tonns of Fullon to finally find real Goa in the Ocean of Psytrance...but i love also the Fullon times! Yeah the parties xD i remember how i always met with my friends at friday to make a warm up with Psytrance. Then we went to the City Clubs to watch Girls and hear stupid Electro House or Techhouse xD After the Club we heard Psytrance again and talked about the Girls and how stupid they are nowadays....i want to be 16 again! haha
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    Really great topic. Thanks, guys. After reading a few good memories refreshed. My childhood took place in the far north of Russia, in the city with name Norilsk. Somewhere around 1999-2000, we connected to the local network and the dial-up Internet. Once I downloaded a folder with the name "Electronic music" from an public ftp server. At that time I loved things like a Prodigy "No Good" and Bomfunk MC "Freestyler". So I added pack of new MP3s in Winamp and started playing Starcraft with my friend. And at some point caught myself thinking that I really impressive what sounds right now. Looked up at the media player and saw that the name of the track was Cosmosis "Gift of the Gods"... This was the very first acquaintance I also was lucky with a good neighbor - a real music lover with cool audio system. He gave some CDs that are regularly ordered by mail... A lot of good stuff was in his collection... rare pearls from Dragonfly, TIP World etc. And I remember that in our city there was a dnb scene. With closed parties(not for youngster like me), and with local DJs, producers and enthusiasts who always shared good things like a Cubase, Reason, FruityLoops and many others... It was cool times...
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    I'm glad at least 3 of us here feel this way, i'm sure many more do to. I really do think this albums deserves huge amounts of recognition in the electronic music scene. Definitely in the Psytrance and certainly in the Goa Scene.
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    It's big, it's beautiful, it's Median Project - Constellation Artist: Median project Album: Constellation Label: Suntrip Records Release: May 20, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Antidote 2. Mission Adept 3. It Is Not Possible 4. Infinite Space 5. On The Edge 6. Pandora's Box 7. Sand Of Time 8. Sunrise 9. The Constellation Of Aries This review is about what is in my opinion one of the most extraordinary release of modern Goa to date. An Album that encapsulates the cosmic tone of the genre in it's own unique and captivating way. Personally I can honestly say that only 3 or 4 other albums have ever granted me this much excitement, and none of those have been been in this style and this style is by far my favourite. This album is not another level, it is the level. If your brain converts sound into colours and shapes then this is going be one vibrant journey of electricity. The album art by ShivaOMArt really says it all as far as the spectrum of colours that you are going to be blasted through goes. You're going to experience warm rust pyramids filled with gold, strokes of amber splashed across azure temples and gas giants of cerulean creating reactions with scarlets. You might even spot some periwinkle In the distance. 'Yea yea, it sounds amazing but it's not a game changer' 'Sorry huh? What did you just? Not a game changer for whom good sir & madam?' It is certainly a game changer for Sergey who has advanced his skill to another level. The layers are as balanced as a spirit level placed by Vladimir Shukhov himself, the leads rip through the other sounds and at times dance around in prisms of energy above your head while at other times zip through your head taking you to star nebula's. Vocal samples nestle themselves neatly into tracks where they are placed, but it's really the other elements that make these tracks stand out. The dial tone in Mission Adept, the boombastic roar in It Is Not Possible & the unforgettable screeches for the first 4 minutes of Sand Of Time, my god even a 4 second sample of that track gives my brain dopamine thrush. The melody of Sunrise & The Constellation Of Aries make me drive exactly 4 kilometres over the speed limit with a huge smile on my face. It's all cosmic Goa, but not like you have heard before. Median Project has placed more emphasis on the moments that really make a track stand out, the introductions and outro's have been given more detail, the tracks have been filled with 'Bigger' sounds and more effort has been placed into introducing periphery sounds that make every listen unique. I have had this album since it's release, so I have had plenty of time to listen to it, the honeymoon period is over and I can with all certainty say that this production of art is up there with the greats of the genre and the broader spectrum of Psytrance. What Median Project has done is find a way to take cosmic goa up to the next stage of its evolution, I can consider this album an advancement towards the style that others (Hopefully) will build on. It does have all the NeoGoa elements that some people (Not Tsotsi) often find tiresome but the arrangements are what keep this exciting. For those of you that think that this genre has nothing new to add, crank this up when the sun goes down and prepare yourself for a visit to solar systems far away. As always I would like to thank Sergey for taking the time to deliver this masterpiece to us and making the world that much more colourful for it. His hard work really does pay off. Thanks to all others involved in the project including Suntrip for an interstellar addition to their catalogue. One Final word. The description of the album calls this Astral Projection meets Mindsphere, but I think we can surely agree that from now on this is pure Median Project an artist unto himself. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/median-project-constellation
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    We recieved full album from Deepak already at Neogoa Records, so it's just a matter of one track selection and date/month when it will be released in 2020 on CD + digital.
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    Report post Posted June 12 On ‎5‎/‎30‎/‎2019 at 11:48 AM, Anoebis said: On ‎5‎/‎28‎/‎2019 at 4:54 PM, Aspartic said: PHE - NO - ME - NAL ! ! ! review will follow when I' m back on earth. 1. listening-typical boring neo goa 2. listening-has it`s moments 3. listening- really good 4. listening- wtf... 5. listening- wtf... Thank you Suntrip for this fantastic release.This is one of the trippiest Albums i ever heard. Or like you said: PHENOMENAL Now,after About 30 complete listenings :One of the best Goa Releases ever!
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    Thanks a lot man!! Thank you for your support!
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    Nice topic, I will prepare a proper timeline soon
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    In one month I'll be overseas and slowly making my way to the festival!!!! Eeeeeeeek So excited!!!!!!!
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    Pigs in space!! rare to see that alias being mentioned around here. its usually Oforia or .... damn whats his other alias? keep forgetting that one.... alien pump... kitchen sync.... TANDU!. right. anyway, pigs in space - solar (that acid @ 02:17 tho... and the kick... so deep. That whole album is very special. nothing quite like it! very techy and kind of beyond its years when it came out. dont think lots of people were ready for that sound yet, back then. Its quite hard to grasp it was released in 1998 - when it sounds like at least 5 years later. @Padmapani your thoughts? what year would you guess this album came out if you didnt know? Solar is prob one of the "easiest" tracks to like on that one. The other ones are really really techy.)
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    Oh my goa, ha! there we go! Very good! Thanks you a bunch @astralprojection. Amazing music on this page. @Manuseroh yeah also isn't Red Lune and Visitors part 1 kinda alike? *the chanse to begin again* ,:P Anyway, fantastic replies, im truly greatful.
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    The first compilation from Suntrip and what a journey it has been. 14 years on and this is still a high quality release. Just a few comments... Way back then I sort of panned the Aes Dana offering, but hearing it again I just can't help but get lost in its lushness and gentle entrance to start the album. The Yesod track early on is so hyper and nimble, but then shows it's more controlled side. Seems like this was the only track he ever released. The flute melody in Babylone Beach is one of the most soulful and melancholy sounds I've heard. Has their ever been a sound that crystallized a geographic area like that? You can not hear that and not think of perhaps a Persian kingdom. Sublime. The Ka-Sol track...I, uh...14 years and I still don't know what to make of it. And probably one of my favorite Goasia tracks.
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    Yeah that is the standart evolution formula for almost all electronic music...tracks are geting louder and more overloaded nowadays. There is a clear process of switching quality against quantity/thickness :/ Pleiadians were well known for their successful "multy layered" Trance, so the people are trying to recreate it. And they hope for glory and success if they copy an all time classic Band like Pleiadians/Etnica(wich i am not a fan of...i mean Pleiadians!) Today every child can rip FL studio and make music on the PC...in the 90s it was more difficult to get the hardware for producing. So talented Kids with rich parents could afford it...and do electronic music. And parents would not buy this stuff if their kiddo isnt playing an instrument for years already. So what i mean is that maybe 80% of 90s goa producers could play instruments/make quality music before they made Trance! This cheesy fullon wave in the 2000s was a group of untalented kiddos with PCs trying to make classic goa... thats btw the reason why all the good guys from russia and eastern europe came after 2000. You simply could not buy the equipment/PC in the 90s russia...even if the talent was there. Once i tryed to make Goa by myselfe too and i got a medium fullon/Goa hybrid track...a simple chord progression is not enough to get this blissfull alien like music. A trance track needs an unique and strong Character to sound like "Goa". And yeah...i hate this people too who think Goa trance MUST have something to do with India/Oriental culture xDD sorry for mei Englisch.
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    I completely agree on skarma, he has a very nice and warm sound but to my ears it still do sound like software though. And that's fine :)
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    arguably, sneila's species album from 2001 could be the first newschool. it was happily played in newschool dj sets and also has that early newschool sound (bright, soft melodies, melodic but not overloaded like later newschool, also not really like pleiadians at all). other contenders are the blissful moments compilation (2003), ethereal - anima mundi (2003) and ypsilon 5 (2004; it's pure newschool imho), sky input of course, va - pure planet (2004; this one includes sneila as well as goasia). these along with apsara (2005) really defined the newschool sound (of the time) for me (well, maybe not no much sky input — filteria has his own unique style). a sound that was dominent until daze and arcana (which broadened the scope of newschool). i miss the "old newschool" nowadays. i much prefer it over what's popular in now (morphic resonance, celstial intelligence, ...) btw: space juice is psytrance rather than goa in my music library ;). but yeah, many tracks from around that time (or a little earlier) are hard to divide into psy or goa. try to classify talamasca - the old school, the tracks from cosmosis' contact album, electric universe's unify album... you'll get different answers from different people :)
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    Astral Projection: (any order) -12,000 suns (Iridium) -No one ever dreams -Liquid sun Juno Reactor: (any order) -Zwara -Rotorblade -Pistolero Chi-A.D.: (any order) -Anno Domini -Black light -Eye am the I I'll break the rules! Logic Bomb: (any order): -The third revelation -Shadow of the beast -Secure the orbs Cosmosis: (any order) -Higher access -Howling at the moon -Karma (laughing Buddha)
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    Ok, I'll just give it a try. Imba: 1. Rising Sun 2. Klaki On Acid 3. Blacklight Beings Dimension 5: 1. Omega Centaurus 2. Psychic Influence 3. Limitless Dimension (Gate 3 Mix) Astral Projection: 1. Mahadeva (Sorry for that obvious choice) 2. Kabalah 3. Let There Be Light Honorable Mentio : Ohm Mind: 1. Singing Owls 2. Out of Galaxy 3. Jungle
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