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    *clears throat* \begin{rant} So, these days, psytrance = something like vini vici or armin van buuren Real talk, just search for "modern psytrance" - I can't distinguish between any of them, there's nothing unique, it's always the same shit. That shit ain't got nada to do with psy. I mean, if they can pay their bills and make ends meet, sure, whatever, more power to em, but that shit ain't for me. Of course old school goa trance sounds dated. It's not bland and monotonous with the same god damn "kick" and slight variation to melody, if any is present in the first place - most likely some cheesy uplifting synth, hear it so often. I'm sure there are nowadays a few legit artists making legit psy, but I'm sticking to what I know - that is goa from 90s and early 2000s. God forbid someone dares to openly criticise this clowning that's going on in the psy scene right now. Funnily enough, I wouldn't have a problem with it, if they just called their generic crap something else and not Psytrance. It IS a semantics issue and it's not at the same time. You can't just make psy look bad like that.. you just can't! \end{rant}
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    Hello Everyone, OK, let's all take a breath and address a few things. First of all, I can see that me just taking a pause from the goa trance scene was interpreted as basically any possible interpretation ever. But let's then answer about some of the things that were expressed on this thread: A number of DAT releases expired past the original contracts with the artists after X number of years, and so we are renegotiating to continue to make remaining copies available as possible. Meanwhile, Covid also put a big halt to several planned releases for the year, which we are continuing to prepare for the time when we can move forward (in one case, mastering is done, artwork and booklets in preparation). And you will see that our Unreleased Goa sub label continues to release every couple of weeks. I realize how the no-notice suspension of our bandcamp while we undergo updating logistics and preparations could lead to speculation but the rumours being spread here are simply not true. Thank you for staying tuned while we update the website, catalogue, and new releases. About me logging in and not commenting, well, I have been a lot of time offline and a few times I connected I have read a few things but did not feel like writing explanations on how I run this venture and the choice we made in the meantime. I was more preoccupied with the global crisis, the pandemic and also the fact a lot of people have lost their job and are in difficulties, so actually we wanted to halt all operations to see how things were looking and about to be globally. I am sorry someone feels like our records are only good as frisbee and I'd like this person to write me privately and tell me exactly what were his concerns and what releases he has bought, if he feels like. Oh and lastly, I had to change my password twice, and a couple of times i got banned for retrying to log some times, so i did not feel really at ease and it might be someone tried to hack my account. In the meantime I have been living in the countryside to be safe from a terrible infection that in italy was very strong, so to be safe. And with less internet we slowed down but we indeed worked a lot on the UGR sublabel to show we were still active.
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    HELLO. I'm AZ NHJO HYENNRO. but I recently made 2 new name AZ MHSV TKIYCIV AZ XVER VKTNZER This is my vocal dubbing. Metallica - Master of puppets Helloween - Dr.stein Recorded by my cell LG phone. listen and view any comment ok any booking band ok www.aznyhjohyennro.com www.azxvervktnzer.com nhjohyennro@naver.com
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    Exactly that is what it is - an old, kind of "Psytrance scene meme" ... in my opinion. We actually had memes before that "meme thing" took off and conquered the whole internet. This was one of them. So, that Psynina thing was a kind of mystery / meme / whatever... until some people did a bit of digging and found very significant signs that it's just Thomas Vitali. It was never fully proven, but neither disproven. Thomas Vitali apparently was the first who in our scene came up with that "DJane that doesn't exist" idea ... that's how I see it. Seems there was no real harm done with the Psynina thing ... the other stuff mentioned here might be worth the warning though...
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    theres a great video from dan worall; where he goes toe to toe with Pro-Q vs ReaEQ. TLDR; Pro-Q wins, but only slightly. However I dont think you can go much better than your daws native lin phase eq. no sense in buying anything else, imo. Fabfilter is the king, if you really want the best, but its really only workflow improvements, and slightly better filters (can go up to 96db and even brickwall should you so desire) but theres no difference in sound quality.
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    The unfortunate side effect of this is that what used to be "the chillout" at psytrance parties has in recent years turned into "the alternative stage" with people playing mostly techno and/or house with some chill in the beginning and/or end, at least here in Finland it has mostly gone that way. It used to be that when I was too physically and/or mentally exhausted to be on the main floor, I could go to the chill and just relax and melt into the music, and I can't really do that much anymore :/
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    The big change last years... Melodies are dissapearing again (the techno influence) so trance is less and less trance... But it goes in waves
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    WAAAITTT... the name is PSYNINA ? I always was thinking PSYNINJA, you know these Japanese guys: Guess I need a new alter ego myself to have any success in the music biz
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    Fxb is the universal preset bank format for VST/VSTi Look for "load bank" in the plugin's GUI or put the fxp files into the same folder where the the fatory banks are stored.
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    Well I agree but, it didn't connect really to the question of the threads topic. "Do you think psytrance newcomers find old school goa outdated?" We allready know that many of us on this forum are old school goa heads. And that Vini Vici is rather boring music.
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    but its california sunshines official youtube page, in the link in OP, and i dont see how that logic works (bad youtube titling). they didnt mention indoor in neither title nor description. it said "Written & produced by DJ Miko vs Patrick (PTX) vs Amir Dvir (Illumination)" when Indoor is Avi Algranati, Marko Goren, Ofer Dikovsky i thought that was curious, and presumably so did celarpio
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    Rain is a California Sunshine remix of Electric Universe. Not really sure how that's cribbing another person's track. Many do it. (unless you're talking about a different track, which is possible, I do not have that discography memorized. I just Nasha a lot...)
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    I think a lot of Goa, acid trance and early techno/electronica require a certain maturity and acquaintance with electronic music in order to be appreciated. When I started going to gigs in the early 2000s, still a teenager, I preferred the "easier'/"more easily digestible" banging stuff like full-on and dark psy (what was dark then). With the years passing and growing (both in terms of age and music knowledge) my preferences changed. I think the same would apply to most people. More complex music requires a more complex/sophisticated brain.
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    tbh i normally use third party plugs for my basslines. with es-1 it's easy to get it sounding good, but not quite as good as i'd like. i want to look further into alchemy. so far i've gotten something decent but nothing to rival hive or zebra yet. linear phase eq. it's under eq right below the channel eq. you don't need any third party eqs when you have logic. channel eq is perfect for normal eq-ing, linear phase eq for linear phase obviously and the vintage eq collection has you covered when you need colour and saturation.
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    Hi! I've made a Spotify playlist with tracks that are a bit slower than your usual psytrance, the common denominator being full blown melodic psychedelic tunes with a morning vibe and a steady 4/4 beat and released during this century. So far, the playlist consist of: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6WNQzpD4JqJa5OO1lfnKyg?si=pR2Ce2bxSAevostR3bnHtQ I'm sure you guys could suggest even more tracks that would be worthy additions to the playlist! :-)
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    Psst... don´t tell that you can make decent basses with such an old "built in cheap softsynth"....let it be our Logic secret ... I use both 1+2 in fact cause I found they do the job good enough so I do not need any "bigger" VST for it..(or expensive analogue gear YES it will be better but is it worth the cost) Btw. I found this here which includes a "linear phase EQ" too and they say it is free and can be used in other DAWs: https://www.reaper.fm/reaplugs/ And this, cost 29,- https://photosounder.com/splineeq/ Btw. What is the name of the Logic build in linear EQ?
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    correct, but logic has a linear phase eq aswell, which would be the recommended option for filtering basslines; since linear phase gives you much more definition in the lows, and doesnt cause a phase shift (instead it adds latency and some pre-ringing in the first few ms.).
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    before and after phoscyon -> distortion -> eq -> saturation ( -> another eq only if necessary). but i think i've already outed myself as liking to make things unnecessarily complicated by eqing different bass notes in pretty much all circumstances not exclusive as far as i know. and he made the switch to mostly software comparatively soon i believe. another logic user :). for classic psy basslines you should try es1.
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    I only said that I thought it was too much sidechaining.
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    yeah, 303s need to be highpassed aggressively (if you're not doing acid techno where the 303 takes the place of the bassline). at first it may seem as if you cut all the meat off the sound, but if you compare to your favourite acidlines, you'll notice that they're all highpassed pretty harshly.
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    I usually hipass everything that is not the bass at around 300 Hz, give or take. If it's too thin, add some slight distortion or compress it (but before the hipass filter)
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    "A State Of Trance", check wikipedia for more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_State_of_Trance
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    Today out! Free download! Spessartine Dreams EP Two Psychedelic trance tracks 142bpm from Czech producer Druid Live. Mastered by Shawn Hatfield from AudibleOddities. Free Music for Free People! https://druidproject.bandcamp.com/album/spessartine-dreams http://druid-music.com/
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    Really good! Mellow, melodic and deep. I do hear hardware production
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    speaking of california sunshine and nasha. hadnt heard this in a bit =) probably the third time or something i post this over the years but, its just as good now as it was then. timeless^^ reminds me of the hypnotic nature of x-dream - zebra a remix has to happen.
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    "A lot of effort involved in making vegan diet work." It seems more difficult than it actually is to be honest. Eat a balanced, whole food diet, take your B12 vitamin, make sure you meet your daily caloric requirements and you're good to go. "Eating vegan doesn't automatically imply eating healthy." The same can be said of an omnivorous diet. "I struggle a lot with finding mostly animal product specifics (if not specific to, then very scarce among vegan-friendly products) most notably cobalamin and taurine to name some." Technically speaking, cobalamin (B12) comes from bacteria, not animals. As such, it can be found in soil, water and some aquatic plants. Having said that, I don't see an issue with taking one B12 tablet once a week. It's also worth noting that 85% of the B12 production goes to farm animals. We are supplemented, whether we like it or not. Taurine, on the other hand, is not an essential amino acid. Nevertheless, it's widely available in synthetic form (vegan friendly) in most energy drinks. "I would need to hire a personal trainer to get a proper vegan diet going". If you're really concerned about your dietery reference intake, I highly recommend cronometer, it works wonder. I can easily be reached on discord. Let me know if you ever feel like exploring/debate this topic any further or if you have questions with respect to the core tenet of veganism. Have a good one.
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    but this time it's not a rip off like above. har el is half of california sunshine.
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    Nice track btw. did I miss more of Indoor, seems they went under my radar "back in the days"? Here album in question: https://www.discogs.com/de/California-Sunshine-Rebirth/master/439140 Reviewer says: "Most of the songs are remakes, but what remakes they are" Seems to miss however some credit to original musicians if I am not mistaken? If I would make a "remake" I would certainly give credit. Edit, just noted they have an album named "Let there be light"....
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    That sounds like UK Psytrance. But UK Psytrance is already somewhere between twilight and darkpsy so I wouldn't sweat too much about it. I made a YouTube playlist couple of years ago, I hope it helps.
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    Also "cactus arising" and "Siam (giannis)" More on the Psy rather than goa side: Martian arts (nektarios) and his sideprojects
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    A while ago I read a case about "Psynina" which was booked in the past, including advances of money by part of the organizer, however this project never showed up on the place and date probably for very obvious reasons. However, you are right that the post does not focus the attention to "Psynina", but to a current and more serious situation, which was discovered by many artists in the present, where there's even exist a private group of victims of such scam and such violations of author rights, that sum more than 100 artists who are completely aware of it, and this, without forgetting the hundreds of artists who are not even aware that their works have been damaged during more than 10 YEARS by this man and in several ways. You'd be surprised how many of those who are aware now, realized the situation many years later. This doesn't take long to explode and It's a pretty grim and bad situation for the responsible, unfortunately for him, but it is a situation that more than sure that will be pursued. In Beatport, for example, many of their record labels under Plusquam have already been banned and you won't find them anymore.
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    Just some random image from google I googled psynina, and the printscreen showed up, no clue about the context. Nor who took it/or when. I think it might've been from the isratrance thread. It seems from the printscreen that someone made a joke and changed their facebook name to psynina and changed their profile photo to her. And those comments are the reaction to this "practictal joke". Kinda wicked that the isratrance psynina thread spanned from 2005 to 2017 and reached 82 pages lol. A 12 year psy mystery drama. *updated* Yup photo/printscreen was from the isratrance forum: http://www.psytrance.pl/artist/psyNina/ The photo appears on this polish psytrance site as well.
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    Israels psy/goa trance scene is rather well connected. So my guess is like AP's theory above, that there's somekind of gift/deal between the producers/dj. As for tracks sounding similar and what not, that could be like some hommage/inspiration. But I haven't listened to the tracks mentioned, we only get one video link/example.
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    it was the elf penises wasn't it! i made sure there was no discrimination
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    What's gold is the fact that this scene was built in the back of murderous ex-military Israelites & has-been hippies abusing the seemingly liberal lifestyle afforded to them by a poverty stricken nation desperate for the money they brought, with not a care to the devastation this scene has caused to the people of Goa & India over the decades. Furthermore misusing religious prayers & symbols with drug abused while claiming its for enlightenment when it's just an excuse to drop chemicals and become wankers. This scene was and still is the ultimate in religious & culture theft for the abuse in the name of drug abuse. You're all delusional if you deny this. The majority of real Indian people absolutely despise what the scene in Goa did to them. But white folk always take what they want with little care for others and their cultures.
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    Great speech from Alex O'Connor @ CosmicSkeptic
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    Looking good, do you fill the monitor stands with sand or something? Are you satisfied with them? If yes what brands are they. Having a studio in the cellar must be have some real advantages if one have neighbours close by I think, a proper techno bunker
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    Artist: Various Title: Goagilde (Norways Got Goa Trance) Label: Kali Earth Records Date: December 28, 2019 Tracklist 1. Maan - Reed Voyage 06:46 2. Phreak By Nature - Lit the Fuse 08:14 3. Clementz - Voltage Control 06:23 4. Excitaxory - Silver Spoon 08:22 5. Armakuni - Descend Upon 07:00 6. Microcosm - When We All Come Together (edit) 08:37 7. Phobium - Shape is Everything 09:17 8. Material Music - Omhu 11:53 9. Clementz - Tøffere enn Toget (1977 edit) 08:11 10. Vimana Shastra - Tura 07:28 11. Clementz - Inside the Craft 08:57 12. Homegrown Lifeform - Terraforming 07:45 13. Angry Dwarf - Baobab (Echoes from Hamarr) 10:33 14. Clementz - Distorted Angel 06:40 15. Material Music - Shaktas 10:54 16. Drum Pets - Melt the Walls (Strangepork Remix) 09:07 17. Phreak By Nature - Reaching Out To Another Dimension 18. Trold - Torus Fields 10:18 19. Psyolopher - Aphorism 07:36 20. Protostar One - Quantum Energy 08:34 21. Aion - Synergetic 08:24 22. Ra - Escaping Gravity 09:35 23. Goalien - Ayahuasca 09:31 24. Material Music - A Noble Prize 08:32 25. Clementz - Surrender to the Universe 08:20 26. Microcosm - Right on Time and on Another Place in Outer Space (Phreak By Nature Mix) 08:01 27. Lemurians - Not Expected 07:18 28. Ion Vader - Harmonic Defiance (Bonus Track) 3 Cds is a challenge to review. Especially for someone with attention span problems and two kids. That's a lot of music and it's easy to lose focus and write coherently about what you've been listening to for almost 4 hours. So much you could do in that amount of time. You could watch It Chapter Two and still have enough time left over for a sit down dinner. I've already upped my ukulele game. Hey look, bears do more than just, ah...you know. You could eat off my bathroom floor. Is what I'd be saying if I was demented enough to spend four hours cleaning the bathroom. Who f*cking does that? Anyway, this limited to 300 copies 3-CD monster dropped just before the closing bell of 2019 and it features Norwegian artists. And they've got goa trance. No longer is it left to Ra to hold the mantle of the only goa trance artist from the icy north. Waitaminute...Goalien is Serbian. Ok, some currently reside in Norway or have some other connection. Cool. *Important update* It has been brought to my attention that Aion is actually Norwegian. His discogs page was apparently hacked. Sorry for that misunderstanding. So for this review I cannot (and will not) go through every track. Too much and nobody wants to read a wall of text. I'll break it down in 3 parts corresponding to each CD. You know highlights and such. Up first is CD 1 Analogue Fjords Of Norway. Maan (new album Floral Cortex out now) starts things off with his 303 dogs barking and Phreak By Nature delivers a bouncy track. Clementz (album Kretsløp still fresh) has two tracks on the first disc and they are both high intensity. Two things...the goa is good here (if a little on the light, whimsical side) with my favorite being the Material Music offering Shaktas. This is how you do a long track. Shimmery sounds, breakdowns and reorganizations, and maintains momentum throughout its entire length. And two...how did Silver Spoon end up here? It doesn't fit at all, standing out in a negative way. CD 2 Norwegian Aural Borealis It gets a little deeper now. A little chunkier. A little more full-on. Clementz with another 2 tracks (Distorted Angel is on his album) on this disc leads the way. Baobab is a bass heavy monster with screeching 303s and a bruising climax. Omhu is a twirling track with sunshine melodies and quality breaks. Melt the Walls is very psychedelic sounding bearing more than a passing resemblance to Hallucinogen, but the track I was most looking forward to hearing was from Trold. Perhaps a mind melting merging of forest and goa trance that just continued to gain strength until its final cacophony. Well that didn't happen, but it was still pretty good. CD 3 Yah-hey Tru Norvegr Ah the final disc. Aphorism is a competent downtempo goa track and Quantum Energy sounds like it just came off the Ovnimoon assembly line. A Noble Prize by Material Music is the winner on this disc, combining power and mysticism in an elegant stew. Not Expected from Lemurians reminds me why I never liked their previous work. Closing things out the bonus track is a strong one by Ion Vader with dark overtones and a rapid tempo. SO there you have it. It's certainly worth picking up. To my ears the filler was kept to a bare minimum. There is some very good goa trance tracks to be found here and some artists I will be keeping an eye on. I can't comment on what is on the inside of the 3-Cd package as I have been listening to the FLAC. GET SOME!
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    First of all.....Thank you very Fairy much for these kind words! We have put our Heart & Soul in this Story... and Glad to hear it touched yours! Great writing skills too brother. You have chosen your words so elegantly. It reads very smooth ... You are a storyteller yourself! ;-) Blessings. Pieter <3
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    Yup, heard it as well on ASOT a few weeks ago. Psy is literally gonna be THE hype in EDM for 2017-2018, as it seems. The 'regular' trance & EDM producers that are jumping the psy-bandwagon are everywhere. That's not all, even hardstyle producers are raving about psy since the end of 2016. Read: http://www.hardnews.nl/en/psytrance-the-newest-hype-within-the-hardstyle-scene/ This is what's going on. It's for real. And yeah, Vini Vici is the main reason, as far as I can tell his remix to Highlight Tribe really caused a huge ripple in mainstream EDM land. Amazing how hypes work, actually.
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    It's a 'Future Prog' as they call it... kick and bass mostly, Schmeisser-like sounds lol They really follow trends and stick to them, gated vocals, shamans, oriental styles combined with kick bass is what people want so they deliver it. Why to make underground psytrance or goa and get couple hundreds euros per gig only, flight with Ryan Air when you can have 5k per gig and first class or charter flights? It's very simple actually. It's simply business. Good money and everything that comes with it. Scene today is more like mafia or corporations or is it same? You have some huge known agenciens and some that stay in shadow with loads of money and investements. They made one 'good' track and became 'face of psytrance' over night just like that? Psytrance is business This is the 'future' lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDIoPN9DKp4
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    It's not the first time for A.Van Buuren I think Psytrance is professionalizing a lot and getting a lot of traction, There is probably a mutual interest in that and to be honnest trance and psytrance have almost reached convergence Vini Vici vs Sesto Sento to me is due to: - One member less - Teenager project vs Adult project - Need to get into the Israeli pseudo-progressive train
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