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  1. You're very welcome. I will do, sooner or later. About Fiery Dawn, I must admit I was just parroting Suntrip's own writeup where they meant he was a newcomer to their label. Still 2014 feels like only about five years ago to the likes of me
  2. I guess that's one area where we may differ. The use of the 303 and similar acidic sounds made with other synths are the core part of what I love about Goa trance and I still listen to quite a bit of acid house where there's nothing more than wild 303 textures and an 808 beat. For my tastes, I am not sure it is possible for someone to go over the top with a 303. The more bold and outrageous the acid lines, the more I love them. It can still be done badly if it's not mixed well or the melody or effects aren't right, but that's not what I would call going over the top. The SETI Project track was for me an example of the acid being a bit too sedate and I would have rated it lower but that huge beat redeemed it.
  3. That's OK. You didn't undermine my review. I agree Golden Era is better, by the way. If and when I get around to writing the review, your thoughts have helped me and provided a bit of context I didn't have. Would you mind me using what you wrote in my review? Yes I see what you mean. I find the first two tracks the strongest of the compilation, with Golden Era probably marginally the better of those two over all, though I really love the climax of Heavens Gate. I think Suntrip put those first because of the slower tempo, with the idea that things would warm up to the faster tracks from there. Also, Golden Era did a great job of grabbing my attention. If it had opened with a poor track, I might not have got around to listening to the rest of it so soon. But in terms of overall flow I would agree it could be improved. It is a minor thing from my perspective though as I greatly enjoyed most of the tracks, really happy with a whole compilation of 303 focused Goa.
  4. We're agreed on our favorite tracks on this compilation. Have you heard Etnica's UnIverso EP? I was going to write a review of that soon as well. A couple of the tracks on that are listed as remixes so I am unsure when they were originally released, but it has some of their classic Goa vibes I think, sort of halfway between Goa and psytrance maybe, though not quite as good as Golden Era.
  5. Various Artists - Acidum Influxum Suntrip Records – SUNCD77 What an exciting gem of a compilation we have here from Suntrip Records! If you love old school acidic Goa trance you may have been frustrated by a dearth of quality tunes from the big names in recent years. If so, I am pleased to tell you Suntrip and the artists have exceled themselves in putting this compilation together. My mind was blown by acid lines the like of which I had never imagined before. 1. Etnica - Golden Era 08:53 2. InnerZone - Heavens Gate 09:46 3. Hypnoxock - Magma 08:13 4. GoaD - Slayed303 06:35 5. Fiery Dawn - Fluoro Acid 07:20 6. Antidot & DICA - Soulbinder 07:50 7. SETI Project - Psychedelic Acid 08:08 8. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Tenderlion (Anthem Remix) 08:01 9. Binary Bliss - Analog Ascent 09:36 1. Etnica - Golden Era A stunningly good and hard track and it delighted me that Etnica are still releasing such classics today! 9/10 2. InnerZone - Heavens Gate We have eastern singing with a lovely wobbly acid line that goes great with the hard kick and bass. Then the acid goes wonderfully crazy, even more so towards the end where we get at least 2 or 3 acid lines simultaneously with lots of delay yet somehow it all fits together perfectly! 9/10 3. Hypnoxock - Magma This is very old school, hard acid with a slightly technoish feel. 8/10 4. GoaD - Slayed303 Another hard, driving track from a Danish newcomer to Suntrip. As the acid lines combine, this has a somewhat rougher, almost cacophonous feel which is nevertheless enjoyable. 6.5/10 5. Fiery Dawn - Fluoro Acid This one, from another newcomer, has an intriguing, hypnotic and quite dark beat with some wild, urgent sounding acid. 7/10 6. Antidot & DICA - Soulbinder Suntrip tells us these acid techno artists have recently been making Goa. This one is really trippy as synths wash over your ears in waves and some awesomely mean sounding croaky acid is let loose on your brain! 9/10 7. SETI Project - Psychedelic Acid Suntrip found an unreleased 90s track here. It sounds good now but remember what kind of impression this kind of music made back in the 90s! The acid is back to basics but nice, but that manic beat is fantastic. 7/10 8. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Tenderlion (Anthem Remix) I'm a fan of Battle of the Future Buddhas and really like the extra 303 treatment they gave this remix. 8/10 9. Binary Bliss - Analog Ascent Quite melodic acid here to end with a track which builds and builds and feels uplifting and yes euphoric as Suntrip wrote. 8/10 This is one of the best compilations I have heard in years. Well done, Suntrip. More of this kinda thing please! 9/10 https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/acidum-influxum
  6. I've just been listening to this guy's music and it is amazing! Some of the most exciting psychill I've heard in a long while. I will hopefully try and find some time for a review soon.
  7. RA - Blood Moons This unreleased track posted on soundcloud in 2019 deserves an honorable mention. This is upbeat classic Goa trance. At just over 2 minutes it is a nice demo of an unused idea. 8/10
  8. This was the track I liked:
  9. I just love the energy and attitude in this. Curve are a great dark shoegazing band. I found them because I love Toni Halliday's music. Some people know this track from a club scene on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
  10. I've just discovered this genre myself, only hearing one track so far and liking it. I've been looking for music that has a bit more going on than most of the dark ambient, less heavy than most industrial but darker than most psybient. Maybe this genre will help with that.
  11. VLC media player does what I need.
  12. While you're on the subject of site features, I think the view counts are broken, the ones that appear on the right hand side of the post links. They stay at zero even if I open the post. Edit: It's fixed now. Thanks!
  13. The Gen Eris Device is my first complete Goa trance track. It has hints of ambience and darkness and a few little surprises in the later stages of the track. It is called Gen Eris as I was originally aiming for something a little closer to generic Goa trance than my earlier output but it ended up being very much of its own style, I think. You may know I am quite new to this so I would greatly appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. Thanks.
  14. Yes we're broadly in agreement although I'm listening to it again and the track keeps growing on me. The arpeggios and rhythm feel very psychedelic even if that kind of thing has been done many times before. It's rarely this beautifully polished. I forgot to say that RA's always been about themes of love, trust and hope but yes I understand you weren't referring to just the sample in particular with regard to cheesiness. I'm also a sucker for a good choir, though I like it better on darker tracks and it's just fantastic on Sheyba's Ancient Lands. I must admit I even used a choir sample at the end of my own latest attempt at a track.
  15. I'm glad you were the one to say cheesy, Doktor. I just couldn't bring myself to say that about anything from RA, though I could see how the sample can come across that way to some people. However I also think it's refreshing and sweet that they are brave enough to include something talking so straightforwardly about intense love and romance.
  16. You've come so far since a year ago, very well done.
  17. Have you done any more to this? I'm interested to hear how it develops.
  18. RA - Visions Altar Records - ARDEP79 Ever since Earthcall came out eight long years ago, to quote from this new EP I have had a Burning Love Desire for RA to release more music, so to say I was excited when I found out about it would be an understatement! This is a downtempo release in a similar sort of style to the stunning album Unearthly (which has recently been remastered- not sure how they could improve on perfection!). Whilst I would have to say this one is not RA's most complex material, as always it's impeccably produced, highly pleasurable and soothing to listen to and a solid addition to their catalog. According to the credits, the Visions EP is a solo work by Lars W. Lind. I believe this is the first release from RA without Christer Borge-Lunde's involvement, so it is an interesting chance to hear Lars' influence on the project in isolation. 1. Enthralled 6:49 2. Mysterious Thing 6:51 3. Visions Of Touch 6:27 4. The Burning 7:18 1. Enthralled A seriously mellow and chilled out opening track. The synths wash over you and seem to melt together in a delicious slow ambience. 7/10 2. Mysterious Thing "The soul understands what the mind cannot conceive." a voice whispers enigmatically. This track turns the tension up just a notch with a more exotic flavor. 7/10 3. Visions of Touch The textures on this title track are delectable to my ears and brain, especially with that bass. That texture of the sound evokes thoughts of the synesthesia suggested in the track title. It's more upbeat, even funky, compared to the opening tracks. At the halfway point we get intense layers of euphoric synths in a mesmerizing chord progression. Now we're talking! 9/10 4. The Burning This has a trippier feeling than some of the earlier tracks with a pulsating ethereal voice and layers of gorgeous soundscape. It's simultaneously mellow, ambient, upbeat and psychedelic, which is a great achievement in itself, I think. We get a female voiceover with an American accent about Burning Love Desire. The theme of love, desire and romance is nice and I believe a change from the more purely spiritual or philosophical wisdoms we get in RA's previous tracks. I'll let you be the judge of how well it works here I think. 8/10 All in all, a great and extremely relaxing release and I hope with all my heart that we will be hearing plenty more from RA in the years to come. 8/10 https://ra-altar-records.bandcamp.com/album/visions
  19. Wow this is getting really nice. You are getting really good at making everything sound clean and defined. The first version I listened to, the bass sounded way louder than the effects but I just listened to the latest one on your home page and it is much better. Your kick and bass and snares sound great. You're making loads of interesting sound effects but best of all is the lead from 00:53, a really nice Goa melody! And even better from 5:53 as well. I love the wavy bleepy sounds from about 3:42 as well. Keep developing it. I like this best of all your tracks so far. I would keep writing more melodies as well.
  20. I enjoyed these last couple of tracks and can hear the Hallucinogen influence. It's extra impressive attempting this kind of music in a tracker and your music would have probably equaled or even bettered the music of quite a few on the Ultrabeat site which I used to be a bit obsessed with.
  21. I will have to get back to you about the best one. What I do know is I've been getting real tired of the galloping horse KBBB these last few days, especially if it isn't done too well. What sucks is I have exactly that in the track I am working on. I will do something different next time. Off the top of my head, Hallucinogen always had great kick and bass and they were unique. I think he had the kick and bass playing at the same time as well. I am also reminded of this track, though listening to it now it's the bassy acid that's memorable but the kick and bass were still really good anyway:
  22. Right now I am eating some pasta and hanging around on psynews as I basically live here now! Also doing tiny bits of work on my latest attempt at a Goa trance track, pondering at what point a Work In Progress deserves to lose that label. If I aim for perfection, it will never be finished. If I release it too soon I will want to change it later. But I refuse to have all my tracks labeled WIP - it's getting too much like those 90s web home pages that forever had an Under Construction icon. Remember them?
  23. In my experience attempting to fight for control of the usual music in a household can be as perilous a pursuit as trying to gain control of the TV remote. Sometimes it's best to pick one's battles no matter the existence or size of one's balls - especially if you value keeping them intact!
  24. Rita Raga - Flowing Circle Altar Records - ARDEP73 The Polish multi-instrumentalist Rita Raga is my favorite psychill artist (well, actually favorite after RA if you consider RA psychill artists rather than artists that sometimes make psychill). This new (last year ) EP combines blissful ambience with harder and more psychedelic moments. 1. Rita Raga feat. I.M.D. - Green Meadow 05:42 2 Rita Raga - Sea Of Fullness (Cabeiri Remix) 07:38 3. Mina & Rita Raga - Zywa Woda 10:50 4. Rita Raga & Fyre Ô - Wide Blue Sky 06:24 5. Rita Raga - White Blossom (Outro) 03:49 1. Green Meadow Dreamy vocals and a trippy and funky guitar plucking sound over some lush pads make for a seriously chilled out and ambient feeling piece of psychill. 6.5/10 2. The Sea of Fullness The mood starts off slightly darker and slightly more psychedelic here, a sharp pitch bending synth twangs into the foreground and a light sort of glitchy beat plays along with Rita's enchanting vocals. Some nice chord progressions and a bassy kick take over the last part of the track. Nice uplifting gated synths at the end are reminiscent of some of the best moments on her fantastic Mystic Melodies album. 7/10 3. Zywa Woda A more tribal beat here and a more eastern feel to some of the vocals. Lovely bass accompanied by haunting whispering sounds. The production quality sounds great to me. This is my favorite track so far. At the half way mark we get a really nice kick coming in and we're into harder psychill which I found really enjoyable. 9/10 4. Wide Blue Sky With a blissfully mellow opening, the track quickly picks up with the beat and introduces some very, very trippy patterns of sound. A hypnotic folky guitar melody takes over the foreground. This is great. I get a strong vibe of Irish folk music. We get a weird higher pitched voice-like synth picking up the melody and some quiet acidic sounds. If I had to give this a genre, it would be psyfolk. I'm reminded a bit of Posford's work with Celtic Cross and yeah some Shpongle but this is easily as good or possibly even better. It's so addictive I was really disappointed when the track ended. I would love it to go on for 15 minutes! Maybe Rita can give us some extended remixes of some of these tracks in the future? 10/10 5. White Blossom The opening to this with waves of string sounds is so beautiful I could feel the beginnings of a couple of tears starting to well up. We get a gentle, slow beat, some quiet piano sounds, Rita's beautiful voice and a sparkly sound. And just like that this lovely EP is over. Again I wanted this track to carry on longer but it works just right as a gentle outro. 9/10 This is a beautiful EP which I am excited to listen to again, especially Wide Blue Sky which I am utterly hooked on! The first two tracks are closer to ambient / chillout than psychedelic to me, which is absolutely fine because sometimes that's exactly what you need to calm you down. I find all Rita's music incredibly soothing and comforting, a guiding light through any kind of mental voyage. If you haven't heard much of Rita's music before I highly recommend you start with her Mystic Melodies album which is in equal parts soothing, groovy and extremely trippy and there are some harder full on remixes on it as well which were just great even for this old Goa head. Flowing Circle shows she's definitely still got it and has some amazing collaborations. Wide Blue Sky though, wow I want to hear it again right now! 9/10 https://altar-records-europe.bandcamp.com/album/flowing-circle
  25. To be honest I doubt most of those Guests on Online Users are humans. Could be bots and AIs. Agree with the contribute comment. Don't agree with "no balls" comment
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