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  1. Seems like Draeke covered most of my thoughts. But anyway, here it comes anyway: Dear on10 I have no idea of who you are, how long you have listened to psychedelic trance or how long you have been ”in the scene”, but I felt like explaining a couple of things after reading your review. It’s not meant to make any conflict or bad feelings, just a try for an explanation, because it seems to me like there are a few things you haven’t realized/understood in this case. First of all, the music. For those of us who have followed the trance scene from the early beginning, we know where it comes from. We know who the pioneers were who started all this. Everything that came after this, you can thank these pioneers for. It has grown naturally from what they started, long before everybody could make a trance track in one day. These were true artists creating something new, never done before, and creating a classic trance track wasn’t done in one day back then…. Back then, there wasn’t any clear difference between the various categories of trance. All these terms, such as hard trance, full on, progressive, Goa etc. came later… Blue Planet Corporation was one of these pioneers and one of the first ones to explore psychedelic elements in hypnotic trance music. Endless of artists after him picked up inspiration from his music. These tracks are extremely hard to find today. You have to be rich to get hold of any of the vinyl releases on UFK. Unlike you, there are a lot of people out there who where there in the early beginning, and yes, we have nostalgic memories from back then. Many of these people also have a nostalgic feeling about having the physical copy in their position. We are not grown up with finding everything on the net… For us, the early trance from the pioneers, such as BPC, is important musical history! Our way of documenting musical history for the future, is by releasing something like this. Like a history book you can find in the library, this album is a history, an important history that means a lot to many of us, that we document by creating this release for those who cares (where it all started, where it comes from, how it sounded back then etc.). Which brings me over to another point I wanted to tell you about regarding your review; Respect is one of the words that often come to mind when I think about the trance scene. Respect other human beings, the people that you celebrate life together with, the celebration of trance and dance. One of the important words in the scene of peace, love, unity and respect. This is something that used to be very important in the scene from the beginning and many years after it all started. This might have faded a bit away by the years. The entire scene has changed drastically since the 90s, and ended up obviously pretty far away from how it used to be. Everybody is offcourse entitled to have their own taste in music. No one is forcing you to like this peace of history, but the word respect for other human beings is something I strongly think should remain in the scene, even though I don’t personally participate in the scene much anymore. Several of the sentences and words you use in your review totally show that you have missed some important factors in the scene. Telling people to pirate download this music is just one example where you obviously pay no attention to my words above, P.L.U.R., the main key in the trance scene. Writing something like that has nothing to do in a music review, simple as that. It’s no problem for any of us that you dislike the beginning of psychedelic trance, but when you write a review, I would suggest to check some background information before writing insulting, punching words to people who use a lot of their money, time and energy to create a piece of musical history for the generations to come. Thinking that this project will lead to extra income is as far away from the truth as it can possibly get. Gabriel who made the music and Draeke who released it on his important history learning label is true music lovers who NEVER had money in their mind when deciding to release it! So, on10. I have to underline that I don’t write all this to insult, create harm or any kind of conflict. I wrote this to you because I hope you will realize a bit more why projects like this are being done and that you maybe could think twice next time you want to write a review. So let’s keep it a bit friendly around here, write our opinions without insulting and hurting each other. And hands up to all of you who understand what it’s all about. Never forget the 90’s and where you came from. PKS
  2. Thanks for a great review Mattman! It's now available at psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ctr/ctr1cd007.html Enjoy! PKS
  3. It's now available at psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ctr/ctr1cd007.html Enjoy :drama:
  4. Sunkings from the UK is finally out with their third album after many years in the music business. Sunkings was an early forward-thinking techno/IDM group, which started as a trio in 1990 by Jay Paine, Paul N. Davies and Michael Bluemink. After several releases on a self-financed label, they gained attention of 808 State, which resulted in the recording of the Return of the Killer Rays EP for 808's own Creed Records in 1991. Hugh Ashton replaced Michael Bluemink around that time, just before the trio signed to GPR, which released their first album entitled Hall Of Heads in 1994. The album earned plaudits from Brian Eno and John Peel. They also brought Taz Alexander into their studio, for female vocals. Taz later also joined Juno Reactor, after Ben Watkins heard her works for Sunkings. After GPR went under, the group switched to the increasingly respected Blue Room Released label, which released their second album Soul Sleeping. Now they are back with an album full of beautiful variation and fantastic vocals by Taz Alexander, on Chill Tribe Records. Sound clips, cover artwork and information: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com//inde...0&Itemid=20 Release date: 27 March 2009 Sunkings Before We Die (Chill Tribe Records) 2009 (CTRCD07) 01 Brotherhood 02 Mad Love 03 Barleycorn 04 Sonic Pigg 05 Fallen Angel 06 Starbuck Revisited 07 Sunrise 08 Micromega (Old Nicks Mix) 09 Sunrise (Optic Mix) 10 Some Fractal Mourning (Gumbo Mix) 11 Homunculus (Brain Stem Mix) Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ctr/ctr1cd007.html Sunkings myspace: http://www.myspace.com/SunkingsUK Sunkings discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Sunkings http://www.chilltriberecords.com http://www.myspace.com/chilltriberecords
  5. I have some good news for you then... I'm releasing a double album by Blue Planet Corporation this winter, where one CD is all unreleased tracks from the old days, and the other CD is the rare tracks on UFK (vinyl tracks): . The Blue Planet Corporation's 15 years compilation will be released on Chill Tribe Records as a double CD : the First one as the UFK Years 1993-1994, and the Second one as the Unreleased tracks 1993-1994. The mastering for this compilation has been completed by Tim Valkenburg in Bali. Tim is a good friend of Gus Till and a very good sound engineer. The interest to present this old goa stuff is to release tracks that have never been on CD and to give them a new lifting sound, wich has happened with the great work of Tim. Because of the very low sale of CD's with the digital world exchange, I asked LoopsDesign to work on the design of this compilation to give people the possibility to find something about the "perfume" of the rave scene and have a nice object in hands. Loops takes the advantage to have the collages of Koolkane and Setiaum wich has been made from the beginning of 90's, and put them thru his magic use of computer with his own digital style. So finaly here is the tracklisting : UFK YEARS 93:94 1 Overbloody Flood 2 Midian 3 Genetic 4 Juno Satellite 5 Psychonaut 6 Lubianka 7 Hemo Static + Overbloody Flood (original version) 8 Generator 9 Aquablue UNRELEASED TRACKS 93:94 1 Hemo Static II 2 Telekinetic 3 Sub Sonic Underground 4 Barroco 5 Goa Disco 6 Restore Hope 7 DNA Bonus tracks 8 Entropie (unreleased version) 9 Cargo Cult (unreleased version) 10 Digital Forward Inclusion (unreleased version) The tracklisting on the first CD follow the date of publication of the 3 LP's of BPC on UFK.
  6. No he doesn't, at least not those endless of times I have tried to reach him... And trust me, I have tried for years...
  7. Shpongle was fantastic. But one of the most memorable moments of the night was X-Dream 90-set at the afterparty! Woooooow !!! They served most of the tracks from the good old Radio album. Also great fun to hear all the beautiful GNOTR tracks again. :drama:
  8. Want psybreaks? Try: Polyploid - Grow Your Own http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ctr/ctr1cd005.html
  9. i'm not longer active in Discogs. For me, Discogs died the day it became a wiki and became quantity over quality. So, no more stalking
  10. Seems like he logged into his myspace site two days ago, so I guess you have heard a false rumour...: http://www.myspace.com/dakinirecords
  11. Not heard of Semsis? Check it out: http://www.discogs.com/release/168644 http://www.discogs.com/artist/Semsis
  12. Sorry, I thought it wasn't available for the average buyer before this year. Anyway, this album seem a bit overlooked.
  13. Hi people Anyone remember the great psytrance artist behind Menis (album on Koyote Records) etc? Anyway, he is back with a collaboration together with Phil Hartnoll known from ORBITAL. Their project is called Long Range, and they have a pretty nice album out now: http://www.discogs.com/release/1059340 Just thought I would let you know.... :drama:
  14. Does anyone know where I can buy this? I want it :clapping:
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