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  1. Deep Jungle Walk has 17 987 039 streams at Spotify. It's all about playlist these days. If your track ends up on one of Spotify's curated playlists you will get a lot of streams.
  2. The Nystagmus album is very good! He has another act called Anahata. There's a very good psy-trance album called Conduktor and an equally good ambient/downtempo album called The Unmade Sound.
  3. I love topics like these, I finally get some use for my arkane goa trance knowledge. Here are some more excellent lesser known tracks:
  4. It's taken some time for me to fall in love with neo goa. I've followed Suntrip since day one, but during the 00's I only really appreciated a handful of tracks and the Filteria albums. Back in 2016 I began compiling my favorite neo goa tracks, and over the years I've come to really appreciate melodic morning neo goa tracks. There are some really strong tracks out there. My favorite tracks of the last decade are these: Ra - 12th Hour BlackStarrFinale - A New Name Filteria - Perceptually Delayed Voyage Jaia - Mai Mai (Digicult vs U-Recken Remix) Dimension 5 - Deep Space
  5. My "Sunshine Neo Goa"-playlist @ Spotify is all melodic neo goa tracks, enjoy!
  6. Mindsphere is the best melodic neo goa act out there. His best track is Floating in a Widescreen: Another great one is Gate of Sadness: His best album is Mental Triplex: Presence. Enjoy!
  7. The Happy Mistakes track is even better!
  8. We should all be super excited about this! First the Hallucinogen, Hujaboy, Strider track, then the Happy Mistakes EP by the Noodniks: And now Simon is announcing at Facebook that he's "tinkering with the techno again...": https://fb.watch/2lyARcZuKe/ I wouldn't be surprised if he makes enough new tracks for a Hallucinogen tour. It would be a very good way to earn back some of the money he most likely lost in 2020, because of all the cancelled gigs. The demand for a Hallucinogen tour is sky high! 2021 will be a great year!
  9. In 2019 I ended up at a hardstyle dancefloor and I had a great night! I went to a Swedish festival called Scandinavia Electronic Festival (the most uninspiring name ever). The music was mainly mainstream psytrance and hardstyle. GMS was one of the headliners. I was somewhat curious as to what they/he would sound like today, and it was pure crap. Really, really awful. It was mostly covers of various pop songs. So I decided to visit the hardstyle floor instead. I never returned to the psytrance floor. Don't listen to the music in advance, because it's pretty stupid, but at a party, it's lot
  10. If you want something new, I strongly urge you to listen to Mandragora, his music is really psychedelic and versatile. Another recent discovery that sounds very fresh to my ears is Lunarave: Luigi Tozzi also deserves to be mentioned: Dj sets by Amelie Lens and Charlotte De Witte are always great, they're not new, but they always get me excited:
  11. I'm sure most of you have heard this excellent dj set by Simon Posford, otherwise you are in for a treat: Are there more psytrance dj sets by Posford out there? (Please, don't recommend Shpongle dj sets.)
  12. This is nothing less than amazing, the fundraiser reached it's goal well before its September 10 deadline! More than 2,500 people contributed over $10,000,000 in gifts ranging from $1 to $1,000,000. This means that a total of $30 000 000 has been raised. Here's the full press release.
  13. My youtube recommendations aren't all that exicting, I have my viewing history turned off, so I only get recommendations based on the channels I follow; none of which are related to psychedelics and science. Btw, if anyone of you know of such a channel, please reply! :-) Psychedelics will play an important role in saving (or rather rewriting) our civilization, and that's why it's so important to get solid scientific evidence for the long term benefits of psychedelics. If I remember correctly, Rick Doblin claims that if the FDA trials are successful, the FDA can't prevent MDMA from being c
  14. Here's another story about psilocybin as a treatment for addiction and anxiety. Please note that this is written about all over the media, not some small obscure psychedelic magazines, the above article is from CBS.
  15. I recently asked you to help make MDMA a medicine. I was a bit surprised about the comments, many seemed to be unaware of the current research on psychedelics. In the US, John Hopkins university has a Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research: This article is a pretty good overview of some of the promising research going on. I encourage you to read Michael Pollan's book How to change your mind. He's a very well known and respected journalist, that decided to write about the research on psychedelics and try it himself. The book got a lot of attention when it was releas
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