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  1. The "old gods" had lots of talent. Back then music was made with hardware, which was expensive. So to actually make a basic track you would need to buy hardware for several thousand euros. If you were prepaired to make that investment you probably already had some talent. Today, the cost of making a track is the cost of a computer. The results, anyone can make music, and that doesn't lead to quality, it's leads to quantity. I realise now, that the cost of equipment probably hade another consequence: many acts were two or more members. Pleiadians/Etnica, X-dream, Total Eclipse, Slinky Wizard, Juno Reactor, Koxbox, Quirk, Technossomy, UX. Why could this be relevant? Because more members lead to more influences and more ideas. I can think of a handful of neo goa acts that consist of two or more members, There were a lot of creativity and as psytrance spread over the world, people added their ideas to the music, and the music kept evolving. Suntrip has been releasing neo goa for 13 years now, and in my opinion, the sound hasn't changed that much during that period. I'm sure others will disagree. The production quality has however increased, but that sound is more or less the same. In short, the "old gods" get worshipped because neo goa is a modern take on that old sound. I have a public Spotify playlist with what I consider to be the best melodic sunshine neo goa tracks, and even though I've scanned 13 years of neo goa tracks I haven't found more than 20 great tracks. I do realise that some great tracks are missing on Spotify. Feel free to follow that playlist if you want to know what tracks an old timer enjoys. I often listen to that playlist when I'm running.
  2. Excellent album, well worth the wait! A bit airier then It's Tomorrow Already, but in the same vain as ITA. Beautiful music! My favorites at the moment: Call It Music, Magic Acid and Space Elevator
  3. Remember Son Kite?

    Sebastian Mullaert is one of my favorite artists out there and certainly one of the most talented in the entire electronic music scene. Few artist's music has the width and quality that his music has. I'm sure you all know that he and Marcus Henriksson are no longer working together as Minilogue. These days they focus on their respective solo projects. I have a tracklist on Spotify where I collect all of Sebastians best tracks, and it's getting longer and longer for every release. If you want to follow the playlist here's the link: https://open.spotify.com/user/supermindway/playlist/0Dx4W2buK5ZxkECZ9f2syP If you haven't kept up with Sebastian's work you'll find that his music is getting deeper and deeper.
  4. Israeli morning melancholy in Goa trance

    The haunting melody that starts to build up around 6 minutes, one of the best moments of the old school: Athena (Miranda) - Croctopus
  5. Retro festivals?

    I stumbled over the Connection Festival, amazing lineup: https://www.facebook.com/events/1888378494718566/ If you've visited that festival previously, was it a good experience? Are there other old school goa trance parties or festivals this summer? Or parties with both new and old school?
  6. Wow! What a great surprise! Virtual Jungle is definitely one of my old school favorites. Solid Bubbles is the winner of these great remakes.
  7. Hi there Penzoline! I've downloaded tons of mixes in hunt of that mix of old and new goa magic, so here's my opinion. My absolute favorite is Dargoa. His mixes are nothing less than amazing. His track selection leans more towards the new school, but the vibe is high energy old school. He is handsdown the best. His mixes are often only named the date they were recorded. The mixes released 2010-2011 are amazing. My favorite is 2011-06-06. GhostOnAcid is also really good. The mix he recommended above is great, but my favorite of his mixes is Smiley Faces of the Big Bang. The DJ Stevo mix called Goa Trance live Goapocalypse recommended above is another highlight. If you find more excellent mixes, please post here!
  8. The album is now available at Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5aCl9V6Hr8cCL0cjYjzekX
  9. People that do not limit themselves to one genre tend to be good a finding the right tracks to create a certain vibe, you seem to have that skill. I'll listen to your other mixes! Looking forward to your next goa mix!
  10. Varied trackselection combined with great mixing makes this a likeable mix! Do you have any more mixes available online? Looking forward to hear more of your mixes!
  11. 5 years of Neogoa

    I would really like to listen to your mixes, the tracklists look interesting, but I rarely find myself sitting infront of my computer these days. Is there any chance you could make those mixes available for download?
  12. DAT Records News

    You truely deserve a lot of recognition for tracking down that artist, that is impressive and important digging! That tune has been discussed previously on this forum, and it's one phenomenal track! I tried to find the original thread where we discussed the track, but I failed. :-( Maybe someone else can find the thread? I'm fairly certain that many of us thought that it might be a french artist.
  13. Classic tracks, great mixing, nice vibe, keep it up! Haven't listened to the third mix, but it looks promising. Would love download it and listen to it, but Mixcloud doens't allow that, as far as i know.
  14. Another great mix! Love your track selection. Didn't like the ending Amithaba Buddha track.