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  1. Their latest track was released yesterday by Tip Records, and it's a collaboration between Astral Projection and Oforia, and it's just excellent. Let's hope there's more tracks like this one on the mythical upcoming album.
  2. Here's the quote from his Facebook page: The important part being: If he can afford not to perform live and he's happy with that, that's great for him, and a bit sad for the rest of us. A great thing about electronic music is that there are many great djs out there that could make a banging Hallucinogen tribute set and we would be just as happy.
  3. Hallucinogen, Prometheus and Shpongle would be fantastic! I would be more than happy to support a Kickstarter. Keep us updated!
  4. Sounds really promising! Could turn out to be just as excellent as Hallucinogen in dub.
  5. This is what it's all about, three hours of excellence:
  6. I used to feel the same way, but their music has grown on me a lot, these days I consider Sapiential to be one of the best tracks in this genre. This is another favorite, listen to the sound that enters at 3:50, very psychedelic Compared to Shpongle I find Entheogenic to be more postmodern, focusing more on sounds and some melodies and loose structures. Those elements are also part of Shpongle's music, but I think it's evident that Posford is from another era of music making, and also on another level of expertise, still I really like Entheogenic these days.
  7. This is a new Norwegian act that you need to keep your eyes and ears on, really good stuff! Floating, deep, high energy, ever evolving sunrise/sunset psychedelic trance. Enjoy!
  8. Aljanah's debut album Epsilon is the strongest psychedelic downtempo debut in recent years. It's a beautiful soundtrack to sunny autumn days. It will probably be album of the year for me. Kind of reminiscent of Bicep's downtempo tracks, but more mellow, and better. https://aljanah.bandcamp.com/album/epsilon
  9. That plucky melody sounded sooo trippy back then (still does, imo), combined with the X-dream bassline, the "out here we are stoned" sample and the drop, it was a huge track. 1998, what a year. The Beyond Colour compilation is one of the undisputed masterpieces of this genre. Personally, I've never understood Green Nuns of the Revolution. The only track of theirs I appreciate is Green Nunions, and that's probably because it sounds like a Posford collaboration. It sounds very much like something from his Space Cat collaboration.
  10. Just finished reading The Immortality Key by Brian C. Muraresku. If you've heard about or read the book The Road To Elysius by Gordon Wasson, Albert Hoffman and Carl Ruck, you'll be interested in this book. The book is a bit too long, so if you're not deeply interested in the subject you can do with Joe Rogan interviewing Brian or Jordan B Peterson interviewing him.
  11. 2016 was an amazing year for retro live acts in Stockholm: X-dream live at Kraken. Small venue. Mostly die hard old school fans. Great vibe. Mind blown. (Etnica/Pleiadians played the same night but their "retro set" was all over the place, and they failed to create a psychedelic flow). Hallucinogen live at Annexet in Stockholm 2016. Amazing sound system. Excellent floor to dance on. Mind blown. Best live experience of all time. Shpongle played the same night, but something was wrong with the sound setup, it sounded very muffled. When Hallucinogen started playing the sound was incredibly crisp and detailed.
  12. This is an excellent release! No fillers, only strong psychedelic old school tracks. You need to get this.
  13. Wow, that teaser mix sounded excellent! Looking forward to the full release!
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