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  1. https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/merch/the-shpongle-book-artifacts-and-neurological-antiquities-ships-16th-december Copy ordered!
  2. I'm looking for melodies/feelings/atmospheres in the music I'm listening to, and it doesn't matter if I find it in psytrance or other types of music. Spotify has made it a lot easier to discover new artists and genres, so these days I'm listening to more genres and artists, but it's still intense or deep melodies or just deep atmosphere's I'm looking for, regardless of genre.
  3. In general psytrance remixes of rock/pop music sucks, think GMS. But, then there's the genius that is Psykovsky. He's made a remix of Scorpion's rock ballad Send Me Angel, and it's actually quite excellent: https://psykovsky.bandcamp.com/track/send-me-an-angel-featuring-tan-tan Some of you will undoubtedly hate it. Imagine an insane Psykovsky set, and then Send Me Angel get's thrown into the mix. Mindblowing!
  4. A Shpongle collaboration with Out of Orbit (Eitan Reiter). Three tracks 1. No Disco 2. No Disco (Red Axes Remix) 3. No Disco (Let's Disco Edit) Best part starts at 4:14 Great stuff!
  5. I separate artists from compilations. Artists are listed alphabetical and then chronologically if I have two or more albums by the same artist. Compilations are ordered by label name and then chronologically. I seldom remember titles of albums or compilations, but I always remember the artist or the label. When I listen to music I'm often interested in a mood rather than a track, so going by label is very convenient, as a good compilation tend to focus on a specific mood/sound. But that is the way of the cd era. These days it's all about playlists, regardless of label, much better.
  6. Miranda has generously upload a killer 90 min live set of her best retro tracks, great stuff! "This is my retro set with my own special made tracks for my live sets to spice it up. Enjoy 1. Phenomena (2019 Live Version) 2. Gnocchi Original (2019 Live Version) 3. Andalgalornis (2019 Live Version) 4. Steps to the stars Original (2019 Live Version) 5. Concorde Transportation Mix (2019 Live Version) 6. Nrg Beings (2019 Live Version) 7. Mind Bender Original 8. Green Man (2019 Live Version) 9. Planet Mars (2019 Live Version) 10.Labyrinth (2019 Live Version) 11.Croctopus (2019 Live Version)"
  7. Great interview, thanks for sharing! Has anyone read the book?
  8. Listen to my Spotify playlist dedicated to Mindsphere (see above), it's a careful selection of his best tracks. Your mind will be blown again.
  9. Mindsphere is the best thing that has happened to this scene in a long, long time. The quality of his music is up there with the old masters. I just discovered his unreleased (!) tune Gate of Sadness, what a masterpiece! It kind of reminds me of The Muses Rapt's Spiritual Healing, but a lot better and even more powerful. Listen to his live set from 2016, you'll find Gate of Sadness at around 1:31:40. Prepare to be blown away: To experience Mindsphere live is officially on my bucket list. I've compiled a Spotify playlist with his most powerful tunes, enjoy!
  10. I experienced GMS last night at Scandinavia Electronic Festival. I feel I need to write a few lines. I don't know if it was a dj set with their own music or a standard dj set, but it doesn't really matter, this is about the result. Riktam more or less only played remixes, or covers of other tracks. It was so bad. A new song starts with a well known signature part, and it gradually builds and then everything goes silent and then the generic progressive baseline hits. Over and over again. Every track. He played two Prodigy covers... It was so generic I left for the second dance floor. I didn't have any special expectations, but this was bad. 1200 mics was equally uninspiring. The kids seemed to love it. I guess I'm getting old. GMS = Generic Music Scientists Besides that, the Scandinavia Electronic Festival was a fun experience.
  11. Remixes by Youth, The Delta, The Irresistible Force, Bluetech, Ajja and many more. https://liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp.com/album/saafi-brothers-mystic-cigarettes-special-mixes-of-classic-flavours-20-track-digital-bundle The 20 min sampler sounds excellent!
  12. Wow! I found this on Spotify today: Shpongle - Live in London (2013) Brain in a Fish Tank Dorset Perception Periscopes of Consciousness When Shall I Be Free Aquatic Garden of Extra-Celestial Delights I Am You Juggling Molecules The Epiphany of Mrs Kugla Nothing Is Something Worth Doing How The Jellyfish Jumped up the Mountain DMT Beija Flor My Head Feels Like a Frisbee Around the World in a Tea Daze Enjoy!
  13. Great recommendations! I knew many, but found some new gems. Here are my recommendations: Dargoa's mixes are in a league of their own. Excellent track selection, perfect mix of old and new and the flow is just amazing. For high energy lovers. https://www.mixcloud.com/Dargoa/dargoa-mix-2011-07-20/favorites/ There are many more by Dargoa. DERELICT SPACE BEACON - LSD25 visible sound recordings Project 2501 - Coexist GhostOnAcid - Smiley Faces Of The BigBang Jens M - Hail the Fluffies (excellent summary of the 1998 era) Lumo - Nirbubg Mad Wax - Seventh Day Paradise_FM-1997-09-14-Nick_Taylor_and_Andrew_Till_Psyharmonics-EVO068AB (Mindblowing!) https://www.facebook.com/psyharmonics/posts/an-old-gem-of-a-recording-from-nick-taylor-andrew-till-recorded-and-aired-on-ger/10151591216922072/ Dj Searcher - Neurotrance Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Live @ JJJ Mixup, Australia - 2000-01-22 (Tsuyoshi at his absolute best!) Oh, and my very own eclectic ambient mix:
  14. Wow, just wow! I've been listening to these three (!) albums in a row nonstop since yesterday. The melodies! The samples! The various styles! The flow! Love it! What a journey! This is something beyond the ordinary. He's constantly shifting between styles and the flow is just excellent. This is the best new act I've heard since Psykovsky entered the scene, and don't get me wrong, their styles are not related, besides them being very psychedelic and with tons of shifts and turns. Do yourself a favour and listen to these albums properly, don't just click through the tunes, really listen to them, or you won't get it. I clicked through the first two albums and didn't hear anything out of the ordinary. Yesterday I listened to the first tune of the third disc, and couldn't stop listening, and it just got better and better, and I proceeded listening to the rest of the albums. Really excellent stuff. Mandragora is a new psy maestro!
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