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  1. This is nothing less than amazing, the fundraiser reached it's goal well before its September 10 deadline! More than 2,500 people contributed over $10,000,000 in gifts ranging from $1 to $1,000,000. This means that a total of $30 000 000 has been raised. Here's the full press release.
  2. My youtube recommendations aren't all that exicting, I have my viewing history turned off, so I only get recommendations based on the channels I follow; none of which are related to psychedelics and science. Btw, if anyone of you know of such a channel, please reply! :-) Psychedelics will play an important role in saving (or rather rewriting) our civilization, and that's why it's so important to get solid scientific evidence for the long term benefits of psychedelics. If I remember correctly, Rick Doblin claims that if the FDA trials are successful, the FDA can't prevent MDMA from being c
  3. Here's another story about psilocybin as a treatment for addiction and anxiety. Please note that this is written about all over the media, not some small obscure psychedelic magazines, the above article is from CBS.
  4. I recently asked you to help make MDMA a medicine. I was a bit surprised about the comments, many seemed to be unaware of the current research on psychedelics. In the US, John Hopkins university has a Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research: This article is a pretty good overview of some of the promising research going on. I encourage you to read Michael Pollan's book How to change your mind. He's a very well known and respected journalist, that decided to write about the research on psychedelics and try it himself. The book got a lot of attention when it was releas
  5. Listen to Tim Ferris' interview with Rick Doblin, the results and the work being done with MDMA and psilocybin is very promising.
  6. At the moment, MDMA is classified as a schedule I drug by the DEA: If the phase 3 trials can verify the strong positive results of the previous two trials, then MDMA will be classified as a pharmaceutical drug, and can be used in psychology for the treatment of PTSD. MDMA will still be a scheduled drug. It will not be legalized, and it can only be used legally in a psychotherapy session. This is about helping people with PTSD, it is not about making MDMA available to the general public.
  7. Noone is, I am however promoting a scientific study of a substance (in accordance with FDA regulations) to find out if it has long lasting therapeutic effects on PTSD. At the moment the effects are very promising.
  8. The effects are long lasting:
  9. The URL for the fundraiser is capstone.maps.org, so no, this is not some scam, and MAPS is very well known: "Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana."
  10. I'm very surprised about the negative comments here. Read this quote again: Those are amazing results! There is no known treatment for PTSD that is better than MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. Please notice that people are not asked to take MDMA at their home, but rather to take MDMA during a psychotherapy assisted session, and with follow up sessions. 67 % of people treated had no PTSD 12 months after the sessions. That's nothing less than amazing. This is not a temporary high, this has long lasting effects. The whole point of the study is to replicate the above study but with a larg
  11. Hi all! This is kind of off topic, but it's also kind of on topic, but most important, this could be a major breakthrough so please contribute if you can afford: Click here if you want to contribute or if you want to know more: https://capstone.maps.org/ And listen to Tim Ferris' interview with Rick Doblin. The Tim Ferris podcast is available at Spotify, among others.
  12. Thanks for your recommendations, I like them all, but they were a bit more introvert than what I hand in mind. I'm looking for more of a extrovert morning vibe. But I I'll save your recommendations for another playlist! :-) Btw, I've added some more tunes since I started the topic. It's a public playlist in case anyone would like to follow it.
  13. Hi! I've made a Spotify playlist with tracks that are a bit slower than your usual psytrance, the common denominator being full blown melodic psychedelic tunes with a morning vibe and a steady 4/4 beat and released during this century. So far, the playlist consist of: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6WNQzpD4JqJa5OO1lfnKyg?si=pR2Ce2bxSAevostR3bnHtQ I'm sure you guys could suggest even more tracks that would be worthy additions to the playlist! :-)
  14. There's nothing quite like their We Created Our Own Happiness album, but I would recommend albums that lean more towards trance like Organized Noise by Source and A Blueprint for Survival by Blue Planet Corporation There Will Be No Armageddon by Union Jack Wildlife On One by Art of Trance Early Platipus records compilations Beyond that you'll have to become a track hunter and spend your days digging for those single special tracks. :-)
  15. I recently stumbled across an artist called Alpha Tracks, and I think you guys would love his music. I would label it old school acid trance with a modern touch, really good. If you like the above, I have compiled a Spotify playlist with what I consider to be his best tracks. Enjoy!
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