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  1. There's nothing quite like their We Created Our Own Happiness album, but I would recommend albums that lean more towards trance like Organized Noise by Source and A Blueprint for Survival by Blue Planet Corporation There Will Be No Armageddon by Union Jack Wildlife On One by Art of Trance Early Platipus records compilations Beyond that you'll have to become a track hunter and spend your days digging for those single special tracks. :-)
  2. I recently stumbled across an artist called Alpha Tracks, and I think you guys would love his music. I would label it old school acid trance with a modern touch, really good. If you like the above, I have compiled a Spotify playlist with what I consider to be his best tracks. Enjoy!
  3. He is indeed a great and versatile artist. I play Green House Effects album Global Warming every spring and summer, and Sandman is perfect for autumn and winter. Psycho Toons was loved by most people on the old 604 mailing list (back in the day), and we were all hoping for a third album. There was a rumor back then that there actually was a third album, but that it didn't get released because it was "too psychedelic". Probably just a rumor, but now and then, I hope that it will turn out to be true and the holy grail that is the mythic third Sandman album will be released.
  4. You need to track down Trance Mix 3. Only tracks by Har-El Prussky, Yan-iv Haviv and Edi Mis. A reviewer at Discogs wrote this about that compilation:
  5. Top right: Hallucinogen - Twisted Bottom left: Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Part II Bottom right: Don't know
  6. How did I miss this topic back in 2012? United Kingdom is number one, that's plain fact. Second place is of course Sweden and Israeli, because both countries have more or less the same amount of inhabitants and they both have an unproportional number of excellent artists relative to their number of inhabitants Third place is Germany, because of it's size and it's history with electronic music, Germany is always relevant in all forms of electric music.
  7. JISNEGRO, could you please make that mix available again, the tracklisting looks interesting.
  8. Most of you know Sandman's excellent tune Spawn from Blue Room's Made on Earth compilation, released in 1997. That tune was a perfect fit for the sound of 1997. A couple of days ago I was trying to hunt down High Times by Sound Pollution, I mean, the melody that kicks in at 5:59, that's timeless stuff. I found it on the Israeli label Melodia records compilation called Trance Mix 6 from 1995. On the same compilation there's a track called Spawn by Green House Effect, and as most of you know, that's an alias for Levy Itzhak aka Sandman. So, Spawn was actually released in 1995, that's way ahead of it's time! Very impressive! An actual psytrance tune all the way back in 1995. Yeah, I know, there are more tunes ahead of it's time, I just thought you guys would appreciate this find. On the same compilation there are two other tracks by Green House Effect called Volfgang and Arkham, and they are more in the vain of what you would expect from an Israeli trance artist in 1995.
  9. https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/merch/the-shpongle-book-artifacts-and-neurological-antiquities-ships-16th-december Copy ordered!
  10. I'm looking for melodies/feelings/atmospheres in the music I'm listening to, and it doesn't matter if I find it in psytrance or other types of music. Spotify has made it a lot easier to discover new artists and genres, so these days I'm listening to more genres and artists, but it's still intense or deep melodies or just deep atmosphere's I'm looking for, regardless of genre.
  11. In general psytrance remixes of rock/pop music sucks, think GMS. But, then there's the genius that is Psykovsky. He's made a remix of Scorpion's rock ballad Send Me Angel, and it's actually quite excellent: https://psykovsky.bandcamp.com/track/send-me-an-angel-featuring-tan-tan Some of you will undoubtedly hate it. Imagine an insane Psykovsky set, and then Send Me Angel get's thrown into the mix. Mindblowing!
  12. A Shpongle collaboration with Out of Orbit (Eitan Reiter). Three tracks 1. No Disco 2. No Disco (Red Axes Remix) 3. No Disco (Let's Disco Edit) Best part starts at 4:14 Great stuff!
  13. I separate artists from compilations. Artists are listed alphabetical and then chronologically if I have two or more albums by the same artist. Compilations are ordered by label name and then chronologically. I seldom remember titles of albums or compilations, but I always remember the artist or the label. When I listen to music I'm often interested in a mood rather than a track, so going by label is very convenient, as a good compilation tend to focus on a specific mood/sound. But that is the way of the cd era. These days it's all about playlists, regardless of label, much better.
  14. Miranda has generously upload a killer 90 min live set of her best retro tracks, great stuff! "This is my retro set with my own special made tracks for my live sets to spice it up. Enjoy 1. Phenomena (2019 Live Version) 2. Gnocchi Original (2019 Live Version) 3. Andalgalornis (2019 Live Version) 4. Steps to the stars Original (2019 Live Version) 5. Concorde Transportation Mix (2019 Live Version) 6. Nrg Beings (2019 Live Version) 7. Mind Bender Original 8. Green Man (2019 Live Version) 9. Planet Mars (2019 Live Version) 10.Labyrinth (2019 Live Version) 11.Croctopus (2019 Live Version)"
  15. Great interview, thanks for sharing! Has anyone read the book?
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