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  1. Here's another one: Hallucinogen vs Infected Mushroom (old school)
  2. Many of you have already heard about the AI that generated new music inspired by Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix: https://consequence.net/2021/04/nirvana-drowned-in-the-sun-ai-song-google-software/ It actually sounds pretty good. Imagine if we were to throw psy trance at an AI and make it generate the albums of are dreams! What unreleased albums do you dream of? The most obvious are of course Hallucinogen 3 and the new Astral Projection album. What if we were to make it listen to two (or more) of our favorite acts and have it generate that col
  3. Great share, thanks! The first minute is Erik Satie's Gnossienne No. 1.
  4. The new Shpongle EP, Carnival of Peculiarities, is the strongest Shpongle release since Are You Shpongled and Tales of the Inexpressible. Posford's previous album, Flux & contemplation, was a heavy and kind of moody introverted album (although it ended on a positive note), with some piano mixed up with the electronics. This release explores that toned-down and introverted sound further, but with the twist and turns you expect from Shpongle. The ambient intro track is a great and typical start for a Shpongle journey: The melody of title track is phenomenal:
  5. Astral Projection - Solid Electronics - 1998 Astral Projection featuring Raja Ram - Dance is the Answer
  6. We need to talk more about Clementz! He's the best thing that has happened to neo-goa since Filteria and Mindsphere. Think of Shakta's Lepton Head, Transwave's Rezwalker, various Astral Projections tracks and some Etnica, now imagine it being executed with contemporary sound tech and you've got Clementz. I'm deeply impressed. Don't read my words, listen to his music:
  7. Trump is out, the Astral Projection album is still not released. They will probably release it soon, in time for the festival summer.
  8. Deep Jungle Walk has 17 987 039 streams at Spotify. It's all about playlist these days. If your track ends up on one of Spotify's curated playlists you will get a lot of streams.
  9. The Nystagmus album is very good! He has another act called Anahata. There's a very good psy-trance album called Conduktor and an equally good ambient/downtempo album called The Unmade Sound.
  10. I love topics like these, I finally get some use for my arkane goa trance knowledge. Here are some more excellent lesser known tracks:
  11. It's taken some time for me to fall in love with neo goa. I've followed Suntrip since day one, but during the 00's I only really appreciated a handful of tracks and the Filteria albums. Back in 2016 I began compiling my favorite neo goa tracks, and over the years I've come to really appreciate melodic morning neo goa tracks. There are some really strong tracks out there. My favorite tracks of the last decade are these: Ra - 12th Hour BlackStarrFinale - A New Name Filteria - Perceptually Delayed Voyage Jaia - Mai Mai (Digicult vs U-Recken Remix) Dimension 5 - Deep Space
  12. My "Sunshine Neo Goa"-playlist @ Spotify is all melodic neo goa tracks, enjoy!
  13. Mindsphere is the best melodic neo goa act out there. His best track is Floating in a Widescreen: Another great one is Gate of Sadness: His best album is Mental Triplex: Presence. Enjoy!
  14. The Happy Mistakes track is even better!
  15. We should all be super excited about this! First the Hallucinogen, Hujaboy, Strider track, then the Happy Mistakes EP by the Noodniks: And now Simon is announcing at Facebook that he's "tinkering with the techno again...": https://fb.watch/2lyARcZuKe/ I wouldn't be surprised if he makes enough new tracks for a Hallucinogen tour. It would be a very good way to earn back some of the money he most likely lost in 2020, because of all the cancelled gigs. The demand for a Hallucinogen tour is sky high! 2021 will be a great year!
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