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  1. You're more than welcome! Maybe crowd funding a vinyl? Both Highlight Tribe and Sync24 did succesfull vinyls at Diggers factory for example. :::)
  2. Klaada, This album is absolutely amazing! This is the closest I've heard to Shpongle, you're so good at this. Thank you for enrichening my life with this liquid nectar for my ears. Any physical release (vinyl would blow my mind) planned?
  3. @Progressive Anarchists Yeah, vinyl coming. Signed pre-order up at; https://www.junoreactor.com/shop/mutant-theatre-signed-copies/
  4. @draeke Thanks for all your great work releasing (and all the re-releasing!) all these "forgotten" gems from days gone by! Keep up the good work! Cheers from Sweden
  5. As thought, the 1400 run has made the second hand prices much lower than the AYS? RM; https://www.discogs.com/Shpongle-Tales-Of-The-Inexpressible/release/11592786
  6. I don't think that one per customer really would've changed anything. Just ask a friend to buy one also etc. Would be higher shipping costs tho. Unlimited run would change it. But from what I've seen the last days the price of the TOTI RM are going down.. hopefully people aren't buying them overpriced from the bastards.
  7. I'd really, really love to see a vinyl edition of this great debut album. It's amazing! Any more news about the tape copy?
  8. Great compilation! Well done! How come a digital copy is more expencive than the physical?
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