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  1. no Great news about Corolle, so cool to hear more vinyl in the making. Looking forward to this! I will give a proper listen to new Mindsphere but first impression is stellar. Keep up the good work!
  2. https://somatoast.bandcamp.com/ Somatoast - Dreamhop Jazzytime Nine copies left.
  3. Both that it sells good and that you want to press more vinyls make me so happy! Thanks for a great start of the day :D
  4. Got the vinyl today, spinning it aws, it's so great! How's the sales doing on a vinyl like this these days? Very good I hope. How many did you print btw? @Psyhoe, the track listing on the labels are correct, backside of cover is wrong.
  5. Along with a 3rd disc it sounds like. And that would make 500 more available then.
  6. I should've updated here when I got the email... Sorry about that. Also read about it on reddit and vinyl collectors forum so it didn't even cross my mind to post here :/
  7. Twisted emailed on Wednesday about it being available on Friday and told what time in the comments there as well.
  8. Sorry to hijack the thread, but any news up? I'm having trouble finding any.
  9. Is it possible to get bandcamp codes if we buy from Suntrip shop? I often use the bandcamp streaming feature and would love to have these there as well.
  10. Listened to the samples of Gamma Draconis, and wow! I'm looking forward to this on vinyl soo much, the samples (especially the last two tracks) sound absolutely stellar. Great job getting this together!
  11. Gamma Draconis is up for preorder! https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/gamma-draconis
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