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  1. I get what you mean, i only gave it a half hearted quick listen when it arrived, wanted to wait for the vinyl. And yes - only a few tracks stood out for me too.
  2. Yeah, i noticed that too... On the other hand, shipping prices seem to stay the same no matter number of copies.
  3. https://crudeberlin.bandcamp.com/album/trinity-of-spheres "CRUDE strikes with its very first Vinyl release ever, featuring mesmerising artist PSICOTEK. Celestial frequencies melting into interstellar sensations and cosmic hypnosis with a liquefying coalescence of a spiritual universe and ethereal connections. The EP is comprised of 4 cosmic otherworldly tracks - each track immensely unique in style and approach, alluding to different spheres and inspired by 90s Psychedelic Goa, Hard and Acid Trance." Looks like a 200 press, and 161 copies still up for grabs.
  4. Principles of Flight - Night Time Lullabies vinyls have arrived and wow - they look amazing! Thick 180g transparent blue and white splatter makes for a 3D-effect on the disc, imho looks great and the complete remaster by Tim Shuldt sounds amazing on vinyl. There are still splatter copies available, grab them while you can!
  5. The reasonable part of my brain got happy when I saw that but the vinyl crazy part say i needwant the pic disc
  6. Happy to announce NEBULOSA-LP06: Sundial Aeon - Synthesis! 101x hand numbered white/pink splatter and 202x black, a total of 303 copies will be pressed. 2 x 180g, premium gatefold with polylined inner sleeves. Completely remastered for vinyl by Robert Elster. Pre-order will be up at Friday 1st July 9:00 CET on NebulosaRecords.com and Nebulosarecords.bandcamp.com
  7. Pre-order of Entheogenic - Kykeon vinyls now up! https://nebulosarecords.com/product/entheogenic-kykeon-2x180g-pre-order/ https://nebulosarecords.bandcamp.com/album/entheogenic-kykeon !
  8. Super excited to announce Entheogenic - Kykeon vinyl! As usual on Nebulosa, 2x180g, deluxe gatefold with polylined inner sleeves. Two editions will be pressed. 101x limited marbled edition pictured, and 202x black. Pre-order will be up at 09:00 CET 3rd June on NebulosaRecords.com and Nebulosa Records Bandcamp.
  9. https://www.shponglemusic.com/shpongle/shpongle-vinyl-reissues-for-2022/
  10. https://yemanjarecords.bandcamp.com/album/trans-organica-vol-1 Previously crowdfunded at Diggers factory, copies are now available on label Bandcamp. Great organic/etno trance V/A. Label started by Ludo Ji , percussionist of the mythical instrumental tribal trance group Hilight Tribe.
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