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  1. Oh just realized i probably put this thread on the wrong place, sorry about that
  2. Hey, got this from a guy trying to sign up; Any ideas?
  3. Hallucinogen pre-order up! https://hallucinogenmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-albums-remastered
  4. Pre-orders up! https://nebulosarecords.com/product/entheogenic-spontaneous-illumination-20th-anniversary-2x180g-pre-order/ https://nebulosarecords.com/product/transient-states-ballade-en-foret-2x180g-pre-order/ and on nebulosarecords.bandcamp.com
  5. New fresh vinyl pre-orders are up! Entheogenic – Spontaneous Illumination 20th anniversary (2x180g) https://nebulosarecords.com/product/entheogenic-spontaneous-illumination-20th-anniversary-2x180g-pre-order/ Transient States – Ballade en Forêt (2x180g) https://nebulosarecords.com/product/transient-states-ballade-en-foret-2x180g-pre-order/
  6. Omg. Hopefully not an April fools. That would make Simon the fool. :::)
  7. Omnipus - All Around The Universe vinyl now available https://omnipus.bandcamp.com/album/all-around-the-universe
  8. New album from hilight tribe!! Pre-order up at https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/280718/hilight-tribe-luminessence-vol-1?fbclid=IwAR0EIvh1smPSwoJcCOfY9OP3vbsneXypVRYqDYHLX_Gmu_SLQbpTMVAVauY
  9. Parvati doing their first vinyls. Series of three releases. https://beatspace-parvati.bandcamp.com/album/sol-nedupp-g-ngen-sol more info: https://psyland.live/three-vinyl-series-by-proc/ Very curious about what Procs has cooked up this time.
  10. Hinkstep - A Generation Lost In Space vinyl pre-order is now up! https://nebulosarecords.com/product/hinkstep-a-generation-lost-in-space-pre-order/
  11. I'd guess on more expensive manufacturing than thought. Press prices are going up. One good thing that comes with it is shorter turnaround times. A year ago they where 6-9 months, now i hear 3-4 months.
  12. Excited to present that the incredible Hinkstep - A Generation Lost In Space will soon get a vinyl release on Nebulosa Records. Total 303 copies, 101x are hand numbered marbled (turquoise/black) and 202x are black. 2x 180g 12", housed in deluxe gatefold sleeves. Pre-order will soon be up. Subscribe to NebulosaRecords.com newsletter for updates!
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