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  1. I agree , the "problem" is that they stray too far away from the originals i think. With that said, I gave it another couple of listens and in the end, bought it. FOMO on a Shpongle remix vinyl hit hard
  2. Biohack pre-order now up at http://NebulosaRecords.com and http://NebulosaRecords.bandcamp.com !
  3. Yeah, Leszek Kostuj has made earlier Óperentzia album art too. He's amazing.
  4. Shpongle / Cosmic trigger remix vinyls friday drop it looks like. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUXaAQWo49j/?utm_medium=copy_link Then it's up to you if you like them or not, i have a hard time with them... Not sure about buying. And i own all but the previous remixed Shpongle vinyl...
  5. Hakan Hisim does all Entheogenic albums, more or less. https://www.hakanhisim.net
  6. Nebulosa Records teamed up with Óperentzia for the vinyl release of their coming album Biohack! Pre-order will be up at Friday 1st October at 9:00 am CET (midnight PST), both on nebulosarecords.bandcamp.com and on http://NebulosaRecords.com. It will be pressed in two different editions, limited edition of 101 copies, hand numbered marbled Transparent Green/Black and Black. Total 303 press run. Heavyweight 180g vinyl. Since this is a coming album, only one track will be stream- and downloadable until release date 16th December.
  7. A couple of sad updates on his instagram; https://www.instagram.com/p/CJFLs4OpROu/ "cosmictriggeruk I know, there have been a number of complications which have been incredibly frustrating, there was an error with the first pressing, I’m not the one that deals with the pressing plant or factory but I’ve been assured the new ones will arrive this week. I’ve been waiting along with everyone else for months, it’s been an incredible test of patience! Fingers crossed! " 5weeks ago. I know how long time things can take in this industry, but a test press in december and still no news is not good.
  8. Thank you so much <3 The waiting game begins... Edit: Sorry, didn't think of reusing the old thread for new release info, i will keep this thread updated instead of cluttering with new ones... Soon more news to come!
  9. https://nebulosarecords.bandcamp.com/album/spatialize-beyond-the-radar Spatialize - Beyond the Radar 180g 101x Marbled gold/black 202x Black
  10. Pre-order of Spatialize - Beyond the Radar is up at http://NebulosaRecords.com and http://nebulosarecords.bandcamp.com ! All buys include full album download in 24bit. All support means more possible psy on vinyl. :-)
  11. Very proud to announce Spatialize - Beyond the Radar on vinyl! Space rock, ambient, dub and electronica influences collided in a high vibe psychedelic electronic soup. This limited edition re-release features six of the choicest cuts from the full length album selected to fit onto a single vinyl. A total of 303 copies, 101 numbered marbled and 202 black. Vinyl pre-order will be up this coming friday, Sep 3rd, and will include full nine track digital album.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/ensanchaelalmarecords/posts/2954523431463218 Pre-order avaliable via email
  13. About Ensancha el Alma, heard rumours of Kurbeats - Folktronica and Yggrasil - Prose Edda (same guys behind it), coming on vinyl.
  14. Unsure if this has been posted? Alba - Sacrementarium Black vinyl limited to 100 copies https://electrikdream.bandcamp.com/album/sacramentarium Edit: It was.
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