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  1. Year 2021, post covid19 apocalypse. As a survivor of planet earth, I still enjoy this great track after all this time. Safe to say one of the best goa track of all time. For me it's up there with Etnica - Vimana, Gaia - Mai Mai, Pleiadians - Maya, Astral Projection - Searching for UFO's, Laughing Buddha - Astral Traveller, RA - R.O.M., Cosmsosis - Spores From Space, Hallucinogen - Shakey Shaker, Prana - Alien Pets and other gems
  2. Vishnu is such a great track. There is a nice short but very memorable returning melody throughout the track. I love it. The background melody and the swirling sounds makes this track very psychedelic. The album as a whole is not that strong but this particular track must be heard by all oldschool goa lovers.
  3. Urban

    Prana - Cyclone

    This gem is still relevant and sounds great 20+ years later. Insane! You can enjoy it playing it at high volume or you can enjoy it at home as background music. Beautiful melodies in right dosage and complexity throughout the album.
  4. Etnica/Pleiadians: 1. Vimana 2. Maia 3. Alcyone Filteria: 1. Sky Input 2. Life Never Sleeps 3. The Big Blue Astral Projection: 1. Searching for UFO's 2. Soundform 3. Aurora Borealis
  5. I want to add Power Source - Goaway in my all time classic list.
  6. If you like Silicon Sound and good full-on in general also listen to these albums if you haven't already: Tikal - Ritual Cycle Protoculture - Refractions U-Recken - Deeper into Man / Aquatic Serenade Digicult - Avenida de Belgica / Out of this World Exaile - Hit the Machine Psydrop - The Miracle Man / Fantasy Seeds Beat Hackers - Notes Junky Space Buddha - Storm Reaction / No Shields / Full Circle Astrix - Eye to eye Alien Project - Aztechno Dream O.O.O.D. - Fourthought Opium of the Masses - The Lost Planet
  7. Sorry for resurrecting this post, these are imho one of the best goa tracks ever: Etnica - Vimana Pleiadians - Maia Astral Projection - Soundform Astral Projection - Searching for UFO's Cosmosis - Howling at the Moon Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization Prana - Alien Pets S.U.N. Project - Space Dwarfs Man With No Name - Teleport
  8. Return of the Pistolero track is sick! Decent album overall but their last great album was Labyrinth imho.
  9. I love this album. It stands out from the crowd and it's probably the best psy-ambient produced in the past few years. I also love their previous work. It reminds me of master Shpongle :)
  10. I want a new album with more of the beautiful melodies but less chaotic and more memorable like in the Anapa track.
  11. Return of the Pistolero (SICK!) and Voyager 304 are my favorite tracks of this album, rest are all decent as well.
  12. This is my benchmark album for testing speakers and headphones. It's so rich in detail and has great deep bass. You can pick good from bad audio equipment just by playing some of the tracks on it. I like their other albums as well but if I have to pick one, this one is their best imho.
  13. IMHO It's not up there in quality with the best Suntrip albums like Ketzhal-Corolle, Filteria-Daze of our Lives/Lost in the Wild, Ra-9th etc, but it's still very enjoyable to listen to throughout. I love the alien-like melody in No Unexpected Errors that starts around 1.05 minute mark, it's short but effective, dark and mystical. Then the track picks another direction and goes crazy. Its a monster track and in my opinion best of the album. <3 Gargantuan Tribes (Live) is the second stand out track for me, mostly because of the use of the didgeridoo instrument. It gives the track it's tribal feel, just like the name suggests. The acid melody in the last third is cheesy as f, but it brings smile on my face! Homonculus. I really can't stand the bass drum on this track. It sounds bad on my headphones, it sounds bad on my speakers. It's just bad. Combined with the overuse of acid sounds and being placed right after a great track it ruins the flow for me. It's the only bad apple on the whole album though. The last 4 tracks have all decent melodies, but nothing that's memorable. Anyway the whole album would have been better of with more complex melody structures and less acid sounds. For me It's probably Suntrip best album since Crossing Mind-Beyond Duality. Recommended!
  14. ManMadeMan reminds me somewhat of Asia 2001, enjoyable Goa music but they do nothing to differentiate them from the crowd.
  15. I really like the whole album but the track "Travel to the Infinite" is really something special.
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