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  1. Greetings, Goa Lovers! 🥰 Acid Destroyers are back with an EP to close out the year. Get ready to embark on a journey through emotional morning track, darker vibes, and our signature massive acid track. Special thanks to Sati Design for the beautiful artwork and Master-Dx for the clean and impressive mastering. Mark your calendars for the release date on 13.12.2023 on our Bandcamp. You can already catch a preview on our SoundCloud page. Stay tuned for further details!
  2. Dear Goa Freaks & Fairies, Our Ep is out now om my official bandcamp you can found the link here : https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/gamma-rays-ep Feel free to share and comment.
  3. Dear Goa Freaks & Fairies, We are happy to announce you our new Ep '' Gamma Rays " It will be a collaboration with my good friend Trance Project 88 from Belgium. There will be 3 tracks focus on powerfull goa trance and about the invisible light. Big hug to Pieter Pan for this amazing cover art The release date will be the 15.11.2022 on my official bandcamp. You can already discover the preview here : Stay Tuned for more informations
  4. Guess who's back ? Back again ? Ohm gathering is very happy to return for a bigger event in September. The location is 100% confirmed, it's a beautifull Hangar near Brussels with 400 m2 to dance like space monkeys. The presales and announcements will follow soon. Fb Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/428963392571095 ॐ Live actsॐ - Electric Universe (Sacred Technology) - DE https://soundcloud.com/electricuniverse - Total Eclipse (TIP Records/BlueRoomSounds) - FR & GR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Pz8CL9Rz5o - Ohm Mind (Goa Madness Records - Spacedock Records) - BE https://soundcloud.com/ohm-mind ॐ Dj's ॐ - Anoebis (Suntrip Records) - BE https://soundcloud.com/anoebis - Marios Makar (BlueRoomSounds) - GR https://soundcloud.com/makar-4 ॐ Deco ॐ - Bhaskara Ananta ॐ Sound ॐ - Bose ॐ Location ॐ Buda Brussels : Vaartdijk 98a 1130 Brussels ॐ Informations ॐ Room For 750 People Cheap Drink Good Foods From Foodtruck Smoking Area Outside Respect Neighbours Bring Smile No Drugs No Own Drink No -18 ॐ ॐ ॐ Get Ready To Unleash Your Ohm ॐ ॐ ॐ
  5. Here it is! After 8 years of cooking, a brand new version of our previously unreleased track, Looking for strange names! We took our sweet time to modernize , refresh and add plenty of weird elements to this track we both played plenty of times. Even though the reaction of the crowd was always good, the earlier version never saw the light. So it's a pleasure to finally unleash this little piece of music! And guess what? you can grab this track for free on this page! YES! we said for free! (You can off cource give us a little something if you want though ) We hope you will enjoy the ride as much as we loved creating it https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/track/looking-for-strange-names-2022-edit
  6. I'm very glad to share with you the tasty preview of the upcoming single "Looking for strange names" that i will be releasing with Ephedra We completely reworked this old piece of music, added some balls, cats, birds n 'other shit The release date will be the 07.06.2022 on my official bandcamp. We might have a little surprise for you regarding this release so, keep your eyes open https://soundcloud.com/ohm-mind/ephedra-ohm-mind-looking-for-strange-names-2022-edit-preview
  7. Good news folks, I'm very happy to announce that a new collaboration single will soon be released! Togheter with Ephedra we've resurected a pretty oldie piece of music composed when we were still young boys In the video you can already have an idea of the original version played during Forest Soul Gathering Festival! More info coming up soon
  8. Big thanks to Tsotsi for his lovely review about our Ep You can discover it on psynews here : You win a picture from Adam Shiva & Me at a Festival modified by Imba
  9. Our Ep '' Donut Space Walk '' is OUT NOW Do you have a never ending hunger for Goa-Trance ? Adam Shiva & Ohm Mind cooked up a 4-Course Special EP Menu just for You. You will discover some crispy acidlines and delicious lead for the entry, spicy guitars as main dish and vocals full of flavors for the dessert. Don't forget your reservation at our new restaurant. https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/donut-space-walk-ep
  10. Dear Goa Freaks & Fairies, Do you have a never ending hunger for Goa Trance ? We are happy to present you the artwork and tracklist for our next Ep '' Donut Space Walk '' It will be released the 16.02.2022 on my bandcamp page Special thanks to Exo Art for this very nice cover You can discover the preview on soundcloud here : We made also a video on facebook here : https://fb.watch/aVbMFp5arz/ Here's a track with full power Goa Trance melody's, supported by heavy guitar riffs Stay tuned for more informations
  11. Dear Goa Family , Acid Destroyers is very glad to come back with a new Ep This Ep contains 3 new tracks with different atmospheres, acid blasters, floating melodies and strange animals. It sounds a lot from the 90's and gold age of goa The name of this Ep will be " Frogs In Space ". Asteroids will make you dance like nobody is watching, it sounds really classic and will uplift you on the trancefloor. Frogs In Space is more darker with some animal noise and twisted acidlines till the end. Acid in wonderland is more morning melodic with a lot of ambiance. Special thanks to Dr_Psy for the artwork Feel free to share and comment : https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/frogs-in-space-ep
  12. Dear Goa Family , Acid Destroyers is very glad to come back end of this month with a new Ep This Ep contains 3 new tracks with different atmospheres, acid blasters, floating melodies and strange animals. It sounds a lot from the 90's and gold age of goa.The name of this Ep will be " Frogs In Space " Special thanks to Dr_Psy for the artwork ❤ You can discover the samples here : https://soundcloud.com/aciddestroyers/acid-destroyers-frogs-in-space-ep-preview Feel free to share and comment
  13. Dear Goa Family, My new Ep in collaboration with Ossillator aka Minomar from Japan is out now Feel free to check it on my bandcamp or comment or share https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/travel-through-dimensions-ep-2
  14. Hey Tsotsi happy you like more the cover this one has been made by Ossillator. The release date will be the 02.06.2021, I will upload it on bandcamp one week before as usual For now you can listen the preview on my soundcloud here : Stay tuned for more informations
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