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  1. Dear Goa Family , Acid Destroyers is very glad to come back with a new Ep This Ep contains 3 new tracks with different atmospheres, acid blasters, floating melodies and strange animals. It sounds a lot from the 90's and gold age of goa The name of this Ep will be " Frogs In Space ". Asteroids will make you dance like nobody is watching, it sounds really classic and will uplift you on the trancefloor. Frogs In Space is more darker with some animal noise and twisted acidlines till the end. Acid in wonderland is more morning melodic with a lot of ambiance. Special thanks to Dr_Psy for the artwork Feel free to share and comment : https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/frogs-in-space-ep
  2. Dear Goa Family , Acid Destroyers is very glad to come back end of this month with a new Ep This Ep contains 3 new tracks with different atmospheres, acid blasters, floating melodies and strange animals. It sounds a lot from the 90's and gold age of goa.The name of this Ep will be " Frogs In Space " Special thanks to Dr_Psy for the artwork ❤ You can discover the samples here : https://soundcloud.com/aciddestroyers/acid-destroyers-frogs-in-space-ep-preview Feel free to share and comment
  3. Dear Goa Family, My new Ep in collaboration with Ossillator aka Minomar from Japan is out now Feel free to check it on my bandcamp or comment or share https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/travel-through-dimensions-ep-2
  4. Hey Tsotsi happy you like more the cover this one has been made by Ossillator. The release date will be the 02.06.2021, I will upload it on bandcamp one week before as usual For now you can listen the preview on my soundcloud here : Stay tuned for more informations
  5. Dear Goa Family , The new Ep that I will present you will be a collaboration with Ossilator aka Minomar from Japan and me He is very talented and likes experimental music a lot . We started this project 3 years ago at a festival and we worked also togheter in Belgium during the party at Ohm Gathering in 2019. It was awesome to tweak the synthesizers at the same place. A lot of Korg and Roland have been used to create this particular sound. You can expect some more twisted japanese samouraï melodies on the 4 tracks powered with full of acid blaster and strong percussion. For people who enjoy Japanese goa trance music as Ubar Tmar, Jikooha or Prana , you should try this Ep and enjoy this journey. We wanted to have different tastes in each tracks, we will '' Travel Through Dimensions '' from classic goa trance till morning vibes and from psychedelic illusion till dreamland. Feel free to share and comments
  6. Dear Goa Family, We are happy to present you this special livestream who will show you the new Ep from Proxeeus & Ohm Mind in a first time versus togheter. We would love to make a real party, unfortunaly we can't make it happen since this world pandemic. Because we want to make you dance more, As usual, we choose to bring you two of the best dj's from Belgium who are Anoebis & El Druidos (Kuririn) at the menu. We will also play both a solo Live Act, Proxeeus will present you more darker vibes than before , Ohm mind will unleash some new tunes from 2021. Timetable UCT +2 17H00 - 18H00 : El Druidos 18H00 - 19H00 : Ohm Mind 19H00 - 20H00 : Ohm Mind Vs Proxeeus 20H00 - 21H00 : Proxeeus 21H00 - 22H30 : Anoebis Enjoy the 01.05.2021 like us and don't forget to dance like nobody is watching you. For the people who want to discover more our new Ep " Beyond Our Dreams ", you can check it on my official bandcamp : https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-our-dreams-ep You can see the set also after the livestream , thank you for your eternal support
  7. Thank you very much for your review and your honesty I appreciate it a lot We choose on this Ep to make 2 differents versions of the same track because we had different taste with Joyfull from what we can do and develop with those melodies. I love the fact there is 2 very separate versions and also not common preset that you find in every release today, than you like it or not and I totally understand . The Ep with Proxeeus are more balanced because we had the same taste but there is also 3 very differents tracks, one typical acidic , one more melodic and a final one more darker I love the variety in music There will be many others collaborations Ep in the futur, I am working on this moment with some more crazy stuff that you will like more I hope Wish you a good day guys, thanks for your work .
  8. Thank you very much for your review I will work more on the design in the futur Happy that your favorite is Brainwashing, it's surely something different and new, we enjoyed a lot to produce this one togheter Keep trancing
  9. Dear Goa Family , The EP '' Beyond Our Dreams '' is Out Now on my bandcamp : https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-our-dreams-ep Feel free to support and comment , we would love to know what you think about our baby Thanks a lot
  10. Thanks my friend we are getting really excited here, in less than one week this Ep will be out
  11. Dear Goa Freaks & Fairies, I am truely happy to present you the surprise we kept together since several months. This is our Easter Egg. I will release an Ep in collaboration with Proxeeus on the 21.04.2021 in my official bandcamp. On the menu 3 very different tracks from the gorgeous goa trance melodies till the acid darkside with some strong bassline. The name of this Ep will be "Beyond Our Dreams". We started this project since our last Ep "Mad Fusion" out on Goa Madness Records. This is always a pleasure to work with Jerome since our first collaboration '' Shiva Awakens ''. Time flies since our first live act at Dance For Life in Belgium. Feel free to share if you love the music, the samples are available now on soundcloud :
  12. Dear Goa Family, I am proud to tell you that my new Ep " Maitreya Aum " which is a collaboration with JoYfull NaTives is OUT NOW on my official bandcamp page Come discover this collaboration who started in 2018 https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/maitreya-aum-ep Thanks for your eternal support
  13. Dear Goa lovers, You can now discover the two full versions of our new Ep " Maitreya Aum " with JoYfull NaTives in the link below Feel free to pre-order if you love it and want to support It will be released on the 17.02.2021 , my birthday. Thanks for your eternal support https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/maitreya-aum-ep
  14. Dear Goa Freaks & Fairies , I am truly happy to present you my next Ep which will be a collaboration with my Portuguese friends the JoYfull NaTives This projet started in 2018 at the Teaser party that I organised with goa madness for the festival Forest SOUL Gathering, when fries meet Bacalhau . There will be two versions of this track called " Maitreya Aum" The JoyFull version with more psychedelic twisted melodies driven with some tasty acidlines The Ohm version with more mantra voices , harder acidlines and a big explosion of melodies at the end It will be released on my offical bandcamp the 17/02/2021 on my birthday You can discover the first samples on my soundcloud here : The link for order on bandcamp : https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/maitreya-aum-ep
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