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  1. Call Dr. Phil .. The rest iof this guys vids are funny, especially the ones with Alex jones. ✈️ || What's the OT about again?
  2. Tits. Keep it General Psyteance, guys once, i tripped on LSA to this and more from them. First half of the Smells Like Children EP worx.
  3. Yes you're really right, and well spoken .. Some artworks man, know the psychedelic secret(s). I can do nothing but utter respect and admiration. Thanks for your spot on post. This normal artwork has always facinated me, because it's so ,,normal" and in it's own right, creepy. An old painted portrait of someone. I never did look at it on a psychedelic. https://demontearecordings.bandcamp.com/album/odd-harmonic-coincidentalism PS. I've been told by Hutti Heita that he and Procs pioneered the modern Forest bass/kick thingy like 20 years ago or so. Not together, just in general. I f
  4. For what's worth I agree with AstralSphinx about yhe Talpa biz. And for me pulling this out makes me feel dated: https://www.discogs.com/Psyknights-A-Faint-Light-From-The-Depth/master/23266 Not Talpa: https://procs.bandcamp.com/album/touchdown-in-hizzytown-lost-theory-2012 Pigeonholing music kinda ruins it #PSYTRANCE is in it self withour rules or boanderies. What matters is it it is Psychedelic or not, something you'øl more or less truly realize on a trip .. objectivity?-retorical.
  5. Nice1's. Btw. HIGHLY recommended. Truly. Superb. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1190634/ Music: https://procs.bandcamp.com/track/fascinating-superhero
  6. https://sabkuchmilegator.bandcamp.com/track/sab-kuch-milegator-smoke-mirrors Btw. Did you know, KER defo and still is to some degree but not as much anymore , a mock label? ha'
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