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  1. Steep mountains, skinny legs, quality highways and electric Goa what more can one ask for in life. I also hope and wish that everyone is A o.k.. PLUR.
  2. I see it on the browser, but not on the app. It's probably bcs of the setting Free Download (not pay what you want).
  3. The Androcell BC page, it's .. Empty?
  4. Yamaas! Be Kaya 4. 'Strange to believe for a deep fan from within after s o many years, that the final UNRLSD album by YaMaBiKaYa is releasing worldwide in only 4 days.. Times come times go. Another chapter ends, another begins. The love given, the magic recieved. Bless you people. Mushmush ~ btw. For some this break in a track will be very interesting .. From 5:00 it has some hiphop rapping, before it continues on it's weird electronic trip .. 🍄' KER's BC: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/psy-2002-2003-lp Juno Download: https://www.junodownload.com/products/yamabikaya-psy-2002-2003/5820689-02/ & everywhere else where you buy or stream music. Like: PS. .... Vinyl prints coming ...
  5. Nothing to get amigo, was for me not to you:) I first started to listen to Deep Rising bcs I remember it being very good. So for fun I reposted it But while listening I also remembered what was IMO bad about it and wanted to listen to the track from the Album I like the most. And posted that as well Because I was unable to remove the Deep Rising YT link already posted. .. It, the last track reminded me btw of the same gimmick done on Overdreams's Wonderwise LP with it's last track. Also more euforic "mdma" and less "psychedelic" but still good. Do you know the last track on Wonderwise? If not I recommend it to anyone., NP.
  6. And yes it got KER releases on it! From this release: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/sliced-soup-the-dust-album THIS IS THE NIGHT MIX, The DAY Mix will be released sooner, and the ChillOut Mix will be released soon.
  7. You're not a real Records company before you release Physical medium, IMHO. In some opinions your not a real Record Label before you're a reg. Company on top of that. Njho Music would then be better for you label name. Or Nhjo Recordings would be bestest, IMHO. PS. We all know Pavel is Russian Israeli. ... Yeah. Nhjo Recordings would have been bestest for sureness.
  8. Close, Phreak By Nature .. 1/2 of Microcosm https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/track/phreak-by-nature-reaching-out-to-another-dimension-2 1995
  9. ^ https://sundancerecords.bandcamp.com/album/when-the-somberness-becomes-a-game Most of their releases are free now Infected Mushroom on Bandcamp, sure they are , if you search.. Or did I not understand what you wrote? ~ .. even Berry released the Birthday single on his BC: https://music.berry.co.il/album/birthday
  10. @Paul Eyeno, I was serious bcs of @Tsotsi's comment on the release I mentioned ..
  11. Ah. BC Friday! 2moro:) Well oki, I've cut some microseconds off of some of the oCeLoT tracks (silent outros) yesterday, so now the LP should be even more 1 journey thing arranged by me *gulp*. 2 years, 3 years in the making. It will officially be worldwide released in start December 2022... The RLS will get Physical release as well. 3 x CD with 30 tracks for only 30euros exl shipping & taxes (where did the only go?). And well the Digi. rls on KER's BC will be Nice Price:) So I hope ppl will buy this one on BC Friday!! Bcs. In all respect. This is oCeLoT, a living Legend & Master of Psychedelic Trance. ~ LINK: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/sliced-soup-the-dust-album
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