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  1. What music are you listening to right now?

    Play with -your own or- other people's shadows in the skull ..... not a big fan. But I know how to protect myself & others Never forget P.L.U.R. & i have a new ,,hate" for people doing hard drugs/pills claiming to be "Psyheads" but dont like or fear Psychedelics. Mess with peoples heads, mess with people that are Really tripping and not just pretending (coke mdma). Evil people. Ive been a victim to a few. Terrible moments, but I pulled through and took a grab on the bastard in the end so he learned. Do not get it. Its so cool? People like this wants only to be cool (accepted and admired) and like to see other people fail, for their own egoistic gain and pathetic "entertainment" . Bad robot, Bad! Hard drug people wanna powder their nose. I have to say, like Psycrowdelica Festival, i dont know what happen there in full but the organizer stabbed his own heart at the last festival, called reincarnation. People push people to do a lot of shit, like school shootings. And the frames around us do it so we act terrible to each other (imo). And people do stupid shit. Why? So fucking sad for the whole psytrance scene. And these so called Horrorpsyfreaks (speedfreaks, more like it) , with their juvenile hard core music, they dont even like psychedelics, they fear it (LoLoLoLoL) Time flies, np.
  2. Elysium Box Set

    Pity The Why is a good Q. And less assumptions. There exists asshole people in all branches *he removed me as a friend on facebook, so it isn't that*
  3. Elysium Box Set

    I love the idea but 1st of all I'm pretty broke and second of all I already own a few Elysium albums, both originals and some Downloaded legally. And Im not That fanatic about his music to help support such a project (im really broke this time around). This goes for much of Thinning's respectful work. Like and respect it a lot, but dont overly love it. technosomy what do you mean "cant be trusted", that's a horrible thing to read knowing him personally the way I do/did. He is very much a person and artist to be trusted. Kind person. Stubborn in his, and open with his. Sure, some in depth arguments here on psynews (good,, lets discuss and elaborate, ask questions instead of assuming, have your opinion. The web is free for that), and some hatred towards the Israeli scene and politics. Out side those 2 points from my view, Elysium is to be trusted. No doubt. Peace to the world. Tralala-la-la. Its no joke. War.
  4. What music are you listening to right now?

    One of the bestest albums ever imho:
  5. Commercial psytrance?

    Hard-Psy (catch them all, the samples inside)
  6. What new music did you get today?

    Wøll wøll, wøll. Todøy I bøught This album. https://sabkuchmilegator.bandcamp.com/album/surrounded-by-surreality I usually go for the physical release, but I have to admit. After Antic604's topic about going away from physical and into digital purchases, ive been doing much the same... Just as well. Im keeping good care of my digital DL-s (support the artist). -- it hurts some, to not buy the physical release, to only get the digital. But man, i have to do it, save the planet and save some money
  7. What music are you listening to right now?

    Me, my gf and our plants are listening to this album, @ 4th track https://sabkuchmilegator.bandcamp.com/album/surrounded-by-surreality
  8. That old school Goa rolling bassline

    Inside the last track- with not the modern day good bass quality, you'll find hints of DarkPsy (rolling basslines) inside the 1993 Transmissions album by Juno Reactor.: https://www.discogs.com/Juno-Reactor-Transmissions/master/12924 ^its for me a genesis album Also The Infinity Project has a nice one, this one:
  9. Automatically generated tracks you say?.. Is the App worthy of DL, its froma psy/goahead? Sounds cool some of the sections. Funny link thanks for sharing. Your comment "and for what reasons" makes me think back to the forums in 2006 when this political album was released https://www.discogs.com/Vegetal-Free-Thinkers-Are-Dangerous/release/687649 People went over board with the heavy "political" "real world" theme, that it ruined psytrance (face and opinion less music) and what it isn't (normal music). I got both parts of the opinion but what it did was to push reality and what we are against, a bit harder on our face with a blood-handed art-work, and metal-edged music influences. It was blatant and honest, at least. Same goes for the newest Xenomorph album thats very heavy in it's conspiracy zeitgeist (real world) Some artists/albums did or does the same, but it's more hidden and not so, honest I think hippie values (psychedelic experiences and understanding) are the foundation of much Goa/Psy-trance culture, and it's slipping, infecting the whole world becoming, insane? Or enlightened? Maybe both - at least, vaguely entertained. I have a lot of respect for what I gather is the ,,meaning" of IM's Sa'eed track. Much pain. Much sorry. PLUR. Make Love Not War.
  10. We all know what I mean when I write "faceless music", it can go a bit deeper then just a face on the CD-cover, and the need for an artist / or DJ to promote his or her person, body, face and ego. So when did Goa actually stop being faceless music with mystery? Now these days are beyond for good reasons, like facebook. But the past had it, or was it never even really there, it was just a romantic idea, faceless/ego-less music. Now-a-days its pretty much handled like any other EDM like a business and a music with face and sunglasses on.. Which is very sad but also kinda inevitable, and only ones that can stop "negative" trends are the persons them self, what kind of integrity they feel. How people around them are doing it (monkey see monkey doo) and how they them self feel about something so "unimportant". Personally I know my mystery of Psy/Goa went away after a few years when I inevitable found out more and more about the music, more then the CDr with no info only alien psychedelic weird music - unidentified. Those days are of course long gone. But I do cherish that time when I was in the dark about knowing earthly facts about the actual creators of them sonic I remember face-covers Man With No Name - Highway album (man with a face) Yahel Cujorius One - with the male model on it with a burning ball in his hands Rocky Goa-Sessions VA
  11. Commercial psytrance?

    maybe Hardpsy is FutureProg. ? Mainstream, commercial, there is a difference indeed. Infect the world with PLUR & Psytrance *Ibeliveinthespiritofamericannatives*
  12. Commercial psytrance?

    So Psycore came, and now I hear Hardpsy is in the house? But where Psycore came from; Darkjpsy/Hitech, Hardpsy comes out of; FutureProg. and big room if my 1 time listen to an example I fell over in a Acidmath group in Facebook ... I don't know if I wish for what I ask now, but can anyone link up an example of this new genre that is about to get established as a new genre? (Im still soar on Psycore being defined as purely 180bpm+ music and not free of BPM definition. I believe psycoreBPM180+ misses out on the paradoxical ironic effect of psychedelia And not the fact effect of Speed. But I get it, its punkmetal, and gabbalike. Not quit Thunderdome. -psycOre,, Unless its standstill, like some of Mirror Me who is labelled Psycore. I dont get the psycore. is it psychedelic core music, or psychotic, or what psy are we talig? His music experienced in a forest is outside personal taste very much psycore, both in the newly required speed (...) and on the effect his music gives.. 4/4 beats that stands still. No forward movement. Psy ok sure why not:) Alot of "psycore" music should respectfully be labelled "Horrordelic", What Hardpsy I heard that 1 time? It was not BLISS I'll tell you that. It was much closer to this FutureProg. example upstairs, minus the nativeness--- Anyway, who cares its not of any real importance. Just, having some nitting fun.
  13. Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    This is my vote for the Best of 2017 from original releases that I own: Up: 01. V/A ‎– Good Vibrations [Yggdrasil Records] 02. Collabar Project - Alien Technology [No Comment Records] 03. Sab Kuch Milegator - Surrounded By Surreality [Self-released] 04. Wanderwelle - Lost In A Sea Of Trees [Silent Season] 05. Morphic Resonance ‎– Trip To The Stars [DAT Records] 06. V/A ‎– Mind Games [Moon Koradji Records] 07. Gubbology - Anachronism [Troll N' Roll Records] 08. V/A - X-Dream "Remixed" [Boshke Beats / Flying Rhino Records] 09. Overdream - Thodarum EP [Self-released] 10. Nobot - No Fun [Parvati Records] Down: 01. Shpongle - Are You Shpongled (remastered) [Twisted Records] 02. Hibernation ‎– The Aquarius EP [Self-released] 03. Mindex - Nostaltrophin EP [Gravitas Recordings] 04. 36 ‎– Tomorrow's Explorers EP [3six Recordings] 05. 36 - Void Dance [3six Recordings] 06. Maan - Spin the Sphere EP [Mindspring Music] 07. Carbon Based Lifeforms ‎– Derelicts [Leftfield Records] 08. Saluberrimae ‎– Time Is A Flat Circle [Neogoa / Ae Records] 09. 36 - Sine Dust (remastered) [3six Recordings] 10. 36 ‎– Black Soma [3six Recordings] .