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  1. Only T7 and half of 8 are ,,neighbour friendly", and the title track by default. O:)
  2. Silver Bells is very emotional. Like having testicular cancer emotional (i would presume). Anyway, too much greatness, what super album, man. Btw. Superwoman is stupid, also firewoman n policewoman.. Know why, man? Bcs the Wo- in woman is for womb. All this human kind madness. PS. I want Blümchen 'boom boom boomerang' to bcm my wife, and she will thru my wish hire NJHO to make, or if poss. perform at our wedding.
  3. 'Look Out the Window' song deserves to be covered by Rammstein with a CLaWFiNger T.K.O. RMX. Anyway, for me it will replace Last Christmas on my xmas streaming worldwide playlist. I also think Mariah Carry would sway and twerk nice to this 'holy night silent night' drop Kudos and celebrations! 🎄
  4. ^ you posted this topic in the wrong section, mate. Here: https://www.psynews.org/forums/forum/3-music-making-and-productionindustry/ you can get "20000" followers 🚔
  5. Look at that thick slice of vinyl spinning spinning around with such a killer euphoria track pumping. The Artist IRL is rrreally impressed by the sound quality the record is giving him and his speakers So that's niicey
  6. ^ on-demand. So ok, if no other questions then I'd say the info now is great enough to satisfy even the pickiest and nose-wisest person there is (....) Thnx! : )
  7. Hey you vinyl freaks the last conversation / questioning round was truly helpful, so I thought you could maybe help weed out doubt / questions on the LPX Cat.# print .. We charge €60 and the profit is minimal. It's 180grams, what else should be informed on the page for the buyers to know? https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/7-states-of-madness-e-p Btw. Jacket is in full-color. And the jacket is glossy ...
  8. Not a review but more of a first impression comment; I was listening to it for free a few days ago on 1 jbl flip 5 bt speaker while making food (not tripping, not smoking, mind you) .. And after my very good impression of his EP a few days before that... I felt bored and unimpressed by it, underwhelmed as I had too high hopes coming into it.. and concluded at it's end that I only felt the album from that little melody (..) and especially from track 6, Nebula of Souls and onwards .. At the last track, is where I turned it off half-ways to sit down and eat. I bet it's much better than my first impression.
  9. Where else on the internet can one find lists / topics of Train related Psy/Goa-Trance tracks!? #) And Reggae, and so so much more 🙃
  10. He's baack! Listen to KER Podcast #01 by NYSTAGMUS https://on.soundcloud.com/AQSrF
  11. Btw. His chill ......this is humble n' brand new https://anahatamusic.bandcamp.com/track/anahata-good-morning
  12. Album is free on both the Label Bandcamp page and the Artist's own Bandcamp: https://anahatamusic.bandcamp.com ps. Can someone please review his EP to this threads Album? https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/vibrations-e-p PM me if you want a Free DL code
  13. Check it out here & worldwide ;* kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/in-places-doing-things-e-p
  14. For sure greats like Nystagmus, Talpa, and Terrafractyl was n is inspired by IM - it's very much confirmed n heard, even Terrafractyl's newest Album (check it!)
  15. Nystagmus worked a lot with Talpa so they r most def music bros Listen to KER Podcast #01 by NYSTAGMUS https://on.soundcloud.com/AQSrF
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