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  1. 3rd https://arabdigital-goahunterrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/retro-mission-vol-3 & DJset! Woha! (All 3 dj sets Of the albums are Ace)
  2. Maaan, I wish I had this LP on CD instead of Vinyl. Anyone got all tracks in wav or smth and wanna share it with me? Plz. About Material Music's Access Virus, indded it is, Synth. Tralala, would love for someone to review the 2Dragons album the track is on. Sorry no suggestions to the actual topic.
  3. Well pull me backwards in to the birdbox B-) Kailum Retro Vol. 3 is now being released, and this is live : http://virtualdjradio.com/powerbase/?fbclid=IwAR3J17ZjKWxOn5TEmpi9QBBIHl_OJoOJnPc6Sc_pt1sOukGG0CjmjywH1cY
  4. Facinating. I was expecting it to take a different direction when that one heavy guitar riff entered, though. Is she saying, "say you're gay"? If it's a Eurosong cotenst, it makes totally sense.
  5. Access material Virus https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com/track/access-material-virus
  6. Well let me answer your latter question first. Physical music has been my only materialistic-goods weakness. But that has now ended - and I feel all enlightened .. But seriouslly I love music and it's outputs / efforts in being created, and to buy physicals has always given me a fun proud joy + with digital releases as with physicals, I enjoy to support the artist/label. -- But, in the last few years or so I've grown very tierd of them (physical formats) because I'm moving houses and countries too often in my experience - and I'm tierd of then having to pack them, move them,. store them, worr
  7. I agree with both of your preffered choices. Next time jyst post ine release to choose from So o.k. I'll go next. CPC - Subliminal Messages.. Human eye vs. Lizard eye. I prefer the human eye artwork:
  8. Hey pnppl, i wanna play a game. I'll start, and you pick your fav. Now your turn. So here I go, Astral Projection - Another World The not colourful one is my fav. most def. And I had it on CD
  9. Yo. Yes you did. I'm happy to see my releases go to fine people like yourself. Ha, know what, I've sold 155 CDs til now incl. to you, and Subgud - Xpander is the only release that made tear fall out of my eyes to let go *
  10. ^Nice. Über Den Angst by CPC is on the top. This is also a good one: Para-Halu - The World Of Peace (Parvati records, get it for free remastered: at their homepage)
  11. If I remeber correctly Shiva3 ‎– Full Story was OK to Good.
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