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  1. Hei J, nice of you to ask. It has been a while since KER's last release. So here is an update on the line.. - A 33 track unreleased "album" by oCeLoT will be released as soon as the work surrounding it is done. I've already arranged the 33 tracks into one story flow.. So it will be one release with thirtythree tracks.. Release date is before 2025. We still miss mastering, artwork, and some nitpick.. - Psythagores is releasing a 6-track mini-album. All we're now waiting for is the Artwork finish-up by Erland Yildiz. - KER was sent all unreleased (unmastered) works by Yamabikaya (yes the Yamabikaya from SST). This incl. one unreleased LP and a couple of EPs .. Artwork also needs to be made for these outside the important Mastering. - A1ON formally known as Aion.. Is releasing his debut EP under his new moniker, A1ON. It is presently being Mastered by Zeamoon Mastering who usually work with Zenon rec. - I'm in a talk with Matte aka. Nystagmus.. Yes that Canadian guy. He has a lot of (old) officially great work hopefully ready to be Released with KER .... - As you can see, no Goa-Trance in sight, for now. - a release by a new artist.. Though not worth the mentioning, yet, we'll see / hear. - California Sunshine Har-El gave us a track for totally free(dom), and it's already mastered and is just missing an artwork to go along with it. But KER might tell him his manager that it is not for us.. Which sais something ....... - Angry Dwarf
  2. 'Preventing Armageddon Since 93'
  3. ... 246 CDs sold so far. Notice: My Vinyls are sold and given away to locals, so they will not be placed on Discogs. Though I do have a few DVDs that should go up on discogs soon.. and I also got some more ,,normal" music (CDs) to add to my discogs store. Maybe even a couple of Psy/Goa ones. I'll see when I get started on them.
  4. Yeah! That could be a funny move. And Psytrance realm commercials instead of these normal ones. e. Molly? no no, Mushroom MUSHROOM! https://goarecords.bandcamp.com/track/molly Mouldyroom
  5. Brave, ok .. Crypto.. mkay.. Badges, don't give a rats ass ^,^ tho i can agree with what RTP wrote.
  6. Aaahhh.. I like this funky psychedelia groove PsyTrance a lot. Very tasty and makes you smiley https://resonantearth.bandcamp.com/album/planetary-relations
  7. If anything, keep this massive amount of ads on people not logged in, and have the logged in people be ad free.
  8. These pop-up etc. ads are totally annoying and will become a psynews killer . org @RTPand the owner and mod people. This can not continue.
  9. Whole album is ace and I love the breakbeats'n IDM, the ambience and the downtempo.. and the Techno? Fuck me Otherness (Album Edit) is amazing. AMAZING. PS. On the 24bit version contra the 16bit version you actually get that extra depth on some -to most- of the tracks. Which for me was worth the extra money. Though the 16bit is fine if you can live without those -few- moments of extra depth. AND I wanna point out that Alep Offset bassline sure remind me of a specific classic hiphop tune + the vulnerable vibe of Hol Baumann's Human album .. BEAUTIFUL. This Inks album is quality you will never be ashemed of playing out loud to friends or in a park filled with unknown ppl. And I think the title of the album, Inks, speaks for it self. These are music that have made an impression on Master Vince like ink on skin.
  10. There's a sense of true trust that comes in the Psychedelic Trance releases by Leo aka. Spindrift. I like a lot the EP https://spindrift1.bandcamp.com/album/madfunktion-ep and being a fan of it I should also soon buy his Deep Nature album .. ! I bought the album announced in this thread unheard, and i do like the Teaser.. It did give me a bit of Steptime / Ørebro Freakfactory vibe, which is fun. This album is prop. different then the Deep Nature album being more space disco oriented in it's coverart than the deep nature thing going on in the mentioned ep and lp. e. the Madfunktion EP (inside the portal) and the Deep Nature LP (on the way to the portal) are a cool couple. And Deep Nature sounds even better than the EP .. .. I'm very excited to hear the full Planetary Relations when it is finally released. <(")
  11. @LeLotusBleuPlz see the 6th post in this thread ;):)
  12. O M G. I forwarded this to too many facebook friends
  13. jah man coming up ive just been too busy pimpin', and hiking mountains with my dog. Speaking of your point, same goes for the Suntrip 50th release And the Aion name copyright info-dilemma. *my head is on it*. Anyway, way the go filling this review topic even more up with unrelated text to the music. When I do make the short review I hope you'll edit yours here and have it say (to the Admin) DELETE ME. I'll do the same. Ps. Notice how i removed my offtopic stuff from my originaø post? .. Btw. My heart hurts reading how much astralprotrction apologiezed for writing His honest opinion review of the album. He should not have to so strongly apologize for it .. Which reminds me of my saying, "tastes are like asses, they are divided and usually they stink".
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