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  1. I dont think this has been asked about before but if so Moderate it.. Can you suggest Psy- or GoaTrance with Punk? I can at least recommend one track .. Be my guest and discuss it not being punk. - https://m.imdb.com/title/tt9419282/
  2. ^ The movie it's inspired by is also very cool holmes! :)) A memory stick like this is nice and is a no brainer with tip (value). http://the-cure.bandcamp.com/merch/32gb-wooden-usb-leaf-shaped-memory-stick-with-the-cure-logo-engraving I dont really understand yet why one would have to havr both sound quality versions, care to enlighten me anyone? Like with the new Entheogenic albums, I actually didn't buy his Full Discography on Bandcamp as a gift to someone because it includes doubleups.. Like with all the Ultimae Records Bandcamp releases, 24bit and normal < Normal costs less to buy. Why have both? Anyway, I like The Cure's memorystick (not recieved yet, ordered 2) because first of all the The Cure label is a good one, especially since I know the owner and where his heart and head is at. The stick includes All the labels releases to date (in both sound qualities..), profits goes to good cause. Music is of quality. It also includes the newest VA to Download and stream.
  3. I don't know but I read that Anjuna Records is returning with it..
  4. I don't know Javi but will checkout more of his tracks. Anyway Im glad you brought up Gubbology - Anachronnism. Ive experienced this guys live set in the forest two times at least, and its always great. Really. I dont own much Gubbology music, så when that album you mentioned got released I bought it, and a week later I was with my girlfriend camping in the woods and also I brought a god wireless speaker to check out some Forest music.. I put on the Gubbology album in question, while laying in my hammock, smoking, and blasting the "Forest" album. I was very dissepointed, it didnt resonance well with tje nature around, and forest, sounded to mechanical, not forest friendly per say .. Ive really not played it since that dissepointment. When you put the music i.e. Forest in the forest and have keen ears on what follows, you quickly hear what is true forest and what is not so actual Forest. Imho I think Id like to mention ShivaOm, or how you choose to spell his name. I have not yet managed to dive and really get to know his music wide and deep, but this has Goatrance Forest to it for sure: https://www.discogs.com/Shivaॐ-Space-In-The-Woods/release/2319344
  5. Released today Well on the 9th of April http://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-mann-another-dimension-ep
  6. Mixes, dj-sets, come say come said in here> https://www.psynews.org/forums/forum/88-dj-promotion/
  7. I've been wearing it around my neck for a while now. So decided today to finally use it where I was looking forward of using it. On my keys. Cool release!
  8. So, you have a lot but still few compared, like BotFB.. so this could be interesting to read and listen your opinions... Best Goatrance Forest? I'll start with one new by Sab Kuch Milegator: http://sabkuchmilegator.bandcamp.com/album/surrounded-by-surreality And mention Kiriyama - Moving Hills Barefoot
  9. I have the original CD but its old used and I dont have the other CD, so I bought the new together release. Only 10 physical copies left http://firesofork.bandcamp.com/album/the-fires-of-ork
  10. Sure, let's start a teas for the upcoming Goatrance VA series on Kali Earth rec. Infotekst om låten/utgivelsen: The mighty and talented artist GOALIEN, born in Serbia, rised in Norway - having his sonic growth while experiencing the wider world with its inner and outer spaces .. has delivered a Strong and Amazing Goa-Trance track -with Super Heartfelt nostalgia- to the next Big compilation-release brewed in Norway by the Oslo based Psychedelic Trance & Chill Label, Kali Earth Records (KER). So together with xx other norwegian born or based artists he is a part of the comprehensive "Norway's Got Goatrance" VA project presenting just about all Goatrance producers from Norway ---- A few other names to mention who is also a part of this "goagilde" series is RA, the most known Goatrance act from Norway -also seen by most as the sole of norwegian made Goatrance. Microcosm, the least known 90's Goatrance act to be born in Norway but up there with Ra and other big names in truly felt Goatrance quality. Clementz, the new super productive shooting star from Norway producing pure raw melodic and intensely felt hardware-made Goatrance tunes. Protostar, who has been specially revived because of this project, adding a One to their name. Trold, Vimana Shastra, Psyolopher, and many more cool norwegian Psy/Goa-Trance projects !! The not decided expected release date is closer to the mid of spring 2019 to a web shop and streaming service near you. There will be 2 or 3 volumes. PLUR
  11. I'd without elebration vote Nei on the OP This track has sex ass in it though ..
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