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  1. psytones

    Listening to my entire collection

    ^ Anak was a mod on Isratrance back in the heyday He gave/sent me his Vinyl copy of Sandman's Psycho Toones many many years ago.. I'll never ever forget and not appreciate that. What a cool release:) And the guy made some nice music holding up his own unique sound and yeah I guess style Do not know how he's doing today.. Hopefully he has a good life:)
  2. psytones

    What new music did you get today?

    ^ the two last posts are very cool BTW. 50e, so he knew he had gold eh. E. Oh yeah, OK https://www.discogs.com/Paradise-Connection-Paradise-Connection/release/166214 My post today.. I shopped for the Space Tribe album, but incl a couple more releases from the seller (single was 1e, and the isratrance vs have Scotch and Look at Me in it):
  3. psytones

    What are you doing right now?

    Sitting on a bus
  4. psytones

    Two deep and stylish psy tracks to ID (1997 – 2000)

    This VA from sst came to mind trying to connect track 2 https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Digital-Dance-Of-Shiva/release/50058
  5. + Shpongle - Shiva Space Technology Yes I recommend you CPC albums maybe if only one the Subliminal Messages album which is really really good hardware , https://www.discogs.com/artist/198829-CPC-2
  6. psytones

    What new music did you get today?

    DAT's Analog Visions VA And the 50th Parallel VA by Suntrip
  7. psytones

    Two deep and stylish psy tracks to ID (1997 – 2000)

    I'd like to know the IDs as well. I'm especially curious about the 2nd (99/00) track...
  8. psytones

    Ambient recommendations

    I don't know bro, 36? This is Digital http://3six.net/album/ego-death but on his - 3six- bandcamp page you can buy CDs and other physical formats. Else you always got www.discogs.com -- http://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/nordic-circles-live-nuit-hypnotique-4 BTW. Most of the tracks here on this double CD, are true Ambient divine http://firesofork.bandcamp.com/album/the-fires-of-ork
  9. This is going to be so good. All faith in Kris' perfecting the LP. Boom boom
  10. I've got trust in them. And just bought the CD. Delays happen so it's fine. Yeah your right. Comments in BC are usually for people giving their helpful opinion about the release. DAT's info on the release if one reads also gives us the perfectly good explanation for why this VA release is delayed. Hallucinogens 3
  11. Delays seem often to be a name of the Goa Trance game. I'm really curious about the rest of the Analog Vision 3 tracks.. Actually got my finger on the pay with PayPal button, but the supported by comments got me thinking.. http://datrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-analog-visions
  12. psytones

    V/A - The 50th Parallel (Suntrip Records)

    I'm curious to why there are two Hada tracks. I know the artist Material Music's contribution track to this celebrating VA didn't make the cut, but came - in all honesty- at a (shared?) 16th place in the pool of final top choices... I'm personally not a super duper fan of "generic" Goatrance but do love it in general. Especially when it's wow. In whatever form that wow comes. I had to make some economical choices lately and chose not to buy this VA this time around (both cds look good). I've barely gotten around to listen to the tracks to form my own OPINION though. I'll get around to do that next year. Edit. I'm sorry I didn't see Triquetra also had 2 tracks. Anyhoops, I got the CD release in my mailbox here the other day, so I'll post my review draft here for more actual review content in my post; and finish it soon enough SUNTRIP 50th Celebration REVIEW First of all the coverart pack has a nice gloss, or call it shine. 1. Ketzhal - Garden Of Nyagrodha Trees – beautiful intro and an immediate recognition of the Ketzhal coda. Tingling trigger the kick which kinda feels like home, and we're off on our journey through Suntrip's 50th celebration release. The track escalets to a roll of fun and the soft caressing of fluits and other atmospheric elements fill the air with open air magic. And when the melody arrives its all smiles and happy sunshine vibes. A true sympathetic and pleasant Goatrance track. No wonder this persons music is so much liked. It truly represent a wonderful en joyous experience of eastern melodies and western electronics. I heard this producer is afraid of travelling by flight. Well, that's kinda weird because he makes music that fly safely very well. 2. Cosmic Dimension - Deviant Behaviour – Has a mystic intro and a notion of true Goatrance vibes. The kick kicks in and its a bit plat but works wonders for what rawness this genre is much about. The touch and progressive power is felt and the journey leads on to marvels in the atmosphere. So far with only 2 tracks barely passed, I'm happy to receive a massive notion of being in a festival surrounded by lovely spirits dancing smiling waving their spiral arms and kicking up some dust from the ground. This is astral Goatrance for me, very trippy and a trance inducing gratitude and appreciation of the possibility to display deviant behaviour. The track does for sure create some reminisce reminding that we are all inspired 3. Triquetra - Electronomic – is a acid track that takes us on some sharper turns and harsher travel while injecting the listener with psychedelicness. I can imagine the sunbursts plasma fabric spread out into the galaxy and beyond in some of this tracks layered atmospheric background. Its a harder more serious track. A track that very much gives us the acid drenched 90's but with that little more finesse to it which our present and past days offer. It's a wonderful star reaching track that lifts both arms and spirit up to higher levels. Very cool. 4. Sykespico - Visit Earth – From what comes above in strange tingling fields of visitation. A rise of emotions and a unidentified field of objects visiting earths citizens. We're in for a levitating soft travel with hard enough Goatrancekicks. Angelic and soaring, acid prowess which keeps the track in a -keeping it real type of- charm. I like these flying saucerswaggling about in the transparentness of the Goa heavens. So far with only 4 tracks passed, this is exactly the type and style of raw quality trance music that I connect with what Goatrance sound in my wider impression Suntrip Records likes to deliver. Warm, old, true, new, gold, and a touch of innocence that in it all has a well felt PLUR stigma to it. And dance, to let your self go. 5. Hada - Imaginarity -- Well this jumped at me as being something of the darker realm, pretty much a solid Ka-Sol kick and you know, those Buddha Battled and cool acid synths working with you. It's a very cool track indeed. Progressing, and adding nice elements that just keeps the flight stellar and comfortable. But it does for reason confuse me a bit being so twilighted and star searching awesomeness but not really a track though that I connect to what I presieve as being typical Suntrip goatrance. Anyway, its quality throughout it's progressive journey which also includes a fluit and an amazing lifting synthline before the whole track lands .. 6. Crossing Mind - Over Time Frame – After a pretty stellar cool ride with the previous track, things are melowed down and sprayed with sweet liquid spray until a sturdy rugged beat and Goa kick comes on flowed by flickering voices singing through the meta.The melody flow and lines leading to the end of the track, is really really nice and encouraging to feel free, i guess this track comes in good after the two previous tracks that kinda led us into the more challenging bit of the trip. Still not that typical warm Suntrip sound that I personally most often connect to the label when thinking Suntrip Records. But then again I own the Temple of Chaos VA and I personally never got into it - I tried - I pretty much felt the same about the Opus Iridium. I'm liking this 50th release much more so far, but maybe I need to get back to the VAs mention.. 7. Clementz - Trilafon -- A deep and eerie entity leads to bubbling Goatrance synth and a pushing kick that feel rugged with its added elements. The synth work comes in -not unexpected- like a storm of sun and grains of sand. The tempo and all is legit Goatrance into the spine. I'm not sure if you can get more basically real to the genre then this raw hardware material. Doesn't become much more embarked then this stuff in my humble opinion. Totally generic on the surface, but super authentic with so much personality and felt passion for the Goatrance. Maybe a bit crude for some folks. But overall an ace example of what the fuck Goatrance actually is. Goatrance being a much more narrow genre then it's say offspring, Psytrance. I think this Clementz track and the Sykespico track contain the same kind of pure Goatrance stamp. Totally old school analogue delight. 8. Median Project - Life Line -- After the hands-on Clementz ride we are greeted by Russian language that delivers us a more modern sounding piece with patience and a sense of being on top of it, not having so much worries, almost over the edge of being well formulating. Sure the track sounds not so modern compared to much else out there, but after a ride through varies era sounding Goatrance tracks on this first CD on the Suntrip 50th celebration release, this track comes off as being much more in present time without even smelling a bit like full-on, and ready to deliver a stable ride. It's an OK track i think and has this open space grandnes alla Dimension5 about it - I think even though im no expert.. It has good melodies which play nicely and provides that open-space trance-drive with a very delicious deep synthline carrying the track nicely. It's a bit more Goatrance for the grownups maybe who cant take so much hassle and fuss, which makes it a pleasant well-crafted not overly shocking travel - a journey track for sure and a nice way to finish off CD 1. Because after this, the moon seems ready to shine it's sunlight to us. -------- 1. Battle Of the Future Buddhas - Faster Than Light -- Cool beans, travel light. .. To be continued
  13. Holy fucking christ! Stfu Richpa and perorder-release this beast already The T looks stunning! Will it be easy to figure out my right size? Will it cost an arm and leg? Will the post expenses be steep? When can I buy this, should I reload the Neogoa-bandcamp every minute til it's finally released? Wow. This LP I've been waiting for since the EPs release... So it's been a while now!! Boom boom