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  1. psytones

    What new music did you get today?

    The Psycho Realm album is also epic^^ + I just bought this catchy track (love the two YouTube teasers) http://atyss.bandcamp.com/track/total-eclipse-vs-atyss-batman-special
  2. psytones

    What new music did you get today?

    Well I today recieved 2 great CDs in the post. One Goa and one Rap album. You recognize?
  3. psytones

    Your top 10 Trance albums of all time

    It's way better then James, in my strong opinion. For a collecter, yes it's an album worth. BTW. Demon Tea's new releases sure are of its past time... The Yamabikaya album has production and freestyle that's of timeless. Its coverart reflects the music perfectly. And the physical pack is solid. Even the CD seems solid/thick with strong print. I noticed on the Web the albums main tracks is not to be found #) Id recommend to get it. Fun to have. It's a gem. Light it up, or sip it, what ever rolls your magic. Enjoy. IMHO. It still (!!) sounds good on a PA. FlOppFlOppFlOpp
  4. psytones

    Your top 10 Trance albums of all time

    I donno bro I truly love it to bits. Got more then one copy (been played/party a lot). But yeah as the saying goes.. Taste is like the ass. Divided and usually it stinks. Also Fragletrollet bought it after I got him attentive of it. And he loves. It's very trippy, and minimal. Very fun and psychedelic imo. Subtile excellence. . And they where like 4 people (?) All contributing real music skills (?) in a very strange minimal and psychedelic trance group. I mean, it's just awesome. Cover-art and their Japanese just matches the music so. Of course.. it's old. But it has bass...... Shameless.. I used their music first and last in this dj-set for a festival in the northern swamp forest .... I'm sorry for the winging off topic. Maybe I'll manage to give my actual reply to the OP laters
  5. psytones

    Your top 10 Trance albums of all time

    Yamabikaya album on Shiva Space Technology is a full album... not sure why you mentioned that act .. maybe I misunderstand. I have this but have never listened to it yet *crappy camera sorry
  6. psytones

    Sync24 - Omnious [2018]

    Aww... Wonderful album art
  7. psytones

    VA - Lotus compiled and mixed by DJ Lurfilur

    @Lurfilur, why not add your mix of the VA as the 11th track on Bandcamp? *sorry got no review, only this Q.
  8. Released already on the 14th of September 2018 on Spiral Trax. Comes the 6th album release by psychedelic trance dance producer MATERIAL MUSIC. Material Music - Divine Dance = 11 Tracks. http://spiraltrax.bandcamp.com/album/material-music-divine-dance-spit139-spiral-trax + world wide distribution *) Yo like?
  9. More tits and less jewelry. I'll buy
  10. psytones

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    I think it in the end boils down to blatant truthful information and availible choice. The possibility to choose (plant-based). I of course believe that with best possible truthful information and possibility to choose. The world would go greener. Legalize it, drop the tobacco... Right now to choose a very cheap pack of grinded cows meat is way simpler then to find and buy (cost) a plant- or mushroom based farce (I. E.). Before I went Vegan, I used to say I don't care if it's animal or plant as long as I get full and what nutrition I need to live and that it tastes good. Then again I'm not a food person. I think it's boring to eat and usually stop eating when I'm contempt. With a vegan lifestyle choice your kinda (unless you go for the Nestlé or other processed food producers' products all the time) forced in to caring about food and how to make food - which is great for many reasons. Anyway when you get over the oat flavour in oatmilk, it's awesome and I do not miss teet milk. And believe me, I'm from the land of cowsmilk. . I miss hardboiled eggs with caviar from tube. But we have vegan caviar on tube now so that's great. And for omelette my girlfriend (also vegan, but do not flex like me) makes an awesome chickpea flour omelette. Yeah. It's awesome, makes me not miss omelette from eggs. Only have a craving for a hardboiled egg. Eggs has saved my life through many poor periods with little to no food money. Great source of energy. Eggs are the menstrual of the chickens, right? I know one can imitate and make a vegan hardboiled egg. But I haven't tried or tasted it yet.. More music:
  11. psytones

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    Yes. A silent protest? About using milk to drink and cook. Substitutes are great. Recon one day it will be cheaper to get plant-based then animal-based commodities in super-markeds etc. Dr. Martin's shoes, vegan Omega 3 tabs (hey omega 3 comes from plants in the sea not only fish...). Again science and truthful knowledge is really important. To know. Anyway oatmilk just taste a tad different then cows milk - I prefer the taste with calcium. .since I grew up on cowsmilk and breadfood. Much taste is about habit.. Cheese... we have great vegan cheese blocks in the local grocery store now. It's very cool to see and taste the (r)evolution within vegan options in this country. Finally were caching on (big). Even McDonald's introduced a vegan burger choice not long ago, also Subway, Gas station vegan burger.. meh heh. It has a lot to do about caring and not ignoring. But yeah if Nestlé who has one of the best imo tasting and availible (!) processed vegan food options (meatballs, chicken, ..) fucks with it and makes its diet bad for us, and not healthy *Yey at least im not supporting the animal consumtion industry*. They can and will. But this boils down to concpiracy. The factory for these products (a Swedish brand originally bought up and "hidden away" by Nestlé many many years ago) are actually located in Isreal. Just like google. Ok I don't know how evil Nestlé is.. water .. They kinda own the/a marked .. baby food to mention one. KRAFT foods owns shit loads of sub companies. Incl. many originally Norwegian companies that we are/used to be proud of. Sold off. Business as usual. Some few winners"" buying up the smaller ones. Almost all individuals subcom to sell-out (ka-ching).
  12. psytones

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    Why drink it? .. I drink oatmilk, almond milk, cashew milk, soya milk.. and not rice milk, at least very seldom. I love a glass of milk with my bread food. Also we have i.e. Oat cream, sour cream, to cook, put in coffee, tea... .... Cows milk or what animal you prefer is not better for you as far as I know. Really.
  13. psytones

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    The Cowspiracy documentary and point from it is worth checking out. I'm vegan but can flex.. More and more options at supermarkeds are available and that's great. I'd much more like to be in a conciouse and aware world then a I don't give a Fuck. Also sone reas on to why i fell in love wit psy and hippies . For food receipts, bloggers put out a lot of ways to make awesome vegan meals. Science helps shit loads, gotta love science/knowledge and progress. I see vegan ism as progress. Cows that eat cows got cowmadness. I'm sure cannibals are mad men. B12 seems to be the weird needed key to survive. Else id say a vegan lifestyle aint no problem. Some huge companies like Nestlé in the north bought a long time ago a great vegan option/company like HelsansKøk.. Anyway, I came to spam suiting music. https://alice-drecords.bandcamp.com/track/dark-whisper-earthrings Ps. I think maybe a point of giving pray before you eat a meal (sheep?), was/is because your eating another life, animal life. I can not be cynical to pigs and whatnot is being scared and killed. In my city, even the biggest Kebab street food chain, has introduced Vegan kebab. Vegan ism is really hitting on. Much because of what the awake and yeah hippie people warned us about in the 70s. We can not pull miles of nets scraping the ocean bottom with corals and whatnot to give you sushi at the corner. Meatlovers gonna hate. But this vegan wave will grab good hold to our further evolition . Its demanded actually. We want the option to survive in a modern sociaty on a vegan diet. It's needed. Elder people think oh but if I drink oatmilk with calcium what happens to the poor cows teets! ? Someone has to milk her.. strange way of thinking. It's a ugly thing many and most of these fur and meat industries. Blocking us access to film their inside reality by law. Urk.. shiva shawarma. Anyway, who gives a Fuck right? Your cells or what are addicted to the animal fat, so you think you can't be without animal products. Like smoking cigarette. . You can do without. It would be cool with a Masterchef vegan edition... chefs . It's about proteins and seasoning, right? Beef made og shrooms are good.