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  1. Norway's (country is a state of mind) officially earliest produced Goatrance track (1995) will be featured on this VA -to be released soon https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-goagilde-project-norways-got-goatrance ) :)(:
  2. Ok I got one. 1st track eheh (all tracks r solid quality and variated k&b, notice the next-last track) http://beatspace-nocomment.bandcamp.com/album/alien-technology-no-comment-records
  3. ^ you know dude, and I'm REALLY serious. The Yamabikaya album on Shiva Space Technology djs Really well with that style I do not see a reason for you not to get it and be pleasently amused by the tracks on it not availible on YT ©®π∆׶√ (awesome VA track you posted, great!)
  4. I just scrolled through.. I'd say that the first "Psychedelic" box, is just UK Full-on, or psychedelic fullon. It's like the "Full-On" box with Israeli Full-on.., it's all Full-on, Israeli & UK style - Israel usually being more melodic/cheesy... Like it took over for Euro-Trance which died a shamefull death, became taboo. Before "club" fullon was born, I called it Isratrance and it was Great (Tandu, Psysex, Sandman, Phreaky, all that goodness)
  5. Godspeed to you then, I won't be there though. So what equipment was used to make it? As a dj and organizer I find it very interesting. Thanks for answering.
  6. here are some tasters of the V/A http://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-goagilde-project-norways-got-goatrance Enjoy. More to come Thanks for the support;) Peace & Love
  7. Hei hei all, we aim to show that there is quality Goatrance made in Norway as well as Psy. We worked hard for over a year to create the best product possible. Please help us make this a reality, any donation appreciated but those donating 300 NOK or more will receive the 3xCD Digipak; 28 tracks, Artwork by Mariquesart - 3 panel clear plastic trays - no booklet, no extra cardboard unless funds roll in .. 300/500 copies will be printed depending on economy (at least 100 copies will go to the 20 artists involved). All tracks are ready, mastered (Goa Doc), unreleased with production years ranging from 1995 til 2019! V/A - GOAGILDE "Norway's Got Goatrance" with: Maan - Phreak By Nature - Clementz - Excitaxory (ex-Engines Of Creation) - Armakuni (debut) - Microcosm - Phobium - Material Music - Vimana Shastra - Homegrown Lifeform - Angry Dwarf - Strangepork (Drum Pets) - Trold - Psyolopher - Protostar One - Aion - Ra - Goalien - Lemurians .. + Bonus: digi DL track by Ion Vader. Have a taste of the compilation here: http://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-goagilde-project-norways-got-goatrance CD1 = Analogue Fjords of Norway CD2 = Norwegian Aural Borealis CD3 = Yah-hey Tru Norvegr Release by KALI EARTH RECORDS >> the fund-raising link https://paypal.me/pools/c/8hcO6jnp4D .. if you wish to donate without using PayPal, please PM me. As you can see the goal is near. The official release date of both the physical and digital edition has not been set yet, as we're waiting for the original handpainted artwork by Mariques Art to be done before the VA can be pressed (professional glass CDs and quality Digipak). Expected finilizing and official release of the physical product is around Sept.,/Oct. 2019. Thank you :)(: Namaste ॐ PLUR PS. All profit from this if any will go to the next level Goatrance V/A on KER named GOAGIMLE.
  8. https://junoreactor.bandcamp.com/album/into-valhalla
  9. What u joking about IMBA, Psytrance saves life. Goa/Psytrance saved Erland's life. https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com Well Ok I also know what u mean.
  10. Not enough music in this thread, can you post some examples of music you'd like to rock these house? Portugal Netherlands Libya
  11. Thanx(: I struggled to find the direct comparising also, just had a faulty memory:)
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