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  1. RIP Eyal Yankovich, the founder of Hommega

    I'm sorry to read this, he must have been to young. Thoughts go to his family and friends. To loose someone dear sure hurts. RIP And no offence, really. Maybe it would have been better if he layed off the shawarmas and became a vegan fighting for the new and better world, If he had been more into the true psychedelics of things instead of the club and stadium money making scheme of business. Anyway, stay vegetarian ppl! No matter how much cheap white bread and tasteless cheese you get served. They don't now better. The vegan world is amazing. It's one of the good truths. I did not know Eyal, and do not claim to know anything. Except that he was as far as I could see, fat. Shiva Shawarma
  2. Why do we keep worshipping the old Gods?

    + that each person maybe had a certain equipment (hard to get a hold of, costly), like "hey you got a guitar, i got drums, he's got a Bass. Lets combine." The old gods (oldskool before fullon came in) wont be around to play/present their (old) music for us Live 4 ever. So a lot of people are appreciating this oppertunity that the Neogoafanatics has pushed for. Its really neat, the way that it is now, has become - after the decade with fullon and prog. And how Psytrance as awhole will develope it self is constantly interesting. The 2005 "Psytrance is Dead" era for sure proved that good. Imo 2005-6 has some of the very best releases out there even though certain people where screaming that Psytrance is dead. Goa is a goal. Like phenix. For a whole wave of Goatrance lovers these last few years is heaving heaven forfilled. Many like me; the idea to experience Pleiadiens live (not the fullon) was thought to be a gone oppertunity and missed out on 4 ever.
  3. Modern goa/new school

    Maybe this could work for you? https://sentimony.bandcamp.com/album/overdream-beautiful-thinking The last track is the slowest btw.
  4. Desert Island Albums (GOA): Your pick

    Hey VOID! No matter how high you where while making this topic, it is only fair that you also contribute to it as "promised"!! TOP 5 GOA TRANCE ALBUMS ..... Who in their right mind manages to serve up a complete and regrettless list like this?
  5. Kadasarva - Steamagination

    I'd like to bump up this (Yes!) reviewthread since its album, is a real piece of gem when it comes to general Psytrance music, like it or not - as mentioned somewhere I read: Kadasarva - Steamagination is like a modern take on the Goa goes 2000 Psytrance before it became for a period, generic and clubmanifested. Steamagination is for me a bold (?) and WELL DONE take on the classic album by Space Cat (with some Simon Posford eh), "Beam Me Up". .............................................. no? BTW. here's his https://soundcloud.com/kadasarva and homepage http://kadasarva.com/ + you can buy his album from Sun Station Records' BC http://shop.sunstation.ru/album/kadasarva-steamagination I'm not 100% sure but the album is no longer to be found on Ektoplazm, where it back in it's day was released for free, with the option to donate money. I found the album first around 2012, or maybe 11 as it was released (ektoplazm frontpage..). I lost it soon after but always rememberd that i'd one day have to get a hold of it again. Because it was so well crafted. Time passed and all I could remember was the music, and the album art, for sure. I searched for the album not long ago, and finally found it because my searchwords incl. "steampunk". The artist name is for me atleast a hard one to remember. So you better learn it Kadasarva. Ka-Da Sar-Va. Ka Da Sar Va. Kada Sarva. Kadasarva. Thats a lot of a's. Maybe it'll stick. Now the artist from my observation of information is more focused on making Psychedelic Tech Trance released on i.e. Boshke Beats Records! As HimmelKompass. If the producer decides to release a new Psytrance album. That would be exited to listen. here's one of my elder reviews that has a string to this album by Kadasarva (still hard to remember) https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/52879-va-unconventional-compiled-by-alic-horns-hoofs-rec/ [Horns and Hoofs Entertainment] peace
  6. X-Dream - Remixed [Flying Rhino Records]

    Has anyone tripped to this piece of of double released remiXes yet .. shroomes, 'cid, shanga, mescalin, lsa, 2cb, 2ci, and all of these letters...... ?
  7. Arronax - Crossing The Rubicon

    Surprising pleasent psychedelic goa trance album with some agony maybe. Has some moments in its production that just pleases in the best possible way. Sounds morphing changing flowing .. Without an indepth review or opinion since Im not so familier with the tracks on it, this is a short description from my view; it starts out kinda blend and doesnt wow too much, the tracks seem to get better, and around the halfway of the albums lenght it steps it up for each track and the last track sounded to me like a forest goatrance track of sorts, and the track before the last track is a breakbeated downtempo goatrance track that did not fail to impress/please! Again, some small details in the production of how sound flow and morph into eachother (in lack of better words) is key for me to pleasently be surprised and to like this release. Great ! But maybe not awesome. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/crossing-the-rubicon
  8. Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities

    Infected Mushroom
  9. Youve got to listen to this. So I made this topic. Holy ... macro- https://www.discogs.com/Phillip-Werren-Electronic-Music/release/6580465
  10. X-Dream - Remixed [Flying Rhino Records]

    I think this remiXed VA album seems intricate, well done in its essence of experienced psychedelic producers. But it comes off real boring, not unlike X-Dreams music them selfs throughout. It can also seem boring to the naked ear. Take a listen to both the youtube videos in this discogs page of the Single of which the Out here We are Stoned track comes from: --> https://www.discogs.com/E-Rection-Suck-My-Dang-A-Long/master/30429
  11. History of Trance in the USA

  12. How can I convert audio format?

    I have about no idea but you seem so lonely so I thought Id give it a shot to help you out on your audioconverter quest. Have you tried Audacity? Its free, and great. In my experiences. That is, if I got your topic right. *needless to say your topic makes me confused and Im not the right person to help you. Unless this helps; http://www.audacityteam.org/