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  1. Donno if this goes for Deezer and Tidal as well, to mention some competition. But Spotify has since a few months now dropped the commercials for Free users. So now you can enjoy KER music on it without interruptions *yey*. So for you Free loaders that use Spotify can now enjoy music better .. Only thing is that you have to play in Random Shuffle mode (atleast on the phone App), and you have an X amount of skips. If you enjoyed this bullitin, plz Follow this Playlist anyway PS. On Tidal, or Deezer.. if not both.. You can search Record labels.. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1VD4uswQKBFtRsmYVDlzLl and no, the Goagilde V/A is by choice still not on Spotify ..
  2. Yo. So, whatchathink? Comon, be honest now Like the Artist name? Like the Artwork? Like the, tracks? I do .. Released on Friday the 21st .. SPØTTIFY: Båndcunt: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/shadows-of-time Beatpært: https://www.beatport.com/release/shadows-of-time/3628974 And other places:
  3. Well geh, wanna review this badass? https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/perversion-and-insanity
  4. Har-El's California Sunshine albumart is done. We might most prop just skip the Anahata rmx album.. Buuut, there is still need for Artwork to Angry Dwarf's upcoming LP .......... Yo ready for it? Let us know and we'll send you the Audio. RLS date is far away still.
  5. Cool school got shroomz. If it's too long / many tracks to be an EP, and there's too few to be an LP. Means it's a MiniAlbum..if you wanna..right?:) Love the idea that these two brothers trip & make music together. Makes me think of my own
  6. Yeah what happened to to the AWESOME live Part 1. & 2. on Youtube/the web .. '+ If you have it, can you upload it , release it , or share a link where it is listenable. `Or should it not be listened to ? .. This track ain't that bad ~D ,,
  7. Humbled, and amazed. It's truly a great honour to be able to release this powerful Dark Psychedelic Forest Trance Album by the one and only, Proxeeus. KER-BC: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/perversion-and-insanity KER's FB RLS Event: https://m.facebook.com/events/280011267387904 Spotify: The release will be spread worldwide to shops like Juno, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and all other places - and also if you use Deezer, Tidal.. It should be there as well. Enjoy!
  8. Tell me, how real good is this Oldschool Goatrance EP?? .. No really, I'm asking. Bcs here at me it goes on loop............... PS. It's Free/NYP https://goagalaxy.bandcamp.com/album/trip-to-nitzholandia-ep
  9. I am one of those who appreciate deep information, and even I was shocked about the lenght of the promo text on this release There is one thing I do not understand tho.. THANKS TO Dr. Spook who runs the umbrella, Geomagnetic Label Group: Why on Spiral Trax? TimeWarp (and Ovnimoon) are the Labels in GEO- that release purer Goa-Trance. Why not there? Anyway, cool you created your own label instead. Best of luck with it's evolution!
  10. Track 3, Slavs On Mars .. Wooow! And as usual, Clementz im on Imba now.. Waiting for the remix of MWNN .............
  11. Nice list(: .. I had this back in the day.. https://www.discogs.com/master/10625-Theatre-Of-Tragedy-mjuzik *ye ye it's what it was.
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