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  1. O.O.O.D - Snow Driven EP Psysex - Survival Kit EP
  2. Best album I've heard since ages. Totally perfect, nostalgic/deja vu, super quality, & Variated! Beautiful across the plate. 24bit (you need that extra soundsystem) http://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/inks-24bit 16bit (save some money while you're at) http://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/inks + the Vinyl edition & CD .. Amazing album. Love all it's inspiration & perfect sound. It is deep. I bow down
  3. Jupp, Kailum All tracks written & produced by Dave Saragosi SPOT "I" For You https://open.spotify.com/album/4aqkPxvLWrM0jv7PqtVTbp?si=L81SMqS9RDKWOMpXOadEWA KER BC http://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/kailum YT Top 20 https://www.beatport.com/release/kailum/3008725 EF FB https://www.facebook.com/trance.e.f/ KER SC (Sampler) Kailum DISCOGS.COM https://www.discogs.com/artist/65219-Kailum EF DISCOGS/COM https://www.discogs.com/artist/7837914-Electronics-Fusion + worldwide \'_'/
  4. We're all people of colour.. The end. & PLUR.
  5. It's for me (not a deep Radio knower) much closer to the Space Cat's Beam Me Up album. I'm sure you know of this, http://boshkebeatsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/x-dream-remixed-digital-version-flying-rhino-records @Multi-Media Fun read ...
  6. & not so so long ago as you know: https://zenonrecords.bandcamp.com/track/psysex-vs-infected-mushroom-dirty-80s-pick-rmx
  7. Edit. Let me try again, i'll be back to edit this post. Ok, uff no sorry much respect, and I think ppl in this forum will give you plenty good suggestions. I dare to try to recommend you Track 6, 3, & 1 on this album http://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/love-magic-the-dust-album And check out some of these releases: https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com/ & maybe the new UX stuff is your groove? http://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/lazarus-rising
  8. Well a day or so ago I listened to Penta's 2020 album and it really made me sad to hear how shitty it was. Then I went back to his older albums and it made me so happy to feel how great they are, at least some of them.
  9. ^ Elecrypnose is now making a new Remix to Psysex' & IM's Dirty 80's. Speaking of " Np. "You digital addict" *insert 303* https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/track/addiction-efs-hooked-remix A zeitgeisty track.
  10. The sampler is up on SC. Do you remember Kailum? Prelisten to the Kailum LP by Electronics Fusion by KaLi EaRtH ReCoRdS on Because We K.E.R.
  11. ^ Come on buddy, put the Goagilde VA on 9th or 10th *wuupwuup*
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