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  1. psytones

    Videogames official thread

    I think I'll always will miss to play this brilliant game: And looking forward to play Abe's Oddesy again .... Any day soon now What happen to FFIV remake? Its a year or two delayed now? Good, dont have the money to buy a PS4-5 now anyway.
  2. psytones

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    Yea... So not this tuesday but the following tuesday falling on the 26th of june?
  3. psytones

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    Ok thanks. Ive edited my vote.
  4. In t ro d uc i ng the new and improved KER logo, idea by Jan Erik, and realized by Danung Design. ~;~ Barcode code defined by the web? Talos Principle (Short version: What makes a human, human?) U nd e r ho l d ni n g @ Yah ps. Original painting by #IdaVision Do You Like It? ..
  5. So yeah, out today on 604 date
  6. Look and sounds pretty cool!! * MATERIAL MUSIC - DNA (GRE1DW058) 1. Sigh Formulation (misspelled Psy Formulation....) 2. Psy. System (well, when you move track 2 to track 8, like it should be, this 3. track becomes 2nd track on the album) 3. Blue Mysost (Myost is such a better word for this track then Alkymist, also think of the blue in mushroom outside the cheese) 4. Psychoactive Systems 5. DNA (what a great flying reminiscing track..!!) 6. Psychic Power 7. Planetary Movement 8. Par-Ra-.Rel Universe (you see, you hear what I mean? - this is a mistake but it was too late to fix - big distribution - so my bad:/) 9. Digimafia ^ how it should have been released 4th of June 2018, but becasue of a misconseption., this is how most prob. it will be released: https://www.psyshop.com/DNA-Material-Music-Goa/gre1dw058/ MATERIAL MUSIC - DNA (GRE1DW058) 1. Psy Formulation 2. Par-Ra-Rel Universe 3. Psy System 4. Blue Alkymist 5. Psychoactive Systems 6. DNA 7. Psychic Power 8. Planetary Movement 9. Digimafia https://www.psyshop.com/DNA-Material-Music-Goa/gre1dw058/ + other music joints .. 4th of June 2018 aka. Date 604 WEEK Coming soon / listen to samples STYLE Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance FORMAT Download, LP CATALOG GRE1DW058
  7. psytones

    Fiery Dawn - Magus

    Well damn I have to agree. I didn't bother to listen to the album but did as always enjoy the words of the OP reviewer. Then I didn't tthink more of it until the kicma person replied. I still didn't bother to listen but I did take notice in his claim of the "one of the best tracks" comments. Today I saw Redo (ready? are you sweedish?) and decided to push play on the recomended track by kicma. And boy oh boy was I surpised. This is awesome oldschool Goatrance imo. Really stellar and great progression, melodies and sections that keep my interest not only by ear but also by emotion. I listened to the Tartarus track and let the album play it self out to the end because it felt so good. Now I've pushed play from the top, and am currently at track number 2, Electro. Wow, great album so far. I'm lovng it, thats for sure. Maybe the OP reviewer needs to spin it in his car on another round around the drive-through. ***oh shit, i actually had to puke while writing this. I haven't had breakfast yet and I swallowed a multivitamine earlier today. Weird taste. *Then again I'm not a great Goatrance knower, or purist
  8. psytones

    What new music did you get today?

    I got this in the post all the way from India here the other day. I have doubt about breaking it's sealing. Ive never not broken a sealing before... I always enjoy my purchesses. But this time, I thought maybe for the first time (im not gonna buy 2 copies) Id not break the sealing. And then i saw the seller put up another sealed copy for 35 pounds .. https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/692442375 Could I be in the possetion of a fake copy, or maybe he for reason i dont know (he wont reply my message) have a lot of original sealed Ubar Tmuar (and others) music and are selling them off for original price? Too good to be true? ..... Id like to own the original product, not a well done fake. Should I break the sealing and see how well done, maybe original it is?
  9. Buy just the track you prefer then ..... each track is 1£, so you can pay 5 GBP and DL them from your account individually, or pay GBP 9 and get them in one go..... Bandcamp ref. "the pleiadiens effected them, then it became time for them to infect them back".- Wonder how Infected the Pleiadiens got of Classical Mushroom. For sure they must have loved to listen to such beautiful psychedelic trance creation clearly inspired by, their work. At least to DJ IMs stuff with them ,,aliens", is a HOOOOT! So much fun. Boom!
  10. I'm not sure but maybe it's a track by Loose Connection?
  11. psytones

    Something (I assume) by the nuns

    Well wtf bro At least write what track it was for those who do not know and also would like to know!
  12. psytones

    Name of this fullon track?

    Prob. not this track https://geomagneticrecords.bandcamp.com/track/nicotine-for-silver-screen-part-2 - but maybe the album attached contains the track your searching. At least the synths remind me of the album, which I do not know by heart. I'm "just" a fan of this remix of thee Glitz ,)
  13. I tried to give (sell) him 2Dragons album by Material Music, or another one of Material Music's healing Psychedelic Trance Dance creations (DNA, 2Dragons, Divine Dance, Æ, MADI Experience), but he respectfully declined through mail. But he did say that Cronomi are looking for release, that is more to their sonic vision (Their Ward thought 2Dragons and other Material Music works to be to, cold) . So I wouldn't give up hope for another gem of an album from them. To bad for us I guess that he declined the Material Music. I think it could have suited well on their label. The tracks compression became a problem as well since the original tracks saved have locked complications. That Dr. Spook btw. mastered well, and released (DNA) an EP on Ovnimoon (shameless promotion going on here now) Records, and the Album connected comes out on the US of A date 604. Cool stuff. I'm attaching an image of the GEO- artwork for the 2Dragons released first offered to Cronomi. *DNA was hopefully supposed to go to TIP btw. (after MoonWeeD's encouragement), but Raja wrote that they are in a changeover process.. VA from Cronomi would be a great listen : ) CRO N OM I PS Cybernetika rules!
  14. Guess i'm not such a hopeless n00b hanging behind after all then. And will continue my Wav. loyalty 'i think my n00byness actually have fear towards FLAC, and have never gotten to know the format. Ogg btw. I only use when wishing to have small sized files to put on mixcloud .. where they do not take too big files (like Wav.)