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  1. psytones

    Looking for melodic forest tracks

  2. psytones

    Looking for melodic forest tracks

    This is more melodic and fun in the Forest with elves music present https://youtu.be/1mqYApM19PM The whole Haltya album is awesome.
  3. psytones

    Looking for melodic forest tracks

  4. https://overdream.bandcamp.com/album/overdream-redux OBS. Its a FREE release - unless you want it in your Bandcamp player, then it's the minimum of 0,5 money..
  5. These are strong emotional tracks baja, very mazing. Its like dancing to Bonnie Tyler almost, needing a hero "AZ NHJO HYENNRO(아즈 노흐즈오 현느로) - Goa 2 (Super Ver 1.0)" "sweat in the forehead", i say no more. ... did you actually buy distribution services for them 4 tracks. Thats like, 20 dollahs a year? R u Happy -?- I see your Not on Bandcamp, and Not on CD baby, baby.
  6. Holy Krishna's diapers! KER is on CD baby, Artist profil: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/MaterialMusic The Single: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/materialmusic The Album: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/materialmusic2
  7. psytones

    Mystic Progressive-Trance 2003 Need Help!

    Have you tried, Shazaam! ? .. Sorry, bad joke. I guess you have. I don't know what track this is, not heard it at all.
  8. SoUnDcLoUd tracks, in the order I personally preffer! 1. Sigh Formulation 2. Psy. System 3. Blue Mysost 4. Psychoactive Systems 5. DNA 6. Psychic Power 7. Planetary Movement 8. Par-Ra-Rel Universe 9. Digimafia Or in the off. released order if you prefer it:
  9. Totally ås. I have some money now. digi Pre-order plz? ~ ; ~ Maybe throw in a psynews discount code..(bandcamp) *note to self don't forget the Overdream soon to be released
  10. psytones

    What music are you listening to right now?

  11. psytones

    The cheesy full-on thread

    "When sounds/effects are placed too simple, imo. It's cheesy" be it dark, goa, progressive or whatever Some cheese makes me feel good, some make me feel ill. If you can say it's cheesy with a delightfull smile, it's not so bad. About cheese, i have to mention here that when someone calls something cheesy in a trance track, it can -also- point to how/where the sounds are placed inside or on the track. It's structure. Taste often being lusting for advancements and depth like complex/amazing layering. Like wine. I'm not a producer my self, but a listener for sure. And outside tobacco / shit, I'm not a substance abuser. The Recursion Loop 2017 EP that I reviewed - which I called out as cheesy. I did so mostly because the tracks' structurer has this boarderlining thing going on where on one side it has space but on the other side it lacks depth. so It's nice but not really amazing or by my definition, 'psychedelic' as it (imo) comes off as too simply put or not deep enough. But nice. Overall the EP's placements of effects most often just comes at me as a bit "off", or "too right" or just normal may be the better word. Feeling that it doesnt really reflect a psychedelic experience. Like a painting, it misses the advanced weirdness, but has nice elements and some things to look deeper at which is nice for a spectator, and seems more about being scifi trance like then "psy", but then again, it boarderlines landing on holding it's own ground . I find this simple opinion for some reason very difficult to express by elaborated written words, so forgive my brute way of explaining my opinion here. We all can agree that this is cheesy. But then again it is not a claimer to be, or be of Psytrance So it goes to show, R.L makes Psy-Trance music. I to this day find it interesting how diffecult it can be to make great or stellar melodies that do not become wrongly cheesy.. i.e. with russian psytrance from the older days. Or newer more technically advanced psytrance. It's so simple to make ,,cheesy" or not-good-melodies and lines, that many producers just quit trying (Goatrance) and focused on the psychedelic core of the Goa/Psy-trance realm structure instead (Darkpsy) adding empathy on groove and bass, leaving out them obvious melodielines, sunshine (cheese? not neccesarly. Who can deny good fluff anyway?) and focusing on the placement of effects and how they correlate with eachother, making Psycore (not thinking bpm) if you don't focus on the 'Dark'. BTW. I'm listening to much Dreaml4nd today while writing this. So much smiles. And sure, lot's of cheese, sometimes and oftensaved by good placements/structure. Allowing t to be what it is, without failing. PS2. I recently heard the new Escape Into... album, or ep. Really not my cup of tea. It felt like a weak version of IM's CV-2, which is poor in it self.. oh yeah, right now the Dreaml4nd track Im at sounds rrrreally cheesy. Glad it has loads of cheddar inside as well. And he does make the game inspired music he makes, so.... In my opinion and experience, the cheese problem with the Full-on genre is usually because of it's choice of substance.. or lack of it. The latter I can have much respect for. Also, the full-on symptom in general hits all genres, also forest, and dark. It devours itself becoming a copy of an imitation, whatever that means