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  1. Hey, your music is very nice, been there with it. So much positive prop to you for your outputs. May i ask whats the art connection /why? http://avatarmusic.bandcamp.com/album/amnesia https://youtu.be/OBe-ImPUqdw
  2. Anything extra is welcomed in my book. Free ekstra stuff w̶i̶t̶h̶ m y order.. I got a small printed poster when I ordered the new Goch with Friends album from India made/drawn by Whrikk I like the incense stick that Ultimae Rec. allways include in each order. Stickers of any kind are allways fun, patches can be cool .. .. and there is more special free "merch" provided with orders out there. This label https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/love-magic-the-dust-album i know (first hand) also deliver with each physical order a hand made -on order- crochet pouch that has an incented treated woodstick on it for closing the hand made pouch.... I'll add some of the sent-out orders as images below. Really anything unique and special incl. for free in a order is kewl beans in my book. Some like to incl. glossy flyers, or postcards .. Danger of them becoming thrown away as garbage really depends. So the moral question of creating more garbage arrises. With my Unknown Cause purches I also got a freebee like a keychain-wooden-square. I use it to this day on my key-set (got it in 2012) and am happy for it.. It could have ended as garbage. But it didn't. I like to get free music as free merch with my order. I have experienced getting another artists CD for free when Ive ordereed a album from label. Be it a physical release they need to rid.. or a flyer with free DL-code. Outside the free merch here & there It's nice for those who can afford it to offer label/artist merch like hoodies or tees or something else unique and/or funny. Its best when the product is somehow cool and usable, of course. What Penz above is writing about clothes is very true for me as well. Plus it tends to be very costly to buy (yes of course im willing to pay little extra for good long lasting quality). Some items are just for fun .... *save the enviroment*
  3. psytones

    Videogames official thread

    Holy. I didnt know. I loved the original Oddworld 20 years ago.. Ive never played any of the bonus (followup) games..and never got around to play the highly recommended New n Tasty (upgrade of the original game) .. but for this, and whenever FF7 remake gets released... i will buy a new PlayStation.. Then i can hope for a Great new WipeOut as well.. what OST http://www.oddworld.com/soulstorm/
  4. I'm positively biased when I post it's intro track is such a goood Love & Magic (surprise!) edit original @ it
  5. I'm not lying when I post Its also full of unteleased gems ..
  6. psytones

    What new music did you get today?

    'Nuff said
  7. psytones

    Hmm... I think I've heard that before

    Omg the two last posts are shockers .. Honesty
  8. psytones

    Bassline of the day

    Man, all that album you mention is fat, stylish and groovy cool bass lines, technoish and psychedelic trance. Very cool release. In ways since its so cool and variated and pretty technoid I think of this and I also think of KoxBox's Great Unknown. Maybe I'll get around to review it within my life If I'm gonna drop a today's bass line for me.. I'll go with ...... hum.... https://goch.bandcamp.com/track/linear-dimensions Ok so this track didn't come natural to me today but was forced to have a track to mention. It's totally awesome though. Strong bassline
  9. psytones

    THE worst cover in psy history

    ^ breaking rules.. But yeah, I do agree :Offtopic:
  10. psytones

    V.A. - Elan Vital

    Nice release but come on with all forum respect, this is not a review. It's a promo.
  11. Well this release is much too weird not to be shared here. First of all it's the world's longest album. "Demon Tea is proud to present a world record breaking release! The longest artist album ever published, almost 12 hours," https://demontearecordings.bandcamp.com/album/gods-own What you think? Demon Tea Recordings are very much back, but at what price?.. (I used to eat mushrooms and listen to this label many years back. I'm not so sure I'm up to it today. Could be a fun ride I guess. Weird music tends to reviel it's true psychedelic scrumptiousness while bowling the crazed funny hat .. ) ")
  12. Very expensive great release .. costed a lot to buy and get shipped. For the love of UbarTmar. . But the jewel case on the CD sent my way had a stupid crack on it, 2 actually. Thin ones. CD is OK. Just sucks to have paid "so much" for it to arrive with a crack in the jewel case. I wrote them/he a mail. First got promise to be sent a new one if I paid a new shipping cost of 7 euros. Which was fine. Then nothing happened and the money was given back. I wrote a new mail, long time ago now, but honestly feel like I'm being ignored and the pricey release with a crack on it I'll just have to keep and enjoy. I just now decided to wrap up the plastic......... and the CD is spinning in my CDJ100s. . Sounds great. I have the Wav files of the album sent to me from Roy. So that's nice .. https://youtu.be/f-302L3JdeA