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  1. Sawfly

    Jaïa - Fiction

    Great album 9.5/10
  2. Sawfly

    Cosma - Nonstop

    This is pretty damn good..
  3. Yep. I'm listening to this album the last time as a whole. I am on the second track which is called Are We Done Yet? and that's pretty much what I am thinking now
  4. Sawfly

    Darkpsy - Fear

    Still hits hard despite the silly name. I rememer back in 2004 or something when I had friends who were more obsessed about track names and such than what the music actually sounded like. This was a hard sell and nobody was willing to listen. It was their loss. I still enjoy this album to this day
  5. Background music and pretty lousy even at that...
  6. Advent of the Blue Radula by Deviant Species
  7. Not a bad album. Couple of really good tracks here too.
  8. Sawfly

    Menog - Emotions !

    Not a bad album by any means. Not really generic but not that original either. Shows potential at least but I didn't really like his newer releases that much. 7.5/10
  9. Not a bad album by all means...
  10. Sawfly

    Ypsilon5 - Binary Sky

    Nice melodies here...
  11. A much better Digital Psionics comp. than Psionic Storm. That Dark Nebula & Scatterbrain track here is much better.
  12. Yep, I found this to be a pretty weak compilation too. It sure does have it's moments but it's nothing special imo
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