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    The second full-length album by Distant System is now available here
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    TMedian project: Constellation Suntrip Records / Goa-trance 1. Antidote 2. Mission Adept 3. It Is Not Possible 4. Infinite Space 5. On The Edge 6. Pandora's Box 7. Sand Of Time 8. Sunrise 9. The Constellation Of Aries Median Project is Sergey Petrenko, a fairly new artist in Goa-trance. I enjoyed his previous album, In the Depth of Space (2017). So when I saw MP had a track called Life Line on Suntrip's compilation, The 50th Parallel (2018), my curiosity peeked. I thought the song was one of the best tracks on the compilation. Constellation (2019) is very melodic and psychedelic, coupled with strong synths, kicks, acid, and atmosphere. It's a very dance-friendly Goa album and some have even referred to it as Astral Projection meets Mindsphere. I'd like to add Artifact303 to that comparison chart 1. Antidote is a morning Goa song. The psy-ambient intro is beautiful. We're treated to some AP-esque melodies (without emulating AP thankfully), colourful and uplifting. I liked the adjustments at 3:45 and 5:15, and the melodies at 5:28 and 6:42. The latter incorporated key changes nicely. The song did little to keep my interest or engage me though. To me it sounded too safe and typical, formulaic. That said, it's a nice track. I'm all for positive vibes! I just find it more conventional than memorable. That said, I imagine the intent was to start the album off with an easier piece before moving into the more elaborate, complex, and cosmic story arc / Goa ones. 3.5 / 5 2. Mission Adept is more interesting! The song is zippy, kinetic, intense, and exciting-- like a new Filteria track. The ambient notes are good! Initially I found the occasional ringing effect (like a land-line phone at 2:32 and 2:39) a bit odd, but it grows to be altered as the music progresses, more alien and foreign in nature. Still I would have preferred to not have a telephone association in those few moments, as it distracted from the cosmic (imaginative) feel in my mind. The song has a visceral sense of urgency that I liked, and the atmosphere's great! The third act sounded like a healthy continuance of Act 2, but was solid! This is a fun, fast-paced track! 4.0 / 5 3. It Is Not Possible expands on the more electric approach that began with Mission Adept. The song is sharper, more fluid, intense, and powerful. I loved the synths in the opening act, and the forth minute took the music to new highs. The last act is homogenous-- less inventive when comparing the second to the first. That said. this is a thrilling, intergalactic song with strong synths, atmosphere, and climax! Couldn't the song have been called "It Is Possible" though since anything and everything is possible? This song is going to lift dance-floors, and it's great for working out, or immersing the mind into energetically, for home-listening. Super track! 4.75 / 5 4. Infinite Space maintains the more intergalactic approach. Great intro. The synths from 2:27 to 4:15 were ultra-melodic, juicy, and reminded me of Lemurians in their prime-- exceptional. The music quickly transitioned thankfully to vary things up, and the scenery shifted from 4:42 to 6:00. Here the main lead hugged the spotlight. I honestly thought it went on for a bit longer than necessary. Fortunately the melodic growth at 6:01 was satisfying. But the cool down part went on for a bit longer than needed. I suppose its a friendly approach for DJ's to mix but it grew a little draggy to me. This is a sweet track with one of the best melodies (2:27) I've heard all year! 4.5 / 5 5. On The Edge reminds me of what a new AP album could sound like. The song takes off like a rocket, remaining fully-charged and gripping. Excellent climax in the third minute. The transition at 4:00 maintained the catchy feels. There is a transitional segment where the tempo changes up with supporting elements. This part was so suspenseful, fun, catchy, and unexpected before what happened next! Man I wish there were more transitions this catchy to pulsate us to more magnetic terrain (thinking out loud). The song becomes more varied and delectable (for the most part) as it progresses. 5 / 5 6. Pandora's Box starts off great. The AP-esque synths and voice effects in the first several minutes (the song's first half) is strong. The artist keeps things interesting, moving, creative, and fun! Is it me though or does Act 1 seem to not know when to end? The song runs out of ideas at some point around 4:35 forward and grows repetitive and bland, lazy compared to the first half. The forth minute could have transitioned to healthier, more varied (wonderful) terrain. 3.5 / 5 7. Sand Of Time begins like a new AP track that's strong, gripping, and dark. The artist balances intense with harmonious synths (add atmosphere) beautifully. Act 1 [0:00 to 3:30] is excellent! Oddly, the segment from 3:31 to 4:23 was a bit empty and bland, like a typical way to transition via remove layers until something else arrives. I get that its purpose is to allow us to breathe, but give us something interesting to sink our minds into! The Ambient/Goa-influenced interlude that follows [4:24 to 5:15] is wonderful, coupled with warm atmosphere, voice effects, and more. It's an eventful, stand-out moment on the album. Now I have TWO THOUGHTS on what comes next. ONE: The hymns (stepping up and down in arrangement) sound typical and take away from the fantasy vibe, and climax via 5:17 forward is too formulaic and bland, as if the artist was trying to cater to the more general crowd. I've heard mainstream Trance climaxes like these hundreds of times (It's not why I listen to Goa music). TWO: Act 2 set the uplifting climax up nicely despite it sounding a bit similar (bland?) and safe, but it works for the general crowd. The hymn key changes aren't bad. They add an ethereal touch to the dance-friendly finale despite the more mainstream friendly (conventional) approach sounding less impressive, ambitious, and imaginative than I would have liked. This is a tough one to score. I loved everything up until the segment starting at 5:17 where the song's structure and direction took the easy way out. Nice atmosphere! 4 / 5 8. Sunrise is a beautiful morning sunrise track. Not only that-- it's full of life, hope, electricity (passion/drive), and inspiration. I love the sound/melody work in the first act, combining beauty with momentum, determination. The band of melodies at 2:00 is strong, accentuated with atmosphere, ambient, etc., and a bouncy, delectable Goa tune. There's a cool effect at 3:17. The band of melodies exit for new growth and the music climbs. Nicely balancing high with low sounds, the vehicle reaches an island (interlude) around the fifth minute, allowing us to catch our breath before a quick climb to-- an amazing, kinetic, adrenaline-searing climax across the fifth and sixth minute. Wow! To top it off, the song is accentuated with complimentary leads across the last act. The song puts a smile on my face. I love it!!! Thank you (to artist) for pushing the energy envelope, feels, and creativity, and for not settling for something conventional and formulaic sounding! This is an outstanding morning/Goa sunrise track! 5 / 5 9. The Constellation Of Aries a strong, gripping and electric first few minutes that pad this thing as the [level design] crescendo of sounds begins to form, doubling and tripling like a tidal wave collecting energy until exploding into a monster climax! The ocean calms down for act 2, keeping the moving atmosphere in tact as new synths take shape. This is a great part, alleviating (swishing up) the big arc and allowing us to return to the groovy, acid, sexy even melodies that kicked things off. We arrive at a brief transition in the fifth minute before this fiery ball of ethereal energy begins to rebuild-- this time acquiring angelic energy packets, melodies along the way until this enormous rainbow climaxes again-- this climax is complimented with sustained leads. It's beautiful!!! This is going to be another huge track on dance floors. It's loaded with energy, positive vibes, heart, and spirit. 4.75 / 5 CONCLUSON Constellation is a high energy, high quality cosmic [neo] Goa album that is clearly inspired by [but does not emulate] AP's Dancing Galaxy and Another World-- but different and for our time now. It's very dance friendly, climactic, and ascensional sounding at times. Suntrip is expanding their types of Goa Trance which is nice to see! The album showcases attractive sound/melody work, atmosphere, and some of the best climaxes I've heard in quite some time, e.g., On the Edge, Sunrise, The Constellation of Aries. The opening track doesn't do justice to how good the album is, but I suppose the intent was to start off the album with a friendlier (for wider, more general audiences) track before the more cosmic journey that awaits. That said, there were a few times where I felt more variety, development, and evolution would have been amazing. Pandora's Box for instance runs out of steam halfway through and never recovers. Furthermore, Sands of Time, though infectiously AP-inspired, settles for a conventional climax approach in the last act that arguably took away from an otherwise great (less conventional) chapter. Lastly, sometimes the key changes enrich the music while a few other times, I felt that they made the music feel a little more conventional. These issues might not be everyone's and the pros outweigh the cons for me. Constellation is Suntrip's most accessible, mainstream-friendly Goa album to date IMO. I get that not every album has to sound so daringly out-of-the-box-- Hallucinogen, Pleiadians, Cosmosis, etc., to be satisfying. That said, the few bland/formulaic segments (at times) took away from an otherwise super [neo] Full On (non-stop like AP dance friendly) Goa album. The artist proves that In the Depth of Space was no fluke, just as he did with Life Line on Suntrip's The 50th Parallel. The album is a treat for fans of melodic Goa-trance. This is a visionary, cosmic ride full of great work, and is one of Suntrip's best releases. The cover and overall art is very pretty too! HIGHLIGHTS MISSION ADEPT (!), IT IS NOT POSSIBLE (!!!), INFINITE SPACE (!!), ON THE EDGE (!!!), SANDS OF TIME (!!), SUNRISE (!!!), THE CONSTELLATION OF ARIES (!!) 4.5 / 5 Samples / Buy https://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD56/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/median-project-constellation
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    Hi there! First of all would be fine to mention that typing these words might be described as my resurrection as it was indeed a looong while ago (tens of months, even might be considered as years), I was reading this forum. Today I've bumped into this album preview and here are my couple of thoughts... I have to admit that in first few seconds I was afraid, that there is quite high probability that the album will be similar as tons of records before. You know that feeling - hit the play button and after couple of moments started to thinking where that track you have heard before. Or another case - resemble to something/someone else. Naturally this mindset is being fed by fact that I've stopped listening to goa or psy in that timeframe while it tends to happen. Or i was more focusing on this phenomenon... At the end of the day I am very happy for a chance listening to this one as it seems that this is finally what was missing at this scene! Tracks with spread bass, quite juicy leads, hypnotic rhythms what will make you a stomper wildly shaking hands, sweetly swinging the body and smiling AF. Combination of biting acid lines fed by own filter modulations cooperating with well detailed and precisely placed soundscapes are intensifying your sound trip to unexpected boundaries. Honestly said - who would need some "additive / supplement" for increasing endorphine amount when you have this dancefloor destroyer?! Oh c'mon! Smash that play button, turn up the volume and let's fly on the wave straight out of this world!
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    Good afternoon PsyNews Today we would like to announce the release of the 3rd album of a polish goa trance / psytrance music producer - Łukasz Zając aka. JaraLuca. To be released in digital version by Mamomam Records. 8 full power tracks will come out at 01.10.2019!! If anyone wonders why only digital the answer is simple - people don't buy CD's as much as labels wish them to Samples should come very soon Album will be released on all music platforms. Cover Art - Sati Stay Tuned !
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    That Skarma track is fvcking incredible! It's still these awesome melodies and the genuine 90's morning goa atmosphere, but this time really good production with strong kick. I think it immediately goes into the top 10 modern goa tracks (it still sounds very much like Astral Projection, more than anything AP have released since Amen) . Overall it's a very good compilation except for few tracks, I was somehow disappointed by Mindsphere - I usually expect more interesting melodies from him, also tracks 7-8 and 10 are not my cup of tea but I guess they are still good if you are into darker and more raw or agressive/chaotic sound I wondered why name of the Proxeeus track didn't refer to Lovecraft this time until I realized that Pluto was Yuggoth
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    Thank you Trunksan. =)) I can highly recommend Apsara. I attended last year and it was really great. It will probably be my choice the next summer.
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    nice =) Only 23 more months until next time!
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    He replied, "tell them that I'm always working on music, for the whole world".
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    He claims Infected Mushroom stole Flamingo from him. And the release quantum, might be inspired from this viking? https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com (all released in a years time, but made in 7 years...) Six Sense is a close buddy with Vimana Shastra from Oslo, Norway, you see... They have projects together like Phalarix. Vimana Shastra will be released on this old baby https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/track/vimana-shastra-tura
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    WTF, ΠΑ.ΣΟ.Κ. and ΝΔ? Hahahahahaha
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    Finally fixed aDsl at home. Pics below. Showing my bloody burnt hands! Staffan visiting the Greek/American camp.
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    i aprove all this....well done my children! try my mix you loosers :))
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    Tracklist : 1. The Prime Time 145 bpm 2. Ego Structures 145 bpm 3. Mechanotronic 147 bpm 4. The Prologue 145 bpm 5. Pendulum 145 bpm 6. The Micrograms 147 bpm 7. Awareness 147 bpm 8. Artha – DNA (JaraLuca Remix) 148 bpm All tracks written, produced and mastered by Lukasz Zajac ( except track 8 oryginaly written by Michal Baczek )
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    full quality version: realy nice bassline. but that melody at 2:30! thanks for posting this. still i prefer this bassline: deep, warm and flowing.
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    Label: Avatar Records Country: Israel Released: 02 Sep 2019 Style: Downtempo, Psy-Trance Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Heavenly 04:53 2. Kaya Project - Raging Rivers (Psychoz Midnight Remix) 06:19 3. Liquid Crystal - Behind the Cloud (Psychoz Remix) 08:17 4. Perpetual Mysticism 05:06 5. Psychoz vs Liquid Crystal - Follow the Stars 05:27 6. Broken Wisdom 06:00 7. Sahara 05:07 8. Sweet Lullaby (Remix) 04:44 9. Gypsy Tango 04:04 10. Rain Song (Remix) 04:39 11. Endless Story 03:12 12. Cosmic Dub 05:26 Here's a brand new downtempo album from Psychoz released on Avatar Records. I have to say that this is definitely one of the best chill-out albums I have heard this year. The production is simply amazing! TOP 3 1. Heavenly 04:53 Starts off incredibly beautifully with some string instruments and excellent percussion. It's a slow and lush track that goes into some deep territoriies in its second half. Also, that bassline is absolutely fantastic. It smoothes things so well... This is my favorite track on the album, a perfect opener. 4. Perpetual Mysticism 05:06 This track is very similar in mood to the first one with its lush synths and growly basslines, but it ain't fast. Definitely a similar style and just as gorgeous. The ethnic infuences are more pronounced with distinctive flutes. In the middle section the track changes the mood with a siren sound, which is totally unexpected, but it works. In the end it returns back to its initial form. 5. Psychoz vs Liquid Crystal - Follow the Stars 05:27 Another perfect, melodic intro made of ethnic string instruments and some classic, acoustic guitars. The track flows so well using vocal samples and short breakdowns that slightly change melodies each time. There is no heavy bassline here, but the beat is really cool. In the last third it dives deeper into the psychedelic style, getting really frisky. This is a super creative track, I don't think I've ever heard anything like this before. Honorable mentions: 7. Sahara 05:07 The opening theme is very brooding and gloomy. The beat brings it all up a bit, but the mood stays very much depressive throughout, although quite beautiful. It's not as strong as the three tracks above, but it has its moments, which I can appreciate. 12. Cosmic Dub 05:26 This is such an unusual track. It doesn't really fit the album, as it is done in a totally different style. It also reminds me a lot of Photek productions, mainly because of the beat structure. Nevertheless, it's a trippy tune with some very creative elements. I like every moment of it, but since it's so different from the rest I'm putting it in the honorable mentions section. Rating: 4/5
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    @astralprojection I think it's just more the forum drying up than the topic. I came in at 2016 which had a noticeable drop in usage, sometimes when i'm feeling particularly egocentric I imagine I was the catalyst. I tried to get some people on my local Melbourne Doofers page to come and participate in the Top 10 2018 but not a single one came. More interested in partying and arguing about political correctness than the artists making the music they listen to it seems. Any whom I've changed my final entry, from Hypnoxock to Psysutra God he is good. Also it was the first 'Favourite track from my top 10' topic for me.
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    I was at the market stage/bar with some friends waiting for Koxbox. I rushed down when I started to hear some Quirk tracks. =) There was some confusion from my part who was playing. I think you confirmed that it was actually Quirk playing early instead of Koxbox, haha. No Robotized from what I herd, sad if I missed it. Cognitive Dissidents is always amazing on a dancefloor. The waiting part was great, I love Fluorostani Transcendance. Yeah, he did a few tracks. Magnetic Force and maybe two or three more not from the 90's. Mostly it was the old stuff. I was dead tired at the time, being up dancing since last hour of Psara on Goa Guardians. Oh, there was a photo taken of the goa constrictor, you and me at your camp. Can you pm it to me or put it here in the thread. I would appreciate that. =)
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    pity the forum became so inactive. for those interessted here it is: Part 1 Part 2
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    Finally feeling better! So, ZNA... That was epic. I understand that, for those privileged enough to live in the EU and able to attend these festivals on the regular, maybe this wasn't as great as various other events, but I come from the USA and this event was simply unheard of. Our psy scene out here sucks. So much fucking Twilight/DarkPsy/HiTek/FullOn, it's frustrating. I just dance at on a different wavelength than the music played out here most of the time. Trunksan and his partner were absolutely top-notch hosts and I had a blast getting to know them and camping with them. The food was fantastic. The tiki masala, falafel, and carbonara all seemed reasonably prices and tasted great. That tiki masala with pakora was well worth 8EU. I loved the beach and swimming and the free showers (the few festivals I've been to with showers in the USA, they cost $5 per timed shower). I got to meet many people I've been wanting to meet face-to-face and I bungled many other meetings because I can be socially inept and awkward, and sometimes inebriation is a disservice. Music wise: It was almost too much of a good thing. I know I missed some great stuff because I needed time to sleep here and there. After nearly 25 years of waiting, I've finally gotten sets from SUN Project, Man With No Name, Tsuyoshi, and Quirk. That Noosphere set was incredibly unexpected. Almost everything at the Market Stage was proper and of my liking. That Holeg and Theirry DJ set in the chill out area was so good and well needed for my brain at that moment. Vibrasphere and S-Range were both super. I enjoyed Hallucinogen much more than the past few times I've heard him play, it was kinda like he was letting his guard down and just having fun with things. Masa and Ray was beautiful as expected. I even enjoyed Medicine Drum far more than expected. And what to say about Ubar Tmar? He's a fucking being unto himself and he will always be a good time. I do remember hearing some Koxbox tunes after Mark Allen, but thought he was just DJing them because Frank'E wasn't there, I was a bit blasted at that point, so the tail end of Mark Allen -> KoxBox -> MasaRay -> Noosphere is a bit of a.... disorienting blur or hilarity and good times. I would absolutely attend this festival again and truly loved getting to dip my toes into the European culture. Portugal is a wonderful place, even with their ability to search you without probable cause. 5-Stars
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    Cover Art looks dope!! Where them samples at?
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    Are we allowing Tsotsi to call Merkaba Psytrance? If you would all be so kind I would say Earth to Sky is pretty much at the top of the list. Otherwise I'll cede the spot to Loud or Infected Mushroom.
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    I've been listening to my father's old vinyl records that he left me after his passing and I've been getting into a progressive rock band that goes by the name of its 3 band members Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer (Emerson Lake & Palmer) also known as ELP... The Keyboardist (Keith Emerson) is unbelievable on the synthesizers. His use of the modular moog is second to none and is every bit as psychedelic as modern psytrance. Check out the song called "Tarkus".. the intro to that piece is ominous, foreboding, and beautiful... Its definitely not for everyone and it might not be of interest to anyone on this site but its definitely worth checking out.
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    wow that thing looks absolutely stunning
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    Label: Self-released Country: Ukraine Released: 27 Aug 2019 Style: Psy-Trance, Experimental Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. First Light 08:15 2. FN-2187 07:24 3. Snake Bite 06:25 The first official EP is here! And it's free! All tracks have been produced during spring and summer of 2019. Big thanks to Exit Eternity (aka astralprojection) for all the support and dedication to the craft of sound mastering, and for all the great ideas.
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    I will politely ask you to remove this as I take personal offence from this post. This Kickstarter is run by me, not Kristian. I have been supporting the Psy Trance scene with my wallet for 25 years now, longer than a lot of people here. Starting with no experience and running the projects alone, I have successfully completed 7 Kickstarter projects, something that I still consider magical. All the projects are with artists that a lot of record labels would be drooling over having them in their roster. As in every project run before Elysium, I secure all the audio files before starting the campaign. I don't want to end up with thousand of pounds in my pocket and no music to release. And so is the case here as you can see on my Bandcamp page. This project is run by me and only me and there is nothing that can go wrong. If Kristian failed to deliver to his fundraiser is irrelevant. My point here is not to defend Kristian (and I haven't since I have no personal knowledge about the issues and as a way of life I do not jump to conclusions). I just want to stress that this project will be fulfilled and I will be the Santa Clauss bearing gifts for the people who decide to get in my list 
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    your a poet..... and you know it!!
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    welcome home everyone (most likely tomorrow or whenever it may be) now we want pics and stories, plenty of stories and reviews
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    The new modern style of producing/mixing is to make the kick very punchy/compressed. It's a tad too much for my taste although the 'big crowd' is into it I suppose. I wouldn't say the modern approach is by any means what I consider the best. I'd go for something a bit more open, dynamic and perhaps quiet. What I myself like a lot is the Swedish wave of early y2k (Atmos, Logic Bomb, Noma) that were mastered at Tom Puss Point Studios. Perfect Sound!
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    The new BOTFB album.... O(H)M fuckin G! Instant love
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    Found it a little bit repetitive in the beginning but after dozens of listenings it grew on me. A fantastic release which I like more than "9th" or "To Sirius". "Sacred Sands" is a gem and "Crossing Planet" a real dancefloor Killer. 8.5/10
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    Never realized it's a collaboration with Eat Static Nice one, I like the hypnotic style, somehow reminds me this:
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    Nothing much to add besides how I pretty much love most of the A.R.T.S label output.
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    Hellooo all psy-freaks all over the world!! Let me introduce about my label "NULLZONE" Since 2007, me and my team doing Suomisaundi (Finnish psy trance) parties, and releasing records in Japan. https://nullzone2007.bandcamp.com/ https://www.nullzone.info/ Here are bunch of very unique music from Finland. Hope that you'll give a try to listen and enjoy our stuffs! Thanks, Booooom DJ Semimaru, NULLZONE
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    Shadow of Intent is also great. More epic/melodic, but heavy enough to keep neck busy. I emerge alive Regurgitated as a slave to the tests of time I reject and do not rejoice my immortality For there is nothing left of this place Spawning unto desolation again In shadows I slumber until I am but dust Am I to live in nothingness? In death I live to dwell the days away in fathomless dismay Am I to roam forever gone? To roam forever gone? Festering memories of the past start to project Then wither away inducing insanity on my behalf We were led to believe the netherworld is of myth But it dwells within and its nature so abstract, yet so very real A most horrid fate Ghastly rotting grave Bloodshed and malice conjured the source of our decay We wasted away I am he who lives thrice begotten in bedlam against evanescent horizons How melancholy Time withers The sun extinguished And yet still, I remain The age of man passes My progress, struggles, and suffering a waste. The ether realm declares the world but a stage A coldly calculated transformation to the grave Onward we follow, herded as slaves Collectively lapsing into the land of flame Alas, the truth has been presented before my eyes I've been unbound from the shackles of faith No longer lead to believe there is hope beyond this world The rope starts to sway The voices died one by one as they called my name Wept until the body could no longer feel the pain And naught a thing to blame Trapped in a shell of excessive disdain Under the moonlight I yield For I am not enslaved, but one of many of those who kneel The reasons, the answers will follow me to the grave Under the moonlight I yield Venture beyond and prepare the final phase Now I look beyond the black eclipse The macrocosm of the divine The sullen moon pulls at my soul, a beckoning for relinquishment Like the tides under lunar influence The urge is relentless I venture beyond The voices died one by one as they called my name Wept until the body could no longer feel the pain And naught a thing to blame Trapped in a shell of excessive disdain Under the moonlight I yield For I am not enslaved, but one of many of those who kneel The veil beyond cries my name I have left behind all that I love, and all who commit My soul in the hands of destiny Briefly embracing the chill of Dimethyltryptamine A struggle for many is the end of the few A cancer that no mortal man can elude I hang in my sorrow with no dispute Just know I'm sorry, I swear to you
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    Without any doubt one of the finest melodic Goa releases I've heard in a while. Whole CD is filled with great tracks and production quality is at the highest level! Highly recommended to anyone who like their Goa music spiced with dreamy melodies and floaty atmosphere! Congrats to all involved!
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    I was going to wait till I listened to it 100 times, but after 20 times I think I'm getting the feel. This is one of the best goa trance I have ever heard. We already had a great share of good music and amazing artists, but Median is right up there. Shining. Where his album on Global Sect was also very good, Constellation has enormous depth, euphoric layers, and fantastic balanced frequencies. I'm very happy to hear that Sergey tuned down the snares and claps, which were very present in his previous work. I'm listening to parts of Constellation every day. In my bed, in the car, ... He manages to transform a whole idea into music. Only given to the most talented. Every track is a space journey. Every track puts a smile on your face. Very good review Tsotsi! Constellation deserves that. We will look back and confirm year after year that Constellation is a milestone in Goa history. I'm sure of that. Grab it while you can!
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    A nearly three hour dive into the roots of Goa trance, focused on the years 1992-1994. Goa techno, early trance, or just Goa music; call it what you want, it still kicks. For this set, I tried to combine the more well-known names of the early days (Juno Reactor, Total Eclipse, Voodoo People) with the obscure and overlooked; I also used some less popular tracks by famous artists. I wonder if anyone can ID them all? Mixed on two turntables and two CDJs; you'll hear some fuckups here and there, mostly because I'm not good with vinyl. If you can get past that, it's a fairly epic journey IMO.
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    funny, that not one artist is named more than once! so even the more technical side of the game is subjective. for me the best produced psy is loud - if you consider it psytrance.
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    as much as i don't like them would have to be anything from infected mushroom
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    I can't understand how you could find this album boring. Maybe after listening to endless hours of hardcore filled and jazzed up trance you might think of this as simplified but other than that I can't imagine. It's quite amazing to think what people listen to these days... especially mainstream. I got 2 words for this album. Simply a masterpiece! One of my all time favorites for sure. 11/10 if I may.
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    And you will be robbed. You may read about the previous heist here : I want to make clear here this is not personal, there's no hate, no vangeance or anything like that. I love Elysium music. But people need to be informed that the delivery part of the deal is pretty much never fulfilled. Believing in this new fundraiser is like believing in a version of Santa Claus that slips a paper under your door on December 25th and asks you to pay if you want to get some gift, and when you're stupid enough to slip a banknote in return, you can hear his car revving before you even get the chance to open the door or read his plate number. Oh BTW no Elysium at ZNA 2019. Like in 2017. Like... baaaah fuck this.
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