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    Material Music Who? Before you even had the chance to ask that question there was already a bunch of releases out. He seems to be (from what I've heard) an artist who's been producing music the same way I've been producing art. Making it, but never showing it. Which is always a great idea? Right? Right?? Love & Magic (The Dust Album) contains a variety of tracks that don't all conform under a psychedelic trance moniker. You hear some goatrance, some psytrance, some... old school house influenced sounds and generally a really wide-spectrum of I-just-want-to-make-music. Whatever anyone thinks of that, one thing is for sure - that it's a really mixed bag of sounds and themes. Love & Magic is basically the magnum opus of Material Music. A 15 minute ride through a psychedelic fractal landscape. It's quite reminiscent of Jikkenteki with it's length and ever-evolving pace. I absolutely adore the bright synths and uplifting melodies that warp in half way through the track, really lifting it up higher. Later parts become more goay with acid lines. It's quite modern compared to what's following. And suddenly Hausmania Jam breaks whatever excpectations you had and has a 90s spacey house sounds. At 11 minutes it's an enjoyable downtempo journey. Ingenuity box is another psy/goatrancy tune, but again with a massive flavour of 90s with a slight breakbeat feel. It's another constantly evolving journey and in fact I have a hard hard time not imagining this in a suomisaundi party. The bassline is just so damn danceable. The production is addictive and really quite psychedelic. Lot's of weird sounds filling the aural landscape. I'd even call this a little foresty. Fantastic. Twitch Science continues this road. It's quite suomi-style with a fat bassline and random sounds coming in and out. Much less melodic. What is becoming awfully clear is the album's soundstage is straight up old school. It's got that early 00's techno inspired psy sound. Jailhouse suck, well, here's the old school really housy / techno sound. While not my favourite as it's sounds maybe even too raw, I can imagine this being a totally a key change in the dancefloor, to break up the pace. Space out... and In brings back a floating old school goatrance sound. If ever missed hearing new old school goatrance, well here's your chance. I love the way this track is composed. The tempo is relentless, but it's still floaty and filled with great acidy sounds. Return To Earth is really, really, really old sounding. Like the first Total Eclipse. I would almost argue this as a protogoa/trance spirited track. The melodies are surprisingly catchy and emotional. Easy to get lost into. Well scratch what I about Love & Magic, Prabudda Jani is probably the most modern track on the album. We suddenly shifted from 92' to something like 2010's. This is kind of a more typical progressive psytrance with goa sounds. The sound is like going through space at an ever-steady pace. When the track explodes at certain points it's like passing a nearby galaxy with it's hard and bright synths. Well, that was an experience. Like I've mentioned the sounds range from really early 90s to recent times. A few tracks are probably offputting to some(Jailhouse and Hausmania), but I'd whole-heartedly try this out. Especially for the old school references and the title track. I think it's especially unfortunate this is easy to ignore as it wasn't on a big label and self-released. I'd love to experience this album live. On my last note I also suggest checking his other lineup as well, this guy can really hold his own and the compositions are all really solid. There's just something epic about his sound.
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    Released for FREE here: https://bit.ly/2AFZ50d Kickstarter campaign for CD: https://kck.st/2zyUZr0 In late 2013, I started the Veasna project with one thing in mind: make people jump around on trancefloors! Knowing the genre for a decade already, only that year I started visiting my first parties and the feeling totally captured me in many ways. I started to try and channel that energy into music, which I have been making for a long time already but without any real "goal" behind it. The result was Veasna, and I met relatively quick success: only one year later, Neogoa Records released my probably most famous track "Quantum Conundrum". In 2016, I found myself having produced enough music to fit my first full-length album, Energy. Now as it is with releases, not all tracks I had by then made it to that album. As it so happens, this time of the year, Veasna turns five years old. So I feel it's time to get a few more of those tracks out into the world! On December 1, I will release 5ynergy - a 5th Anniversay EP that contains five tracks, four of them previously unreleased and one heavily improved. All of them have been originally produced in 2013 and 2014 - my first year on the project - so expect music roughly in the style of Energy. The release will be exclusive to my Bandcamp (which I'll put up very soon) and will be free on a "pay something to support me if you like" basis for a bunch of weeks for the entire month of December as a Christmas gift of sorts. Kickstarter campaign for a limited full-length CD @thanosp81 kindly pointed me in some possible directions to go, and the result is that also on December 1, I am starting a Kickstarter campaign to extend the EP to a limited full-length CD release. Additionally to the EP tracks, that would contain all my previously released digital-only tracks (Quantum Conundrum, Warp, Dendrites and Silent Spring) with improved production, plus a new downtempo track to close it off in Veasna fashion. The Kickstarter campaign would be the only way to ever get that CD, so it's meant for collectors and supporters. Though, whether it happens or not will depend on the outcome.
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    Labels with cool logo's aka NeoGoa should send out labelled USB sticks with either a high quality copy of the album or just empty for users to use. You could get transparent ones with an album name inside or just have your own badass range. I like those bags Psytones, hand made goodness.
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    Artist: Material Music Title: Love & Magic (The Dust Album) Label: Kali Earth Records Date: May, 2018 1. Love & Magic 2. Thunderbrothers - Hausmania Jam 3. Ingenuity Box 4. Twitch Science 5. Jailhouse Suck 6. Space Out...and In 7. Return To Earth 8. Prabudda Jani Professor Rabinowitz? Umm...is my paper still due on Wednesday? Like a lot of genres our particular brand of music has long been over saturated with subpar and generic sounding efforts. It's a copy and paste world these days and every high schooler (or middle aged psychology professor) with a pirated copy of Cubase is poised to make the next LSD. More power to you, I wish you the best because it seems the world could use a little more LSD. However we're still waiting and it seems that (and perhaps it has always been this way) the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Promotion is the name of the game and nobody is going to toot your own horn like you can. Unintentional masturbatory pun. So through repeated messages I reluctantly agreed to give this album a listen and share my pearls of wisdom that nobody seems to agree with. It's not like the old days when I had nothing but time to write reviews on every file someone sent me. I'm a busy man. See? So, taking myself away from a whole day's worth of nothing I found out who the hell this is an boy was I surprised. Erland Yildiz is truly an inspirational story. The music biz is rife with tropes about the perils of substance abuse and history is riddled with those who have succumbed to them. He apparently has been making music for a long time, but fell victim to those forces and fairly recently got himself clean by going cold turkey. I don't know what he was on or what he was going through, but you don't get free of those demons without a lot of strength and support so kudos to him. Also to psytones for helping him shop his albums and getting his music out there. This album is a compilation of tracks he made over time, some while sober some while not. He clearly is proficient with the electronic wizardry with good layers, sound, and groove. Here are a few notes I made after several listens. The only quibble I have with some of the tracks is the excessive length without evolution. The title track is a churning progressive beast that clocks in at a hefty 15 minutes. Good thumping track with a bit of goa sauciness at the end. Felt it went on a little long though. And that will be a theme here. Hausmania Jam to me is filler that went on waaaay too long and seemed like a rough draft of a track that he would get back to later. Like...after nachos. Ingenuity Box is a psychedelic goa track that reminds me of something from COP. If that's your style then this is for you. Not bad at all. Twitch Science sounded very rudimentary, but in an alluring way. It also has that bubbling 303 beneath the surface so it's got that going for it. I liked it the more I listened to it. Jailhouse Suck has a funky house groove with some great tabla, but the mumbling underneath is a tad bit distracting. Space out is a psytrance progressive hybrid that flows with juicy layers. More variation would've been nice, but still good. Return to Earth is rather mellow and after listening to it 3 times I wasn't aware that I had listened to it. Maybe it flew by because it was the shortest track on the album. Prabudda Jani is pure Astral Projection multilayered in your face space goa. Best track for me on the album that sounded like it could be from Global Sect Music. So there you have it, a decent album that is available in digital or CD-R format and perhaps a welcome back to the scene of sorts for another artist. Kali Earth Records Bandcamp
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    Espoo Sound Machine - Discobedience From the depths of Espooian forests comes a sound that makes you soil your pants, but not because it's bad, BUT because you probably ate some laxatives and then the sounds irritate your bowels. Boom, discobedience, killer ep of bunch of non dancable "groovy" tunes straight outta inside of ring road 3. Enjoy! Produced by Topias Lilja https://soundcloud.com/esmesmesmesmesm Art by Ufox www.facebook.com/kseniya.ufox Cooked by Spuge User & Pecheneg www.facebook.com/soundkitchen/ 1. Anti Dance Music 2. Iloliemikuutio 3. Purple Woods 4. Bon Ape Tit 5. Illlusion 6. Sapnu Puas https://soundkitchenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/espoo-sound-machine-discobedience
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    Sulphur Aeon is great, GTTA was amazing! And my personal winner for this year is: They kept delivering progressive goodness, and even this time they had a pleasant suprises ready for us. This level of musicianship is unbelievable.
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    OH Golly! How did you let that happen? Im out here holding off from the new Suntrip comp because I still need to listen to the rest of my stuff. There was a thread a few weeks back with the same question. I'll post what@Richpa wrote as its pretty comprehensive. ᔖ January ᔖ [CD] Goa Luni - Exploring Worlds EP (Timewarp Records) [CD] Median Project - In The Depths Of Space (Global Sect Music) ► Monumental - Zerkala EP (Timewarp Records) [CD] Omnivox - Surrender (Goa Madness Records) ► SwaraTrip - Carnatic EP (Timewarp Records) [CD] Triquetra - Ecstatic Planet (Suntrip Records) ᔖ February ᔖ ► Fiery Dawn - Magus (Timewarp Records) [CD] Lectro Spectral Daze - Infinitely Intricate Unfolding Kaleidoscope (Neogoa Records) [CD] Ray Castle & Collaborators - Mystique Of The Metaverse (Suntrip Records) ► V/A - The Call Of Goa 3 (Timewarp Records) ᔖ March ᔖ ► Mind Echo - Dreams of Travels EP (Timewarp Records) ► Neogenia - No Longer Human EP (Timewarp Records) ► The Maniac - Necronomicon II EP (Timewarp Records) ᔖ April ᔖ ► Coredata - Shaman EP (Zion604 Records) ► Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light (DAT Records) ► Funky Gong - Distance To Anjuna EP (Spacedock Records) ► Goa Luni - Holographic World EP (Timewarp Records) ► Psychedelic Quest - Out Of Time EP (Timewarp Records) ► V/A - Goa Meditation 2 (Timewarp Records) ► Wizard Project - Inner Earth EP (Timewarp Records) ᔖ May ᔖ ► Consept Lightwork - Moments Of Magic (Timewarp Records) [CD] Ephedra - What The Future Brings (Goa Madness Records) [CD] Morphic Resonance - Perplexity (Suntrip Records) ► Netsu - Voidgazing EP (Mamomam Records) [CD] Rayavana - Sands Of Time (Sita Records) [CD] Ubar Tmar - Another Transform EP (Zion604 Records) ᔖ June ᔖ ► Atanasys - Melodic System (Goa Galaxy) ► Miraceti - Whale Space Journeys EP (Mamomam Records) [CD] Ufomatka - Off The Beaten Track Of The Universe (Cronomi Records) [CD] Veasna - Spectral Flux (Neogoa Records) ► V/A - Retrodelic Vibes ᔖ July ᔖ ► 01-N - Escape EP (Timewarp Records) ► Cactus Arising - Karma EP (Timewarp Records) ► Psychowave - Chronicles EP (Spacedock Records) [CD] Ubar Tmar - Early Fusion (Zion604 Records) ᔖ August ᔖ [CD] E-Mantra - Stapanii Timpului (Suntrip Records) ► Nostromosis - On The Eve Of The Big Bang EP (Timewarp Records) ► Somnesia - Infinite Mind (Timewarp Records) ► V/A - Lotus (Timewarp Records) ᔖ September ᔖ [CD] Gangguru - Be Your Own Guru (DAT Records) ► Gus Till - My Body Is My Nightclub (Self-released) [CD] JBC Arkadii - Varvar (Sita Records) ► N3V1773 - 604 EP (Timewarp Records) ► Neogenia - Android Hell EP (Timewarp Records) ► Tranquility Base Project - Strange Theories EP (Timewarp Records) [CD] V/A - Shambhala (Global Sect Music) ► V/A - Colors Of Goa 3 (Timewarp Records) ᔖ October ᔖ ► V/A - 303 Syndrome (Mamomam Records) [CD] Denshi Danshi - Brain Chemistry ᔖ November ᔖ ► V/A - Elan Vital (Melusine Records) ᔖ December ᔖ ► V/A - The 50th Parallel (Suntrip Records) I've highlighted my favourites, but if you scroll down a few posts you'll see a similar thread with more recommendations.
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    Artist: Various Title: 303 Syndrom Label: Mamomam Records Date: 10/10/2018 1. Hypnoxock - Heaven Can't Wait 2. Clementz - Medistajon 3. Median Project -Â Space Monkeys 4. Goad - Entranced 5. Jaraluca - The Ektoplazm 6. Omneon -Â Power of the Ori 7. Artha - Hall-Lux 8. Proxeeus - Suydam 9. Toxeed - Milky Way (Bonus Track) What a month for music. We've been blessed and cursed with a great set of October releases. Blessed because they all rock. Cursed because we must not only buy them all, but find the time to listen to this sweet sweet music coming our way. But I'm on holiday, so I have time and will I use it constructively? Learn a new skill, read a book, write a resume so I can apply for a job? That would be great, but you know whats better than all that? You do, I know you do, 9 Blistering tracks compiled by Mr Jaraluca. If that's not enough to stir up the hornet's nest within then just take a second look at that artwork. Still not cracking a woody? Surely that line up is all you need. Heaven Can't Wait - It can't, or maybe it can. I mean I thought I couldn't wait when i saw Hypnoxock opening this comp, but here I am. Wait I did and boy am i glad about that. An ominous intro leads quickly into a melody and some vocals then woah holy heck this becomes a great track. I still think that most tracks from Eurythmia are better than his singles but that probably has more to do with it being a masterpiece than anything. Still a good track. Medistajon - No autocorrect there, we aren't trying to spell meditation. Clementz is here with fat kicks and melodies that take you higher and higher. Balancing between light and dark for the duration of a track ain't always easy, but you wouldn't know it here. Space monkeys - Whether that's a kookaburra or a monkey really isn't important here. Median has done the usual and come in hot. That explosion after the breakbeat is incredible. This track takes you and Cappuccino the Capuchin directly through nebulas. Entranced - Goad takes us into cosmic space land which really is the most wonderful place to get Entranced. But with under 8 minutes and no real climax I feel like I just got dropped off at the edge of space and left there. The Ektoplazm - Jaraluca picks up where he left off with his last album. Only he got a little wilder, a lil more cray with the same Jaraluca full flavored spice. Very nice track. Power of the Ori - A nice spacetime banger that really take off at the 5 minute point. Man I love that moment. Raw leads and acid take center stage as Omneon marches us into battle with the full power of the Ori behind us. Hall-Lux - Did he just? Is this song the? How did he? ARTHA IS BAAAACK!! What ever he has been up to its well worth the wait. I'm saying my favourite track of the year so far. Clean screeching leads, melodies and perfect direction changes. A little bit of classic Artha dancing around a modern new sound Artha. Every element of this track is done to absolute perfection. I can only say nice pretty things. Suydam - After his track on the Va - Lotus, I really can't do anything to contain my excitement by seeing his name on a lineup. I don't need a reminder why but if I did this track would be it. While I'd probably dislocate my shoulder trying to keep up with this. Milky way (bonus track) - Do you like digital album bonus tracks? As some one who only buys digital it never really feels like a bonus track, feels more like, a track. But I'm not complaining. Another track! The comps not over! And boy am I happy about that. Toxeed comes in fast and hard with some great story telling and really cool melodies. Now I have to go and listen to his older works, I've been turnt. I'd absolutely lose my marbles if I heard this on a dancefloor. More bonus tracks! What a goshdang goddang ride. There are so many good tracks on this compilation that every time I think I have a favourite another comes along and steals my attention. While 604 Syndroms felt more dance floor friendly and spacious, 303’s is mostly space fuelled and a great homage to the instrument that made this genre what it is. I'm hoping more people purchase this to encourage more Goa comps from Mamomam. Well done to all the artists, Jaraluca and Mamomam records on what will probably be the 1st or 2nd best comp of the year. https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-303-syndroms
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    The 1st Release on new French label Basalt Records : Euphox - Owligarchy. Download this release exclusively on our Bandcamp for free. https://basaltrecords.bandcamp.com/alb…/euphox-owligarchy-ep Please support us by making a donation This nocturnal EP will take you into the forest where the disturbing sounds of nature and distant human voices create a gloomy atmosphere and disordered thoughts. Be careful, in this forest it is the owl that reigns and perhaps you will have to follow his wisdom in order to get out safe. We hope that you will enjoy this EP as much as Euphox and anyone involved had pleasure to bring it to life. released November 6, 2018 Mastering by Storm Mastering "Cubic Spline" (France) www.facebook.com/StormMastering/ Artwork by Manu Vasquez (Mexico) www.facebook.com/mvasquezperez Euphox www.facebook.com/Euphox.prods/ soundcloud.com/euphox Basalt Records www.facebook.com/basaltrecords/ soundcloud.com/basaltrecords
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    I enabled the messages, so if you see this, shoot! (It's been long..)
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    Yes! Down The Six Thousand Steps finally getting an official release <3<3<3<3
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    I love this album! Very refreshing with a modern take on goa thats not full on melodic madness, but indeed as others before me mentioned: carefully engineered psychedelia with high attention to detail. Big ups
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    So this was just released recently. Haven't heard it yet, but should be good based on the previous 3. https://forestfreaks.bandcamp.com/album/va-under-the-moss-vol-4
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    This is true we managed, with some help, to find the unmastered WAV files and we believe it deserves a cd print
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    I was at a techno event on Saturday in Belgrade (was there for the Euroleague final 4) and this was a phenomenal track played there. I was listening to it and it really reminded of earlyInifity project or Juno reactor. Luckily I had a Serbian friend Shazzam it for me. The whole album is very smooth!
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    Artist: Various Title: Goa Trance Legacy Label: Spacedock Records Date: October, 2015 1. Digicult & U-Recken - Into The Heartland (Astral Projection Remix) 2. Power Source - Sparks (Remix) 3. Goasia - Haunted 4. Filteria - Memory Lane (Future Live Remix) 5. M-Run - Last Survivor 6. Omnivox - I Am The Storm 7. Prana - Boundless (ManMadeMan Remix) 8. Psychowave - Catch The Rabbit 9. Shakta - Amber Mantra This was the first compilation from upstart Spacedock Records and like the second one in the series it brought together a great line up. There are no unknowns here. Just veterans of the scene with some old schoolers represented. Right off the bat we get yet another Astral Projection Remix that was also featured on the Digicult album Soul Samadhi. It's really quintessential Astral isn't it? With it's shiny layers and pounding beat. Maybe one day when my kids have put me in a nursing home they'll release some new material. But probably another ep of remixes as a final f*ck you before I die. Power Source is back with a remix of a track that was found on an ep they released back in 2011. Never heard it because I never thought Power Source was that good anyway. Sure Goaway is great as is Memory Bubbles and I'll give you Granada...but that's it! On to the track, they have a sound in there that sounds like an alarm went off in a Tesco when you tried to walk out without paying for your girl's maxi pads because you're embarrassed. Be a man. They know it's not for you. Is it buttercup? It's a positive, shiny track that's a little too full-on. Like if Erasure made goa. Goasia is one of those projects that you either love or you think they're cheese merchants. I think they're great. Sure they're a little quirky, but so is Uncle Ted. Just don't sit on his lap at Thanksgiving. And this track is quirky, but fun. I like that it keeps changing, always staying very lively. Not bad, if a little long. Filteria needs no introduction and he's earned his bones with four great albums, but I've never heard this track. Sounds very Heliopolis. There are several breaks so there's ample time to reorganize. Pretty good. M-run authored one of my favorite goa albums in Some Run Just For Fun, and with this long beast he gets crazy. It's fast paced, powerful and that lead is like dancing on the sun. Relentlessly psychedelic. Great track. Fragments of Evolution (also released on Spacedock) was a melodic and powerful tour de force and this track is no different. Plenty of motion and leads that leave char marks. The ManMadeMan remix of Prana's Boundless is one of the most psychedelic tracks I've ever heard. All power and bubbly liquid it's super intense and futuristic. Golden! Psychowave is heard from much (still haven't listened to his album yet), but the stuff I have heard was really good. Here he slays with writhing 303's and adds an operatic female voice. Gives it a layer of eerie above the power. Gets a little weird near the end and the strings don't quite fit. Other than that it's pretty great. Amber Mantra by Shakta was pretty obscure until Suntip put it on his release. Great old school track that hasn't lost any steam. Way to go Spacedock, you pretty much nailed it with this one. Spacedock Records Bandcamp
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    space beacon is an excelent mix,Mixed very well.I agree, Track selection is all very well but its more about the way its put together in my opinion,this set has a great flow & energy,very few can do with cds let alone vinyl!!!! AS i found out when I put one together Its very hard to mix! The stand out track was Deviant Electronics - Brainwashing Is Childs Play never heard it before.Awesome track Brilliant artist!! Very enjoyable set! One thing I will say for future mixes,don't release the practise versions,This set is on a completely different level.The set in your first post gave me the impression that you just throw it together with no regard to mixing side of things, thanks for sharing, Keep up the good work
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    I really like your mixes. Overall great flow, trackselection and mixing. Derelict space beacon is my favorite. Looking forward to more of your mixes!