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Doof - Let's Turn On - Remixed & Remastered - DATCD006

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Citing Mark Ainley:


"Both Draeke and I have a strong connection to Doofs music, having admired his releases and heard him live in our early years in the scene. I was at his album launch in November 1996 and had heard him two months previously at an epic all-star Return To The Source party in New York. I had the opportunity to see him at several parties in the UK and Japan, yet one special occasion bridged my strong connection to his sound.


Tsuyoshi had asked me to DJ at his London home prior to his moving in August 97, and a few tracks into my set Nick came up to me and said that he had a live mix of Destination Bom that would go really well with what I was playing, if I was interested. Of course I was! We cued it up on the DAT player and although mixed as part of a live set, I managed a seamless mix from the previous track, and out came the one of the most beautiful tunes Id ever heard, more of a morning track than the released growling nighttime stormer. As the track drew to an end that I had not yet heard, I managed smooth mix out into the next track, the DAT came out of the player and went back into Nicks DAT bag, and that was that - one of the most magical experiences I have had as a DJ, one that I could never forget.


Years later, back in 2011, Nick kindly agreed to contribute a previously unpublished mix of Mars Needs Women to DAT Records charity project Mind Rewind and wrote a wonderfully insightful story into the tracks history. A while later, I reminded him of his having loaned me that Destination Bom mix at Tsuyoshis; he said he couldnt remember the track but would look. He responded not long after that he hadnt been able to find it. I said that unless he had thrown out some DATs he must have it, and perhaps he could check again. The next morning, an email from a file transfer service was in my inbox, with the message, This may be the droid youre looking for. I excitedly downloaded it and this was indeed that marvellous track from 16 years earlier: soaring, magnificently structured, seamlessly phrased... every bit as beautiful as Id remembered.


We already had in our possession a couple of other alternate Doof mixes, and Draeke had the idea that if there were alternate mixes for each of the tracks from the classic Doof album Lets Turn On, it would make an outstanding release. Nick doubted that there would be, but said hed investigate his archive. Lo and behold, a few days later he had indeed found other mixes hed forgotten about - some of which he thought were better than the issued versions. A parallel album of alternate mixes was compiled, and we had the idea to issue the remixed album together with the original as a special collectors edition.


DAT Records is therefore please to announce


Doof: Lets Turn On - Remixed and Remastered


CD1 - Remixed

1. Lets Turn On (Desk Mix)

2. Mars Needs Women (Live Mix)

3. Yoof of the Galaxy

4. Double Dragons (Alternate Mix 2)

5. Sunshrine (Mix 2)

6. Secret Sun (7th Sun Mix)

7. Angelina (Alternate Mix)

8. Destination Bom (Alternate Mix)

9. Star Above Parvatti (Original Mix)


CD2 - Remastered

1. Lets Turn On

2. Mars Needs Women (96 Mix)

3. Youth of the Galaxy (Final Demand Mix)

4. Double Dragons

5. Sunshrine

6. Secret Sun (Sunbeam Mix)

7. Angelina

8. Destination Bom

9. Star Above Parvatti (Bijli Mahadev Mix)


This remarkable track list only begins to hint at the beauty of the contents. Fans of Doof and newer fans of the genre will be blown away by the wonderfully fluid melodic and harmonic wonders found herein. Full-bodied and big-bassed while also lean and sophisticated, the previously unreleased mixes found on Disc 1 provide a wonderful complement to the familiar classics on Disc 2 that will sound fresher and more alive than ever with up-to-date mastering.


So, this autumn... get ready to tune in... and Lets Turn On, once again and for the very first time!"


So this is something I was working on secretly for quite sometime, together with the Etnica LP, the VA - Analog Dreams and other things, so this year was very very busy and the schedule, although a bit delayed, is being respected.


You will hear these monsters tunes soon enough folks!



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I am very excited to hear this. Awesome news! Thank you so much!!!

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can't even start to explain how his music touched me,i consider him as

one of goa's primal mentor's (tip days man,priceless...)

thank you Dat for just about anything (and you realy need to start considering a

long payment relation's with us goa fanatics,and just ship everything you release,asap!) :-)

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Lets Turn On and Doof is one of the most influential goatrance album/producer. This is incredible news.

Fede; you are an angel. Litteraly. You are descent from the Pleiades to bring us new music from legends and remastered music from legends.

God bless you.

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yeah Daniel :D!!!

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