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  1. Manik 11 (Knights of the Awakening) what an epic track.
  2. Manuser

    2 lost songs

    Are you sure it's a goa trance track, and not a trance track? The description doesn't ring any bell, except maybe Analog Pussy - Psycho bitch from hell, but the BPM is much faster and there are lyrics anyway, not just screaming. I thought of a trance track because singing and screaming reminds me a classic, Joe T. Vannelli - Play With The Voice, but it's not a goa track.
  3. Liquid Sound Design 01. On Air (Youth Remix) 07:23 02. Sweet Sirenes (Braincell Remix) 09:20 03. Internal Code Error 930 (The Delta Remix) 07:13 04. Sweet Sirenes (Jam El Mar Remix) 07:19 05. 2046 (The Irresistible Force Remix) 06:49 06. Supervision (Koan remix) 11:05 07. Together in Silence (Kalumet Remix) 07:02 08. Sweet Sirenes (DM-Theory Remix) 08:34 09. 2046 (Eternal Basement Remix) 07:35 10. Internal Code Error 930 (PsyTechProject Remix) 07:04 11. Together in Silence (Backstage Gurus Remix) 06:05 12. 2046 (Bluetech Remix) 06:02 13. Supervision (Ajja Remix) 06:26 14. On Air (Cosmic Orient Remix) 06:48 15. Internal Code Error 930 (JOEY Remix) 09:08 16. Sweet Sirenes (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) 08:21 17. 2046 (Living Light Remix) 08:20 18. Together in Silence (Latin Soldier Remix) 10:32 19. On Air (Lightning & Thunder Remix) 05:54 20. Internal Code Error 930 (Jammin’ Unit Remix) 05:15 Saafi Brothers are delighted to present a remix album of their debut release ‘Mystic Cigarettes’ on Youth’s Liquid Sound Design label. The project presents remixes by Youth, Gabriel Le Mar, Ajja, Bluetech, Braincell, The Delta, Jam El Mar, Living Light, The Irresistible Force, DM-Theory, Eternal Basement, Backstage Gurus and many more. The timeless beats of the original tracks are projected into the future, guaranteed to get you grooving to their lush soundscapes, but with a fresh twist. Saafi Brothers’ mystical journey began in 1996 when, inspired by his travels to India, Gabriel Le Mar started a collaboration with Frankfurt-based producers Michael Kohlbecker and Groovetitan. Simon Ghahary signed them to BlueRoom and their debut album ‘Mystic Cigarettes’ quickly made its way into the hearts of music lovers, placing Saafi Brothers among the key artists of the electronic ambient scene. The 1997 album is a classic for which you can read the reviews here: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/35293-saafi-brothers-mystic-cigarettes/ I remember listening to the original album, it was a few years ago, I liked it a lot and if my memory is correct the whole album was ambient / downtempo with a dub approach. Here with the 20 remixes released two decades later, the music is more varied and offers a good bunch of mid-tempo, up-tempo tracks. I like the way this album goes from 4*4 beat to downtempo, breakbeat and psydub style. The Braincell remix (track #2) is the first very catchy composition here, it combines a delicious touch of dream trance with sweet acid lines in the background. I was quite surprised to find a remix by The Delta (track #3), but I must say I am not familiar with the most recent EP released, anyway the style is morning progressive on the housy / techno side and to be honest it's not memorable. The next very good composition is the remix by Jam El Mar (track #4), a mid-tempo but danceable remix, trancy and hypnotic. The Koan remix (track #6) is a real downtempo journey that stays on the morning side all the way, one of the highlights of this album, it's peaceful and passionate, filled with attractive melody work. Eternal Basement (track #9) brings more energetic trance to the table, a solid effort. The remixes by Backstage Gurus (track #11) and a great name of the scene, Bluetech (#12) are both in a similar style to Koan, and they are both amazing, warm, relaxing with dreamy melodies all over. Ajja (track #13) is another big name here who is often praised for his high level production skills, and his remix is unsurprisingly top notch quality, very chill sound but with a more distinct rhythm than the two previous tracks. If you are into the dubby stuff, check out the Cosmic Orient remix (#14), and Living Light remix (#17), two well rounded dub tracks, first one is a bit jazzy, and second one is particularly powerful due to a perfect bassline. It delivers the right amount of energy and enough interesting sequences throughout to make it one of my personal favorites. The remixes by Joey (track #15) and Kalumet (track #7) are more forgettable up-tempo tracks, danceable but not inspiring enough for me. Latin Soldier however (track #18) offers quite an interesting number, a repetitive yet hypnotic and entrancing track, more on the housy side this time. The fact that most original tracks are remixed a total of 3 or 4 times is not too much an issue as the styles delivered in this album are different, distinct to each other. If you enjoyed the original album, you should definitely get this release with an open mind, as this time the music is more dancefloor friendly, yet of course still very relaxing, laid back. While not every up-tempo track convinced me, on the whole it's a quality album that would fit perfectly for an evening on the beach, or in the early hours of a psytrance festival. Rating: 7.5/10. Listen / buy: https://liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp.com/album/mystic-cigarettes-special-mixes-of-classic-flavours-20-track-digital-bundle
  4. Not too often I praise the ending downtempo track (actually here it's totally beatless), but Wavespell is a special track. Beautiful stuff. By the way it was remastered in 2012. Still even the remastered version sounds old, because the music itself sounds very old school. Nice work even though the cross-fading between the tracks is very sloppy.
  5. Mamomam records 1. The Prime Time 09:44 2. Ego Structures 07:03 3. Mechanotronic 09:57 4. The Prologue 07:50 5. Pendulum 07:43 6. The Micrograms 07:24 7. Awareness 07:44 8. Artha - DNA (JaraLuca remix) 07:53 The Prologue is the third album made by JaraLuca from Poland. I personally enjoyed the first two but in my opinion this fresh output is the best to date. Ego Structures is very goa, very psychedelic, it sounds a bit like Pleiadians. In The Prime Time I can hear some influences from the industrial side of this genre, especially Tim Schuldt. Mechanotronic and The Prologue both unleash the acid in a full power trancy environment. Mechanotronic is probably the most accomplished track here, if you like Morphic Resonance, Pleiadians, Psylent Buddhi, you will be pleased. The only track that felt a bit generic was Awareness, but luckily we have a remix of Artha - DNA to end the journey in spectacular fashion. The bass-lines are sweet, the use of vocal samples works well, and I am overall very impressed. I reckon this album is in the top tier of what goa trance managed to deliver in the 2010 decade. It's playful and maximal goa trance, full power and enjoying itself, it's like a roller coaster because the music is not conservative, it takes risks and generates a lot of climaxes making the listening very pleasant. It offers just the right amount of spinning and splashing of psychedelic sounds leaving you feeling impressed. Very recommended album, you won't be bored! Rating: 8/10. Listen / Buy: https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-prologue
  6. Watched / Listened the same one: After listening to this, the thread makes total sense. Amazing to see how you can mix two tracks together, basically you mix the same way techno DJs mix, I guess that was the point of the thread Nice work!
  7. Testing the members here which track from 1997 was an inspiration to this? Not talking about the melodies, but pretty obvious the structure of the track is inspired from that 1997 track (from an iconic album).
  8. A.S. Records (Absolut Shit https://www.discogs.com/fr/label/1057942-Absolut-Shit). 1. Sound Weavers 08:21 2. Illusion 08:56 3. Are You Experienced 07:25 4. Predistigitacion 10:56 5. The Bird 08:26 6. Mystic Green Fairy 10:32 7. Oddisey 11:07 8. Flying Witches 10:30 9. Celestial Cup of Coffee 09:07 10. 80's Transmission 08:44 Iyari Bravo and Sarah Stanton Bowley, psychedelic trance duo project from Mexico, deliver a well-oiled darkpsy album. Complex, chaotic, full of twists, to be listened with an open mind. The sound is hard to describe but if you are into Kindzadza you should be curious already. The darkness and mystery of this album lie in the coldness of the music, with a chaotic echo. The sound effects are wild. There are so many twists that you can hear several tracks in one. One interesting sequence after another. Furthermore, what really makes the release special is the crystal quality and supreme craziness that makes the most of effects, shifts in bassline patterns, unexpected climaxes... You can hear the details into every single sound with clarity, which makes the experience very enjoyable. Favorite tracks: #2/ a technical prowess full of surprises, with lovely work on the kickline; #3/ huge bassline to start the track and nice storytelling all the way; #4/ irritating high pitched sounds in the beginning, but a spooky theme that works very well in the second half; #6/ one of the rare tracks than contains some melodic lines; #7/ a crazy and imaginative composition. But really all tracks have something interesting to offer. The general result is a confusing, yet fascinating, entertaining and very intense spectacle. Not to be missed! Rating: 8.5/10. Listen / buy: https://asrecords.bandcamp.com/album/walpurgisnacht-projekt-omega
  9. SY Records 1. A new day 2. DNA (OSG remix) 3. Alien genetics 4. Moon over 604 5. Ancient forest 6. Mysteries of life 7. Akashic intelligence 8. Step by step 9. Am I the universe (Multiverse remix) Out of Time is the third album by Portuguese producer Xamanist (Sérgio Ribeiro), after "Initiation" released in 2009, and "7" released in 2016. Let's see how it sounds! "A new day" opens the journey with a quiet progressive approach. It launches the album on a safe and relaxing tempo. However the last two minutes offer a sweet melodic climax... "DNA" delivers more melodies and more twists. The sounds are expressive, scintillating, and even though the bassline still sounds progressive, the content is clearly more goa trance oriented, on the morning side. Amazing stuff. "Alien genetics" offers a more full-on oriented bassline this time, but the music still progresses at a smooth pace and reaches an interesting melodic climax around the 5th minute mark, and another one towards the end. The more distinct bassline coupled with the trance atmosphere make it a nice journey... "Moon over 604" is what goa trance should sound like in 2019 : ) it is a modern approach of the goa sound, not often you hear middle eastern melodies on a progressive psytrance structure, this remarkable composition has a Chi-A.D. feel. Clever and stunning stuff. "Ancient forest"... well I'll confess it was hard to reach the quality of the previous track, so it did not grab me as much, that being said we hear again some interesting moments such as the bassline twists... "Mysteries of life"... here I love the bouncing melodic trance sounds in the second minute, later completed by more depth, more layers. More intensity after the 4th minute mark make it very danceable, perhaps the most energetic track so far. "Akashic intelligence" is perfect for a sunrise set. The slight floating and euphoric melodic touch is sometimes reminiscent of Yahel. Check it out ; ) ... "Step by step" is somehow similar to the previous track, very trancy and playful. The last melodic lines in the outro sound a bit weird to my ears, but nice fluffy track anyway. "Am I the universe" ends the album. It has a sharper kickline and warmer bassline, however the overall atmosphere did not convince me as much as what I listened before, but it is certainly decent and very well produced. And here ends the journey. Xamanist has a clear sound identity. The music is very easy to digest and perfect for trance lovers who dig the laid back approach with a modern structure. I doubt many will remember here, but Cosmic Tone - Overwhelming (2003) possessed that kind of soft style, just that it was more minimal and more focused on building deep and hypnotic atmospheres. Xamanist - Out of Time is for me like a modern equivalent of that album, just more danceable and clearly more goa trance oriented. I listened to the album on Youtube but will not hesitate to buy it as soon as I can. Rating: 8/10. Listen / buy: https://xamanist.bandcamp.com/album/out-of-time
  10. This album has grown on me a lot, never realized it was that good, the sound is so clean, so fresh and mellow. Lovely album, very underrated.
  11. Forgot about this track Yves Deruyter - Feel free
  12. Sangoma records 1. Shamanic Realms 07:56 2. Proper Dose 06:19 3. Johny on the Run 06:32 4. Radikal Moodz, Rezonant - Free Radikalz 07:48 5. Timecode 07:26 6. Kabayun - Temple of the Moon (Rezonant remix) 06:56 7. Behind your Eyes 06:33 8. Simia, Rezonant - Space Jam 07:31 9. Labyrinth 07:02 10. Calling the Spirit (feat. Sufi's Life) 09:10 Forest / Psychedelic trance territory. While the opening track Shamanic Realms got me a little scared, in the sense that I felt it sounded quite generic and not too inspiring (perhaps my mind needed some warm up too), I was then grabbed for most of the album. It is clear that the music storms along in real psychedelic night time style, track #2 Proper Dose is definitely a must listen: clean and deep bassline, twisted sounds around you like a swarm of invisible insects, meanwhile subtle melodic lines and bouncy metallic sounds ensure your mind knows exactly where you are heading to, and this vibe is continued throughout the whole album. Track #5 Timecode is extremely solid, especially in the second half. The haunting atmosphere, the use of the flute is very clever and works perfectly. The constant evolution and building make a brilliant track! Track #6 which is a remix is just as good if not better, certainly more intense and trippy. It throws some key changes too and the result is outstanding. Overall the quality level here is undoubtedly high. Obviously some tracks are better than others, but there are several very very good tracks. The flow is very solid, I will not hesitate to give this album my highest recommendations if you need your forest fix! Rating: 8/10. Listen / buy: https://sangomarecs.bandcamp.com/album/time-code
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