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  1. Sonic Loom 01. Muscaria & Malice In Wonderland - Black Lotus 06:32 02. Polyplexer - Let It Flow 08:02 03. Dark Elf - Veta Madre 06:59 04. Yann - Voyager II 06:25 05. Simia & Leso - Swamp Meeting 08:36 06. Thos Grol - The Magician's Hat 06:41 07. Antonymous & Biophotons - Uncertainty Principle 07:22 08. Tromo - Labyrinth of Madness 07:24 09. Algorithium & Ektomorph - Unplugged 08:49 10. Biohacker - Fantasy Corner 06:32 What you can expect through this compilation is powerful rhythms together with dark, blissful and strident sounds, electric and intense atmospheres. Of course if you are into forest, you will be curious to go through this experience, and while this compilation is loaded with all the goodness necessary to please the most experienced forest fans, I want to emphasize the fact that it is particularly dark and energetic. You will not hear a lot of melodies or breakdowns, these ingredients that usually work well on dark psychedelic trance are rare, but we have spooky pads as a nice substitute. It is a matter of taste, I reckon this type of music is very effective for underground parties. I also want to praise: Veta Madre by Dark Elf, a mysterious gem of the genre Voyager II by Yann, a very hypnotic and trippy number, more ethereal than the rest Uncertainty Principle by Antonymous & Biophotons, a very creative track reaching high proportions of psychedelia Unplugged by Algorithium & Ektomorph, same as above basically :-) a great intense and spooky track. Not to sound cliché but if you are into Derango, Ajja (Tulpa album), Dohm or Shivattva, just get this release now :-) this is brilliant underground food for the brain. Favorite tracks: #2, #3, #4, #7, #9. Rating: 8.5/10. Listen / buy: https://sonicloom.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-collective-intelligence
  2. 1. Luminescence 05:28 2. Walking on a wire 08:36 3. B Movie 06:34 4. Into the mist 07:20 5. The moon rises 09:40 6. Shaped caterpillar 07:58 7. We have arrived 07:16 8. The moorish trail 08:16 9. Flashback 09:39 Ankrosado is André Rosado from Portugal, he was known to me after I listened to this compilation https://www.discogs.com/fr/Various-Celestial-Transvibrations/master/805350 and his track was one of my favorites so I was curious to listen to this album. The music is simply goa trance: melodies supported most of the time by a soft bassline, some twisted sounds here and there and climaxes coming at the right time. Track #1 is slow and short, in my opinion it is a little empty and dull, but you should not get turned off by this track, it is almost like an intro and the following tracks get more interesting. Track #2 and #3 speed up nicely and have more ideas but still lack direction, so we are not quite there yet. With track #4 we are granted a cleaner sound with better energy, the music is very morning oriented and I enjoyed the beautiful key changes. The highlights come from track #5 to pretty much the end of the album. Ankrosado's style remains very humble in an elegant way and it keeps floating. The attention to detail is good, sounds are nicely delivered and the more variation the more pleasure. Some parts immediately reminded me Blue Planet Corporation, with synths floating and swirling, that put a smile on your face. We have some slower sequences, built in an euphorically melancholic way that please my ears. My opinion: the first half of this release is decent but sometimes boring, the second half delivers something uplifting, I can certify that this album sounds very old school and yet fresh, melodic and passionate. You will not have to go through these big walls of arpeggios or aggressive spirited sounds, so if you like your goa trance soft and laid back you should definitely give it a try. Favorite tracks: #5, #6, #7, #9. Rating: 7/10. Listen / buy: https://ankrosado.bandcamp.com/album/luminescence
  3. Manuser

    Double Impact - Zero

    I checked this album after reading the reviews, glad I did, I was expecting much worse. This album is very dark (and I mean real dark, probably among the darkest psytrance albums I have ever heard), Zenon fans should fancy this kind of sound. It is very psychedelic.
  4. I started doing this last year, around August, my collection is not too big, I have around 300 albums (won't lie, most of them downloaded for free), going by alphabetical order, letter X right now so almost done. Next is the compilations but I have only about 100. The truth is, I don't find it really enjoyable, going by alphabetical order I often have to listen to something I am not really in the mood for. To go faster I skipped everything I already heard before but still a big task. Bottom line: not very pleasant to be honest, but of course great moments too along the way :)
  5. @astralprojectionnot what I usually listen to so no clue, sorry. @Multi-MediaIt was actually my brother who sent me the video of these singers and asked me about this chant since he used to listen to psytrance before. I struggled to find out but did eventually :). Not a quizz but the synth starting @ 2:30 immediately reminded me of this Space Tribe track ( @ around 3:20 ).
  6. Nice didn't think it was easy as it's not among his most popular tracks.
  7. More quizz @ 6:22 This chant was used in a track released in the early 2000s. This artist is very well known, has released over 10 albums now, this was in his very first album.
  8. Lords of Chaos - Lords of Chaos (Chapter 1) was a very nice surprise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f04aAflgX1g&ab_channel=dejanprogtrens
  9. Nice track. If my memory serves me right, Qiujan makes a similar style (with more intensity though): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zOcHtwBOgg&ab_channel=music2021
  10. This album can be tough to get into but can grow on you, at first I didn't like it too much but played at the right time it works nicely. That being said, I don't understand why the artist went again to remix 5 tracks that were already remixed for the album Ubarpedia in 2012. These versions sound much more modern though, more psytrance than goa, my favorites are #3, #4, #5. Cosmo Drome 2012 version is IMO one of the best melodic goa track ever made, one of the best melodies you will hear, looks like Ubar Tmar is aware of it as he produced a piano version of the track :)
  11. Forgot how good Mr Peculiar - Mind-Dala was. What a sweet album!
  12. I struggle to like the middle part, I wish there was a more normal melody, more harmonic. That said I really like the first and third parts of the track. I guess recursion loop is right about the sound quality but the underground feel is very real that way. Nice work!
  13. What a surprising album it is rare I feel a bit uncomfortable when listening to a psytrance track but when I listen to "Violet Noise for 7 Days" my brain makes a connection with the Swedish movie "Midsommar", a very weird story... "The Small Sorcerer" is very trippy, brilliant stuff.
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