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  1. Cannot be disappointed if it's as good as the city of moons
  2. Full album is on Youtube:
  3. Vinyl Goa mix

    Very good mix. And thanks for the excellent XIS track, never heard it before.
  4. I listened to the first 2 tracks: The remix of Endora - Joy is remarkable, and I am surprised no one remixed this track before (or I am not aware of it). The second track by Tsuyoshi and Jikooha is very nice too. Is it a tribute to The KLF - What time is love?
  5. Old Hard Trance track.

    Cannot believe it but I heard this track long time ago on a Swiss radio (Couleur 3), I will post the link on tranceaddict.com for you and I am sure someone there will be able to find the name.
  6. This was unexpected! They are so talented and were one of the most interesting artists when it comes to dark psytrance, thanks for sharing! Quick listen of one track and unfortunately there is this cliche bassline which I don't like... will try to listen to all tracks though but not that enthusiastic now.
  7. The Dividing Line ["Astrix-style" full-on]

    Very nice (and I don't think it sounds cheesy).
  8. Triquetra - Ecstatic Planet

    The intro melody of Psychic Dissonance sounds so 90's!
  9. Most inappropriate melodies or samples in psytrance

    The 1200 mics track is weird, never thought I would hear that in a psytrance track Of course there is the final melody of Hallucinogen - Jiggle of the Sphinx (ruins a nice track IMO) I will post vocal samples if you don't mind, first track that comes to mind is Asura - Like a summer day The sample is some politics talk about Iran, why? Does not fit the music at all. And a track totally ruined by the repetitive sample is Hunab Ku - Children Of The Stones
  10. Modern goa/new school

    New Born's album was full of fillers (in my humble opinion) but Universal bus was perhaps my favorites of all, together with Omen, two very nice tracks. Also I was reading the first page of this topic. For darker Goa trance this track is sublime (released a few months ago): (Ufomatka - Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
  11. Thom Brennan - Satori (it is one track of 70 minutes, works very well to fall asleep!).
  12. Fiery Dawn - Magus

    Tartarus is a sick track. Some tracks on this album sound like old Shakta but with better focus on basslines. Great album (nice cover too).
  13. Your Unpopular Opinion?

    I find Digitalis much more interesting than Shakta