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  1. Love this track, so clean and spacey: Ufomatka - Extraterrestrial Intelligence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nqI_mzvQ6s Others with mentioning: Crossing Mind - Entropy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjvQXy6NJiI Proxeeus - Kuiper Belt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2K5t886Hj4 Clementz - Black dwarfs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYpKGCC1PSA Artha - 1st element is gone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2DpKuDJxsg
  2. Plenty of tracks but just one coming to my mind: Hada - Emaginary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW_LOKZ_RAU And shouldn't forget this one: Qiujan - Transformation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-G9svB6btU
  3. Ensancha El Alma Records 01. Ra - Night Angel 8:06 02. Side Liner - Vida Hermosa 7:10 03. Stefan Torto - 7pm 5:34 04. Kuba - Looking Down The Valley 5:57 05. Jairamji - Top Of The Mountain 9:35 06. Kaya Project - The Time Is Now 5:47 07. E-Mantra - The Sacred Mountain 5:38 08. Entheogenic - Shakyamuni 7:47 09. Asura - Le Passage Part One 8:28 10. Ovnimoon feat. JemInEye Incantations - To The Essense 7:25 Chill out release from the fresh label Ensancha El Alma Records dedicated to provide quality downtempo music. This compilation has two main styles: a trancy downtempo side, and a more ethnic and warm approach. To my surprise, Ra does not deliver a real highlight here, fine opener but less interesting than his best past downtempo sound. Side Liner however comes up with a deep and glacial, melancholic and atmospheric track, reminiscent of the old Asura style. Great stuff! Then Stefan Torto delivers as well with short but intense and emotional storytelling. I am less enthusiastic about the sunny ethnic tracks with guitars, but other highlights are from E-Mantra (similar style to the album Drifiting released the following year, short but epic melodic track), Asura and then Ovnimoon & JemInEye Incantations, they deliver the most danceable and trancy tracks of the compilation. Asura's composition is a tad repetitive perhaps but uplifting and brilliantly executed. Ovnimoon & JemInEye Incantations end the journey with an inspired downtempo track, goa-trance influenced and with a progressive approach, perfect to end this release. On the whole this is a nice first compilation from Ensancha El Alma Records that I recommend to all chill out lovers. Rating: 7.5/10. Listen / Buy: https://ensanchaelalma.bandcamp.com/album/ensancha-el-alma-vol-1
  4. Manuser

    E-Mantra - Drifting

    Ensancha El Alma Records 01 - Your Journey Begins Now 7:05 02 - Fiat Lux (Live Version) 7:10 03 - Akashic (vs. Reasonandu) 6:21 04 - Petrichor 7:12 05 - Returning Home 6:45 06 - Sea Of Eternal Gloom 6:39 07 - Tale Of The Polar Drifter 7:17 08 - Long Siberian Night 6:06 09 - Farewell Philae 6:09 10 - Depth Of Nothingness 8:36 12th album by Emmanuel Carpus with his E-Mantra alias, the master of super psychedelic goa-trance but also prolific when it comes to downtempo and chill out trance. Five years after his last downtempo album Raining Lights (released on Altar Records), we are granted another relaxing journey. This album is chilly as it gets, yet combines slow trance with faster output in the second half of the album. From the opening track we are thrown right into the frosty melodies, sound drops, light and floating rhythm, a really perfect beginning, then confirmed in similar fashion with tracks #2 and #3. If you like 4*4 beat tracks on a slow tempo, you can find such thing in this album, track #5 in particular (Returning Home) is a gem with a brilliant sense of poetry, ethereal and pleasant melodies, chiseled and lace-like sounds. Track #6 Sea Of Eternal Gloom is a surprise as the track lies on a drum & bass structure, in this track you will hear the more characteristic psychedelic sounds from E-Mantra in a mellow atmosphere and it will also be the case with the two tracks that follow. With track #9 Farewell Philae we are back to the style of the beginning, if you have the opportunity to go for a walk around an icy lake during winter with this music in the background, I bet that would be a sweet experience. And our last track, Depth of Nothingness caught me by surprise again as it is a pure midtempo goa-trance composition with acid lines and the usual psychedelic vibes from E-Mantra, maybe the perfect transition to his next uptempo album? :-) To sum up, this album has two sides: the very chill side and the more energetic vibes that come with it, whether you prefer one side or the other, all tracks are top quality without a doubt. Drifting is an album you can put on and then just lay down and drift to a cold land of fairies, where there is nothing but good things. Everything radiates floating energy and harmony. A very good release to keep yourself relaxed for a while. Hope to hear something similar in the near future. Rating: 8.5/10. Listen / Buy: https://ensanchaelalma.bandcamp.com/album/e-mantra-drifting
  5. In 2006-2012 I thought many releases sounded very similar, we had more variety (IMO) from 2014-2015 period till now. @Microdelic To be constructive, below some releases to check out: JIS - Illusions of Reality Omnivox - Fragments of Evolution Proxeeus: anything from him but you cannot go wrong with his 2018 album Non-Euclidean Geometry Ultimate Xperience - Lazarus Rising Imba - First Encounter Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons Crossing Mind - Beyond Duality Artha - Dream Telepathy JaraLuca - Fata Morgana JaraLuca - Prologue Hypnoxock - Eurythmia K.O.B. - Identity Mash GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death Morphic Resonance - Perplexity Veasna - 5ynergy Median Project - Constellation (not a fan but if you like 2006-2012 then you will love it) Battle of the Future Buddhas - The Light Behind The Sun Xamanist - Out of Time Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom Sky technology – Rainbow Spirit Sykespico - Perspective Toxeed - Mysterious VA - Dimensional Gateway Vol. 5 VA - Goa Trance Legacy Vol. 3 VA - 604 Syndroms (just for the Proxeeus track :))
  6. To each their own, I find the 2006-2012 era vastly inferior to 2013-2019. Space Of Power is the definition of meh in my book
  7. I guess the stuff that fits the morning like Blue Planet Corporation, or the old California Sunshine albums.
  8. I am surprised no one commented that Transformation (Original Unreleased Version) is a different version of the track Phoenix (so I guess Phoenix is the remix of this track), while the track called Transformation (remix) in the album Second Phaze is a totally different track. Looks like the label or the artists themselves got the tracks mixed up, which is very strange. .
  9. Unreleased Goa Records 01. A.S. We Were 09:25 02. Drop 07:38 03. Distance To Future 08:57 04. Floating Orbit 10:17 05. Forever After 08:01 06. Ancient Aliens (2002 Remix) 08:41 07. Hey! 07:53 08. Stoned Tribes 10:52 09. Freaky Fungus 10:01 10. Not Like Planet Earth 09:43 11. The Ghost Of Darkness 07:34 Fifth release from this label founded last year, these eleven tracks were made by Finnish artist Aki Malinen in the early 2000s. It starts rather dark and shines more and more as the album goes. First thing very obvious, the music is very creative and storytelling, it does not follow the typical formula of the genre. You can tell the artist was inspired by the golden era of goa trance and other kinds of trance music. Unfortunately it is impossible to ignore that the sound quality is not the best, it is like listening to a tape (muffled and low energy), the mastering crew did the best possible to restore these tracks but the original quality must have been pretty poor. However, back to the actual music, we have several gems in this release, the tracks have long, drifting pads floating above bubbling synths and it is pure old school, non generic but supremely creative and melodic. The best surprise for me was #2 Drop, this track is like a fairy-tale in itself, the artist created something very special with variations, twists, key changes and imaginative structure. Trance at its best. Another track really worth mentioning is #4 Floating Orbit, it sounds like a genuine tribute to Chi-A.D. - Exit Eternity (I said enough with this reference! :)). #5 Forever After and #10 Not Like Planet Earth are two other strong goa trance anthems offering bliss and storytelling with positive atmosphere. Great that such an excellent album got properly released. Rating: 7.5/10. Listen / Buy: https://unreleasedgoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-s-we-were
  10. Forest Freaks Records 1 The Sound is Revealed 7:02 2 Lonely Dogs From Siolim 6:59 3 Changes Come Harder 7:16 4 Passing Through 7:02 5 Defragmentation Inside 7:10 6 November 7:02 7 Unstoppable Fate 7:15 8 Just Us 7:08 9 Use Your Abilities 7:07 Second album from Domas Gudelis straight from the power and smoothness of forest psytrance! 9 tracks of very similar length on which the artist acknowledged he spent more time than expected, but the final output was really worth the wait. The music is more atmospheric and storytelling than your average forest, with more melodic and melancholic pads, and in total connection with what psytrance is supposed to be. This album will also please the people allergic to noisy forest, this release is quite smooth to the ears, it delivers a nice haunting, mystic and emotional touch and Domas did a nice job with the key changes. It is highly psychedelic, mental psytrance, it has all the ingredients we love in forest psytrance. Favorite tracks: #2, #3, #4, #6, #8. Dohm set the bar high to start the year :) Rating: 8.5/10. Listen / Buy: https://www.forest-freaks.com/dohm-music Also available on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nueQ4hUZq2c
  11. Remote Music 01. Under Attack 1 04:41 02. Dr. Cosis (Short Consultation) 05:31 03. First Buzz 04:29 04. Bumba (Bambalu Mix) 06:01 05. Rough (Playground) 05:14 06. No Convergence 04:32 07. Buzz 07:33 08. Under Attack 2 06:25 09. Bumba (Dub) 04:37 10. Tomorrow Is Always Deep 06:29 11. Spiritual Digital 07:49 Cyborcosis are Jason Newell and Lucy Maundof, a duo of electronic musicians UK with roots in the early 90's house/trance/techno movement. I hesitated to post this review as the style is not purely psytrance, yet open minded psytrance or trance fans should be able to enjoy at least some of the tracks. It covers several genres: a blend of breakbeat, some drum & bass, techno synths, and what we like here when it comes to trancy atmospheres. The trance sounds and pads works very well on the syncopated binary rhythms and use of poly rhythms, even tough the specific rhythm of track #2 can be a little off-putting. You cannot help noticing influences from The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers in the music, sometimes Eat Static as well. It is not very complex though, the overall sound is very 90's and innocent, yet refreshing. There are some 4*4 beat tracks such as track #4, dreamy atmosphere in this one. For me the album really peaked with tracks #7, #9, #10 and #11, these tracks are simply catchy, they offer a sweet breakbeat / trance combination. I would do without the "deep shit" vocal sample in track #10 (and the vocals are too redundant) but I thought it was still the most convincing production here as the trance melodies were more developed and emphasized, more psychedelic and deeper. Nothing groundbreaking or very subtle but a decent release if you are into this kind of sound. Rating: 6.5/10. Listen / Buy: https://cyborcosis.bandcamp.com/album/resonance-of-the-gods
  12. Hello. 01. Xamanist - Out of Time 02. Walpurgisnacht Projekt - Omega 03. JaraLuca - The Prologue 04. Wizack Twizack - The Tesseract (rated it 7.5 but should be higher) 05. Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom 06. Sneila - Rebirth 07. Sykespico - Perspective 08. Hedustma - Forms 03 09. Static Movement ‎– SiMiN (cheesy but grew on me) 10. Rezonant - Time Code Good year overall.
  13. This track from Ghreg on Earth never gets old: Just the intro tells you it's gonna be dark and mysterious. The bassline should be louder but anyway what a great track.
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