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  1. Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden (last track of the album) has a nice one!
  2. Hi, I wanted to start this thread a while ago but forgot about it. There are artists out there who produced special tracks but who are not too well known. I mean old school artists, we could post modern tracks of course but there are just too many artists nowadays, so I am more interested in what was produced a long time ago. For example Messiah, who was a member of Orion but his music is more appealing to me than Orion. Messiah - Reincarnation of the mysterious Messiah - Ghost And tracks of other artists I found is some compilations, for example: Ectomorph - Trilobite it actually sounds a bit like Koxbox checking Discogs, this artist (Crispin Gair) never released anything else. Menis - Rakebeat: nice track with unusual structure. Feel free to post more examples.
  3. Free Lemonade Psychedelic Terrorist is a different track, always found it quite special.
  4. OMG one of the best music ever, especially starting @ 1:07
  5. Howling at the moon Higher access
  6. Lunar Asylum - Twister is a terrific track. underrated stuff.
  7. Fantastic tracklist, Hada-Emaginary is my favorite track of 2018.
  8. Nice tracks, not too predictable, generous with melodies. Can't wait to hear a full album of this promising artist.
  9. Sorry, I actually meant Tripulogic, I mixed up with Target Eye which is great too anyway.
  10. Je comprends parfaitement ta logique et pas de souci, je comprends tres bien quand tu ecris en Anglais To be honest, Forest from the few I know, is a bit annoying to define, I saw what Ormion wrote, and I also noticed you included Ka-Sol - Fairytale in the forest section, while indeed this album is really hybrid, some tracks in this album are actually pure Psy or Goa-Trance, if you listen to Matrix (remix) or The Light, they are totally different to Forest. But since Ka-Sol is a pioneer of Forest.... but the genre today is really different. So this is confusing. This category is annoying and could almost be separated between Old Forest and New Forest... You said KOB - Identity Mash is Forest Goa, that's why for me it's only Forest influenced, unless we open the borders of the genre. Forest as we know it today is far from Goa. ... I love that album anyway. Good luck and keep it up!
  11. @Lightforce In my opinion, you should leave out every albums that are somehow hybrids of several genres. Don't forget your guide is aimed at beginners. That's why you should not include KOB - Identity Mash in the forest genre, the tracks you posted (especially Cousin It) have forest influences, but this album is not 100% forest. For me it's barely 20% or 30% forest at best. It is better if you include only albums that are a perfect representation of the genre: Derango - Tumult Dohm - From the dark poetry Shivattva - The tales of Harvia The same way I would not, for example, include Oforia if I want to define what pure Goa trance is, because his style was more robotic than Dimension 5 or Etnica. This way your PDF (and future website) will be more accessible to beginners. Great work!
  12. Yes for me this is close to the perfect Goa trance track, in my top 5 ever for sure.
  13. I'll probably pick Target Eye instead of NBK but that's a matter of taste. Shockwave is amazing.
  14. To be fair, Ormion the author of the topic, himself posted The Wizard Demo which is not exactly Goa trance :) But I will post a Goa track, cannot believe I forgot to post it earlier: Jikooha - Bay Hall Magic
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