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  1. The video disappeared from Youtube, but here is another one uploaded recently: Still one of my favorite tracks of 2018.
  2. I know a few tracks such as Jaws, or Do Androids Dream.... I probably listened to their first album a very long time ago but cannot remember, should get back to it for sure.
  3. When you forget to write G on graveyard...
  4. Not familiar with GMS but the remix released on X-dream remixes compilation is exactly what you describe.
  5. Pretty nice music, catchy even though quite generic.
  6. Full album: I always thought this album was not easy to get into. That was my opinion 16 years ago, and strangely I still think the same 16 years later, after such a long time not listening to it. This style is probably appealing to people who are into underground house / techno sound, or just into various electronic music genres! I reckon it's very good music for the dance-floor. For home listening? Well depends on the day, depends on the mood, or depends on the season It's not something I can go crazy about but at the same time it's something I can fully appreciate when in the mood for it. By the way, OP's mention of The Lone Deranger was out of place
  7. True, the first track is really great, sounds like nothing I have heard before. Artifakt really has a special talent.
  8. Nice track! From the same artists, choose your world is heavy.
  9. I listened to this album last night, it aged well, I find the sound and groove quite remarkable. One of my favorite EU albums.
  10. Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden (last track of the album) has a nice one!
  11. Hi, I wanted to start this thread a while ago but forgot about it. There are artists out there who produced special tracks but who are not too well known. I mean old school artists, we could post modern tracks of course but there are just too many artists nowadays, so I am more interested in what was produced a long time ago. For example Messiah, who was a member of Orion but his music is more appealing to me than Orion. Messiah - Reincarnation of the mysterious Messiah - Ghost And tracks of other artists I found is some compilations, for example: Ectomorph - Trilobite it actually sounds a bit like Koxbox checking Discogs, this artist (Crispin Gair) never released anything else. Menis - Rakebeat: nice track with unusual structure. Feel free to post more examples.
  12. Free Lemonade Psychedelic Terrorist is a different track, always found it quite special.
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