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  1. Manuser

    V/A - Xpla-Nations

    One of my favorites in the series. There is enough variety to enjoy, thumbs up to tracks by Fuzzion, Violet Sky, Typhoon feat Deedrah. I already had a hard time to listen to any Absolum tracks, but this one takes the cake in a bad way, noisy stuff all the way. Terrible. The last track is pretty nice, but my preference still goes to the Violet Sky track, the nice surprise of this compilation. Listen:
  2. Manuser

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Not cheesy, but very good!
  3. Manuser

    The Maniac - Hypnogogic

    Nothing revolutionary but very nice track! Liking the slower pace
  4. TIP Records 1. Amazing Tales from Outer Space 08:20 2. Mad Robots 08:06 3. Out of this World 08:41 4. Drop The Bomb 08:09 5. Electric Kool A(c)ID Test 07:43 6. LSD Party (Kicking In) 08:36 7. LSD Party (Meltdown) 08:12 8. Joint O’Clock 07:40 9. Party Planners 08:11 Mad Tribe is a collaboration between Space Tribe and Mad Maxx (Olli Wisdom and Max Peterson). The modern TIP records trademark is in full force and well executed. The thick bass, powerful kicks, banging psychedelic atmospheres and science fiction vocal samples. I must say the opening track is all you need to know about the sound but I was particularly amazed by track 2 and its crazy psychedelic depth. From here on out it gets difficult to comment much, simply because the album reaches a high standard and never drops from it. I also very liked the two LSD tracks. It is a strong album overall, even though I would be happy with less vocal samples. No surprise here and nothing too subtle, but simply highly professional psytrance that should please all the fans of this sound. To buy > https://tiprecords1.bandcamp.com/album/amazing-tales-from-outer-space
  5. Manuser

    Fiery Dawn - Magus

    I was also into Tartarus, acidic track that reminded me an improved sound of old Shakta. Since we are talking about 2018 releases, so far my preference goes to Lectro Spektral Daze (from what I have managed to listen this year).
  6. Manuser

    Joujouka - Joujouka

    I do like a lot of percussions in psytrance but for some reason this album did not age well for me. It sounds very dated and too simplistic, the production could be better, even though it was made in 1998. A lot of passion in this album with potential here and there, but something missing for me to really appreciate it.
  7. Manuser

    Normal Trance

    @Agneton nice track, never heard before, thanks for sharing. Here is a superb melody (sounds more serious and a little darker than usual uplifting trance):
  8. Manuser

    Joti Sidhu-Punktuator

    Pretty nice stuff, aged very well considering it was made fourteen years ago.
  9. Manuser

    V/A - Psychedelic Dreams 1

    Agree with the other guys, it's mediocre. The first 4 tracks can be skipped, Weird Sick And Twisted has this irritating vocal sample, and the collaboration between Cosmosis and Shakta is very disappointing. The compilation gets interesting from track 5. As mentioned previously, it is not by Process & Slide, even a half deaf psytrance fan can recognize here the sound of Tim Schuldt (track Mummy Machine). It's a catchy production and really launches the CD. Logic Bomb - Thoughts Crossed Back is pretty nice (more technoish than usual but still melodic), and the Astral Projection track is the highlight here, very energetic and possibly one of the most underrated works from the band. Track 7 and 9 are fillers for me. Rating: 5/10.
  10. Manuser

    Normal Trance

    Removing the vocals of Komakino - Man A Mars is removing what made the track memorable IMO. Without the vocals, it sounds just like a generic trance track like hundreds of others. My 2 cents anyway!
  11. Manuser

    Acid Rockers - Mind Set

    It's a very remarkable album. High quality stuff:
  12. Manuser

    Neuromotor - Neuro Damage

    Always fun to have a listen at these forgotten albums from this era. It did not age too well but Fuck the Mafia Trance XP still is quite a unique and creative composition.
  13. Manuser

    Can you recommend me some breakbeat-goatrance?

    Most of the psybreak I know is not really goa but more on the psytrance side. However, Deviant Electronics - Blunt Instruments is a must have, superb release. On the psy side, I really like Acid Rockers - Mind set.
  14. Manuser

    Best (non psychedelic) Uplifting Trance ?

    Pure epicness Gouryella - Tenshi (Transa Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu3kGdxfRjY