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  1. Hmm. I never heard MDK meaning "Mission: Deliver Kindness" before. http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/MDK
  2. Ugh. I listened to this all day. This is really bad. There is literally no kickdrum in most of the tracks. The 25-80hz range is completely empty in most tracks. The Drum&Bass part is ok, but its almost always an 4 bar loop over and over without any variation. The mastering is bad, it sounds too low, and muffled. Bad release.
  3. Its from the movie talked about in this link http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3q6y9m
  4. Thats terrible logic. So just because they are "happy", doesnt mean they can be happier? K.
  5. Hmm. Whats funny about Murder Death Kill? I dont get it.
  6. Although I wasnt a member then, I remember that drama very clearly. It was a damn shame. IIRC, He left after the drop was spilled when another member of the site was barraded and bullied into leaving; so he felt that that was it and he left also. Respect to that man.. And his music speak for itself..
  7. Radi I dont use facebook. Never have and never will. Also, I wouldnt just wanna talk to ONE person, but rather a chatroom full of people. Insejn Allright Ill try join that room and see who is there. edit: Im here now and its completely empty.
  8. I understand you would want a common theme. Naturally. But the texts.. There are a lot of nice clean and minimal fonts that are very easy to read that is NOT times new Roman. Know what i mean? And the backgrounds are nice I'm not even criticizing those. But the texts I'm sure you could spend another 5 minutes on.
  9. Hmm. To whoever is doing the artworks for neogoa. They all look almost identical and they all use really boring stock fonts. There are some really cool fonts on the Internet i suggest you check out. Also the effects is almost identical cover to cover. Bloom, glow, shadow and that's about it. The backgrounds are not bad but the text you really need to work on. Other than that it's a pretty nice album Trance to move you What's the deal with the "mdk" "murder death kill" tag after your posts?
  10. Spot on Mfg has a few muddy tracks!
  11. Full On is often spoken of as the black sheep of goatrance. Its not psy and its not Goa. Its somewhere in between. But there are a few great full on tracks out there. Post your favorites! few of mine are: Electric Universe - Conscious Electric Universe - The Prayer Electric Universe - Peak <-This is probably my favorite. Talamasca - Spiritual Renewal Talamasca ft Yuman & Ben-J - Three Smoking Gorillas Wizzy Noise - Haiku Remix <-Epicness Silicon Sound - Memento <-Honorable mention due to its amazingly subtle and minimal buildup And its not a coincidence that alot of my favorites come from the same artists. ps. The links above are at timestamps I chose specifically.
  12. OK. But could you then change the topic to something like Psynews Open Collaboration or something like that.
  13. Hey Is there a psynews chatroom somewhere? Maybe on IRC?
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