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  1. there have been playing sets mainly consisting of trance covers since 2008 (or so) at least when i saw them here in austria (i was actually attending only for filteria who played directly afterwards).
  2. it's interesting to read how that iconic album came about, but i was really hoping that you'd come back with some new sounds for us. ah, well. old rediscovered sounds are equally good :)
  3. nice. i especially like the third one. i guess living in berlin you get lots of good techno regularly.
  4. no ads are of course ideal, but i'd be fine with in-scene ads too as long as it's done tastefully (one or two small and simple uinobtrusive banners like what they sometimes have at goabase).
  5. it's not called psychedelic trance for nothing. if you put on for instance braincell - there is more on this world or pleiadians - maia (there are many more but personally i've found these two to work easiest) on headphones and close your eyes and you are still aware of the real world by the end of the track you haven't been focused on listening.
  6. when i finally see an occasion to put my cosmology knowledge to good use i cannot resist from our point of view black holes really have just the three properties mass, charge and rotation. we can only influece it by throwing more mass at it from certain angles. recording every particle movement is impossible in our universe. quantum mecahnics (heisenberg's uncertainty principle) forbids this. just because we want it to make sense doesn't mean that it does make sense :). we've invented all sorts of gods and afterlife because we don't want to accept death. sadly (or luckily in case of most religions), that doesn't make any of them reality. i also don't know if i like the thought of eternal inflation or not. yeah, physics gets pretty weird at times. sadly our brains are specialised in surviving on earth and reprducing rather than understanding the great scheme of things. even for quantum mechanics we cannot get any intuitive understanding of how it works; just by using mathematics we can calculate how things behave. for cosmology it gets even more far out…
  7. you'd need a physicist. a physician is a "hausarzt" ;). that thing you are describing is called black hole and we have just shot our first photo of one. there are some hypotheses about how a black hole looks from the inside (some fringe theories say that it might not be just all matter concentrated in a single point as the accepted theory suggests but that it might look like a new universe on the "inside".) but there is no way we can know that. there is no way to transmit information to or from a black hole. (to be exact that's not quite true. a black hole acquires its three properties, mass, rotation and charge (charge only in theory, black holes are neutral. still this cannot be used to transmit information) what makes you think that our universe has consciousness? or if it had consciousness that it would want anything, or want to prevent its death? fear of death is something that has evolved in our species. natural selection kills living things prematurely that don't take care to stay alive. if the universe itself was conscious it would not have undergone such a process and most likely would not see a need to preserve its life. there cannot be eternal life of any way in our universe. there is no escape. the possible scenarios for our future are (in order of likelyness) : - big freeze (the heat death of the universe. after a long period of time all particles eventually decay and are converted to radiation. black holes eventually radiate all their energy and disappear too. there is no difference in energy or entropy anywhere. so no energy or information can be transmitted anymore. any process that could sustain any form of life has stopped.) this is by far the most likely variant. -big rip (the expansion of space time accellerates further and further until it rips everything apart. space expands so fast that the forces holding anythign together cannot work anymore (they work at light speed). at first galaxies are seperated, then the solar system, then the earth, then atoms. in the end it would take more than light speed to communicate from any point in the universe to any other. no physical process can take place, no information can be transmitted, no life can exist here. a lot less likely: -big crunch (the expansion of space slows and and is in the end overwhelmed by gravity. this would probably require decay of the universe's vacuum state to a lower energy, which we don't yet know is possible and would destroy everything in our universe right now). then the universe would collapse into a single point, and it either could stay like that forever or the whole thing could start again. we have no idea which one is more likely right now. if it were true that creating a black hole creates another universe inside this, then the new universe would be lower in energy than the one we are now, so the "eternal life" would get smaller in every instance. also these child-universes would eventually also be destroyed by the processes above. before our own universe is. and of course, there is no way to travel from ours into a child-univese alive. so no, i do not agree. but i find the science much weirder and more fascinating than this hypothesis here. if collapsing into a black hole creates a new smaller universe then yes: it could already have happened. and it would be more likely that we are living in such a thing than otherwise. alas, there is no way for us to know. we don't even know if our universe is finite or inifinite in size, and because light speed is the ultimate limit and space is expanding faster than that at huge distances we will most likely never know. however there are serious physical ideas that would allow life to exist for all eternity in the universe, just not in our region of space. look up eternal inflation. the basic idea is that in its early days the universe was expanding much faster than it is now right here (that theory of inflation happened seems almost certain by now. ) but in eternal inflation the expansion has only slowed down in some isolated regions (called pocket universes, we are in one of those) while the rest continues to expand at an exponential rate. thus the there will be infinitely many more pocked universes like ours created in the future. but of course life is only possible in the pocket universes, the pocked universes all face the fate described above and there is no way to transmit anything from one pocket universe to another.
  8. axis flip and space juice are among my favourite mwnn tracks. the rest is good too (the only track from the album that doesn't get lots of playtime is lights out). i do. regularly. i really wish he had made more music like this.
  9. sounds good. i think i'll like this more than his uptempo music.
  10. then 1. is protoculture - out of reality. two to go.
  11. yup. just like freetekno: these two just have a certain trashy aesthetic — that's completely absent in goa/psy — that goes well with punk.
  12. all three in the same track?
  13. you mean the long beatless strech that seems to last forever where you get bored and cannot dance but finally decide to leave the dancefloor to get some chai?
  14. seratonin sunrise is not punk (the only thing about it that's not just goa trance is the horrible vocal that ruins the track), and thankfully i don't know any other punk-psy either.
  15. it's not as if the vinyl posts get lost huge flood of content we get in the general artist news and label announcements forum. i'd say if anything we should rather do away with the subforums of our categories altogether. i often miss posts in the crowd funding, cultural zone or party talk subforums because i don't specifically click on these (or notice that they contain unread posts).
  16. i guess the most sensible answers would be now and yes. now because it's already rather late and the thread isn't seeing many new additions anymore. yes because rotwang has a script that does the counting (almost?) automatically and all the data is in here.
  17. agreed. and while i find the faithhealer's remix so-so, genesis is really good. so i cannot complain at all here.
  18. a very strong contender for the album of the year 2019. and that's true even when you don't count the tracks previously released as lazarus rising. there is nothing standard about this album, it's not just a psytrance release, it is a piece of art. while i don't like everything (temple of love with the singing is too much gothic and too little psy for me), this is a matter of taste and not of quality. the only downside i see is that the way this album is mixed makes it sound better on speakers (even cheaper ones) than on my headphones. it's the exact opposite for 99% of the music i ever listen to. i guess it'd sound great on a festival rig tough. i'd love to hear jezebel at the dancefloor on a big system.
  19. it's even better than holobiont, but magnitudes of order is still my favourite. too bad i missed the kickstarter for magnitudes of order and only got alhold of the two newer albums.
  20. no idea yet . i got the feeling it must be some darkish 1999-style goa track…
  21. nice one, and it should definitely be easier. i know the sample well, but atm i have no idea where it's from.
  22. it says video unavailable now in the post you quoted. but if the track in question is indeed morphem - magma, i'd be very interested to hear the other version.
  23. try an easier one? (and hope for more activity in the forum )
  24. i totally agree with proxeeus. the focus is different. in psytrance you have lots of space in the mix (which also allows for delays and reverbs to have their full effect). but for this to sound good and professional every single element have to sound good on its own. for goatrance you can get away with some elements sounding so-so, because there are many different ones that also demand the attention of the listener. on the other hand you have to get all those layers to sit together nicely in the mix, which ime is A LOT more difficult. you have to compromise between the leads sounding thin and tinny and the leads clashing with each other and the bassline. there is simply not enough space in the audio spectrum to make too many of these elements sound huge. since i find it a lot easier to get psytrance to sound more-or-less professional compared to goa trance i have huge respect for artists like artifact303, filteria, e-mantra, hypnoxock, median project, … who achieve such a good sound with goa trance.
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