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  1. After longer break I came back to this place and have to admit that you guys made me happy due the amount of posts here! keep going, posting and discussing! sorry for just little spam.
  2. nice one! another synth which is worth to try
  3. wow, thats a fine description, thanks however, its a another synth, which i would like to try for a while. both of them. actually i am thinking about another synth such as Minibrute from Arturia or Tetra & Mopho from Dave Smith. Did you have a chance to try it ever? Friend of mine has a Mopho and Evolver and their sound is perfect. But in my case i dont know if it will be needed, because i have nord already.
  4. desysko : what about bass station? its good toy? i would say that it can drop out some nice basses and fine soundind raw leads... and what is that black box with magic number 303 ? some king of clone or so?
  5. EMX is cool gear and it's a lot of fun with it. Friend of mine have this one and showed me some cool effects. really fine toy. but he accidentally deleted whole the soundbank on some card with init function or how he said it to me.. i dont remember exactly, so its recommended to be aware what is pressed.
  6. it's thing of habit yes, ofc it's awkward, because f.e. in job i have big table and at home is this audio cockpit btw u have really nice picture on the right.. those birds !
  7. for example my sound lab looks like this
  8. Dear producers, Psynews members & colleagues, don't hesitate and post pictures from your (home) studios, equipment and accessories, synthesizers, musical instruments, etc... Share with others your sound laboratories, where you are giving a space to releasing your ideas, hopes, feelings & emotions. Videos, gif's or even cinemagraphs are allowed, so dont have a fear & show your piece of your world!
  9. Hi guys, I have a problem and I would like to ask you for help. What is a stumbling block? Syx files made in Discodsp Discovery Pro. After transfer into my Nord Rack 2, still same sound came out (as before transfer)... even after tweaking of a lot of knobs. But when are transferred programs downloaded from web (e.g. from Andi Vax or NL support ), they sound normal and program is successfully changed. Where am I making a mistake please? To do not forget : I use MIDI-OX on Win7. Thanks for reply.
  10. unbelievable! actually i have goosebumps & what comes when it ll be released?
  11. i appreciate next point of view.
  12. thx for your time, listenings, feedback, for all!
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