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  1. Okay, having listened to Trquetra's album a bunch of times now (it's been kinda hard not to do so) - this is definitely an awesome album that is a gem for the future. While certain samples still not fond of (but i'm picky like that), this album just rocks! Hope they continue their trajectory that is seen in this album. Something unique about this album and can't put it down. Good job to the guys!
  2. Gonna need to relisten to this one (still going through my first listen). Some tracks I enjoy (just wish didn't have some effects/sound samples) but beyond those few tracks, have really enjoyed the album. Some real nice groovy acid stuff here, and got a bit of seasoning of 90's stuff. Really rocking it out.
  3. Lots of great points made here which I agree with. One of the most important things for me is "storytelling". Not sure how I would describe it, but I love songs that have a flow to them. I've written about it before, but two modern artist that do a great job are Crossing Mind and Psysutra.
  4. Awesome Job! Listened to the samples and it's already one of my top 10 albums of this year. Loved his last album and you can hear the change between the two. And this change is a good kind. Definitely one of the unique artists in this scene and a great inspiration.
  5. Any chance that you will do the same for albums? I always do enjoy reading your reviews and materials. I should get back and be more active, but I've been busy with other stuff. Haven't really listened to anything in the past year.
  6. New rough draft of The Blues track. Added some synth stuff. Sort of feel that the direction of the track has changed, but I don't mind.
  7. https://soundcloud.com/desko-974303531/the-world-of-blurimba After much time away and not really making any tracks, I decided to go ahead and see things would go. I realized I didn't use my mpc1000 enough, so I made a goal of using only the mpc1000 for a track. All sounds are made with either my karimba, guitar, and the drum kit from the 707 (along with some other ones). The karimba was pretty easy to record since it has a 1/4 socket. The guitar was a pain to record since it is a classical guitar with no outputs. So I had to record it with my phone (such crap quality lol). I then put it through some guitar amp and other effects on ableton, made a sample from that and imported to the mpc1000. It was a bit of work to get all of this done because of the ram limitation of the mpc1000. There's plenty more I can do with this track, add some more elements, work on the effects (the effects on the mpc aren't the best sounding ones), etc.
  8. I've enjoyed Loud's stuff in the past but their stuff in the past couple years have been on the "eh" side.
  9. It's been pretty interesting for me for the past couple weeks. Bought a used deck, check it out, and surprisingly in good condition. Just need to change the belt and probably add some oil/lube to some parts. Now I've been looking into speakers on my local craigslist. I've been listening to music and doing stuff mainly through my headphones since middle school. It would be nice to be able to have speakers agian.
  10. Who here still own cassettes and listen to them regularly? I had some when I was younger but obviously as technology got better and as my dad got computers and the alike, I stopped using cassettes. I recently reacquired two cassette decks (one which needs some replacing but otherwise good condition). I also found some sealed and packaged blank tapes from back then. I've been recording some albums on them, curious to see how they sound. Whoever said that cassettes are terrible has obviously never had good ones. While obviously FLAC is hard to beat, these cassettes sound pretty good and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two unless I had them side by side. I've watched some videos, and one thing it has made me learn is to appreciate the amount of work that was done with these older media formats. I'm now doing some research on the best way to setup a hifi sound system for my room. What are your stories about cassettes? Were you ever in them? Do you miss them? Did you ever like them? Really interested to read stuff from the older guys.
  11. Man, it feels like I haven't been on here for such a long time. Anyhows, I've been listening to some Jazzy stuff and also to some stuff from the 80's. I've got to say, there's a lot of good sounding music. What I am asking is if anyone else has found songs, artists, and/or albums that feature a space like ambiance along with some nice sounding saxophone melodies/leads. This track for example has been one of my favorites. I prefer tracks without any vocals and mainly instrumentals. Also, would be awesome if any folks can recommend tracks that are similar to these two tracks: What I enjoy with these two tracks is all the 80's elements, from the synths, bass, and the great saxophone portions. If there are any songs/albums that are focused on these specific elements (again, with no vocals), be free to post them!
  12. Wow, this is pretty awesome. Will keep an eye out for this. Glad to see folks like Psysutra getting more support. Definitely one of the best artist of recent times.
  13. https://soundcloud.com/desko-974303531/rough-draft-10001 Now this was by done by accident. Was fooling around with the EMX since I haven't used it in a long time and had it stored away, gathering dust. Still has the unstable pot encoder problem, should fix that some day. Just a random sketch for some ideas.
  14. Made a new account. I had followed so many people on my old account that it was a mess. Been fooling around with a ob-12 vst, sounds very nice and lush. This demo was made after I fooled around with Native Instruments Molekular. It's definitely a cool effect plug-in. All the sounds are from the Karimba. The white noise is from sliding my hand on the wood of the karimba, along with other sounds being made by hitting the wood (which then all the notes react and make sounds from). Had it go through my EMX effects such as delay, chorus/flanger, and a glitch. Then it finally went into the Molekular, which then further glitches, a filterbank, and another delay.
  15. Wowzers! Just listen to this new upcoming synth: www.youtube.com/watch?v=drhV9H47ZJI Really love the sound of it. Too bad it costs as much as my car. Maybe if I wait 10 years, lol.
  16. Yea, I need to start doing more stuff. I have been cooling down over the last 6 months due to college, work, and other things. I have many ideas in my head and have whole compositions but it's doing all the application of those ideas is where I struggle. While I still love trance, I've been doing more ambient stuff and playing synths with piano, guitars, karimba, etc. I really want to try doing some trance again but I feel like I lost some motivation for it. Will keep striving.
  17. Heard it originally from the Magik Compilation: The song isn't fancy but there's just something about this track that always fantasized me when I was much younger.
  18. Merry Christmas folks! Extremely busy with church activities this year and it is great. Have a great new year also!
  19. The Bass Station 2 is a great synth. While many of the commercials show off the electro-house sounds, it is quite capable of doing any analog sound from the warm and soft ones to harsh metallic sounds. Plus it has two filter types, the classic and the acid filter. The classic filter is the standard Bass station filter (or at least close to it) that was used on the original whic was released in the 90s. The second filter, the acid filter, tries to emulate the acid or 303 sound. While it isn't perfect, it can get some really close sounding sounds to the tb303 (especially when you use the distortion). Overall, I would recommend the Bass Station 2 to anyone who is looking for analog hardware. The only thing that bothers some folks is the the key-tracking on the filter. On the classic filter, it is set at 100% and the acid filter is at 50% key-tracking. What this means is that as you go to higher notes, the filter automatically opens more so that you can still get decent sounds. Some folks don't like that since they want high notes to be filtered by the low-pass normally. But otherwise than that, great synth. The other one which you asked about is the x0xb0x. It is a tb-303 clone and it's pretty good at what it does. It's nothing special and pretty much has the same functions of the tb-303. But there are custom firmware for the x0xb0x that allow you to have a more advanced internal sequencer which is nice. Mine also has a mod on it, which adds more bass to the sound. The reason is that when you increase the resonance, one side effect is that the bass gets quieter. So the mod adds more bass so that it still has presence.
  20. Yea, the EMX can get some pretty wacky sounds that is hard to do on a regular analog synth. That's the one main reason why I'm debating whether to sell it or not. Another plus side to it is that you can easily get some rough ideas and compisitions with the EMX.
  21. 1: Dragon Twins - Foster 2: Cybernetika - Prismatic Reflection 3: Phobium - Orbital Resonance 4: BlackStarrFinale - Siege of Phobos 5: Colin OOOD & Goa Travellers - 100 Billion Neurons 6: Neuropa - Seven Circles 7: Xenofish - Made Out of Stars 8: Profetia - Rage Against the Crashing 9: Mellow Sonic - Psychokinesis 10: Exelization - Synthelixin Man, deciding was a whole lot harder than I thought it would be. Some pretty good ambient stuff out there. Some of the folks who I don't know definitely had good stuff.
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