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  1. Yeah, I'm still digging without asking! And always on the lookout for pictures of shiny crash barriers and stepp mountains!
  2. I used to write a ton of reviews because I had a lot of free time on my hands. I don't any more. Major showstoppers for me: Social media (really took of in 2007 and onwards, meaning much less review/forum-activity) + full-time job (I was a student back when I reviewed 2-3 CDs a week) + getting a wife & kids (kids are great, but they will change your life 100% and eat up all your free time and money). But I'd love to get back to reviewing again. Maybe one day.
  3. Didn't O.O.O.D. have five members at some point?
  4. I'd love to download this one. Are you planning on putting it on Dropbox, Mergi?
  5. I never listen to them any more. They just sit there in storage. Maybe someone else could get some satisfaction from them. I'll wait a little while though and find out if my son has any interest in taking over his dad's trance collection.
  6. In my 20 years in this scene I have never seen a more impressive line-up! Holy shit!
  7. what the hell is dish wash arbeit ?
  8. I'll do something similar with my collection eventually. Watch this space!
  9. I love (well-placed samples) and it's always fun when you stumble upon a familiar sample in a movie, from a track you've heard so many times before... It's a shame that The Psychedelic Mind Expander - Sample Archive: http://www.psydb.net/samples/sources.php is no longer updated. I have used that resource very often in the past. The most sampled movies are 2001: A Space Odyssey Blade Runner Contact Dune Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas The Matrix Pulp Fiction Twelve Monkeys Waking Life
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