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  1. Yeah, I'm still digging without asking! And always on the lookout for pictures of shiny crash barriers and stepp mountains!
  2. I used to write a ton of reviews because I had a lot of free time on my hands. I don't any more. Major showstoppers for me: Social media (really took of in 2007 and onwards, meaning much less review/forum-activity) + full-time job (I was a student back when I reviewed 2-3 CDs a week) + getting a wife & kids (kids are great, but they will change your life 100% and eat up all your free time and money). But I'd love to get back to reviewing again. Maybe one day.
  3. +1 Miss your music, Rennis.
  4. Didn't O.O.O.D. have five members at some point?
  5. I'd love to download this one. Are you planning on putting it on Dropbox, Mergi?
  6. I never listen to them any more. They just sit there in storage. Maybe someone else could get some satisfaction from them. I'll wait a little while though and find out if my son has any interest in taking over his dad's trance collection.
  7. In my 20 years in this scene I have never seen a more impressive line-up! Holy shit!
  8. what the hell is dish wash arbeit ?
  9. I'll do something similar with my collection eventually. Watch this space!
  10. I love (well-placed samples) and it's always fun when you stumble upon a familiar sample in a movie, from a track you've heard so many times before... It's a shame that The Psychedelic Mind Expander - Sample Archive: http://www.psydb.net/samples/sources.php is no longer updated. I have used that resource very often in the past. The most sampled movies are 2001: A Space Odyssey Blade Runner Contact Dune Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas The Matrix Pulp Fiction Twelve Monkeys Waking Life
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