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  1. feel free to late pledge, but put it in my bank account as got more chance of getting it from me!
  2. i received my copy today, and you have had some bad luck, as mine is perfect in every way, nothing as you described and sounds amazing, not worried at all that it aint 180g, as couldn't be better i think there has been a mix up in the warehouse, and you received some of the first batch that were rejected (which is why their was a delay, as their were faults with the artwork) am sure twisted will sort it out, have some faith, they all not like that
  3. have to admit i never noticed that either, assumed would be like the others, but beside it being less likely to warp, and may last longer that's the only difference these days, ant their are some real bad 180g pressings coming out, so as long as it sounds good, not to worried
  4. will let you know when arrives australia takes some time
  5. mine to, thanks for all your efforts, album is amazing, and shirt fit's perfect, great quality to and kris sounds so much like eldritch it aint funny
  6. yeah man we be there both nights, have you got tix? sold out after first couple hours. where you going in the u.s? we fly into san fransisco on april 24 there for couple days, then down to palm springs, fly to colarado end of april we staying accross road from the venue, where one of the after party's is, there are couple of others in denver and think desert dwellers peforming there to would be cool to link up
  7. full support for rereleases while i have most of everything, i think it's great what you doing, and that some of the artists can get something back and am sure some may come up i forgot to rip and will buy
  8. speak up there sonny (cough cough splutter!!)
  9. just a heads up if anyone missed it, and if you new to the scene and don't know her, this would prob be a great place to start a best of miranda has just been released and tracks remastered (which has been done well) plenty from phenomena on here, and well worth the purchase, especially for me as i sold all her albums years ago, and all the tracks on here are great
  10. in 3 months inefitable mysteries, then maybe that, but hoping benji sort gravity before then
  11. instant buy of course, only had to sell 2 cd's to get it yeah very pricey but, didn't really cost me much in the end i think you find the quality is better than you think
  12. still yet to receive, good idea, not that my keys are full already of..... well to many keys!!
  13. is it just me missing it, or has there not been an official announcement of this here on psynews?
  14. i took your advice..... did nothing for me, couldn't handle the dogs breath!
  15. ha! fair statement enjoy it more than you think, but their are others out there have met collect music they don't even like (kind of like those weird people you see on them tv show) have witnessed alot of young people who collect alot of vinyl and don't even own a player! absolute madness, with more money than sense. i admit, was on a crazy collecting train for years, but everyone i bought got a listen ( working as a baker for 25 years in the middle of the night by myself, could listen to more than the 3 album quoter!) and because my music tastes are extremley extensive, (yes i even love country and western) i have had alot. i picked up alot of albums after ebay started up, as they had those 0.99 cd auctions and alot of times people wouldn't bid on them so often bought hundreds of cds at one time, back when postage was cheap. as most of you know here i have sold off most of my goa/psy collection to raise money for various projects and to get me out of the shit for poor financial judgement (mainly buying to much other music!) and sold of alot of other genres at a market stall years ago, and raised money to move countries and buy furniture etc, so i have only kept the real favorites or the stuff that no one likes, but i have all the music still and we won't even get started on my vinyl which i still collect, and been selling the originals, buying the represses with plenty of change to fund other things so to answer your question, it was both, but now just the love of music. i have been shedding the weight of stuff for years, and still continue to, and feels great, having that much music was a burden, espeically when moving house and countries! and face it, is all much different now, we don't need the physical format anymore...... but, i have only ever bought a handful on digital format! guess i kind of a hands on kinda guy i even have a part in my will where a certain person on this site will get what's left of my goa collection when i die!
  16. i was still listening to all genres then, right through the tech, hard house/trance era late 90', 2000's, throw breaks dnb rock and metal in that pot not sure how i survived the extreme diversity, or the cost of buying all those albums (going by how many i had aprox 1000 a year for 20 years
  17. nice one, 10 - 15 my favs jump straight to 12 (blu peter mixed version) is the best out of them all!
  18. the best release of 16 and in the running for the decade
  19. if you see a guy with glasses and a blue shirt with orbs all over it.... that will be me
  20. we finding out today, but from what i understand it's going to be where we staying, accross from the venue, my girlfriend trying to find out more info
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