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  1. was certainly a colourful character, and he and i definatley had our arguments, but disabled or not, some of the things he said about people, especially women was horrendous and there lied the problem
  2. yeah, hard to believe so many good tracks still showing up that never got released, nice one suntrip, hoping you keep this series going
  3. new classic goa trax compilation.... wow!!! is all can say
  4. i think will just stick with what i got, if it aint broke and all that, couldn't break these if you try
  5. what's that you say there sonny?? i have acute earing that ancient plastic crap is doing just fine, they have been kicked, thrown at dark psy dj's, and thrown in the air for real breaks and still look like they come out of the box, unlike the fry your brain cordless i rubbish you AI kids listen to and throw away for the latest upgrade, in the mean time i get to spend the money you spend on crappy chinese parallel imports on real whiskey whitlin on the porch
  6. dinosaur warning ahead i use sennheiser HD280 PRO had since before you were born sonny, used through all my dj years and now retired to watching movies and listening to the odd boom boom on youtube
  7. nice collection, i would only add few more of the tantrance and goa heads but otherwise you got most my favs
  8. nice set but it's very clear the hallucinogen project is gone for good. had always hoped he would do 1 more halluciongen album just to prove he can, but the reality of it is he don't need to prove anything, simon truly has his own sound back and pushing other boundaries away from traditional goa. the studio is where his passion lies, on his terms with no promoters no travelling and no stupid demands. look forward to the new project on the horizon
  9. awsome, thanks much appreciated for us who couldn't be there
  10. would happily pay those post costs any day for me would be anywhere up to 50
  11. sounds amazing, where are the videos of all this????
  12. videos looked amazing! love to see more as were to short, anyone record some sets?? we in australia here need to see
  13. CHI - A.D prob needs to make this list also
  14. i posted this on a fansite and bar a couple of things simon loves it
  15. OOOD brilliant also. all their albums superb always pushing the boundaries, and their production is amazing!
  16. witchcraft is a genious album, but he really never went on to produce anything close, and as far as age goes infected mushroom and gms for example were much younger. for me has to be simon, maybe D5 and astral, saying that the later not done anything in a long time, while simon still produces, and after seeing shpongle at red rocks and how he was able to achieve something like that, def takes that award IMO of course
  17. holy craparoni!!!! you guys in for a treat this year, this must be one of the best lineups ever plenty of vids please you guys, especially sandman, chakra and edi, ray castle and nick taylor, texas faggot!... forget it, someone please just hide a big ass camera in the bushes on all stages and keep it running! so jealous
  18. nice to see people talking again. what i love about music, is it's personal, and we like what we like, i think you prob find this is all just a generation gap, i would imagine there are alot of members here who prob wern't even born when goa came about, and maybe just find it all a little bit old. like watching an old black and white movie on tv, alot just don't make sense, seems a bit out dated, and what the hell they talking about! music of any kind needs some soul, some sort of energy to resonate with, and most of that boom boom, gallop gallop, dark zeno or what ever you crazy kids listen to these days, just doesn't seem to have any of that. saying that am sure some may, but sifting through all that gets a bit monotonous. think i will just kick back with a cup of tea and put on a CD, smoke my pipe and whittle on the porch to lone deranger
  19. was such a great era, very glad to have been part of it
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