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  1. Yeah it is, anyone noticed how avatar have hiked up prices on alot of their CDs? Some going for 100 or more
  2. Holy crap seems I missed this completely first time around, love when that happens
  3. Well it's only been 20 years in the making with many announcements, hype is to much now, gonna take something spectacular to meet any expectations
  4. Later on in the year.... Heard that before!!
  5. And people wonder why this forum going downhill, this is a review thread, keep it that way
  6. Oohhhh Goa and a date! We moving on up around here
  7. I heard he is on tour doing keys for Coldplay
  8. Sometimes I close my eyes wave my finger and pull out random CDs out of collection, well today I got this one https://www.discogs.com/release/575684-Various-Bali-Trance-Dua-Ribu Got me thinking have stumbled across few random ones like these over years but wondering could this be a kind of bootleg? Has some no name artists in it, plus cosmosis tracks from synergy yet released few years after these made, couple of seeming exclusive or unreleased total eclipse tracks yet one seems familiar? This one in particular on king coconut records,with just this release, so am assuming done from someone's bedroom for something to do. The tracks by limited or unknown artists some actually quite good, but interested in these total eclipse tracks if anyone has any info as they great, anyone else come across these type of comps that don't seem to make any sense?
  9. Number 1 and even 2 better than 3
  10. Was awsome! Next up here in Oz is the new mad max due real soon
  11. Wow John, your most thought provoking review ( if you can call it that) so far, reading this gives me great pleSure and reassurance the road to the 5th, still rocky, with a wobbly wheel, but lucky I got a spare! I never appreciated xenomorph fully until after this, however invokes something different every time, you summed it up with free will, kind of wish more would understand this concept, in Hollywood we had movies like devils advocate,for the youngins labyrinth, that introduced me to this, then of course Clive Barker and Lovecraft who define the true dark arts, amazing how concepts like satanism have been inverted and embraced in Hollywood, yes people if you watch netflix and all that stuff, you are a Satanist, be careful who you pray to, technology god pretty powerful as is the money and sex god, however xenomorph is his own egregor I shall pray to till the end of time, as above so below... Hell yeah! And man the new album is killah, just hope can get Cassandra on cd some day to complete the collection, play them all at same time!!gonna be something there John I know it, kind of like the puzzle box! And gonna read that book you mentioned, Nice to see you still kickin bro, miss your reviews, see you in the 5th
  12. This track was remixed around you and Galactic love era, and it's around, just not looking hard enough
  13. Cringy, What does that word even mean, not quite sure what the purpose of this post is, nothing awkward about it at all, dude I suggest you stick to the music,and if you have some sort of issue with Fabian, don't forget without him you wouldn't even be on this forum
  14. I so get where Simon is right now, twisted is great but yeah, after all these years he has moved on, if there are metal fans here who like bathory, quorthon wrote off his first 5 albums calling them pathetic and amateur, yet those are the albums most fans like, underworld and left field hell yeah, first 4 underworld albums are brilliant, as for left field, they moved on after first 2 also
  15. For me personally, life is very different at 50, no longer listen to much new stuff and very happy to keep listening to the classic dinosaur music on Flintstone tech, with no party's this part of the world, not part of the scene, hence not much to talk about, however still like to stop by from time to time and whittle, and see what all you youngins are doing, and drool over the amazing old school artists doing retro sets I could only ever dream about attending, occasionally some new music takes my eye, but in general think I past the boom boom! It's indeed a very different place here now, and while not for me with to much engagement, I can see how others still love to be here, think this post is important everyone addresses to move forward, certainly wouldn't want to see it archived,however it costs time and money to continue so needs to be a balance if to continue this way. RTP you and other mods have done an amazing job to continue and keep our Goa paradise alight, thanks for doing this, but if the time came to retire psynews, would certainly support that decision
  16. Holy crap!! Sad indeed, i played that album to death when came out, see you Kerry some day in the 5th, but not just yet
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