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    now that's a big call please explain??
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    i like both albums very much d5 was in first few albums ever bought in this genre ifo came alot later but paul-e said it.... lone deranger smashes them both
  3. technosomy

    Listening to my entire collection

    had this many moons ago freon if i remember was my fav, and the jikkenteki track, rennis is a genius
  4. technosomy

    Listening to my entire collection

    wasn't he a member here once apon a time don't think ever listened to it
  5. technosomy

    DAT Records News

    am camping out by the letterbox now for this one put the best one aside for me bro and will take pride and place beside the limited signed cd (yes i made the right decision)z truly be epic
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    The metal thread

    not quite metal, but has anyone seen sisters of mercy on their current tour? they coming to australia and want to know how their shows have been? maybe richpa could give me some insight perhaps?
  7. holy crap dude, where are you shipping from sydney??!! i cant get anything sent accross australia for less than that, in fact costs more well done with what ever postal deal you doing, and for this release some real thought gone in to the marketing of this, with the music speaking for itself hope it does real well sais ships out in 5 days?? which must just be a generic band camp thing i guess
  8. a true masterpiece with one of the best album covers ever! one of the few collections of artists i have never sold my originals
  9. technosomy

    Listening to my entire collection

    agree, they changed rather dramatically but had some great tracks spread out amongst next albums, but their collaborations were great!
  10. is the 3rd time have spotted them, every time taken down fast, maybe same person opening different accounts hopefully karma come back when i meet simon at red rocks he can buy me a drink perhaps!!!
  11. https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/883307199 W.T.F?? this guys has 3 for sale i am thinking scam or bootleg? your thoughts?
  12. i reckon to i messaged twisted and simon on facebook and told them now they gone think was a scam!
  13. technosomy

    solar fields leaving home, extended vinyl reissues

    they are great movements reissue sounds amazing nice people to deal with
  14. just in case anyone has missed them https://sidereal.bigcartel.com/ couldn't resist ordering them, they also offering discount for preorder the fact they have released both same time is great as saves on postage for me to australia, so the price ended up being very reasonable movements was amazing and great quality, these guys doing a great job
  15. technosomy

    Listening to my entire collection

    nice one never really got into these guys, but have heard this album they were def pushing some barriers at that time
  16. technosomy

    shpongle nothing lasts, ineffable vinyl reissues

    is remastered and if anything like the last 2 far superior than the originals
  17. ok so most of you fans prob already know about the 2 reissues about to drop, if you don't go check out simons video on fbook or what other social media he looks so proud and so he should, they look amazing and quality even better than previous 2. but yes they going to cost us big time, he said nothing cost them 80 GBP to make, so god knows how much going to cost espeically for me to get to australia. ineffable wow!! you should see it, a work of art, said cost alot more to make. what your thoughts on the way this is all going? i understand both sides to this, shopongle is quality and yes they really are doing these releases proud by the work going in, the previous 2 are the best quality vinyls i own, and way better sounding than the originals, but the cost of all of this seems to be getting extremley high especially for us common folk who have kids and don't earn alot. surely there must be some middle ground somewhere, but yes will have to get them, might have to go without for a while though shpongle costing me so much latley, with going to denver and now just found out the place we are staying accross from red rocks is hosting the after party!
  18. my collections have always been in genres, with aprox 8, psy, metal, electronic/dance. pop/ alternative, jazz, new zealand once apon a time i had 5 towers just for goa, now i have just 1, but as i ripped every disc i sold, have dozens of big fat folders of cd's, i try to go through them occasionally and tend to gravitate towards the obscure comps and albums i don't remember listening to, owning big collections really sucks sometimes as yes i will never listen to a 10th again, prob is hard for me to sell the other genres as is time taxing, and hate owning all this stuff, is taxing in itself moving house etc
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    i feel old!
  20. cosmosis synergy anything from chi-ad as far as chill goes mystery of the yeti is the greatest ever made as is younger brother
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    transdimentional was the second goa cd i ever bought so has to be better
  22. technosomy


    she was 8 and a half
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    answer is no