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  1. aahhhhh you youngins these days with your boom boom music!!
  2. interested what you guys think of dr vinklestein, he does play it in this live stream, most prob won't like it, but was one of the highlights at red rocks, especially with simon playing the grand piano on stage
  3. WOW!! simon doing pretty special set right now stay shpongled
  4. hell yeah, i can't listen to most modern stuff these days
  5. fair enough, shame no official ones have ever been done
  6. if there's no inside joke, there are posford? or hallucinogen shirts in production??
  7. no i think it's heck..... heck of an amazing producer
  8. which is great as he got the trance itch back!
  9. don't think it's the same track he just posted samples of
  10. ok ok now that title was just to get your attention but anyone who follows simon on facebook will have already heard samples MAYBE under hallucinogen. now i am not talking about the noodniks, because the samples are sounding very hallucinogen, and sounding AWSOME! now i know lots of people have been excited about the new AP album announced back in 1969 but this is gonna be bigger....... hopefully! your thoughts?? predictions??? dribble??? because i got sticky pants!
  11. but this is something else, i have never really ever been a UX fan in the past, couple slide tracks otherwise didn't take much notice. but this album is special hence i bought it again for obvious reasons
  12. none of your music will ever be forgotten bro, 20 years on am still listening, just give us time to digest your new sound (won't take long)
  13. nice one thanks for clearing that up hope the post option i paid isn't strapped to a 3 legged yak average time eu to australia 2- 3 months at moment
  14. awsome! i have the original anjuna, is this different in any way? am assuming just different artwork? gonna take a punt and buy it because it's absolutley amazing (my first goa purchase of the year i think) and to support you guys for making this re happen, so others can hear it also, and we can finally put the anjuna crisis to rest just hoping it makes it to australia
  15. wow, this is a new direction great so far i am still lost in Ruoste, stumbling around, hoping to make it to the next track shortly
  16. try sellers in usa there are some, if you have facebook, they say who they are on their page
  17. i honestly don't remember but bought it when came out, but don't remember that??
  18. no i didn't but did like the track when came out, bought the album wasn't quite the same
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