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  1. just ordered it, and samples sounding awsome! DAT temple starting off with a hiss and a roar!!!
  2. this was released about 10 years or so if remember right been while since listened to it, but remember being quite dark which i liked at the time, not so much in my old age, wasn't it named after a volcano or something? will dig it out and have a listen, look forward to hearing new stuff from you guys, if i remember right i purchased 3 goa cds all of last year and 2 were cronomi, nice one fellas, very selective these days
  3. received the cd today finally and amazing artwork and hand numbered digi and cd with even some personal stickers made up for the plastic sleeves alot of love gone into this and all tracks are killah!!!!!
  4. yes i thought dragonfly instantly to
  5. and that hidden away eventually comes out for 10 times the price
  6. wow!! instant cd buy, this sounds amazing, love how he limiting one per purchase as can see what will happen if he doesn't
  7. yeah that's cool might try one our and get a backpatch done custom see how turns out
  8. for sure, have been sewing jackets for years, have about 6 metal battle jackets done with about another 10 on the go thinking about approaching simon to do a lone deranger patch
  9. i have been thinking of late to get some goa patches made approaching some artists and get it done officially would love you guys thoughts on whether there is a market for it? the patch industry is massive at moment around the world, do you guys see people at festivals etc with patches on clothes or bags etc??
  10. i reckon the $ i spent there from the start would equate 6 figures, was hard to buy cd's here in australia so psyshop was my go to, last time i went on there the shipping went from $5 to $50 during covid, would be interested to find out what happened, kind of sad lots of fond memories
  11. i have the music just want to have the original back with all it's glory, but am sure will stumble accross one someday, am surprised because of so many people here who have ditched cd yet no one wants to part with it
  12. interesting, i have actually owned it twice and regret selling my spare
  13. i would purchase one of the ones there on discogs as you won't get it cheaper anywhere else
  14. i can't believe this swear i saw him not long ago here in australia, but from what i understand was in the UK true pioneer of our movement right from day 1 legendary status in my eyes music speaks for itself space tribe mix up in store tonight in memorium
  15. was thinking same thing, not short of that in these parts
  16. syb unity needs no review, only a matter of how amazing is it, which it is 9 out of 10 in my book and i never give 10's
  17. anything to dark and cold has no place in this world anymore a revolution has begun and only positive goa vibes will fit
  18. anyone checked this out yet?? some serious old school acid vibes i like it https://innerzone2.bandcamp.com/track/mind-altering-devices-album-sampler?fbclid=IwAR0uy9NWaps3GxMLcgDn7pqeJRoVFTgXo_din7kQExzq61m4v0fIHMZSbTk
  19. i can't believe how great all of the unreleased stuff is (yes made it finally to disc 2)
  20. thanks, not really willing to pay that much, and the other sellers have it for almost same price and in better condition, my copy cost me $10 when it was released so can't really justify spending $150
  21. omg the total eclipse album is amazing! i have such an affinity with them as violent relaxation was the first goa album i ever purchased well done all involved, highly recommended
  22. the name sais it all, with different styles sublabels etc coming, making dat more diverse or universal kind of fits the bill i reckon
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