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  1. And befor you can me, I saw and read everything that happened on here and Facebook. Neither party behaved maturely or responsibly in resolving the issue, so the Suntrip crew should get off their soap box on this one.
  2. It's always lovely to see that modern society still hold the views of the 1800's when it comes to those suffering from mental illness. It takes a real human to forgive, forget and move on. Amazing how children are able to do this day in and out yet as adults we hold on to mistakes others made in the past, we let these things fester and then forever demonize that person without ever stopping to so why it happened? How could've we helped improve that person instead of helping destroy them? Psynews has not changed at all. If Felipe or whoever has a serious mental illness how do you think your intolerable attitude towards him is going to help? Ppl make mistakes, and ppl are not always rational. The reasons may be deeper than you realize, and bullying & abusing them is so childish. If my children ever treated someone with serious issues the way Felipe or whatever his name is has been treated here I would be ashamed to call them my children. It's just pathetic. How about Suntrip & Psynew do something original and good for once? Help someone else to become a better person? Oh wait that's go against any such behaviors done by users & moderators & owners on here since this forum originated. It's the Psynews way or fuck off eh?
  3. Like it or not the original music in this scene was great because at the time, like most underground music scenes, it was a movement. It had passion, personality & a desire to be new. The musicians out so much effort in to giving their music that personality, that thing that made it an X-Dream track or a Doof track. Modern Goa & Psy lacks that personality. All I hear is basically cover artists. Afgin sounds in this scene were basically the sound of AP'a Another World era. Filteria just sounds like poor man's mash of Etnica & Peleidians . I can easily go on. The only difference today is that technology offers simpler ways to achieve what was done back then. Even Aphex Twin has said many times it's sad that so many kids attempt to replicate what he did in the 90's using software that attempts but ultimately fails to replicate true skill & technique. But hey you know preaching to the converted never works so we shouldn't bother expressing our views. keep flogging that dead Goa horse, it ain't gonna move forward ever again.
  4. I beg to differ. I reckon a lot of the new names now would struggle with primarily hardware setups of yesteryear & the current sample n software based production world. I don't think many now understand how long it would take to develop a sound using only old analog gear. Now you can spit out a polished turd in a day. Back in the early days it took a fair bit longer.
  5. You said it was going to mastering last time I asked questions almost a year ago. No insult. You carried a torch blaming everything on Niva Zembla yet your behavior regarding this release is no better than anything they did to you. You're just to sel centred to see it. I've told mods etc. who I am since I resigned on. Never denied it. Stop acting like its a conspiracy. Unlike you I now tell the truth. Troll.
  6. Is that why your Elysium album will never see the light of day? Hope you had a nice few meals on the pay from the backers. Ps i never cared about my $10. I care about ppl ripping others off, I made such mistakes with trades in this scene years ago and it does you no good emotionally. You should either refund the money or put out the release FFS!
  7. Very true. Here in Australia at least in the main festivals in Victora (Rainbow Serpent & *ugh* Earthcore) the line up is much less psy or goa trance and much more moving to the progressiv EDM & techno side of things. A few full on or prog acts get a guernsey and that's it. For me I much prefer the direction that labels like Boshke Beats, horns & Hoofs and Soundmute of have taken compared to anything else related to this scene. Psytrance is dead. Move on. Leave the zombies to rot.
  8. As far as the Adama A7x goes I'd seriously consider checking out EVE Audio as an alternative, to my ears the EVE is much clearer and provides a much more organic and even sound. I know it's a silly comparison but it's true.
  9. It works really well with the Beatstep Pro from Arturia. Otherwise if you wanna lash out the Oberkorn from Analog Solutions is an amazing sequencer. I'm saving for one but currently using the Beatstep Pro in the process. Also the MFB Tanzbar is a wonderful machine, got one on order along with the MFB Dominion 1 as my main mono keyboard.
  10. Kitchen knife set Pots n pans set New custom eurorack case from MasonMack studios. 12u x 126hp.
  11. Actually I didn't buy direct mostly because the downloading derive offered by DAT does not work in Australia, infoundnthat out purchasing all their other release direct. I already stated that I'll be making a payment of the value of hence to DAT directly, I don't think the postal service needs a donation of 11euro from me. Secondly, if you can't handle the way I cussed then I definitely suggest you don't visit Australia as most Aussies use such language amongst friends as everyday chit chat. Your not enjoy a proper Aussie pub but I guess you could hang out at the pussy little bars I the inner city where ppl pretend this wasn't a country built on the backs of criminals.
  12. Hey Zoomorph How about you save this for a general thread or reviews? This is the promotional section, not the area to pay out unfairly on someone's hard work because you're a troll. Cheers The big cheese
  13. So a few ppl a miserable that this wasn't mastered to their personal standard. Hilarious. If you don't like how about you go to all the effort Draeke has and do it your way instead of being cranky b*tches. I can tell you now I've got all releases including the crummy Twisted one and this has just really taken what was already the ultimate Goa album to a new level. Of course it could've been done differently, but seriously get over yourselves and enjoy this experience for what it is. Life is to short for bitching, moments like these are fleeting. I can tell you that like my wife's father you can die unexpectedly any moment and its all gone just like that. This is a beautiful sonic artwork & a real pleasure to own and play. Seeing my 3 year old some dancing to Yoof Of The Galaxy this morning and stating "this is awesome" was magical. Thanks for the work Draeke and co. Keep it up and fuck the naysayers.
  14. the Prohet 6 is super temptimg but a mate of mine who got the Pro 2 & Prophet 12 from D.S.I. has found enough little bugs in them to make the price seem a bit ridiculous, especially with D.S.I.'s reputation for not updating often. At least with Roland i expect they'll be quick to fix issues. 008 looks promising but my problem is that unless they distribute it here the cost of shipping will make it completely unreasonable.
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