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  1. Listened to them all except Akanoid Fav: Space cat, Black hole, Bodh Gaya, favorite in the album is Im Rachen Des Jaguars, Gada-Gong (nice mid-tempo), X-Frame, that slow part is great, Katayama, not an obscure track though, it is in many compilations, I still love the acidic intro, Raia, great track.
  2. Listening to this now: Track 2 is fantastic. But indeed the mastering ruins it all.
  3. It's a unique album, now checking Discogs and indeed two different people doing the mastering: Mastered By – Alienated (tracks: 2, 3, 6, 7), Henrik Munch (tracks: 2, 3, 6, 7), Jens Bundgaard (tracks: 1, 4, 5, 8) Producer, Written-By – Jeffrey D. Jensen*, Thomas Larsen A shame, you would at least expect the mastering to be harmonious and similar throughout the whole album! I haven't listened to the album for a while now but remember for instance the hi-hats sounded very quiet in some tracks and louder in others.
  4. Can't remember where exactly I managed to find this album to listen to, but it was easily the worst mastering ever. You were not kidding reger the sound quality was really awful Here is the review page
  5. About Alienated - Fluff Factory, if I remember correctly two people did the mastering on different tracks, so you have some tracks that sound good and the rest sound poor, I agree.
  6. Cyclothymic, love this track. Great to see Key to the Innerverse, a track that I grew on me, by the way added Eye am the I to my previous post. Great track but the sound quality is not the best for mxing because it sounds very quiet compared to most tracks.
  7. Not old school (2014) but have to include UNTR - They were singing (track starts at 45:55). What a monster track
  8. Favorites come and go but I would include Psychopod - Dreampod, Elysium vs. Worm - Yemaya, Chi-A.D. - Eye am the I.
  9. Manuser

    Sneila - Rebirth

    1. The arrival 7:22 2. Meanwhile on another planet 6:27 3. A hero must awake 7:01 4. The dreamer's guide 9:12 5. Vapors 7:13 6. Silence of the severs 13:54 7. Peas 7:32 8. We breath air 8:29 Probably not my very favorite album of the year, but not far from it and certainly the best surprise of late. Not familiar at all with this name so I had no idea what to expect. And what a refreshing album! Refreshing and yet the tracks are old now, but the mastering really did a solid job. Sneila produced two albums in the mp3.com era (2000 and 2001), I also saw on Discogs that he released a few tracks in compilations before, but nothing in the 2010 decade. So here we are. 8 oldies, finally released. And what a great surprise. Mid-tempo, progressive and yet goa-trance, but above all very trancy, this is the key word here. I mean trancy gems like Aquasphere - Aquasphere. Perfect sound for relaxing times. Clean music, always floating. The sound is reminiscent of the German and Swedish styles of the early 2000s, yet incorporates goa-trance elements and the result is just beautiful. Without reviewing all the tracks, it is hard to ignore Silence Of The Severs, the most impressive effort here which starts as downtempo and then evolves into a trance whirlpool, offering a perfect climax. A must listen for trance lovers. Let's be honest this blend of progressive and goa-trance is not the most common but it's just so good when properly made. Rating: 8/10. Listen / buy: https://unreleasedgoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/rebirth
  10. Mamomam records 01. Soul Collector 11:56 (149 BPM) 02. Secret Chamber 10:49 (149 BPM) 03. Nothing Lasts Forever 09:53 (149 BPM) This EP was released early this year, in January. I remember bumping into the first track on Youtube and liked what I heard. To sum up in a few words, I would say this EP is pretty much typical new school goa-trance. All tracks are fast paced at 149 BPM. The first track has a nice pad melody that comes back a lot throughout the almost 12 minutes. It may sound repetitive but overall it is a strong track, sounds very spacey and pure, very clear with not too many layers which I liked here, the track sound very clean and ethereal, while cosmic and very energetic. The second track has the same power and delivers a playful goa melody at about half of the track, and we were quite close to nitzhoga at some point. Again the energy in this track deserves praise. The last track unleashes a powerful bassline with very fast sounds twirling around, the style reminded the EP released by GoAtma in 2015 (sword in the darkness). Very powerful but a bit genetic for me. I really liked the last two minutes though, it just peaked a bit too late. Overall a nice release, with a powerful take on modern goa-trance. Favorite tracks: #1 and #2. Rating: 7/10. Listen / buy: https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/soul-collector
  11. Another good example of an album released recently that doesn't sound new school to me is Triquetra - Ecstatic Planet
  12. The link I posted above is dead, but this is the EP of 2019 I was mentioning: And this album is from 2012, it is old school I think: To be honest I never liked this distinction between old and new school goa, for me it should just be goa trance, whether it sounds modern or old is a detail.
  13. These are nice tracks on the slow hypnotic side. I am not too surprised to hear this style from Masurel if you listened to this 2017 remix before. This remix was made by Gabriel Masurel though, I am guessing Sebastien is his brother? Anyway it sounds exactly in the same style. Would be great to hear a full album in this type of slow and progressive sound.
  14. For example Jikooha sounds old school most of the time, this EP for instance was released this year.
  15. 01. Export Experts (produced together with Rawar) 07:46 02. Astronomy Domine (produced together with Hyperekplexia featuring The Svara) 09:48 03. Lose My Breath (produced together with Menterama featuring Euphorhea) 06:14 04. Pzydeco (produced together with Marambá) 04:31 05. Some Velvet Morning (featuring Tan Tan and The Svara) 03:15 06. Solost Without You (produced together with Marambá) 06:42 07. Beavis Bewussthead (produced together with KinDzaDza) 04:31 08. Shinga Linga Ling (featuring Tan Tan, You The Rock, HentaicameraMan) 05:00 09. Send Me An Angel (featuring Tan Tan) 04:54 10. Everybody's Weird Except Me (featuring The Svara) 05:10 11. One and One (featuring Tan Tan and The Svara) 06:28 12. Always (featuring The Svara) 03:59 When you think of risk taking in the psytrance scene, Psykovsky immediately comes to mind. Intelligent chaotic fast paced psytrance is his forte. It's also one of the most difficult music to review, but I'll say I was confused and yet entertained! Export Experts starts rather simply if we consider the standards in this genre, but as you could expect this first impression is short living. Second half of the track offers many twists, the fast sounds keep floating on a dark haunting melody. Astronomy Domine is a crazy track (most are) that gets even more twisted in the last three minutes. Not sold (yet) on the vocals but enjoyed the unusual structure. Lose My Breathe has some robotic vocals that reminded me the X-dream Interface album. Pzydeco is a short and unusual track, it has a melody reminiscent of Union Jack (Fromage Frais), a soft track compared to the rest. Some Velvet Morning feels like futuristic pop music. This is the music martians like to listen to, right? So lost Without You is going too far in the unconventional approach IMO. Beavis Bewussthead, collaboration with Kindzadza, has an addictive and hypnotic structure and it's a shame the track is under five minutes long. Shinga Linga Ling is just bizarre but I am guessing it is a cover (as the Bandcamp quote above suggests), it has brilliant moments but the constant changes and the vocals make it a very strange experience, feel like it could be a grower though. Send Me An Angel is just like track #5, emotional and futuristic pop music, caught by surprised I am actually seduced by this... until I realize it's a song from legendary Scorpions! Now it makes sense. The vocals and the epic guitars, it's like floating in the universe with angels around you. The most emotional track of the album. However knowing it's a song from Scorpions (Klaus Meine has an epic voice), I feel almost guilty to enjoy this track but honestly it is a well produced cover. Everybody's Weird Except Me is full of vocals again but the brilliance of the previous track is missing, a track to forget for me. Next one is a lower tempo track with One and One which is originally a song by Polish singer Edyta Gorniak, later remade by Robert Miles. The original is great, and I would rather listen to the trancy Robert Miles version than this one here. Always is again a cover of a pop song (from Erasure, 1994), after One and One now the cheesiness is hard to swallow... In short it is an unconventional release, quite inconsistent. It feels like a concept album, Psykovsky chose to make psytrance covers (I cannot give my opinion on all as some of them are unknown to me) and the result is puzzling yet spectacular. I can hear the willingness to compose a tribute on what pop music would sound like in 100 years. Anyway, love or hate you have to acknowledge the audacity of Psykovksy throughout the years, and once again with the help of other artists he creates that force that is out of the usual spectrum. One of the most unique artists in the scene. From my personal experience, 6.5/10 would be a fair rating. To listen / buy: https://psykovsky.bandcamp.com/album/vserde-chkeleta
  16. Timewarp records 1. Somnesia - Elysian Vibe 02:20 2. Somnesia - Alien Substance 08:32 3. KhetzaL - Aramean Dreams (Somnesia Remix) 09:00 4. Somnesia - Lucid Dream 08:41 5. Maiia303 - Sleepless Nights In Anjuna (Somnesia Remix) 07:16 6. Somnesia & GoaTree - Oblivion Planet (Somnesia Remix) 09:29 7. Somnesia - Organic Cloud 09:20 8. Somnesia - Sherazade's Nights (Escape The Night Mix) 07:48 9. Somnesia - Perpetual Illusion 08:04 10. Somnesia - Somewhere On The Gange (Lotus Mix) 09:42 Melodies, melodies, melodies, as usual This was my comment about the latest album (review) I would describe most of the album as cosmic and morning at the same time, melodies are all over the place, flying around like there is no tomorrow, sometimes with an oriental approach. The album contains several solid sunrise tracks with beautiful arpeggios, and the lower tempo tracks got my attention the most (especially #4 and #5). The music is storytelling, the ominous pads and running synths had me interested. Low frequencies are quite missing though, the tracks are not bassy enough and it was my main complain about the last album, however I felt the kick was a bit stronger this time but there is still the bass issue IMO. Some energy is missing because of that, and I noticed several listeners on this forum had the same feelings. I came to the conclusion that it was a deliberate choice of the artist. Christophe likes to focus on harmonic and dynamic melodies living in a sweet, light atmosphere. I must say I am a bit surprised that after 7 albums now, the artist doesn't try something different, doesn't explore other sides of the genre. The more I grow older, the more picky I become about my music so not loving everything is normal, yet this release predictably has many worthy moments and the fans of the melodic goa trance genre should be pleased. Favorite tracks: #3, #4, #5, #9. Rating: 6.5/10. To listen / buy: https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/somnesia-celestial-horizons-timewarp125-timewarp
  17. Manik 11 (Knights of the Awakening) what an epic track.
  18. Manuser

    2 lost songs

    Are you sure it's a goa trance track, and not a trance track? The description doesn't ring any bell, except maybe Analog Pussy - Psycho bitch from hell, but the BPM is much faster and there are lyrics anyway, not just screaming. I thought of a trance track because singing and screaming reminds me a classic, Joe T. Vannelli - Play With The Voice, but it's not a goa track.
  19. Liquid Sound Design 01. On Air (Youth Remix) 07:23 02. Sweet Sirenes (Braincell Remix) 09:20 03. Internal Code Error 930 (The Delta Remix) 07:13 04. Sweet Sirenes (Jam El Mar Remix) 07:19 05. 2046 (The Irresistible Force Remix) 06:49 06. Supervision (Koan remix) 11:05 07. Together in Silence (Kalumet Remix) 07:02 08. Sweet Sirenes (DM-Theory Remix) 08:34 09. 2046 (Eternal Basement Remix) 07:35 10. Internal Code Error 930 (PsyTechProject Remix) 07:04 11. Together in Silence (Backstage Gurus Remix) 06:05 12. 2046 (Bluetech Remix) 06:02 13. Supervision (Ajja Remix) 06:26 14. On Air (Cosmic Orient Remix) 06:48 15. Internal Code Error 930 (JOEY Remix) 09:08 16. Sweet Sirenes (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) 08:21 17. 2046 (Living Light Remix) 08:20 18. Together in Silence (Latin Soldier Remix) 10:32 19. On Air (Lightning & Thunder Remix) 05:54 20. Internal Code Error 930 (Jammin’ Unit Remix) 05:15 Saafi Brothers are delighted to present a remix album of their debut release ‘Mystic Cigarettes’ on Youth’s Liquid Sound Design label. The project presents remixes by Youth, Gabriel Le Mar, Ajja, Bluetech, Braincell, The Delta, Jam El Mar, Living Light, The Irresistible Force, DM-Theory, Eternal Basement, Backstage Gurus and many more. The timeless beats of the original tracks are projected into the future, guaranteed to get you grooving to their lush soundscapes, but with a fresh twist. Saafi Brothers’ mystical journey began in 1996 when, inspired by his travels to India, Gabriel Le Mar started a collaboration with Frankfurt-based producers Michael Kohlbecker and Groovetitan. Simon Ghahary signed them to BlueRoom and their debut album ‘Mystic Cigarettes’ quickly made its way into the hearts of music lovers, placing Saafi Brothers among the key artists of the electronic ambient scene. The 1997 album is a classic for which you can read the reviews here: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/35293-saafi-brothers-mystic-cigarettes/ I remember listening to the original album, it was a few years ago, I liked it a lot and if my memory is correct the whole album was ambient / downtempo with a dub approach. Here with the 20 remixes released two decades later, the music is more varied and offers a good bunch of mid-tempo, up-tempo tracks. I like the way this album goes from 4*4 beat to downtempo, breakbeat and psydub style. The Braincell remix (track #2) is the first very catchy composition here, it combines a delicious touch of dream trance with sweet acid lines in the background. I was quite surprised to find a remix by The Delta (track #3), but I must say I am not familiar with the most recent EP released, anyway the style is morning progressive on the housy / techno side and to be honest it's not memorable. The next very good composition is the remix by Jam El Mar (track #4), a mid-tempo but danceable remix, trancy and hypnotic. The Koan remix (track #6) is a real downtempo journey that stays on the morning side all the way, one of the highlights of this album, it's peaceful and passionate, filled with attractive melody work. Eternal Basement (track #9) brings more energetic trance to the table, a solid effort. The remixes by Backstage Gurus (track #11) and a great name of the scene, Bluetech (#12) are both in a similar style to Koan, and they are both amazing, warm, relaxing with dreamy melodies all over. Ajja (track #13) is another big name here who is often praised for his high level production skills, and his remix is unsurprisingly top notch quality, very chill sound but with a more distinct rhythm than the two previous tracks. If you are into the dubby stuff, check out the Cosmic Orient remix (#14), and Living Light remix (#17), two well rounded dub tracks, first one is a bit jazzy, and second one is particularly powerful due to a perfect bassline. It delivers the right amount of energy and enough interesting sequences throughout to make it one of my personal favorites. The remixes by Joey (track #15) and Kalumet (track #7) are more forgettable up-tempo tracks, danceable but not inspiring enough for me. Latin Soldier however (track #18) offers quite an interesting number, a repetitive yet hypnotic and entrancing track, more on the housy side this time. The fact that most original tracks are remixed a total of 3 or 4 times is not too much an issue as the styles delivered in this album are different, distinct to each other. If you enjoyed the original album, you should definitely get this release with an open mind, as this time the music is more dancefloor friendly, yet of course still very relaxing, laid back. While not every up-tempo track convinced me, on the whole it's a quality album that would fit perfectly for an evening on the beach, or in the early hours of a psytrance festival. Rating: 7.5/10. Listen / buy: https://liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp.com/album/mystic-cigarettes-special-mixes-of-classic-flavours-20-track-digital-bundle
  20. Not too often I praise the ending downtempo track (actually here it's totally beatless), but Wavespell is a special track. Beautiful stuff. By the way it was remastered in 2012. Still even the remastered version sounds old, because the music itself sounds very old school. Nice work even though the cross-fading between the tracks is very sloppy.
  21. Mamomam records 1. The Prime Time 09:44 2. Ego Structures 07:03 3. Mechanotronic 09:57 4. The Prologue 07:50 5. Pendulum 07:43 6. The Micrograms 07:24 7. Awareness 07:44 8. Artha - DNA (JaraLuca remix) 07:53 The Prologue is the third album made by JaraLuca from Poland. I personally enjoyed the first two but in my opinion this fresh output is the best to date. Ego Structures is very goa, very psychedelic, it sounds a bit like Pleiadians. In The Prime Time I can hear some influences from the industrial side of this genre, especially Tim Schuldt. Mechanotronic and The Prologue both unleash the acid in a full power trancy environment. Mechanotronic is probably the most accomplished track here, if you like Morphic Resonance, Pleiadians, Psylent Buddhi, you will be pleased. The only track that felt a bit generic was Awareness, but luckily we have a remix of Artha - DNA to end the journey in spectacular fashion. The bass-lines are sweet, the use of vocal samples works well, and I am overall very impressed. I reckon this album is in the top tier of what goa trance managed to deliver in the 2010 decade. It's playful and maximal goa trance, full power and enjoying itself, it's like a roller coaster because the music is not conservative, it takes risks and generates a lot of climaxes making the listening very pleasant. It offers just the right amount of spinning and splashing of psychedelic sounds leaving you feeling impressed. Very recommended album, you won't be bored! Rating: 8/10. Listen / Buy: https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-prologue
  22. Watched / Listened the same one: After listening to this, the thread makes total sense. Amazing to see how you can mix two tracks together, basically you mix the same way techno DJs mix, I guess that was the point of the thread Nice work!
  23. Testing the members here which track from 1997 was an inspiration to this? Not talking about the melodies, but pretty obvious the structure of the track is inspired from that 1997 track (from an iconic album).
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