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  1. Never realized it's a collaboration with Eat Static Nice one, I like the hypnotic style, somehow reminds me this:
  2. I remembered not being very hooked but it was in 2012 or 2013, I should give it another try as tastes can vary from one year to another. Great track to open the release, will listen to the rest tomorrow
  3. Forestdelic records, 2019. 1. Anthill & Loom - Malam 06:50 2. Kaza & Loom - Is This a Dream? 08:09 3. Loom & Kebun - The Battle of Ideas 07:59 4. Kontrol-Z & Loom - Pathological Behaviour 07:28 5. Loom & Dopadocks - Space and Silence 09:01 6. Loom & Via Axis - H13FA 07:56 7. Antonymous & Loom - Direct Contact 07:56 8. Loom & KaliYuga - Blooming Forest 08:14 9. Critter & Loom - Smashing Paranoia 07:09 10. Purist & ViaAxis & Loom - Infinite Ways 08:50 Psytrance project from Italian producer Nicolas Marcato. As the description says, many different people involved in this collaboration album. While it is released on Forestdelic, it is more on the sharp and metallic psytrance side (UK style), with some forest moments here and there. I will not review every tracks, but #3, #5 and #8 are my personal highlights. I was in awe while listening to Space and Silence (Loom & Dopadocks), the bassline is sumptuous, fascinating, the energy in this track is incredible, dark and quite psychedelic even though not melodic, this track can be deadly on a dance floor. If you are a DJ consider this as a serious weapon for a set. Throughout the album, I also love the occasional pans, quite discrete but very well placed to give a forest touch. A weakness? Most tracks are very similar, even though many different projects take part. My attention dropped a bit after Blooming Forest (Loom & KaliYuga) which was a fantastic driving track in itself. The release would be better with 8 or 9 tracks probably. Anyway, the production is flawless and the mastering perfect. The attention to details is remarkable. The high and dark energy, driving basslines and metallic sounds keep you interested all he way. Rating: 7.5/10. Listen / Buy: https://forestdelic.bandcamp.com/album/loom-friends-messages-from-anubia Youtube link:
  4. Listen to track 5 https://forestdelic.bandcamp.com/album/loom-friends-messages-from-anubia
  5. Matsuri digital, 2019. 1. Growth Of Psychedelics 8:14 2. Dreamer's Sad Alien 9:04 A short EP of only two tracks but a very good one for sure. Jikooha has a very special and recognizable sound. In the past this Japanese project loved to use distorted melodies, especially in Revolution Spaceship (2008) and Sirius Rising (2012). They also released Spacemen Underground quite recently (2017), it was more acid, and even though I liked the album I had so high expectations that it let me down a little bit. My favorite from them is probably Sirius Rising because it is slower, deeper and focuses more on twisted melodies and psychedelic atmospheres. And this EP is in my opinion reminiscent of Sirius Rising: story-telling tracks, smooth kicklines to put most of the attention on the melodies and the acid. The result is particularly deep and trippy! Dreamer's Sad Alien is my favorite of the EP and one of my favorite tracks of the year so far! Slower hypnotic and acidic Goa trance is not a style you hear often these days. It is a shame the EP is so short but if I have to give a fair rating, it's a solid 8.5/10. Listen / Buy: https://matsuridigital-ad.bandcamp.com/album/growth-of-psychedelics-ep Also available on Youtube:
  6. OVNI Breakfast (O.V.N.I Records), 2019. 1. Yestermorrow - Cosmic Context (Rose Well Remix) 06:16 2. Pulsar & Thaihanu - Baktun (Zweep Remix) 07:39 3. Lunarave feat. Backsliderz - Sacred Realm 05:34 4. Dopek - Connection to Compassion 06:46 5. Mental Droop - Strech 06:47 6. Liink - Critical Abscence 06:46 7. Psylence Mind - Go On 06:28 8. Eclipsical - Break Even 06:59 9. Thymos - Groovy Raptor 07:43 10. Hecate - Sick 07:29 A familiar style: aggressive full on psytrance, even though the first three tracks can fit to the morning, are more atmospheric and sometimes more mellow (especially track #3 by Lunarave & Backsliderz). Then from the fourth track it becomes clearly harder full on, with the highlights by Liink (#6) and Hecate (#10): these tracks are simply wonderful dancefloor stompers. Mixed feelings overall though because it is a style we heard so many times before, but at the same time the production is top quality, and the sound is always willing to keep the high energy flowing. A must have for the dancefloor in my opinion. Rating: 7/10. To listen / buy: https://ovnibreakfast.bandcamp.com/album/ovni-breakfast-2-alien-flakes
  7. Manuser

    Toxeed - Mysterious

    Not On Label (Toxeed Self-released). 1. Divination Of Times 9:45 2. Aphrodite 9:04 3. Enigma 8:57 4. Shell 9:08 5. Abyss 10:09 6. Constellation 10:30 7. The Call Of Freedom 9:24 8. La Faucheuse 10:04 Checking Discogs, I see that this French artist released 11 albums before, since 2012 how is it possible to be that prolific? Anyway, yes the bassline is pretty much the same in all tracks, the BPM seem to be all the same as well, so there is definitely a feeling of "what if there was more variety?" but that being said, the sound is very interesting for the most part, this is a fast-paced pure Goa Trance album. Cannot compare with the previous outputs, never listened to Toxeed before but I was grabbed for the most part. Shell and Constellation have to be the most story-telling tracks here, generous with melodies, key changes, mystic chants. It is easy listening compared to most new school Goa Trance, there is space between layers, it is easy to digest. As said previously, it does lose a point for lack of variety but I still find this album very smooth and pleasant to the ears. Rating: 7/10. To listen / buy: https://toxeed.bandcamp.com/album/mysterious
  8. Yes an interesting release, mid-tempo, progressive, morning vibes. Don't get turned off by the first track, it has IMO a dull repetitive melody but the rest of the album is solid for what it is. Favorite track: #6. Good material for summer dancefloors or just home listening.
  9. Very solid album indeed, really like this smooth yet aggressive sound, grainy and organic, with the usual characteristics of the genre (use of twisted metallic sounds, variations in bassline layers). Recommended.
  10. Dance N Dust records, 2019. 1. Aug01 09:15 2. Head-Room 07:49 3. Hi5 08:32 4. Control Freak 07:08 5. Channel Bounce 08:05 6. S'Kool 07:42 7. Angels Come Flying 10:16 Project from Sweden. All tracks made in the nineties and early millennium, now officially released. Different and very interesting stuff, not your typical psy-trance for sure. The style is sometimes reminiscent of SUN Project, not their Goa output but more the albums released in the early 2000s, same kind of groove, including guitars and occasional melodies, and some other tracks also remind me of Loopus in Fabula. I remember this kind of sound was often present in the Goa-Head series too. Without reviewing track by track, most of the album contains guitars, groovy basslines, fancy arrangements of trance melodies, and tracks such as Channel Bounce even contains some vocals and funky-disco influences. But for me one of the best track is Head-Room, it launches quickly and delivers a strong middle eastern atmosphere, guitars with percussion and offers an ending full of eastern goa-ish melodies. Control Freak follows the same recipe and is one of the highlights of the album. Angels Come Flying really reminded me of Loopus in Fabula: banging bass line, swanky themes, jazzy touch resulting in a spectacular cross-genre fusion. Maybe not an album that will be remembered because it was released in 2019, it's not psychedelic at all and the basslines are a bit samey-samey throughout, but it's good for what it is when you are in the mood for a more laid back and playful fancy sound. Definitely not your typical psy-trance release, if you listened to Sarolta Monspart before you should know what to expect. Rating: 6.5/10. Listen / Buy: https://dancendustrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sarolta-monspart-old-gold
  11. Cosmicleaf Records, Feb. 2019. 1. Nomadic Universality 09:32 2. At The Gates Of The Beloved 09:21 3. White Dwarfs 08:34 4. Low Sun Tribe 12:35 5. Muses Fly Above Capri 11:02 6. Cloud Break 09:48 7. Phobia 10:52 Project from Greece, delivering 7 downtempo tracks. All tracks have a 4/4 beat and are danceable material, ideal for the early morning or late afternoon. A nice surprise overall! The sound is very well produced, nicely polished, and while most of it is on the chill progressive side, the highlight for me is Low Sun Tribe, it has a technoish and tribal vibe that gives a very hypnotic and entrancing result. The whole album is not very psychedelic so it should please the lovers of the relaxing and dreamy trance sound. Recommended. Rating: 7/10. To listen / buy: https://cosmicleaf.bandcamp.com/album/nomadic-universality
  12. Funny I read the reviews of this album just yesterday! It's been a while since I listened to it but remember being hooked. One of the ugliest artwork of all time but the music is very hypnotic and unusual.
  13. Hypnodisk / Blue Stract, 2019. 1. Trinoids 09:06 2. Subconscious Mind 09:10 3. Far East Frequency 10:10 4. UT001 08:28 5. Psyence 08:52 6. Haneru To Odoru 09:26 7. Wiggle Peanut 09:48 8. Glycogen 07:25 9. Apollo 04:36 Year of the tracks: 1996 | 1998 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1998 | 1997 | 1996 | 1995 Tracks 4, 5, 6, 7 unreleased. The Japanese psytrance scene likes to sound different, unconventional, sometimes more techno oriented as well. And for me, it can be a hit-and-miss affair. For the collectors and those who like this sound, this is an interesting release. All tracks were made in the nineties, four of them were unreleased. UT001 is one of them, it sounds like proto Goa on a fast tempo. Far East Frequency is a catchy trancy track that was released in the Mind Rewind series. Glycogen is a highlight here, a typical brilliant melodic Goa trance composition of the mid-nineties. Apollo is a short but awesome proto Goa track, catchy and easy to digest, cannot go wrong with this to close an album. The rest is more techno oriented and in my opinion forgettable, not inspiring and did not age well (that is my issue with some Japanese psytrance). Even though it's not my personal favorite style, it's definitely good enough on a given day. Rating: 6.5/10. To listen / buy: https://hypnodisk.bandcamp.com/album/early-tracks-1
  14. Sol Music - Feb 2019. 1 - Heart Beats 2 - Purple Rays (feat. Theona) 3 - The Gypsy Symphony (collaboration with Morten Granau, feat. Theona) 4 - Moments Of Thinking (collaboration with Vertex) 5 - Humanity 6 - Rage (collaboration with Zyce) 7 - Gemini (collaboration with One Function) 8 - The Legend (feat. Theona) 9 - Simin (feat. Theona) - Lyrics by Roshanak Ghahremaninia Project from Ukraine, based in Nahariya, Israel. If you dig the melodic and dreamy progressive sound with a clear club approach, this album is for you. I was not familiar with Static Movement, and for me SiMiN is a mixed bag. In my opinion, some tracks would do better without the vocals (starting from the second track). We often swim between seducing mellow trance and over the top cheese, but the moments of brilliance make the album worth listening. Sometimes the sound is reminiscent of Ovnimoon, definitely more clubbish and commercial sounding though. The production and mastering all along are crystal clear, the super clean sound is what stroke me the most. I would like to comment on track 3 which is in my opinion a nice surprise, you cannot deny the effort and creativity put in this composition, it contains some piano and other instruments, key changes too, melodies one after another... positive and imaginative trance music! And this remains mostly the case until the end of the album. The 4th track is sweet as well, still walking that fine line between progressive psytrance and club trance, no vocal this time just clean trance melodies all the way. The gem of this album for me. Some uninteresting and generic moments (cliché bassline) towards the end. Cringy and cheesy at times but I will still recommend to give this album a try, it is often beautiful and more melodic and dreamy than most progressive trance I heard recently. Rating: 7/10. To stream To buy: https://www.beatport.com/chart/simin-2019/551723
  15. The melody at 1:14 I don't know but the sound in the intro is so similar to Pigs in Space - Visitors part I
  16. Seeing your username, perhaps Prana - Kollage for the first track? Or Tim Schuldt - Absurd? Some suggestions for the second track: maybe a Hux-Flux track, or Juno Reactor - Jardin de Cecile (two Juno in a row, why not?), or Infected Mushroom - Roll us a giant? Koxbox - Lunar bin?
  17. Oh really? They are real life trolls then
  18. Guillaume la tortue (Guillaume the turtle), 1994. Very strange style, difficult to describe, you can hear it's from the same era as Laurent Garnier's first hits (Flashback, Crispy bacon, Dance to the music, etc.).
  19. I was browsing again this nice topic from the hundreds of epic goa tracks ever produced, there was really someone picking this track OMG no word. I was actually trying to listen to all tracks posted in this thread, special mention for Crop Circles - Pentagon, a track I missed for some reason. By the way, taste can change really a lot in a 10 years span, one of my top 5 tracks before was Chi-A.D.- Exit eternity and now I find myself bored when listening to it
  20. Indeed my bad. It's a shame then, I 'll check it out just in case they remastered the whole album, but I doubt it.
  21. It's definitely fake, watch again the triplet part the guy with the guitar is still playing, yet you cannot hear any guitar. Well made though.
  22. Cosmos In Her Eyes could be a Miranda track produced in the 2010s. If it was, it would be in her top 5 best tracks for sure.
  23. This album https://www.discogs.com/fr/Para-Halu-The-World-Of-Peace/master/881089 from Para Halu is super atmospheric, I think it's the kind you are looking for.
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