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  1. Sweet track, I am sure I listened to it 3 or 4 years ago it didn't sound as crystal clear, great improvements and mastering indeed. Edit: 2016, time flies https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/71971-your-non-psy-musical-output/?do=findComment&comment=1067459
  2. Second file reminds me this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM8V6Aq_ZkA
  3. Green room was very forgettable indeed, I see you mentioned Deviant Species, the style is very different but the album "in the hands of the randomiser" is terrific and very overlooked, especially the title track is brutal:
  4. Not at all, when I said the pad I also meant the 3 notes melody (to @recursion loop). Power source - Goaway @ 3:55 Similar pad and the 3 notes melody are (almost) the same except that the notes are higher I think? Anyway I didn't expect anyone to find this
  5. One more here but this one is probably not easy. The pad coming @ 1:35: Don't think it's easy to find because the pad in the Goa track isn't really a defining characteristic of the track and doesn't last for very long. It's a Goa classic from the nineties, everyone know this track.
  6. Hi, it is much older than 2003 here it is
  7. There is a thread already https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/75593-unreleased-goa-records/?tab=comments#comment-10017731 Sneila's album was one of the best surprises of 2019, especially the long track "silence of the severs", what a trance gem.
  8. Almost beatless: This is the chill version of the vocal trance track Chakra - Love Shines Through A great beatless track released last year:
  9. How about Orichalcum & The Deviant? Just a suggestion. You can skip the first track (by Alienated, which I like but not similar to X-dream): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cSbLjgpcaI
  10. Maybe you can try Deviant electronics - Brainwashing is childs play.
  11. If I listen to the album today again, I'll probably also think my review was generous. My ratings can depend on my mood of the moment, it's still a 6/10, decent to good music but IMO Somnesia never had a real breakthrough, if I can use this term. He has a style that would work very well in collaborations with other artists who generate a more powerful goa-trance (I know he had a collaboration with Imba before).
  12. Nice stuff! My favorite is track #3. I wonder if it would be worth a try to insert some alien melodies here and there, not overload the tracks with melodies but try to add a few and see how it sounds, while keeping the same atmosphere, cold and dark. Just a suggestion but great EP regardless!
  13. Mantis - The Mother Hive was a terrific track but it disappeared from Youtube... however Mantis released a full album in 2015 that went unnoticed! All tracks produced between 1997 and 1999 https://mantis98.bandcamp.com/album/innerverse
  14. Iboga Records 1. Intro 1:46 2. Ice Age 6:02 3. Reefer Royal 7:04 4. My Mood 6:13 5. City Crush 6:51 6. Almost Gone (Grand Avenue Remix) 6:32 7. Deep Fry 6:01 8. Circus Electro 4:34 9. Congasm (co-producer: DJ Emok) 6:52 10. Out Of Bounds 7:24 11. Shining Star (vocals: Paula Befrits) 7:06 Third and last album (to date) produced by Danish artists Reefer Decree, prolific in the early to mid 2000s with their very recognizable progressive sound. The classic Refeer Decree bassline is (almost) gone this time, and the style has evolved very noticeably: much less minimal, much more melodic and it even sounds more commercial with the electro and house elements thrown into the cooker. The highlights for me are tracks #2, #4, #8, #9 and #11. These tracks had everything to be classics: a real identity with memorable sequences and a very friendly, warm melodic framework. "My mood" in particular is my type of stuff: it starts rather cheesy but later switches to a very comfortable and melodic progressive track. All the tracks selected above contain something special, and this time even the downtempo track to finish the album is mindblowing. The whole release is very easy to listen, very groovy and relaxing at the same time. This is good time progressive trance, focused on groove and creativity. I can safely say this is underrated considering the few number of people who rated it on Discogs, yet I find this album different and memorable. Rating: 8/10. Listen / buy: https://iboga-beatspace.bandcamp.com/album/reefer-decree-out-of-bounds-iboga-records Youtube link:
  15. Was also thinking about Life on Mars, the original and SFX remix. Honorable mentions: Andromeda, 12,000 suns.
  16. A bit on the tech trance side but still progressive, Hedustma - Forms 03 released in 2019 https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/75485-hedustma-forms-03/
  17. Manuser

    Parasense - Avangaro

    Not a very accessible album, there were times this album used to bore me a lot. There were times I also managed to enjoy it. Now I am not sure but I do think it did not age very well. The basslines are hard, alas I don't find the music complex and deep enough. But yeah these basslines played on a proper system are extremely powerful.
  18. Damn this album is something else, very spectacular and entertaining darkpsy.
  19. Manuser

    Aes Dana - Leylines

    Lysistrata (album edit) and Signs are two magnificent tracks.
  20. Hallucinogenic Horses is great, I didn't hear the jazzy parts though (?) but thanks for mentioning, forgot about this crazy album.
  21. The production is stunning, yet it is hard to ignore that several tracks have too many disharmonious melodies and sound awkward. I was listening to this album with headphones while doing nothing else, and this flaw was too obvious, for instance the track with guitars, the first half is great with a clever use of the guitar, but then a second guitar melody enters and it doesn't fit well IMO. Three or four tracks in this album have a similar issue. On the plus side, the sound design is beautiful, I like the ending of the tracks, nice attention to details. The second track (Floating Spheres) is special with a building tension that works very well. The track with the loud kick (Nephilim' Dance) is cool even though it sounds too short for me. The tenth track (Wanderers) has nice tribal vibes. I don't have the bonus tracks. That said I liked the 2017 album Stratum much more, especially Foreseen Consequences and the remarkable Abyssentient.
  22. @RTP Be strong man Some positive trance music from the golden era just thought I would post this here, music is powerful
  23. The perfect definition of a beautiful intro but lousy track is Loren X - Sectosphere (Asia 2001 alias) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihSwe9RSe1s Damn this needs a remix
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