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  1. Imagine the album/compilation of your dreams

    Must add my homemade goa compilation . Right in this order ,For me its a true dream compilation of all time: 1. E-rection - out here we are stoned (x-dream rmx) 2. Pleiadians - zeta reticuli (lazy spiral mix) 3. Mfg - magnetic activity (total eclipse) 4. Blue planet corporation - antidote (pleiadians rmx) 5. Man with no name - lunar cycle 6. Pleiadians - alcyone 7. Etnica - starship 101 8. Astral projection - liquid sun 9. X-dream - create your own happiness
  2. Ok, just a track recommendation here. Recently got my hands on the vinyl release of TRANSIENT 4 (bought it really for pleiadians rmx for BPC antidote) . came acrossed this first track and couldnt stop spinnin it. Must say it went right into my classics favorites! Great weekend all! http://youtu.be/CNVWCTU--_w
  3. What music are you listening to right now?

    Pleiadians Alcyone .. Cant pass a day without playing this 12"
  4. Astral Projection new album

    That album could be interesting. As an old goa fan, astral hasnt really changed the sound of their music - keeping their music sound like the goa 90s style. If its going to be even close to "dancing galaxy" album ill be satisfied....
  5. Is this even exist ? Because all i could find is parts 2 and 3 ?!
  6. Recently got my hands off this LP . Really bought it for etnica's starship 101 but i must say this compilation is above perfect. So many great classics - prana , pollinator (x-dream), transwave.. Just take a look at this tracklist and say this may be best compilation made! A1 Miranda Timeless Worlds Of Space A2 Doof Full Moon Over Parvatti B1 Etnica Starship 101 B2 Amanite FX & Prana Black Rain B3 Satori (3) Razor C1 Transwave Cycles Of Life C2 Green Nuns Of The Revolution Megallenic Cloud D1 Les Diaboliques Cubit D2 Arcana (3) Orion D3 Auranaut, The Groove On Dream Off E1 Pollinator, The Clone III E2 Prana Primal Orbit (Tribal Trance Mix) E3 Shakta Lepton Head F1 Kode IV Near To The Divine (Official Doof Mix) Remix Doof F2 Syb Unity Nettwerk Cosmo Shiva F3 Bass Chakra 230,000 Miles (Innermix)
  7. Psytrance tracks that blow your mind!

    Pleiadians - alcyone Never got enough of it..
  8. Ok heres mine pleiadians - ifo Etnica - alien protein X-dream - we creates our own hapiness Astral projection - dancing galaxy MWNN - earth moving the sun Top 10 tracks: Pleiadians - alcyone (i think its the best track ever) X-dream - create our own hapiness Mfg - magnetic activity (total eclipse) Pleiadians - zeta reticuli (lazy spiral mix) Etnica - starship 101 Astral projection - liquid sun E-rection - out here we are stoned (x-dream rmx) Man with no name - lunar cycle Man with no name - own the world Sandman - target eye I think that will be best compilation ever!
  9. They are the best of the best! My complex choice will be lazy spiral mix for zeta reticuli
  10. Pleiadians Alcyone on 12"

    Indeed lucky!! I hope to get the chance having it too!
  11. Pleiadians Alcyone on 12"

    Hey is there anyone who knows how i can get this one on vinyl ?? I came across this one but its way expensive (acetate) Pleiadians Alcyone Zeta Reticuli Rare Vinyl 12" Goa Trance I.F.O http://m.ebay.com/itm/331323495761?nav=SEARCH