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  1. Best cure for hangovers... Morning Goa. Do Enjoy!!
  2. It's the weekend my dudes!! Enjoy...
  3. The Maniac - R'lyeh

    Haha..Thanks a lot my man! Means a lot!
  4. Logic Pro 9

    If you don't name the track Aliens vs Cowboys, it's a wasted opportunity.
  5. The Maniac - R'lyeh

    Welcome Please make yourself comfy.. Would you like some tentacles?
  6. Psynews fundraiser

    Yep.. cant reply. Also my theme is still clean cut (the other being default), not darker. Can't find blueboh and darker themes
  7. new track psytrance

    The track and the artwork are good!!

    Giving this a listen right now.. But man damn that hypnogogia track!! Best one on the comp!
  9. The Maniac - Restarting The Cosmic Cycle

    It's amazing that a phone software can do what a DAW does, but in the end it's still a small software bound by the hardware limitations. So to master it a pro software and a PC with good monitors is essential. But then again, with all the tech available today, the day is not far off when you can master with your phone.
  10. The Maniac - Restarting The Cosmic Cycle

    Haha thanks man! Yes the bassline does that muddy frequency thing when the cutoff is minimum and the env mod is bit high..As long as it doesnt hijack the other sound frequencies it's ok I guess..
  11. I usually post new tracks during the weekend, but this one should help you to tide over the remaining days of the week.. Blast it. Enjoy it. Also dont forget to leave feedback. Track is unmastered. May your trip last long!
  12. Små gäster (goa trance)

    The synth starting at 1:31 is off-tune or off-key?? That kinda doesnt fit..Main synth is good but is static throughout..Vary few notes here and there, phase or flange it a little bit.. that bass at around 3:32 sounds good.. Seeing how this is a WIP it can be improved a lot more.. Are you planning it on making it darker? A pad thrown in would be great I guess.
  13. The Maniac - I am Yog Sothoth

    Thank you for those wonderful words mate!! May your trip last long.
  14. MWNN track

    Track with no name. If he doesn't name it like that then it's a missed opportunity.