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  1. Thanks for the awesome review mate!
  2. Hey thanks for the review @Trance2MoveU! Glad you enjoyed it! ❤️
  3. There's psychedelic quest. He's got a bunch of stuff released on timewarp
  4. Cheers! Let me know how it goes. Stay safe.
  5. Here's some fresh melodic Goa trance to lift your spirits from the boredom of quarantine. I present to you my 2nd full length album based on the ancient Indian epic - "Mahabharata" Happy listening and stay safe! Tracklist: 1) Adi Parva 08:01 2) Rajasuya Yagna 08:20 3) A Game Of Dice 09:09 4) 13 Years Of Exile 08:24 5) Kurukshetra 08:25 6) Bhagavad Gita 08:42 7) Dharmayuddha 07:55 8) Chakravyuh 08:37 9) Dwapara's End 07:42 Bandcamp - https://themaniac1.bandcamp.com/album/mahabharata
  6. Every label/independent artists releasing Goa Trance music needs support. But it if you like it.
  7. These comps contain tracks that are previously released on Timewarp recs from EPs or full length. Only the Call of Goa and Colors of Goa series have never before heard tracks. My track here was taken from the full length album I released on Timewarp in Feb 2019. As are the other tracks.. so nothing new, but a great way to discover new names!
  8. Celestial Intelligence latest is also repeated twice.
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