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  1. There are three different melodies in that track.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWozfkm9m2E 8:20 till end of the track. https://youtu.be/V9Kdx-1qGUE 3:00 till end of the track.
  3. Even if Shamanix was indeed a remix of an old track never released, there is no way the Domestic and Space cat remix should qualify as a remix of the 1993 track since they wouldn't know about it anyway.
  4. We can even go way back (no pun intended) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moqxLkL2NhI
  5. I agree this is definitely Darshan, the hi-hat coming at 1:05 is the same as in their Duck track. Remaining of the track confirms that impression, Darshan had several styles back then, Awakening was quite deep and laid back compared to some compilation tracks, and then the technoish style in their second album. Could you elaborate on the possible reasons why such tune couldn't get released? It would have fit perfectly in this series: https://www.discogs.com/fr/label/450365-Fill-Your-Head-With-Phantasm
  6. Definitely not MWNN or Transwave or Doof agree there is similarity with some California Sunshine but probably not them, sounds very Israeli cheese to me. Probably from the Nitzhonot era.
  7. It's been identified (a Finnish track) but will remain "hidden" just a little longer, I think. Good that I posted the track, otherwise the name would still be unknown in this thread 7 years later despite that the track was "identified" behind the curtain.
  8. Nice mix, I liked in particular Astrogano, Hypnoxock, Celestial Intelligence, Triquetra, InnerZone, TAO & NAGA, Midiotz.
  9. @astralprojectionYou are not alone, I noticed the same thing on the last album.
  10. Exactly. Agree about the track. Want a honest opinion? Astral Projection haven't released an album since 2014, that's 8 years now, and that was an album of remixes. If I am not mistaken, the last album they released producing original tracks was released in 2006, that's 16 years ago. Astral Projection have stated they would release an album in 2020, that's already two years... my honest opinion: I don't care one bit anymore. It's fine to tease your audience but waiting so long has a negative effect. When Astral Projection will release their next album in 2028, I bet hardly anyone will care anymore. And yes, the track is quite generic. My opinion sounds harsh because at the end of the day, they do what they want, I mean they are accountable to nobody. I am just sharing my own feelings.
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