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  1. Hello, I uploaded a homemade compilation, almost 2 hours of melodic Goa Trance, old school for the most part: Tracklist: 00:00 Faithless - God is a DJ (Astral Projection remix) 09:41 MFG - To eternity 18:07 Hada - Emaginary 28:03 Sinhu - Future technology 35:25 Pleiadians - Modulation 51:50 MFG - Shape the future (future mix) 1:02:18 Nada - Transparent future 1:10:37 Nebula Meltdown - Epsilon Orionis 1:18:18 Lunar Asylum - Twister 1:27:02 Technossomy - The pyramid (live mix) 1:40:06 Astral Projection - Searching for UFO's 1:50:15 Cosmosis - Key to the innerverse´╗┐
  2. It's a well composed album, musically clever, it's just a shame to hear a similar commercial bassline in many of the tracks, ended up being a big turnoff for me.
  3. I double checked and it's not there. Thanks for the info. By any chance do you know if the second will be released... soon enough?
  4. Such a shame it doesn't include Second Step To The Stars, it's such a great track, could have been a double CD. Still, it's a joy to hear those tracks remastered.
  5. Good day, Long time lurker, I am not sure where to post, but anyway I'd like to share my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt52DjfjYbw63IsVQldbQyA?view_as=subscriber I uploaded a few homemade compilations, just for fun, and a few albums (some rare ones) + The whole Goa Head series (well until volume 20). Enjoy!
  6. Good day. Long time lurker, had an account but never posted before today. Been a fan of Goa Trance and Trance in general, and other forms of electronic music since the end of the nineties. I love the content of this forum, especially the reviews page. Talk to you later Take care.
  7. Good day everyone. Track has been identified. Track number 6: https://www.discogs.com/fr/Squaremeat-Astronomical-Coffee-Break-Bonus-Album/release/7772748
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