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Found 11 results

  1. Latest Goa trance mix by Neogoa Records label DJ Masala from Japan, presenting his vision of melodic Goa music previously released by the label, perfect for trance-dance in nature at dawn. For more free Goa music by Neogoa on YouTube, please ► Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubscribeNeogoa Tracklist: 01 - Stellarians - Penumbra's Sanctuary 02 - OXI - Haphazard Dance (Nova Fractal Remix) 03 - Stellar Force - Astral Dive 04 - Imba - Chloe's Thing 05 - Psychowave - Innertrip 06 - Omnivox - 5 Dimensions 07 - Lunar Dawn - Orbiting The Sun 08 - Arronax - The Unkown Helions Guard 09 - Celestial
  2. MATSURI DIGITAL presents Enf of year party 2016 -Synthesis and Rezonanse- 2016.12.28 (Wed) Open/Start:23:00 at UNIT/Saloon/Unice ZaHOUSE bld, 1-34-17 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 03-5459-8630 Entrance: Door 4500yen+1 Drink 500yen Advance Ticket 3000yen (Drink charge 500yen pay at entrance) ■■■前売チケット11月8日より販売開始!!!! チケットぴあ/Ticket PIA Pコード/P-Code:315-166 ローソン(LAWSON)/Lawson Lコード/L-Code:73996 SHOP Rhythm9 (リズム9/下北沢)https://www.facebook.com/rhythm9.f/ Psychedelic Garden https://www.facebook.com/PsychedelicGarden/ For foreign dancers* For Matsuri Digital presents -Synthesis and Rezon
  3. Jikkenteki - The Beginning Is At The End 01 - Blindsided (100 BPM) 02 - Forgotten, But Not Gone (100 BPM) 03 - False Hope (120 BPM) 04 - Recon-Figure (147 BPM) 05 - Default To Zero (120 BPM) 06 - Self Destructing Mechanism (120/147 BPM) 07 - Some Things Last Forever (110 BPM) The last album from the very talented producer Jikkenteki doing what he does best. Slow dark moody experimental Goa at its best! Artwork - 5/5 Look at that creepy artwork! Music - 5/5 Download it here:http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/jikkenteki-the-beginning-is-at-the-end Thank you for the wonderful music. Y
  4. Few years ago, i watched The Cove documentary about the dolphin hunting in a cove of Taiji, a place in Japan. The footage taken by the activists is quite gruesome and shows the entrapment and the massacre of large groups of dolphins, these wounded beings' desperate efforts to escape. Also, the film uncovers the whole industry build upon the slaughter of these helpless beings, dolphins and whales too, two species with intelligence striving to survive in a modern hostile environment the late centuries. This (awards winning) film was shocking and made a good impact to the world for a long time,
  5. Hello all, I am looking to identify a track played by Skazi some years ago. Example of the track in this youtube video (SKAZI & MELICIA - Live in Japan 30. July, 2011), starting from 1:20 I have read some comment in the Internets that it would be remix of "What's Realy Good" track by Exaile, but it doesnt sound like that to me :S I would appreciate if any Skazi avid fan would know which is the track. Thanks in advanced!
  6. We present Submooncd02 - Various Artist - Amaterasu! This disc is for people that love pure psychedelic melodic oldschool goa trance. We bring new tracks from Gankyil , Mana Source and many new acts ! CATALOGUE# : SBMNCD02 samples / tracklist : https://submoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/amaterasu CD RECORDABLE : http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00ZEP22B&pp=1 Thank you for kind vibes , support and lots of nice messages ! シャイン磨き僧侶 arigato //truly yours , Submoon goanclane C u sun!!!
  7. Hello, I moved here recently. If anyone can provide info about parties, I'd be grateful. I'm especially interested in goa trance and I'm looking for events in the Osaka area mostly. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello people. As you might know, there is in Japan a discrete niche that Goa/psytrance occupy among the otaku culture. Psytrance is often used in anime and video game circles, as Japan have a rich tradition in terms of EDM inherited from the 90's (they keep alive the spirit of eurobeat, makina, goa trance, etc.) Hence, it is not surprizing that some Touhou (東方) circles have done some Goa arrangements for the OST of this famous series of video games. Here is the theme of Yoshika, a zombie girl that is one of the numerous characters featured in the Touhou universe. https://www
  9. DJ BuzZ is a Psychedelic Trance DJ and event organizer from Kobe, Japan. Since 2006, Eiichi, along with a friend, founded the God Of Death party organization establishing events in the Kansai area in Osaka, Kobe. While throwing these events, he has collaborated with other promoters, such as Yabai, and introduced fresh and rooted artists from around the world to the vivid Japanese crowd. DJing all over Japan and China through the years, his passionate energy shined through his banging sets catching the attention of Doof Records. Eiichis DJ sets are best around midnight the time when the en
  10. I was watching Gaspard Noé's Enter The Void and instantly came to think of Ubar Tmar's Matsuri album "True". It's probably one of the weirdest and most interesting recordings I've heard within the Trance genre. Many of the synth parts tend to sound extremely atonal and dissonant. An effect that I've never heard any other Trance artist play with. Re-listening to this album made me curious to check out the rest of his discography. Any fans?
  11. EP - Party People - GB RR1EPD012 - 02/03/2012 The debut EP from GB is sure to be an epidemic blasting on any dance floor with its huge basses, floating melodies and crystal clear atmospheric sounds. The 2 tracks EP features track one Narcotics and track two Party People. Track list: 01.Party People - GB 02.Narcotics - GB Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date:02/03/2012 Genre: Full On Psychedelic Artist: GB Catalogue Number: RR1EPD012 www.recrystallizerecords.co.uk http://soundcloud.com/gb-2012 BUY HERE: htt
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