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  1. Some stuff I had in the mail during the last few days: v.A. - Inti (Suntrip Records) https://www.discogs.com/Various-Inti/release/10158584 Celestial Intelligence - Incandescent https://www.discogs.com/Celestial-Intelligence-Incandescent/release/14431713 bought both albums from Anoebis via Discogs, both are great! Atomic Pulse - Direct Source https://www.discogs.com/Atomic-Pulse-Direct-Source/release/1066259 the last few tracks are the best v.A. - Accelerator 1.0 (Turbo Trance Records) https://www.discogs.com/LElf-Triptych-Accelerator-10/release/249734 The whole series is great and I'm happy to have all of them now v.A. - Secret Garden (Frakasound Records) https://www.discogs.com/Various-Secret-Garden/release/1386967 only (mainly lesser known) Swiss artists, the quality of the tracks is high
  2. Ordered a bunch of new stuff over the last weeks: Day.Din vs. Fabio - The Unreleased https://www.discogs.com/DayDin-vs-Fabio-The-Unreleased/release/989419 Dharma Kaya - Full Service - The Russian-Israeli Full On Sound https://www.discogs.com/Dharma-Kaya-Full-Service-The-Russian-Israeli-Full-On-Sound/release/2027615 (I'm listening to it right now, seems to be a real gem; the first two tracks were fucking awesome) Mercury Fall - Gaiascension https://www.discogs.com/Mercury-Fall-Gaiascension/release/4563644 Miraculix - The Arrival https://www.discogs.com/Mercury-Fall-Gaiascension/release/4563644 Flexus - Christiana Selection Vol. 3 https://www.discogs.com/Flexus-Christiania-Selection-Volume-3/release/5506773 Rocky Tilbor - Goa Sessions https://www.discogs.com/Rocky-Tilbor-Goa-Session/release/8269015 v.A. - FullOn (HOM-Megta Produktions) https://www.discogs.com/Various-FullOn/release/184693 Andromeda - Temptations https://www.discogs.com/Andromeda-Temptations/release/250727 (ok, but the older albums were better) Bubble - Bootleg https://www.discogs.com/Andromeda-Temptations/release/250727 (nice album, Bubble has his own style) v.A. - Imagi:Nations Part 2: Day https://www.discogs.com/Various-ImagiNations-Part-2-Day/release/484687 Asia 2001 - Psykadelica https://www.discogs.com/Asia-2001-Psykadelia/release/6917485 (nice but not mindblowing) Afgin - Old Is Gold Selected Tunes (2006 - 2015) https://www.discogs.com/Afgin-Old-Is-Gold-Selected-Tunes-2006-2015/release/7277369 (very nice, the album he released on Suntrip Records was even better tho) DJ Ans - Wind Up https://www.discogs.com/DJ-Ans-Wind-Up/release/296019 (rather boring, I'm glad it was cheap)
  3. Seems like all the old farts are back... Ok not all but... @RTP I wouldn't call it a problem but it sure takes some time. So far I'm at the letter C. But I ordered a new CD stand and startet adding also the compilations. So I'm back at a listening to them to. It's lots of fun and I also started ordering CDs again.
  4. I'm re-listening my entire collection, so far I'm still at A. The latest Andromeda album was pretty nice, a bit popy but that's ok. Astral Projection's Amen was dull and boring, not as bad as I remember but bad enough. Ten is better tho but also not among my favourites.
  5. And still with all this shit that was happening to you you are still a very chilled person now, respect for that! I know a thing or two about close people dying but that's how life is I suppose. I hope you continue to Keep your head up.
  6. Yes and no at the same time. I always used to listen to different styles and I still do. I used to listen to way more goa and psy stuff back in the days and also bought a lot of releases. Nowadays I rarely buy psy or goa stuff and I completely lost the touch with the scene. Once or twice a year I stumble over a new artist or an album that I buy but it's all by chance. I also haven't been to a propper psy doof in years. Instead I'm into progressive/Techno/Deep House stuff. But also in those genres I go for the melodic (even cheesy…) and driving kind of tracks. Those are the same elements that I was looking for when I started collecting psy and goa records. I still can't appreciate too minimalistic music and I doubt this will every Change.
  7. Oh, some of the old timers are still (or again…) here… Thanks to the Corona Crisis I'm working from home now so I decided it's time to re-listen to the stuff in my Collection. I take it the lockdown will be over before I'm done with that but who knows. I'm still at the very beginning and listening to artists starting with A, my conclusions so far are: the first 1200 Mics album was rather weak in comparison to the other ones (they are awesome imho); I didn't appreciate Akanoid enough when I first listened to their Album, their sound is ace; I couldn't stand to listen to Ace Ventura's Rmx CD until the end (sorry mate!), Alternative Controle's first album is a blast; Amahata is great to (bought a double CD but never really gave it a try, what a shame!). Maybe I'll keep you updated… Oh and Afgin really is the master of neo-goa! Hi Mike D, you sound really chilled and down to earth! I'm happy to hear live is going well now for you.
  8. Tatsu

    Good TV Series? Any?

    You have to watch Stranger Things, I just loved it. I'm watchting Penny Dreadfull right now, also nice. If you want something funny I would go for Orange Is The New Black.
  9. That would have been me! Oh boy, those were the days... I remember going nuts to the GNOTR set, the guys dressed as green nuns also beeing there. I also remember I rarely was at the mainstage or the chill-out sinceit was waaay too crowded. I also remember doing some gas from balloons while being high on E (following a recommendation from Overdose... ). I didn't take any pics of my own but I have an album on FB with some of your pics. One shows me and DP both being high as kites. <3
  10. I need to see Arrival too, I'm a sucker for sci-fi... My favourites are post-apocalyptical stories but I like the genre in general. Have you seen Contact? And older Movie (1997) with Jodie Foster, it's based on the book with the same name by Carl Sagan. It's been a while since I saw it but it was pretty good, the book is still on my reading list...
  11. I always regarded Slam - Accidental Mono (Arabian Techno Tribe Rmx) as rather unique: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcam4GEaWQE Sorry for the crappy link, I have to use Internet Explorer since I'm at work.
  12. Your post is rather old but just in case you are still interested in such a story: try Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke. I appreciate his other books more, especially the Space Odyssey books but it's still an interesting read. If that doesn't satisfy you try this list: https://www.sfsite.com/~silverag/contact.htm
  13. Mountains of madness is my favourite Lovecraft story. But I love all of his stuff...
  14. I watched The Black Hole yesterday, an old Disney sci-fi movie. It's rather dark and creepy for Disney but I loved it as a child and I still adore it today. The Dialogs tend to be a bit corny, even the few robots who can talk tend to be rather pathetic. But the ststory is nice and black holes are very fascinating.
  15. Do you have a soundcloud account or a Homepage? I would like to listen to some of your tunes....
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