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  1. HELLO. I"m AZ NHJO HYENNRO from South Korea. high. That's me. This is AZ NHJO HYENNRO. It’s been a while, everyone. On July 21, 2023, I suddenly collapsed while walking down the street, was rushed to 119, and spent two months in the intensive care unit at Asan Hospital and a week in the psychiatric department. I am writing and uploading a song for the first time in a while. HELLO. I'm AZ NHJO HYENNRO. MY 2023 NEW TRACK! ARTIST: AZ NHJO HYENNRO. BPM: 130.4 SEQUENCER: CUBASE 5 GENRE: PSY ANY WORLDWIDE BOOKING CONTACT to nhjohyennro@naver.com please listen and reply. this is 0.9 version. I will more long make
  2. Hi. My New Mukbang Papajohns allmeat pizza plus goonbe chicken. Please view and subscribe and like thanks.
  3. HELLO. I'm AZ NHJO HYENNRO from RUSSIA/SOUTH KOREA. MY NEW 580 CLASSIC TRANCE TRACK RELEASED. ARTIST: AZ NHJO HYENNRO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtzvd3m-05UOWEltsovPRZQ/playlists https://music.amazon.com/artists/B01F1HMC48/az-nhjo-hyennro GENRE/STYLE: CLASSICAL TRANCE. USED: Cubase 5, ElectraX, Gladator, Kontakt, Groove agent 1, Hive etc. THANKS. Worldwide booking welcome nhjohyennro@naver.com Gesetz 1 Handwerk 1 Herold 1 Herr 1 Held 1 Kind 1 Knecht 1 Karte 1 Haufen 1 Kasse 1 Kommissar 1 Kosten 1 Konterbande 1 Kunde 1 Gewerbe 1 Gesang 1 Gewinn 1 Gewinnler 1 Geselle 1 Gerat 1 Gebiet 1 Gepack 1 Gesellschaft 1 Gericht 1 Geleit 1 Kundig 1 Geschick 1 Gebrauch 1 Gliederung 1 Gluck 1 Gefangene 1 Gerichtsrat 1 Gemeinschaft 1 Gerucht 1 Geschichte 1
  4. HELLO. I'M AZ NHJO HYENNRO FROM RUSSIA/SOUTH KOREA. I contract goapsy label SPEEDSONUD from Brazil. and I will lot works will release and dj/live worldwide. Thanks
  5. Hello. I'm AZ NHJO HYENNRO from RUSSIA/SOUTH KOREA. I want to contract any goapsy label. please notice to me goapsy label demo email address you know thanks
  6. HALLO. I'm AZ NHJO HYENRO from RUSSIA SOUTH KOREA. MY new project PSYBTM's new albums released. GENRE: Goa Psy trance USED: Cubase 5, Kontakt, Hive, Vanguard, Gladator, Groove agent ARTIST: PSYBTS BTS mean Bangtan Soyeun Dan korea idol group world famous. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=psybts+rainbow Soon world famous shop release will be include amazon, spotify etc Thanks.
  7. HALLO. I'm AZ NHJO HYENNRO from South Korea. My new album release. ARTIST: JORG TITLE: DANCE VOOV 1 Track: 7 track Genre: GOA/PSY DANCE RAVE TRANCE. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jorg+dance+voov BPM: 140 USED: Cubase 5, Kontakt, Hive, Gladator, FM8, Groove agent MY new project "JORG"'s new album released. Listen and comment please thany you!
  8. HELLO. AZ NOOC HYENNRO(아즈 노크 현느로) AZ NDNO HYENNRO(아즈 노드노 현느로) AZ NHJO HYENNRO(아즈 노흐즈오 현느로) AZ MHSV TKIYCIV(아즈 므흐스브 트크으이시부) AZ XVER VKTNZER(아즈 흐버 브크튼저)입니다. MY Birthday is coming soon. 2022 0716 please gift and money to me hehe. aznhjohyennro@gmail.com PAYPAL Songpa gu Songpa 2 Dong Hanyang APT 25-607, Seoul, South Korea (AZ NHJO HYENNRO) Thanks If you send money to me I will buy more equipements and more nice track making will be.
  9. https://soundcloud.com/nhjohyennro-1-1/az-nhjo-hyennro-very-psychedelic-1
  10. HALLO. I'm AZ NHJO HYENNRO from RUSSIA. This is my today recent track! Wild Goa/Psychedelic Trance!. Keep Dancing! I want to contract any big label. and I want to dj/live worldwide email to me. and I will make more awesome tracks. Please listen my track and email to me nhjohyennro@naver.com VFX Project will win. Artist: AZ NHJO HYENNRO Title: Very Psychedelic 1 Genre/Style: Goa/Psy Trance BPM: 141.4 USED: Cubase 5 NI Kontakt Lennardigital sylethth1 NI Massive Spire Groove Agent LIsten my new track and comment for me! thanks!
  11. HALLO. I'm AZ NHJO HYENNRO. I want to know various artist's birthday. I know DJ Jorg is 1961 Martin Freeland 1967. Erez Aizen 1980 Please I want to know artist's birthday.
  12. HALLO. I want to meet my track FAR AWAY to Computer graphic or Music Video. We will win. If you are great music video or computer graphic artist. please contact to me. If you want make music video or computer graphic. email to me. I will send to you wav file.
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