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  1. Definitely check these out! UX - Audissey (Live & Beyond) (https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/aud-ssey-live-beyond) M-Run - Live Session Album (https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/live-session-album) Artha - Dream Telepathy (https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/dream-telepathy) Ufomatka - Off The Beaten Track Of The Universe (https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/ufomatka-off-the-beaten-track-of-the-universe) Todra - Dust From The Past (https://unreleasedgoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/dust-from-the-past) HYPNOXOCK - Eurythmia (https://beatspace-goamadness.bandcamp.co
  2. I think you really outdid yourself on this one! Genre-defying brilliantly detailed psychedelia with a very authentic sound. It's probably one of the best albums I've heard these past few years, I tip my hat to you!
  3. So what's your meta-workflow like? I suppose you don't always start from your entire presumably huge collection when selecting tracks for a set? Do you keep something like playlists as an inbetween? Thanks to the others for the replies, very insightful! It's an incredibly interesting topic I think, one we'll collectively get better at as this whole digitilisation goes on. I used to keep an excel with everything in my collection but maintaining that became too tedious and why do everything manually if you can have automated processes which these tags pretty much fulfill? The downside
  4. Short background: I noticed last year it was foolish of me to back up all my cd's in wav format because it's just impossible for metadata editing and using the files in apps like Traktor, winamp, etc... So I've been busying myself ripping my entire cd collection again in FLAC. The thing I keep running into though is how to approach genre classification. I generally follow all the discogs conventions but when we arrive at genre/style it's a real conondrum. Everything psy related will become 'electronic' but there's no equivalent to style in metadata (or I just haven't found it yet). But I'
  5. In general I think cd is as good as dead. Most of my friends don't even have a cd player anymore because it's simply not included in most devices. So you need to specifically invest in a cd player and I think for most casual listeners that's a bridge too far. So from that perspective it seems only really engaged people and collectors will buy cd's. But that's where the strength of a platform like bandcamp comes in, it offers you everything as a customer. Personally I still buy cd's but I'm also gradually transitioning to complete digital which has been quite an adventure. Over the p
  6. That's great news! Very curious to hear what you're going to come up with
  7. You forgot the dash of forest How is it though? I was wondering about this one myself.
  8. Thanks for your feedback Antic! Pity you don't like it right off the bat. Then again it's not an ordinary goa album but a complete live concept where every track was recorded in 1 take, there's even more detail in the description as Mario added his thoughts on the entire process. I really recommend to keep listening though as there's a lot to be discovered in here! Good music just keeps on getting better
  9. Yes yes yes looking forward meeting you all! See you tomorrow!
  10. The time-table is just bonkers again. I have no clue how to fit in some sleep... Gonna have to make some tough decisions btw 4 hours of xenomorph live... Poor braincells...
  11. I'm planning on attending as well, let's meet up!
  12. Somehow this is the first time I read this.... Thanks a lot for the nice words! I tried to give the tracks the time to breathe and build the story and I was really thrilled by the way it turned out, indeed reaching that supertwisted place in the middle but then finding exactly the right tracks to flow into Transparent Sea which I find an absolute beauty, so emotional.
  13. It's great! Everybody looking for a fresh take should check it out imho. For me the Ufomatka, Smuds, Morphic Resonance and Veasna albums have been the best new ouput this year. The Etnica re-issue is absolutely fantastic as well (duh) and both the long-overdue gangguru .release as well as the compilation with tracks of Ray Castle and collaborators showcase just how good this music was in the nineties.
  14. I chuckled while reading this. Not really the way I see it, but funny none-the-less. How about the latest Oforia? 'Read more...' is definitely worth the listen. https://www.discogs.com/Oforia-Read-More/release/8985054
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