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  1. IronSun

    DJ IronSun - Cybernetic Core (Cyber Goa Trance)

    Somehow this is the first time I read this.... Thanks a lot for the nice words! I tried to give the tracks the time to breathe and build the story and I was really thrilled by the way it turned out, indeed reaching that supertwisted place in the middle but then finding exactly the right tracks to flow into Transparent Sea which I find an absolute beauty, so emotional.
  2. IronSun

    What releases did I miss in 2018?

    It's great! Everybody looking for a fresh take should check it out imho. For me the Ufomatka, Smuds, Morphic Resonance and Veasna albums have been the best new ouput this year. The Etnica re-issue is absolutely fantastic as well (duh) and both the long-overdue gangguru .release as well as the compilation with tracks of Ray Castle and collaborators showcase just how good this music was in the nineties.
  3. I chuckled while reading this. Not really the way I see it, but funny none-the-less. How about the latest Oforia? 'Read more...' is definitely worth the listen. https://www.discogs.com/Oforia-Read-More/release/8985054
  4. IronSun

    "V/A - Gate To The Past"

    An outstanding compilation in this time of very 'generic' goa-output. Why doesn't this get more reaction? Actually I anticipated some pretty negative feedback due to some tracks straying dangerously close to full-on/minimal sound scapes, but even that didn't materialize. Strange. To me, one of the more daring ventures this year. Declaration of Unity provide a very hypnotic track and radical distortion has some belters on here, including the sandman collab which is a very rare pleasure in today's goa repertoire. Recommended!
  5. IronSun

    K.O.B. - Identity Mash

    Probably Jannis' most mature output to date. While the first half of the album still 'suffers' from too much filteria, the second half more than makes up for it. Great sound design and drive! Best tracks are Grandiose Thoughts (Original Version), Cousin It (2017 Mix) & Check Out.
  6. This is just sad. The stupidity of some people never seizes to amaze me.
  7. IronSun

    DJ IronSun - Cybernetic Core (Cyber Goa Trance)

    Actually it's part thanks to you this mix came together! A couple of months ago you praised the Kadasarva album again on this forum and as I happened to read it, I decided to revisit it and really got into it myself! Thanks for that Don't know if you know it, but may I recommend Amygdala's 'Modus Operandi'?
  8. Like I already mentioned on facebook, I do quite a lot. As a beginning dj I had a lot of inspiration listening to stuff featured on the goat ranch (Solitare, Marsh, Jimm'll mixit & Draeke to name a few). I was always interested in the more psychedelic side of melodic goa trance but especially the older music on this side of the goa spectrum tends to be difficult to mix so I learned a lot listening to these masters. Nowadays I'm venturing inside of forest territory a lot too so yur 'we're all math here'-mix for example was a starting point for me to learn how to approach mixing forest
  9. Listened to this one a couple of weeks ago... total mindbender! Love how you tell your story and do it in a way you don't hear much these days. We need more of these forest/goa crossovers as I think this should be the dominant night time style on a party! I think the diversity achievable through this blend is reason enought o justify this opinion. I'll still need to check out some of the artists in this set, great stuff!
  10. Hello dear Psynewsers! It's been a while but I finally managed to mix something together that satisfies my own tastes and comes close to the story I wanted to tell: a foray into more cyberpunk influenced Goa with an emphasis on newer tracks & some golden oldies in between. I wanted to create an energetic opening which slowly dwindles into more minimalistic progressive-influenced Goa which in it's part evolves yet again, picks up the pace and has a rather furious last bit with a very emotional ending. Give it a shot and tell me what you think! Tracklist: 1. Neutron - Skizologic & Radical Distortion 2. 48 Hours - Portamento 3. Mordroc's Challenge - Triquetra 4. Blood - Overmind Projection 5. Black Light - Artifact303 6. Waking Up To Chaos (Live Remix) - Slide 7. Ohm Sun - Declaration of Unity 8. Mindsweeper - Amygdala 9. Boundless (Skizologic Remix)- Prana 10. Antistatic Circle - Artha 11. Cybermind - Kadasarva 12. Domestic Bliss 2015 - BotfB 13. Grandiose Thoughts (Original Version) - K.O.B. 14. Moon In Your Window (Morphic Resonance Remix) - Pleiadians 15. Momentary 29 - Red Gravity 16. Transparent Sea - Chi A.D.
  11. IronSun

    Digital Reprints News

    Yes!! So excited when I first read this, very good choice ^^
  12. IronSun

    Albums similar to Trancemutation Of The Mind?

    Personally I like his magnetic portal album a bit better. Have you checked that out? Other than that you might also give insight from mindwave a go. The middle has some nice Goa influences.
  13. IronSun

    most talented artist/band in the scene?

    Don't forget Seb Taylor! That being said, the derango guys blow pretty much everything out of the water when it comes to sound design, even though they confine themselves to one genre... Or do they?
  14. IronSun

    Martian Arts - Giant Locusts [TIP Records]

    So discussing something on a forum is not your thing? Then what's the point? Isn't discussing opinions & tastes what makes this place interesting? If you just want to dump your opinion and never get called on it, why bother in the first place?
  15. IronSun

    New Atriohm Release Parvati

    It's still a fantastic EP! If you haven't heard it yet, I strongly recommend checking it out. Makes the long wait for the second album all the more painful though I think all original tracks stand out equally, really immersive and hypnotic stuff.