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  1. I have been struggling to create goa trance/psytrance recently. The overall sound design, composition, and all. Any tips to get better at it?
  2. I agree ! I wish people made more psybreaks, that style had a lot of good things with it.
  3. This comp by him is just something else! https://www.discogs.com/Ray-Castle-Gourmet-Genre/release/282461
  4. Any criticism is appreciated because I am still trying to learn how to produce trance music.
  5. This is all over the place. First, the guy says that Hallucinogen is a "dutch" act. WTF?!?
  6. I've tried Ableton, but I can't get my head around how it works. I've tried tutorials about how to use it, and if I ever learn how to use it, I may use both DAWs for production.
  7. Reminds me of a lot of old school goa trance. Quite hypnotic, but those 909 hihats are a bit loud, and kind of make the entire mix a bit quieter when they are introduced.
  8. Thanks a bunch! This is very useful advice!
  9. This is a track that I have been recently working on. The melodies/chords are simpler than my other work, but I tried to go for a hypnotic approach with lots of repetition in a "outer space" themed track. Note: I use FL Studio's step sequencer/channel rack only. Not playlist mode. I prefer the step sequencer because I can make the track feel more natural in a "live" way when I record. Criticism is wanted!
  10. I like that midway, the kickdrum sample switches from acuostic to an electronic kick. Overall, the track seems a bit quiet. Maybe try EQing some of the bass/leads/fx?
  11. This set is right up my alley, because it reminds me a lot of experimental goa trance/psytrance, psybreaks, early 2000s suomisaundi compilations, and Australian psytrance (especially S.W.M.)
  12. If you want more FX, and bass-driven tracks, try to produce Darkpsy tracks.
  13. If you want extreme stuff, check out Demon Tea Recordings, Edgecore's records, Psy-harmonics, Nova Zembla, Devic Craft Cordings, 6-Dimension Sound, and Dada Stream Publishing. Check those out. https://www.discogs.com/Odd-Harmonic-SS-Porta-Ambience/release/769637
  14. This is my attempt at making Goa Trance with an "IDM" structure. The track is long, but I wanted to add a lot of progression, and a shorter track time wouldn't do.
  15. Well, Nanosphere Courier is more of a moody dance track to me, but okay.
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