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  1. Hello! It is time for me to try and get rid of my spare copies I have. Prices are as below Galaxy Version = 100 euros Red+Black Transparent = 90 euros Regular = 80 euros Shipping with tracking is included in the prices and it is a set price for everywhere... yes, I'm lazy If you are in Stockholm, probably we could negotiate a different price and personal pick up... but these are the prices that is standing right now. If I read the prices on discogs correctly what you are looking at here is a bargain I have a few copies of each variant and I have taken off the plastic wrap to be able to keep track of how many I have of each variant otherwise they are completely unplayed. PM me and we'll sort things out, prefered payment method is PayPal for me.
  2. I tend to come back to this one all the time for some reason...
  3. Rupert Parkes is one of my favorite DnB producers. His mid 90s productions are amazing stuff. Source Direct is also amazing and came out of the same area and labels in the UK
  4. I still have several copies of all the variants of the Pleiadians - IFO 4xLP for sale so if anyone is interested just PM me and we'll sort it out. 60 euros for galaxy and 50 euros for the 2 other variants + shipping. Don't pay any of the prices on discogs, way too expensive.
  5. I could obviously go check out my old reviews and cringe a little but I think most of it actually still is holding up for me. My taste has broadened more than it has shifted and I feel that the things I started discovering 20 years ago Goa and Psytrance wise is still very much stuff that keeps popping up in my playlists and also that I keep looking for as real physical copies. I still do buy the old school vinyl and CDs when I find them but I've got quite a bit now so not as desperate as I was before
  6. Hello KER! I had completely forgotten I had donated to this project (600 NOK 11th of august), I have received no further information about it (300NOK or more is, according to given information, valid for a copy of the release when released)... is the following information given in the preorder/crowdfunding link still current or is it void and I need to purchase a copy through the bandcamp link? HOW TO PRE-ORDER / SUPPORT: 300 Norwegian Kroner or more includes shipping and Download of the VA. We'll contact you through mail when time is ready. No worries. You can reach us on kaliearthrecords@gmail.com which is also PayPal direct payment. 700kr or more will give you 3 copies. Less than 300,- is considered a pure donation. Thank you: Any amount is cool. Donations given outside this PayPal pool will be added to it by KER The worldwide official release date will be on the end of December 2019.
  7. October 7, 2001 I was in another thread just like this one, but I guess I can throw myself into this one too. In one month it is 18 years of psynews for me. Time simply never seizes to tick now does it.
  8. This is a really good album and I was lucky that master Starkraver actually brought it to my attention as I've been quite literally out of the loops regarding any JR material since about 6 years back. I never got the CD and actually only bought the vinyl. Return of the Pistolero and Voyager 304 has so far been the most stand out tracks on the album. Pistolero brought back with a vengeance and clocking in at about 10 minutes it is clearly something I will use the next time I'm in the mood to mix some psy/goa records. Voyager 304 is a really neat deep acidic ambient techno thing, really good stuff for the likes of me who are a sucker for cross genre tracks. Overall the album is well balanced psytrance that works my ears rather smoothly.
  9. I'm doing a slight purge of my record collection right now, so when I get to the CDs I might be able to help you make your "moderate" CD collection a bit more uuhh unmoderate. Finally being finished with having my vinyl recorded onto my computer I can now make way for some getting to know my record collection a bit...
  10. The last discussion regarding vinyl issues (I told him I'd be willing to donate money) David said he would check things up... pressing plant and production costs etc. It is in the link above by starkraver. This was months ago now and at least I have not heard anything from him... hopefully he'll get back.
  11. haha, this thread made me log in again... must have been a year or so since last time. I've been thinking about doing another bit of "competition" to keep refocusing on the more recent goa/psy releases out there... Also, since beginning of 2017 I've been in and out of a relationship so it has been impacting my own recovery in many ways. Luckily in positive ways. April the 14th I took 2 years as a sober alcoholic. psynews is still my starting page for some reason so even though I have not logged in in over a year I've been skulking about.
  12. That be to name just a little, DJ Krush Portishead Thievery Corporation Boards Of Canada https://www.discogs.com/Various-Creative-Trip-Hop/release/543173
  13. no skazi no talamasca (hey! I like talamasca, though the latest records from him that I have is 15 years old, maybe he turned crap?) Did they ever do ambient?
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