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Found 5 results

  1. We're living in age where social networks play important role, not only in promotion-wise, but also in terms of connecting people with similar ideas. Psynews is one of the biggest forums dedicated to psychedelic music and every day we can read here some new review or listen to some demo stuff from young and talented artists, there are also great topics in music production sub-forums. The fact is that many Psynews members and guests/visitors got Facebook and it would be a great thing to connect all great topics with Facebook page dedicated to this board, so people who are on facebook can receiv
  2. Hello everyone! I am gonna take a little break from online channels but before I go I'd like to address this question: why is there so very little amount of women active in psynews? Besides me there's no a single active woman who is regularly posting, among the members there are few and they occasionally post e.g. in party announcements. This state of being is very different from dance floors where women are abundant; also in fb groups e.g. Suntrippers in English girls comment and like. I don't have an answer, but of what I know, the situation is no new in the existence of the
  3. I have been thinking lately why the reviewers are just a few. Can we do something about that? Because producers and labels really want feedback and I think it would come faster if more ppl would take the challenge to write a review. But it requires a "climate change", maybe, to bring more encouraging attitude towards the new reviewers in order for them to have the courage to try. To make a review of course needs knowledge and objectivity and it is not for everybody, but I still think there are good writers here more than just those few. One important thing about a review is to start a disc
  4. There was this member who came back to psynews after 5 years pause or something like that. He asked what has changed. An educated answer by a member (cannot recall the answer nor the topic in itself) was about like this: nowadays we are just posting YouTube videos; there's not actual discussion. Ok. I love to get recommendations and videos shared. Wouldn't be here without. But instead of plain posting of a Yt vid, could we change the approach to be a more analysis type of a thing: a few accompanying words would do a lot, don't ya think? Yes, some already do it, but I always find annoying t
  5. That's pretty simple. You can write something for the user above you, something funny, an anecdote, a taunt, a comment or maybe a hint. You can also instead post a picture or perhaps a quote, a verse, few song lyrics, or even a youtube track or video. First Rule: Keep it polite. There might be sarcasm or criticism, but no abusive expression. Second Rule: You cannot post two times in a row. That means you have to wait for the user after the next of you. You can also make comments for other comments if you want, but only when you are allowed to post, and not for other users. ------
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