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RIP Nemo

Guest The Hypnotic LFO Room

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Guest The Hypnotic LFO Room

For those of you who knew Nemo (once a member and moderator here) I have a very sad announcement.


Nemo passed away yesterday.


Apparently he had cancer but did not tell many people about it.


Rest in peace Nemo. You were a shining star.

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That is some sad news :( ... I have not been personal friend with him, but he was standing out for me as a very significant member of this beloved forum and I liked him a lot.


Rest in peace.

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I would like to share a few words here. I was in contact with Nemo for a very long time and in the last year we got really close and had a lot of long chats, so I was deeply shocked when the announcement came, but prepared.

I was one of the few he shared his situation with and because of that I also tried to be as supportive as I could to a long time virtual friend (unfortunately we have never met) and that I consider as a real friend.


However, in this terrible moment I have a little something to say, Nemo hand wrote me an authorization to use all the unreleased music of his label, including the tracks he released only on vinyl and... his own music.

Last year, when he knew he had not too much time, he sent me a pack with most of his dat tapes, and together with him we catalogued most of it.


He had plans for this year to resurrect his label, but time was not on his side, so he told me ultimately what he wanted to do with the music, and I will try to make it happen, the best way I can.

I can't say too much for now as more work was already planned and I am working on many releases already but, I promise a tribute to Nemo, will happen on DAT.

This way, we will at least travel within the realms of sound, thinking of our beloved friend. With his label and with his own music (he made some great tracks!)

I was really shocked of the announcement even more as I chatted with him on Facebook just a few days before he passed, but I am so glad I could say goodbye and that I know what his will, musically speaking, was.
I will give some cachet money to his son, if possible (but I want to be sure it goes to him) or to something that Nemo would have liked, or to a cancer research cause.

If anyone is close to his family, and wants to send me a private message on FB to help me out, please do.

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Man this is such sad news! I had many good talks with Nemo in the past, I hope he didn't suffer too much and that he is in a better place now, all my thoughts goes to his family and close friends... He will be missed! I'm glad to hear that you Dreake will help him with releasing his material... Rest in peace friend!

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