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  1. I can't remember what game I played last time I posted. But I've been playing tons of Stellaris lately. It's amazing sci-fi 4x strategy game. The soundtrack makes it all worth it.
  2. I wouldn't say same eerie... Nah, I really don't hear much Artifakt in that track.
  3. So two thirds of the guys from Easily Embarrassed made music to a PC game under the name Retro Brothers. Love it!
  4. Astral Projection - Nilaya Pure bliss, joy, harmony
  5. Ah, nice! I haven't played it but I've played some Heart of Iron IV and Stellaris. I have just recently discovered Paradox Studios, they make really good games!
  6. I've been playing alot of Europa Universalis IV lately. It's great!
  7. Yes, I guess it is I have a balcony I don't play much on the PS4 tho but it's nice sometimes. Sony tablet and I have a Sony X5, great stuff!
  8. Here is mine. Or mine and my girlfriend I should say. I basically just put in the TV, computer and speakers/stereo
  9. Same for me. I became garbage I have no interest at all of it anymore.
  10. So you have no source of all the NHL players saying that. Great Anyway, hope Sweden wins I guess.
  11. Which player (players) said that?
  12. What the hell is the Ice Hockey World Cup? The only hockey worth while is in the olympic games.
  13. Football (soccer) once a week or so. That's about it.
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