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  1. lol, this fucking guy left the scene dozens of time before. It’s like me saying, hey guys, I really hate what Trump was doing to Mexican kids so I’ll stop listening to Hip Hop. What an ass
  2. Israel is done with COVID-19 and almost all the restrictions were lifted (except for the incoming travellers without vaccination). I myself got vaccinated twice (Pfizer/BioNTech) just about when I was able to get an appointment, which is beginning of March. Little by little we start seeing parties in weekends both indoors and outdoors. Hope ya'll don't eat that conspiracy bullshit about vaccinations. They undoubtedly work and was injected in hundreds of Millions already. So wherever you are, get jabbed ASAP and let this party rolling
  3. apology for poor english when were you when psy trance dies? i was sat at home eating smegma butter when pjotr ring ‘psy trance is kill’ ‘no’
  4. Who plays this to his neighbours' displeasure at 2020?
  5. I got GSH/DeathPosture/Overdose/Ormion and Tatsu on Facebook. They seem alive and kicking. RIP Rain and Nemo. Your antics will never be forgotten
  6. https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/album/shpongle-static-live-at-ozora-2019 On Spotify as well
  7. I think, although it's nowhere near the first 3 and maybe the 4th as well it's much much better than the 5th. Some really good tunes there, esp the uptempo ones (Strange Planet with Astrix and Are We There Yet). It's not very well structured and I don't feel much connection between the tracks but eh, it's a decent collection of new Simon material. Solid 8/10 I think?
  8. I do! But mostly commuting and while working. Always looking for good sets. Really like Basilisk's old ones
  9. What a disgusting post. Really everything that's wrong with Veganism in one post. Kudos. RIP Eyal. You will be missed
  10. Scotch is one of my fav Infected Tracks. It has such a strong raw energy. Fucking love it
  11. Hey bro, newsflash. The PC/Laptop you are using has parts made by Intel. A company that has huuuuge branch in Israel that develops CPUs. Google.com You are familiar with that little site? Google's Search division has many engineers that work in Tel Aviv and develop code that allows you to find easier scat porn you probably enjoy. Real quick bro. In 2017 you can't just ignore or boycott countries, let alone a tech powerhouse that is Israel. Also, as a guy who is Israeli, who works in Israeli tech sector we have many Arab engineers. Are you going to boycott them as well? There are 120 arseholes that run my country, not all of us are blood thirsty war mongers. Chances are, your country is helmed as well by different language speaking arsehole. Chill and enjoy whatever good life your parents allowed you to live and stop preaching other people what to do and how to live their lives.
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