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  1. Battle Of The Future Buddhas – Tigerhill (1998) Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Faster Than Light (Wormhole Edit) (2019)
  2. Hahahah, exactly ...but you album is really nice Oopie, so yes, check that out as well!
  3. Very sad to hear this, and also sad to hear about the Parkinson, a rough life companion, my deepest condolences. So many great tracks by this legend! RIP
  4. I second these, for sure! great releases! These releases also come to mind: Sync24 - Acidious https://sync24.bandcamp.com/album/acidious-3 (great boundary expanding release - ambient acid techno?) Out of Orbit - Wisdom of the Crowds https://shamanictales.bandcamp.com/album/wisdom-of-the-crowds both late 2019 but awesome, I think it might be up your alley Ormion? Spindrif - Stereohemia https://beatspace-stereohemia.bandcamp.com/album/deep-nature VA - Goa Gilde https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/goagilde-norways-got-goatrance
  5. Program is starting to go live... interesting... https://znagathering.com/program/dancefloor/ Not sure I will manage to go, although I most likely will need it this summer
  6. The Squaremeat stuff here is amazing (just had a full listen to all of it), still one of the best produceres in the scene (Pepe Kosminen) if you ask me... and the stereo-imaging is out of this world, many artist could learn something by him!
  7. Did you see it was available on CD here?! https://stereohemia.bandcamp.com/album/evsy-2070s-shock
  8. I have missed the good old Suomi sound, and I just realized that StereoHemia Records have been releasing a few goodies, even an EvsY album that passed my radar.... and the covers are amazing! https://stereohemia.bandcamp.com/ and Squaremeat has also been active ... https://squaremeat.bandcamp.com/ Check it out!
  9. I love the Dumb and Dumber samples in Turban Of Turbulence and great album btw!!! Im hooked! ...and what is the chance, I got print number 6 out 100, which was the same number I got on my copy of Surrounded By Surreality awesome!
  10. It seems like bandcamp has finally has managed to remove the account!
  11. I would consider this a well-known track, but still a great track! In that vein... maybe also not in the "unknown category"... Alien Project - The First Revelation Part One
  12. It is quite bad that Bandcamp does not deal with this kind of stuff!
  13. I hope this is still the case when clubs start operating again in Copenhagen. It has also been a thing here, very exciting. Eg. BOTFB was playing in a techno club in '19, amazing, and the crowd loved it!
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