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  1. I really can't forgive all those brexiteers πŸ˜‘ The added handling fees and customs in Denmark is more than pounds... Will need to listen some more to see if can justify the added price.
  2. I definitely recognise the style from his previous output, although the downtempo stuff is the first I remember hearing grom him, and I love it! Regarding the uptempo goa stuff, some tracks still has that swampy infusion of goa and forest (e.g. the Megatron track) while othwr are more techno infused goa, really nice. As a reference I would also use the early Schlabbaduerst stuff, that also very much had that vibe. I have question. The sound "quality" of the different tracks seems to vary a bit. The downtempo stuff (first and last tracks) seems much more "open" and more spacious than the mix of the uptempo tracks. Some of them sound very muffled and compressed in comparison.
  3. Thanks for sharing the pre-listen link, I will listen to it for sure. Then I can give you my 50 cent regarding the style πŸ˜† For me the previous stuff I have heard from him has been hitting that sweet-spot of Goa cream and swampy forest vibes that I love πŸ₯°
  4. Sounds pretty nice from the snippet I managed to hear! 🫠 Where will you be shipping from? UK or EU?
  5. Hi guys, I am also still here, mostly stealthing around, but I have a desire to contribute more... but I find my self running out of time, again and again πŸ˜… I can joint the Bandcamp choir, but I still feel I am missing some good stuff!
  6. Just a horrific tragedy! 🀯 nothing makes any sense anymore.
  7. Great release Involution, congrats with your debut! I hope more people take notice, well deserved if they do! I really like the bubbly vibe!
  8. I had to dig this old psybreaks album up Mood Deluxe - The Tangent Universe https://www.discogs.com/release/731010-Mood-Deluxe-The-Tangent-Universe It has been a while since I listened to it, but did like it a lot! Edited, found it on bandcamp , and its actually free https://liquidrecords.bandcamp.com/album/mood-deluxe-the-tangent-universe
  9. I read it as they will be available... definitely, and to be honest I hope it will be before April as they are already available on beatspace's bandcamp page... I think there have been some miscommunication here... I hope Federico sees this!
  10. Great release! was surprised by this one, never hear Globox before this release, great 90'ties vibe!
  11. Bring it on! and I agree with you Penzo, expectations will be high for this one!
  12. Bought First couple of listens has been interesting! I love the rare down tempo BOTFB track!
  13. Did you buy them on Bandcamp, and did you have to pay import tax to EU?
  14. I have been playinf the same thoughts...
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