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  1. Wow, this is cool! It's been a very long time since we (or at least I) heard anything from Spindrift, exciting! love his old freak factory stuff!
  2. He wrote he would not do all refunds in one go, but rather over a period of time. I hope this is sooner rather than later... So don't loose hope, yet...
  3. Same here, got it last week. Also still hoping to see the album become a reality one day...
  4. The title tracks one of the best I have heard in a very long time! amazing EP, I hope this leads to a new album
  5. The new BOTFB album.... O(H)M fuckin G! Instant love
  6. Drosophila

    Lauge - Dawn

    An amazing album, keeps growing on me! One of the best this year for me. I cannot help feel a heavy inspiration from CBL and the likes, well like a a beefed up version of CBL I love IT. I wouldn't classify this as progressive (even though it is released on Iboga), more like deep trance (in the vein of Perfect Blind)...
  7. ..... but we have to wait 6 months..... (insert crying emoji)
  8. I just bought the album a few days ago, and wow, it's really great stuff! You seem to have stepped up your production as well, good job!
  9. Woah... looks very interesting What era of MFG are we talking here... The Prophecy or Project Genesis?
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