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  1. Great news... I has been quiet from Yggdrasil for way too long, and then they drop a 3 CD compilation, AWESOME!!!! samples sounds intriguing...
  2. VA - Fluorotronik

    Great that you are releasing this after all! Late but not too late
  3. Best smartphone for Goa?

    Portable DACs like the dragonfly-series have a good reputation... http://www.audioquest.com/dragonfly-series/ I imagine that it will perform better than any of the build-in versions... Then you need a phone that can sent the digital signal to the phone via the micro-USB or Type-C (depending on the phone when using Android). Read this for inspiration: https://www.guidingtech.com/55021/experience-hi-fi-audio-mobile-device/
  4. Just ordered the new album and vinyls of Hydroponic Garden and World of Sleepers...
  5. Remember how great Yahel used to be?

    and Flash of course...
  6. Remember how great Yahel used to be?

    I never got into Waves of Sound, For The People on other hand was in solid rotation back then... and I think Snap is my favorite track from that album (without listening to all of the them again lately)... still a great track
  7. ^The digital version seems to be "live" already, maybe that is why? Meaning the CD will be released (sent) August 20th... my take on it. edit: oh it says the CD's will be shipped around the 23rd.. a bit weird. Glad to see this re-released... ordered it straight away!
  8. What music are you listening to right now?

  9. What music are you listening to right now?

    I totally forgot about that album... still good? NP: nobody beats Pepe in creativity...
  10. What happened to the website and downloads?
  11. What music are you listening to right now?

    Master Margherita & Sarana - Eastern Glitch ... there is not enough jazzy psychedelic chill-out music
  12. Best produced psytrance album?

    When it comes to best stereo effects and trippy production I have to mention Pepe Kosminen... and No Possible Soundz (vol. 1). although it is not a album in a technical sense, all tracks features Pepe (in different constellations)... And he has made so many amazing tracks! I am not talking about "clean" production but psychedelic production, although some stuff might also be considered clean (!?) All layers come to life and have the full space they need to be fully appreciated, which in book is a hallmark for a good producer... and Pepe is one of the best if you ask me