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  1. AWESOME!!!! Can't wait hear that stuff, will it be new mixes, remastered versions of the tracks?
  2. Explains a lot, I almost never on facebook anymore or only for short burst at least... so miss most stuff there But yeah, it must be something like that, but that seems quite lazy and unprofessional... But maybe it is just me, as an old-fart, having any issues with the dance-stamp, for me "dance" was a dark side of music history in the 90's the horrors! but then again, some of the dance classics has merit too, such as Culture Beat -Mr Vain and so on When said in in reference to an 90'ies + early 00s act "a dance project" is something else entirely... what was considered "danc
  3. Guys, did you hear about this before without posting anything here...!!?? Apparently it is being released tomorrow (or technically today where I am) 3rd of July 2020 according to Simon's (or Shpongle's) insta... A new album, just like that... I haven't heard any of it, so I have no clue what the style will be, but very interesting! https://twistedmusic.com/news/#news-popup/1/ But who writes Twisted's promo texts?! Since when was Hallucinogen a dance project...!?? that is just embarrassing.
  4. I also got the Out of Orbit album in my mail box today... has been on (almost) daily rotation since I got the digital version, so good!
  5. M-RUN - Live Session Album (Cronomi Records) this week in the mail Gojja - Slippery Filter Freaks (Sanaton Records) last week
  6. The Live Session Album keeps getting better after each spin! Hats of for M-Run! I have to say, I like this better than the "studio album"...
  7. Thanks for posting this Antic, a truely great album, been playing constantly since I bought it! And great music for manual work
  8. AWESOME news! I have been missing Sanaton! Too bad it is only digital...
  9. Maan - Orbiter man what an EP, to bad it was released on Ovnimoon as they just release to much to keep up with anything really, I missed Tottem for alon while the same way... but guys, give this a serious listen, it is AMAZING! https://ovnimoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/maan-orbiter-ovniep261-ovnimoon-records
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