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  1. Good times that has been much needed
  2. Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers Out there, but then again it is important to keep an open mind, he might be telling the truth. And it is getting more and more interesting when considering all the Pentagon UAP/UFO videos... And check out the Joe Rogan podcast with him and Jeremy Corbell
  3. Definitely doing to see Dune in IMAX to! very excited about it!
  4. This album is awesome! Thank you for keeping up the deliveries of solid releases, last track on here is epic, would live an extended version if that one
  5. same plus https://resonantearth.bandcamp.com/album/planetary-relations
  6. Haha, man, that is great news! I don't mind a little Spindrift OD here and there I love those old tracks to bits, so a remastered high sound quality release sounds bloody awesome
  7. Awesome release! So nice to see two Spindrift albums released within two years! Especially considering I have been waiting for it since the '00'ties
  8. Trance: 1. Shakta - Any Old Irony (Phantasm Records) 2. Out Of Orbit - Wisdom Of The Crowds (Shamanic Tales) 3. Maan - Floral Cortex (Neogoa) 4. Triquetra - Human Control (Suntrip Records) 5. Fiery Dawn - Lost Astronaut (Global Sect) 6. Various - Gamma Draconis (Suntrip Records) 7. M-Run - Live Session Album (Cronomi Records) 8. Hypnoxock - Beyond The Wormhole (Suntrip Records) 9. Various - Frequency Brew (StereoHemia Records) 10. Swaratrip & Friends - Twilight Patterns (Neogoa) Honorable mentionings (in no particular order): Clementz - Kretsløp (Suntrip Records) Cybered - Quantum Entanglement (Manifold Studio) Denshi-Danshi - Spirit Of The 90's (Self-released) Mindsphere - Mental Triplex - Beyond (Suntrip Records) Sky Technology - Goa Meditation vol. 3 (Timewarp) Chill: 1. Cell - Live in Corfu (Ultimae Records) 2. Shpongle Static - Live At Ozora 2019 (Twisted Records) 3. Sync24 - Acidious (Leftfield Records) 4. Lauge - Nothingness (Valley View Records) 5. Martin Nonstatic - Treeline (Ultimae Records) 6. Avaris - The Hidden Universe (Axios Records) 7. Hypnoxock - Lights And Shadows (Ensancha El Alma Records) 8. E-Mantra - Drifting (Ensancha El Alma Records) 9. Miktek - Hereafter (Ultimae Records) 10. Shpongle and Cosmic Trigger - Shpongle Remixed (Twisted Records) Honorable mentionings (in no particular order): Proxeeus - I have no Mouth, and I must Scream (La Trance Insoumise) Proxeeus - In the Throes of a Nightmare (La Trance Insoumise)
  9. Very sad to read this, neogoa will be surely missed! Much respect to all your hard work, both regarding the music and the artwork! I'm sure quite a few from your roaster will remain classics of the scene! I wish you luck on all future endeavours, and hope to see your around here non-the-less!
  10. I have been enjoying the releases very much! Great to finally have those EP tracks released in some coherent releases!
  11. Beat Bizzare has also made some classic tracks (and album... Lewd)
  12. They made so much good stuff back then... I only have a partial collection of their stuff... Did the contracts/rights expire or did something else happen? They wrote something about wanting to include GNR's Tufaan and Probe remixes as well (too bad they did make it).
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