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  1. I read it as they will be available... definitely, and to be honest I hope it will be before April as they are already available on beatspace's bandcamp page... I think there have been some miscommunication here... I hope Federico sees this!
  2. Great release! was surprised by this one, never hear Globox before this release, great 90'ties vibe!
  3. Bring it on! and I agree with you Penzo, expectations will be high for this one!
  4. Bought First couple of listens has been interesting! I love the rare down tempo BOTFB track!
  5. Did you buy them on Bandcamp, and did you have to pay import tax to EU?
  6. I have been playinf the same thoughts...
  7. Missed Dune while it was showing in IMAX, bond took over, but just saw it last night with Atmos, OMG, it was amazing no matter what! The soundscape was to die for!
  8. Good times that has been much needed
  9. Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers Out there, but then again it is important to keep an open mind, he might be telling the truth. And it is getting more and more interesting when considering all the Pentagon UAP/UFO videos... And check out the Joe Rogan podcast with him and Jeremy Corbell
  10. Definitely doing to see Dune in IMAX to! very excited about it!
  11. This album is awesome! Thank you for keeping up the deliveries of solid releases, last track on here is epic, would live an extended version if that one
  12. same plus https://resonantearth.bandcamp.com/album/planetary-relations
  13. Haha, man, that is great news! I don't mind a little Spindrift OD here and there I love those old tracks to bits, so a remastered high sound quality release sounds bloody awesome
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