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    Psychedelia in general. Musically, classical, baroque. romantic, impressionistic, jazz, world, Indian classical, Goa trance. psytrance, tech-trance, psybient, and numerous other genres.
  1. My assumption is that Genesis simply fits better. While I do enjoy the Faithhealer's remix from the original Lazarus Rising, the addition of Genesis fits the overarching theme of this album better.
  2. I was a fan of Gothic music since I was 10 and heard Bauhaus' "Bela Lugosi's Dead" in the opening scenes of the movie "The Hunger". That changed my taste in music forever. I started listening to Bauhaus, followed soon after by Sisters Of Mercy (and many others). So, for me, I really loved the "Temple Of Love" remix. I do agree that it absolutely is a matter of taste, Gothic music is not every trancer's cup o' chai. As for the sound, I tend to listen on speakers. Either on my main stereo, my computer workstation's speakers, or my car. I did listen on headphones as well, but I do
  3. Looks like I'll be ordering that. I went to that party. {EDIT} I see why they haven't announced it yet, it releases at the beginning of next month. So, I'm pretty sure we'll see that announcement then.
  4. That town is covered with sailors. There's a joint JMSDF & USN base there, so both Japanese & US sailors all over the place.
  5. Yakuza is fun. Shenmue is special though... I used to live about 15 minutes North of that town (Yokosuka) back in the 90s. So when I played that game, I knew the neighborhoods.
  6. Worth it. I bought it on PC, and then PS4 when it came out for it. Excellent game.
  7. There are two excellent sci-fi racers on the PS4. Wip3out Omega & Redout. Wip3out Omega - Sol Redout - Lunar Speedway track Redout - Vertex Boss Redout - Neptune Boss
  8. Impressive! I had no idea as it sounded so close to the original. Edited first post to reflect that.
  9. It's not meaningless at all. It's incredibly deep sex music.
  10. Did you also get the DLC? The final boss is quite tricky. Ludwig is also quite the challenge early on in the DLC. The entire game is a masterpiece.
  11. I listened to it a lot over the weekend (and throughout Monday). Gave more detailed analysis of the tracks in my review. This is my favorite album.
  12. I just came here to edit my post and add that. Thankfully you had already posted it. Love this concept!
  13. Sure, just made an account. I'll upload shortly. Meltdown Sunrise Tokyo in the '90s (Retro Goa Mix) I'll need to wait a week before I can upload more on Hearthis.at, when my 700mb weekly limit gets refreshed.
  14. Ultimate Xperience (U.X.) is not a prolific producer. Their original CD was released in 1997 on Dragonfly Records. That CD, "Ultimate Experience", was something above and beyond the bog standards of the time. The Pleiadians also released I.F.O. during that same time. It was an exciting time to be alive, turned on, and plugged into the global psychedelic music scene. U.X.'s "Ultimate Experience" was, and is, such an incredibly powerful album. It has earned its place in a very special category of Goa... sci-fi, gothic, industrial, dark, cyberpunk, hard... that few other artists shar
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