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    Psychedelia in general. Musically, classical, baroque. romantic, impressionistic, jazz, world, Indian classical, Goa trance. psytrance, tech-trance, psybient, and numerous other genres.
  1. Modern goa/new school

    You could think that after Mozart with the "Classical" techniques, then along came Beethoven. Within old school Goa, there was a slightly samey quality, then along came X-dream's Radio. Innovations happen, and then are copied and improved. Just wait for the cycle, or bring in the next innovation
  2. What music are you listening to right now?

  3. no topic on Transwave?

    I have a perfect copy of Anahata from RTTS 2. Flamicogyre I only had from "Spiritual Trance Vol. 2", and it's a Goa Gil mix... That's why it annoys me. I have yet to find a perfect copy of that track and I've already bought it twice My DAT tapes don't have that problem
  4. The only thing from the days of yore that I have found recently was Zirrex ~ Lost In Time I've been collecting since the beginning. I remember seeing TIP Yellow when it was brand new at a record shop... so it is quite rare for me to find old school Goa that I have never heard. This is why I was pleasantly shocked to hear Zirrex for this first time this year. And all because of a post on these very forums.
  5. no topic on Transwave?

    I assume that not everyone has been listening to Goa for the past 22 years like we geezers, it was for those people
  6. Had to "quote" your op to see the full url, as the forums truncate it... then add the 3, and all is well
  7. no topic on Transwave?

    The first Transwave tracks I had were from Shangri La (A Step 2 House compilation from '95). It had 'Adoration To The Aum" and 'Axonal' (Axonal blew my mind). Helium came out either later that year or the year after, I bought that as soon as I saw it at Cisco Techno in Shibuya. Helium is a beautiful album, but there is something about Phototropic that I really love. It has some sound quality issues, but the tracks are just so good. Unfortunately, there is an error on Transwave's "Backfire" CD. I bought that CD specifically for Flamicogyre, and there is a major problem with that track on the CD. It's like the master is missing a bar or two in the middle... really annoying. For those who don't know, this is Flamicogyre. MONSTER Track
  8. What are you doing right now?

    Well, I quite enjoyed it. A great track to start my morning with. Thank you for both making and sharing it.
  9. I like how the side-chain compression sets up the shape of the sound field... then the bassline comes in. Nice so far (early in) 2:25, very nice. VERY nice track, AP. Would be a nice opener or closer for a CD or Mixset.
  10. What are you doing right now?

    Well, nice. I'll head down to my music station computer and listen on good speakers then
  11. What are you doing right now?

    Now I'm waking up, enjoying the coffee my wife brought me... and pondering what time I need to bring my daughter to her violin lesson.
  12. no topic on Transwave?

    It's not MDMI, it's MDMA My Dear Medical Assurance {EDIT} damn, should have read more in the thread... someone beat me to it.
  13. What are you doing right now?

    Drinking, and reading this thread.