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    Good TV Series? Any?

    You have to watch Stranger Things, I just loved it. I'm watchting Penny Dreadfull right now, also nice. If you want something funny I would go for Orange Is The New Black.
  2. That would have been me! Oh boy, those were the days... I remember going nuts to the GNOTR set, the guys dressed as green nuns also beeing there. I also remember I rarely was at the mainstage or the chill-out sinceit was waaay too crowded. I also remember doing some gas from balloons while being high on E (following a recommendation from Overdose... ). I didn't take any pics of my own but I have an album on FB with some of your pics. One shows me and DP both being high as kites. <3
  3. I need to see Arrival too, I'm a sucker for sci-fi... My favourites are post-apocalyptical stories but I like the genre in general. Have you seen Contact? And older Movie (1997) with Jodie Foster, it's based on the book with the same name by Carl Sagan. It's been a while since I saw it but it was pretty good, the book is still on my reading list...
  4. I always regarded Slam - Accidental Mono (Arabian Techno Tribe Rmx) as rather unique: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcam4GEaWQE Sorry for the crappy link, I have to use Internet Explorer since I'm at work.
  5. Your post is rather old but just in case you are still interested in such a story: try Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke. I appreciate his other books more, especially the Space Odyssey books but it's still an interesting read. If that doesn't satisfy you try this list: https://www.sfsite.com/~silverag/contact.htm
  6. Mountains of madness is my favourite Lovecraft story. But I love all of his stuff...
  7. I watched The Black Hole yesterday, an old Disney sci-fi movie. It's rather dark and creepy for Disney but I loved it as a child and I still adore it today. The Dialogs tend to be a bit corny, even the few robots who can talk tend to be rather pathetic. But the ststory is nice and black holes are very fascinating.
  8. Do you have a soundcloud account or a Homepage? I would like to listen to some of your tunes....
  9. Thanks a lot! I might get back to take advantage of that offer. I have two friends who are into producing and I will pretty sure bother them with my question. But it's always good to have several options.
  10. Well, if you are talking about music making or djing then nearly every genre is male dominated (also non-electronical genres). There are lots of articles available on the internet talking about why this is the case and there are also groups and movements that try to change that. Since I'm not listening to psy much these days my input to the forum has decreased a lot. But I started djing myself (not psy or goa stuff tho) and I'm also keen on starting to produce my own tunes but lack the knowledge and gear to do so. About pussy addict: one of the admins (can't remember who it was but I think it was Insejn but it could have been Nemo) gaveit to me back in the days. It's a word play since I'm gay and since I love cats. Go figure... Mad old ones is a title reserved for users that are active in psynews for a long time. I'm not sure if you also have to be an ex-mod to get the title.
  11. Garbicz Festival in Poland, it's not a psy or goa festival tho.
  12. In comparison to that I only have 2515 tracks that I use when DJing. Loading that tracklist wouldn't be a problem I think. I just keep them in different folders which prevented me to make one big playlist with them so far (because of my lazyness). Then there are 13029 tracks more from the CDs I've scanned (and lots of CDs I haven't found the time to digitalize yet, also lots of psy and goa stuff).
  13. I have way to much music to make a playlist with all the stuff. But I do make large playlist with older tracks I bought from Beatport and I've rediscovered tracks I had for a year or two but never really played even when they are awesome.
  14. Well, hardly any music style sounds like it used to in the 1990ies so...
  15. I bought three games in the PSN-Store yesterday: Dark Chronicles: Very good PS2-RPG, the sequel to Dark Cloud. Allready got the original game but it's great to get an updated version with faster loading times and better graphics. Lone Wolf: Console version of an Fighting Fantasy book series by Joe Denver. I got the books but I think it will be nice to have a text based game with round based fightes. Salt and Sanctuay: it's described as 2D Dark Souls game, the gameplay in the trailer reminded me of Castlevania - SotN, one of my favourite games. Wasn't able to play any of the games yesterday since it was too late when the downloads were finished. But I will start with Salt and Sanctuary, I hope it's good. I played some more Witcher instead. I didn't continue with the main quest (all others are done at the moment) but cleared up some question marks on the map in Skellige. There are still over 100 of them so the game will keep me busy for a while.
  16. Or course there are bad things about Cannabis. And if you care to know you can find out about it pretty fast. I luckily don't have the genetic disposition of being prone to shizophrenia or psychosis. And as far as I can tell weed doesn't alter my personality in a bad way (or maybe not yet...). Maybe also because I didn't start smoking daily as a teen but way later. In the end the good and bad side of very drug also depend on the personality of the user. That's why some people are able to smoke weed daily withtout having to face bigger problems while others don't.
  17. To be honest I didn't make an official statistic about the techno releases of the last tthree years to find out what the majority sounds like. But the days where techno is mainly or only industrial sounding noise or banging beats are long gone. I'm able find a lot of releases that have some kind of melody or melodies. And I do like trance, at least old stuff. I lost track of the newer releases some years ago and I actually don't really care to stay in touch. Btw. but the melodies used in trance (or melodic psy) are by far not the only way melodies can sound. I mean you posted a track from Ticket that is melodic yourself so I guess you know what I mean.
  18. Why? Techno is a very varied genre that ranges from banging tunes to rather soft morning music and everything inbetween. Lots of stuff is also very psychedelic. It took me a while to get into Beatport and find interesting artists or label but it was totally worth it for me.
  19. Obviously it's kinda hard to tell since I don't know how I would be or feel I weren't smoking weed daily and also weren't doing other drugs for such a long time. Plus I can't always tell how objective my self-image is. I do have a tendency for depression, which was present before I even started drinking alcohol let alone doing illegal drugs. I see it as one of the reasons why I have the tendency to abuse instead of only use substances. But what i can say for sure is that I don't suffer from anomia, not in my native tongue and also not in English. I also never suffered from panic attacks, not even in the times when I suffer from heavy depression. I can also say that I have a steady job for over 20 years now (I'm 38 btw, means I started smoking daily around 30 and not in my teens), always at the same employer (I switched department once tho). Four years ago I did a degree in business science. Took me three years of school (classes for 8 to 16 hours per week, plus writing a thesis and examns each year) while working full-time besides that. So my memory can't be that bad. I do forget faces and names a lot tho...
  20. Depending on your natural tendencies even weed along can get pretty strange if you smoke daily. Luckily I never had any problems while smoking weed. I'm a daily user for 8 years or something like that. Along with various other substances, those not on a daily basis tho...
  21. I don't think you can set up "rules" about how long it takes to get clean or better or wwhatever. People are individuals and some are faster than others. And some never make it at all or make it put keep the anxiety or whatever. Either way, what counts is that you actually made it and that you are actually getting better. When you say your last session lasted 6 years do you mean with that you smoked (more or less) daily? I'm not against daily use of weed, it all depends on the effects it has on you. For some people it has more positive than negative effects and vice versa.
  22. Sounds like you've come a long way. I have to say It's not a surprise it took some month of sobbering (and therapy and meds and what not) before the daily anxiety went away. I'm not an expert but imho that's the price you play if you start abusing drugs in an early age, especially if you do it for years (that's not meant to put you down or anything, I'm just stating the point without a rating). I'm quite glad I just gotten into drugs when I was around 20-22 years old, when my body was fully developped. Obviously there are still sideffects from drug abuse but luckily not on the level you had to deal with them. Bur it seems you made it and life is getting better for you, thumbs up for that! Btw. you wrote you were smoking a lot of Buddha, is that some kind of canabinoid or some regular weed (or something completely different?)?
  23. For my personal taste melodies are a must. The lack of melodies in a lot of releases and the focus on the bass is a major reason why I'm not listening to newer psy stuff but turned to techno (no offense or anything, it's just personal taste). Even when I always was on the cheesy side of psy and goa melodies don't have to be in your face. Acid melodies done with a TB-303 are also totally my thing.
  24. This sounds very interesting to be honest. On the other hand what I like about acid is the whole mind-thing and not only the visual part of tippig. I'm also not sure if I would like the effects of sleep-deprivation since they tend to be rather dark and paranoid. As far as I can tell you can trip with acid and get more than just visual distortions, this depends on the dosage and also on your mindset. One of my first trips was with really strong blotters. I just took half of a blotter but was so out of my mind that after 5 or 6 hours of tripping I blacked out (not as in swooning or anything, I just can't remember anything for a while) and when I regained consciousnes and self-awarness I was walking trough a city made out of shimmering and moving quicksilver. Then some seconds or minutes later I realised I was actually walking home from the partylocation I've been to. And the quilding made of quicksilver were not even regular buildings since I was walking over a bridge. I have to say this was my most far-out experience ever with acid but from what i can tell it's not the same as this Zopiclone thing. Mainly because reality simply didn't exist anymore instead of not being able to tell reality from hallucinations. Anway, damnt this thread makes me wanna take acid...
  25. Oh I see... I don't have much experiences with benzos and similar drugs. But I read stories in other forums about people blacking out for one or two days and what not.
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