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Artha - Influencing Dreams


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The least I can say is that it's refreshing. For sure nobody can deny that this album is the fruit of a lot of experience with a distinct and mature style. There's some great pads and soundscapes in here as well, and the fact that tracks have sudden moodchanges/breakdowns is a big pro for me, cause I get really bored by too much floating stuff! :)


However the overall mood of the CD is a lil' bit too much towards the psychedelic/ hallucinogenic (yes it does sound a lot like Hallucinogen imo) side of the Goa spectrum, and however dull it might sound, I'm more of a classic Israeli style fan. Just tastes of course, but that's what it's all about right?



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i have been playing this album a lot on my way to work but it just doesnt get me. morning is the time when i most receptive and appreciative of music. not even a single track moves me. really dont know what other people seem to get that i dont.

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I saw you guys made 2 pages of replys on this album so I thought I'll check out..

At the start of the first track I thought omg what is this?? but i'm at the half of the third track and I just begin to realise what album is this... it's fenomenal everchanging super :lol:

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Damn, so much negative comments on this cd.

First of all, that is for shure, the cover sucks badly!

Second the music is fantastic! But really fantastic, from the first time i heard it untill now i keep on enjoying

this album. For me 5/5, no doubt!


When it's either full on'ish or darkisch or forestish, if it is good music it is good music!

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i have been playing this album a lot on my way to work but it just doesnt get me. morning is the time when i most receptive and appreciative of music. not even a single track moves me. really dont know what other people seem to get that i dont.


Wow, what a polar opposite opinion to mine. I've been playing this album a lot since I got it, and I don't hesitate to say it will be my favorite of this year, even with the year only half over. Every song on it "gets me".

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Wow, what a polar opposite opinion to mine. I've been playing this album a lot since I got it, and I don't hesitate to say it will be my favorite of this year, even with the year only half over. Every song on it "gets me".


Isn't taste a nice thing :)

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the point of this CD wasn't to get a 5/5 on discogs or good review from us wierdos on psynews; i'm pretty sure :) let's face that!?


second; when I've got the promo months ago, I had the idea "what the fuck is this?" it took me 2 weeks to really get into it, and see the suttle flow of many many details into this intelligent designed music. took me 1 year to understand kox box - dragon tales - funny!


though i'm collecting psy over 11 years almost now: I can see this is no rubbish: what ever people rate it on discogs: frankly: why should we care? it's all about how you try to understand and fully experience the music as the artist intented us to do: can't you, to bad, re-sale it - haha: no, I thinkw e are critical to new skool a bit too much: being critical just because it's new: being critical because of being critical (imo): all the old skool wasn't that good: well, even not now and it'll never be: but compare this with the 100% old skool and this is at least better than 85% of all old skool stuff made, no? or is Artha such a stupoid guy? who knows he is retarted, as I must read some comments on the CD. Well maybe try and make a rmx album this; make it better ;)


now, my point is just: don't fight over taste, doens't really makes this Cd go away, or doesn't make the pro's or the cons disappear suddenly :)


at Cronomi we think this CD is a good perseption of what the "new" in new skool should be: sure there will be pro and cons, but that doens't matter I think. we all try and buld up a scne that is nice: kepe your pros and copns civilicied :)




Why too much explanations about non good comments? I see that you want comments like: best album ever!, cronomi is best...

Album is really really good but for me is more twisted psy than goa. Reminds me on new Space Tribe, Electric Universe, ESP... I gave 4/5.


Taste is taste and you can't force someone to make this album like favorite.


How i understand (and many others), with your words, you want say Cronomi is best, i release best music, my artits are best. That was with older releases too i remember.


That means i need to say Goatronika is best or Suntrip need to gave half page explanations which means Temple of Chaos is best? I dont have nothing against you or even Artha.

IMO Cronomi is really good and releases were good but is stupidly to say my release is best... :rolleyes:


All greatings to Artha and to Cronomi but listen me, many others thinks same as me, just they wont say.



Please do not be angry, this is friendly from me and people should decide what is good what not and you should accept opinion of everyone :)

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Please do not be angry, this is friendly from me and people should decide what is good what not and you should accept opinion of everyone :)



I know...:) why shoudl I be angry at you? ;) we chatted many times before on msn ;) I understand your point: and it's very valid; no questions asked: true that feedback can be + as -: otherwise it ain't review or feedback :)

You actually made my point too (but in different words I guess): as I resume my post "in the end people will decide if it's good or not".

I just had impression some post were more about agruing instead of reviews; but that's just my humble perception :) sorry if my words haven't brrn chosen wisely enough


any way: the wind blows over it :)as it always does. :D


enjoy the CD: in the end that's what it's all about :lol:

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Only had time to listen to the first 3 tracks of this before work today, but this album seethes the most kind of badassness that there is.... Holy shit it is some of the best music to my ears in ages. I can see why it creates drama, because anyone who doesn't like it, it's like HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THIS?!?! But whatever, to each his own, only missing out not listening to this one! :P





Fully listened. Will take years to fully absorb. This album completely shifts my perspective and expectations of what goa should sound like, and fully invigorates the genre. Fucking hell it is good to hear something this refreshing! Thank you Artha!

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Had another listen and if, like me your expecting this to be goa, like his last release, Its miles away from that and there are some goa'ish tracks in there.but most are psytrance, It is a very unique sound.much better than the normal psytrance :)

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I haven´t heard this one yet, but based on the reactions here in the thread Artha must be doing something right, since causing reactions is what music is all about. I understand that this CD is perceived as a bit unorthodox by some and I believe it´s a logical path for Artha to take, to change his formula a bit.


I mean considering how old some of the more goaish old tracks are (controlled) which was featured in the psynews contest here in 2002 if I have understood it correctly. Then it would only make so much sense that some things have evolved since then. For those who might think that this is to modern sounding I recommend the live set at aquatica. That one is pure old school and causes havoc on the dance floor. I saw it with my own eyes :) everyone went berzerk!

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I like this far more than most of the regular psy I hear these days.

Sometimes it´s too much strange sounds and less great melodies.

It´s definately not my favourite Goa/Psy album, but I think every track is constructed in a intelligent kind of way. I have a feeling it will grow on me...


So far I like track 4, "Saikol" best.


I don´t like either the cover or the track names btw. What´s up with that hairy guy? Who is he? Is he a cave-man? And why does he got all of them eyes on top of his head? I would have prefered some regular fractals!

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Loved this work!

Tho' many ppl despise the over-use of melodies,,[and admitting that I've a sweet tooth for melodies ;) ] ,,I think Artha has done a great job and kept his style intact thru'out the album. It's not some stomping Goa music, but definitely something different and pleasant to the mind with good-morning Goa vibes added to Psy-trance. :)

There's a laid-back, chill mood to the album and the structuring of the tracks is quite optimum, tho' some myt not agree with me here.

While I prefer to listen to such albums in one go, a few tracks stand out anyway,,favs being:

1. Controlled

2. Mystic Change

3. Transfusion

4. Bali


I recommend this album to all the Goa/psy-trance listeners who've somehow got bored of the contemporary new-skool/full-on/fluffy/regular repetitive music popping out these days. Artha's music, as mentioned earlier, cud be compared with Hallucinogen's,,but in a very generic way. It's got a new feel to it, and will surely inspire a nice trip if one knows how to tune-in.


Conclusion: 3.5/5 :rolleyes:

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really one of the best goa albums I've heard in a while!


Any recommendations for other artists with kinda similar style?



If you like Artha and Hallucinogen you might consider Double Dragon - Continuum (which is probably a little more psy than goa).


Steve Good (DD) has recently released a remastered and expanded version of the original album.



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Artha - Influencing Dreams (Cronomi Records) 2010 (cronomi003cd)


Posted Image


1. Dubber Nubber 6:50

2. Controlled 10:32

3. Chaos 7:02

4. Saikol 9:18

5. Mystic Change 7:53

6. Vocal Distortion 9:17

7. Bali 9:57

8. Transfusion 9:06

9. Insidelamp 8:51


Artha first got certain recognition for his production skills and vision when he joined a Psynews.org contest to make a Goa track for a free digital compilation. This was in 2002, back when his sound was (naturally) rougher and sort of more energetic if you’d like. As time passed, Michal from Poland, refined his sound and his music became cleverer, more twisted and he advanced in his hallucinogenic trance motion with subliminal patterns. After years without almost anyone daring to pick up and release his masterful music, Cronomi Records teamed up last year with Ektoplazm.com and finally decided go full throttle and release a free digital EP named ‘Fluori Dolby’ (download it for Free here) which managed to create a stir in the psychedelic trance community. This release quickly grew in popularity and demand since it had feelings of lost magic and forgotten rituals. His style was a long sought after imitation of how real emotional and complex Goa trance was supposed to sound and feel, it was like someone had released 'Hallucinogen 3’ under a different alias.


Ok so here it is, in blunt words. This album is a MASTERPIECE. It has all the grooves, the turns and trance-flows a psychedelic explorer searches after when it comes to the Goa in trance. If you’re already familiar with Hallucinogen's earlier work, like the Twisted album released in ‘95, you will quickly realize how beautiful this full album release is. And this I say no matter how similar it is to Hallucinogen with some Shpongle influences here and there, or should I say inspiration. Influencing Dreams is fantastic trance music with beautiful cosmic voyages that absolutely deserves and craves your love and attention. For years, since Hallucinogen released his second album 'The Lone Deranger' in 1997, people around the globe had been crying for a third album from the master (Simon Posford). Well people, a Hallucinogen copy or not, here it is, this album is for you!


Ok, so enough about the fact that it sounds very much like Hallucinogen. This album has of course a lot of originality from Artha’s own heart and emotions. It’s filled with beautiful melodies and sexy tricks. It is satisfyingly lengthy, giving you a proper trip for the money spent on purchasing an original copy.


What seems to lack in this release might be what Artha used to have before becoming professional, a tad more power/energy and rougher pads - a stronger identity and better coherency would also be appreciated.. The album artwork seems cheap, but really it's super trippy! The track names however, give me little to no inspiration. Though one can argue that track names means nothing, I think differently because for me names and art will and may boost the impression of a track or an album, it becomes an extended identity of the ,,product”. The artwork has been cleverly created by one Tomasz Rozynski. I like the design scheme where you can hold it against the light and see how the front and back picture sort of morphs nicely into each other.


Recomendation: A couple of days ago while for the first time listening to the album, I fell in love. This was passion in music I had been missing. The following night I had the most extraordinary ‘in space with alien races’ sort of dream. When I woke up, I had to ask myself; Influencing Dreams, really? … Mastering is well done by Colin Bennun (OOOD). Everything is super, and that extra bass-drive in some of the tracks is nothing but stunning to get driven with. If you’re a fan of melodic Goa trance with intelligence and psychedelic drive, there is no doubt- GET THIS ALBUM!



Where to buy and other links:

CronomiHome: http://www.cronomi.com

CronomiDisco: http://www.discogs.com/label/Cronomi+Records

CronomiSpace: http://www.myspace.com/cronomirec

CronomiFace: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cronomi-Records/168409805329

LastCronomi: http://www.last.fm/label/Cronomi

ArthaDisco: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Artha

ArthaSpace/Home: http://www.arthamusic.com

Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/crm/crm1cd003.html

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8400

Beatspace: http://beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5602

Play: http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/13953237/Influencing-Dreams/Product.html

Juno: http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/390968-01.htm?highlight=ARTHA

Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detail.jsp;jsessionid=LCEKLGLKNGOL?showDetail=238948

More influenced reviews: http://www.myspace.com/psytonesmusic

Original review published: http://www.isratrance.com/cd-reviews/artha-influencing-dreams-d1127.html

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