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  1. who freaking cares. Get your power trip going dude if that makes you cum
  2. There is. You are welcome to use it if my words are too hard for petite you
  3. He had some problems with the servers and had to move servers (As far as I could tell from tweets) and then he is on a well deserved holiday. Ektoplazm will be back. Do not forget it's not a business but a one man's hobby. I think he does a great job. In the meantime there's tons of music to explore
  4. I was referring to Astral Projection. Only times Avi DJ are at private parties with friends and Bar Mitzvah's. Lior NEVER DJ. And Infected Mushroom does not DJ it's a BAND. Then it should be "Vote for DJ Dudev" or "Vote for DJ Avi" and not Infected Mushroom or Astral Projection as DJ Mag is exactly what it's name says. A DJ magazine for DJ's
  5. It's good entertainment seen in the light how some of you guys react And no I could not care less about the music and the scene. I have removed all my music referring to this scene from the internet. But that does not prevent me from having fun and laugh at the way you guys don't seem to move forward once inch but keep debating a stone cold dead band (just as you year after year whine over the dead of IM) who haven't moved once inch too. All they do is beg for votes to a DJ list (They never DJ) and keep posting bad excuses to why they got no new or interesting music out the last 10 years (except for some lame fullon cloned tunes). Get over it and move on
  6. And so what>? It's still retarded begging! And by the way I am not active with Elysium and do not associate myself or my music with this scene any longer so I don't see your point about envy. I make House music and techno and is perfect happy with my music.
  7. I wonder what Coldplay fans would say if someone did a review of Hallucinogen review on a a Coldplay forum
  8. Please allow me to puke. "The Holy Land", "The Center of the World"...yawn!!!! Stupid begging "vote for me" videos like this show why these artists (such as Astral) got nada to do with the psychedelic trance scene anymore. Yet people still worship them... weird.
  9. So let me understand you correctly. The " Good luck with that" comment mean that according to you there is nothing to "complain" about and people "complaining" got it all wrong and Ott is a God in the studio?
  10. I never said you mentioned anything about a new sound. That was solely a personal opinion. I do mind fullon basslines as they all sound the same and are just plain annoying.
  11. I simply can not stand those fullon basslines. I think it's areal shame every new release use them. Where is the creativity gone? Also I really do not hear anything remotely new here. It sound like any other fast bpm "lets drop some psy sounds" tunes. In my opinion of course.
  12. On their Facebook page (which i unliked) all the did for the last two years was rallying for right wing extremist Benjamin Netanyahu, asking people to vote for their DJ Mag Top 100 placement (Even though they do not DJ) and advocating for a Israel free of Arabs.
  13. whine whine whine. smoke another chillum dude
  14. If you need 10 years and a big bag of excuses to come up with a new sound then maybe just maybe you should ask yourself if it is not time to find a proper day job
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