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  1. Agneton

    Deadrah - The Zone/Spirit Animal

    Tracks sound good. Keep it up. This is good.
  2. Agneton

    The State of Psy Parties

    very small scene I believe, mostly in small bars with crowds of 50-100 people max no? That seems to have been the ongoing situation in the greek scene for the last decade, but the fact it's still ongoing proves there's at least some real lovers of the genre around there which is nice.
  3. Isn't this the documentary featuring the infamous "kyklous" dude? :p
  4. New goa/nitzhogoa from our siberian friend Arkadii! Buy it now @ https://beatspacesita.bandcamp.com/album/varvar
  5. Good tracks indeed, powerful melodic isra-goa. A relief to hear a new israeli producer making this style instead of all that boring progoa in the last few years. : p
  6. Out now!!!! Edited the first post with the purchase link and a full lenght youtube rip!
  7. Agneton

    Normal Trance

    Only recently bumped onto this belgian clubtrance classic from 1996. Can't believe it passed under my radar for so many years... Anyway, yeah..."normal" trance rocks! :))
  8. Agneton

    RIP Hux Flux :(

    Wow...he recently passed away, according to facebook. So here's a thread to mourn...
  9. Agneton

    Cygnetic records

    Just to clear things out for anybody (like me) who was in doubt: Nouveau message de : chixen4 (1,499) Hi, yes it's a CD-R. This Album was never released as a factory pressed CD. Picture no.5 already shows the back of the CD Many thanks & best regards
  10. Sita records is proud to present "sands of time", the debut album of belgium based nitzhogoa artist Rayavana! Combining both old and modern sounds with dramatic melodies in a high velocity form, this album has everything for lovers of fast and energetic Nitzhogoa. OUT NOW!!!! Buy it here: http://www.beatspace.com/sitarcd015-sands-of-time.html --- Tracklist: 1 sands of time 2 atomic power 3 flight of yuri gagarin 4 scattered alien remains 5 rayavana's conquest of the holy land 6 chaos theory 7 extracting the mind 8 connected thought patterns 9 tesla's dreams
  11. To make things even more messy, they actually did make a track called Midian remix, which is also definetely a remix of Midian!
  12. Agneton

    Ray Castle & Collaborators - Mystique of the Metaverse

    Well I beg to differ ...this is exactly the sort of (goa) trance that sticks with me and mind you, i'm a big melody lover. The thing that mr. Castle absolutely nailed for me is the very particular groove and rhythmic aspect he integrates in his tracks, which is often overlooked in a lot of modern 4 on the floor goatrance. Also, his melodies, ideas and fx'es carry a clear "out-of-the-box" stamp and really tingle my senses! Recommended by all means!
  13. What in the world do you mean by "caramel acid"?