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  1. I have the original CD but its old used and I dont have the other CD, so I bought the new together release. Only 10 physical copies left http://firesofork.bandcamp.com/album/the-fires-of-ork
  2. Sure, let's start a teas for the upcoming Goatrance VA series on Kali Earth rec. Infotekst om låten/utgivelsen: The mighty and talented artist GOALIEN, born in Serbia, rised in Norway - having his sonic growth while experiencing the wider world with its inner and outer spaces .. has delivered a Strong and Amazing Goa-Trance track -with Super Heartfelt nostalgia- to the next Big compilation-release brewed in Norway by the Oslo based Psychedelic Trance & Chill Label, Kali Earth Records (KER). So together with xx other norwegian born or based artists he is a part of the comprehensive "Norway's Got Goatrance" VA project presenting just about all Goatrance producers from Norway ---- A few other names to mention who is also a part of this "goagilde" series is RA, the most known Goatrance act from Norway -also seen by most as the sole of norwegian made Goatrance. Microcosm, the least known 90's Goatrance act to be born in Norway but up there with Ra and other big names in truly felt Goatrance quality. Clementz, the new super productive shooting star from Norway producing pure raw melodic and intensely felt hardware-made Goatrance tunes. Protostar, who has been specially revived because of this project, adding a One to their name. Trold, Vimana Shastra, Psyolopher, and many more cool norwegian Psy/Goa-Trance projects !! The not decided expected release date is closer to the mid of spring 2019 to a web shop and streaming service near you. There will be 2 or 3 volumes. PLUR
  3. I'd without elebration vote Nei on the OP This track has sex ass in it though ..
  4. Yggdrasil Records? And what about Discovalley Records? I remember getting this compilation CD.. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Acid-Mutants/release/242400 Fungus Funk track Geona..It was my first encounter with DarkPsy, PsycOre, Forest.. Call it what Psytrance genre you will or wanted.
  5. ^ and don't forget the softness of Forest that (after what i know) Procs and Hutti Heita formed in the early 2000-s...? Where hutti heita is of mosstrance, Ka-Sol is of the heathertrance '' ~ Psychedeluc core v Psychotic core
  6. Well you know of the mighty Origins track on Yggdrasil's Good Vibrations VA http://yggdrasilrecords.bandcamp.com/album/good-vibrations-compilation Whar fewer know of is his preffered Unknown Cause
  7. Shiva Shidapu: Well only today (oh dont be so dissapointed) I heard in the new DAT Records version that this Is very similar to this ~D well while ar it, the intro of this one https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/track/quid-code-s9-transwave-mix is fairly similar to https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=4UB_zeoe6xs
  8. Physical Dark Whisper CD release is again VERY nice.! Noit as spectacular as the first two releases. And not with a shine But still very recommended!. + got a free extra CD in the same shipping. Something Beatspace wanted to rid I guess..
  9. Underrated? Not really Huge respect to his albums. The new one is also up there. But for sure personally, his first album was the mist mindblower. He has ace production and heavy psychedelic. As full albums go in this style, Dark Whisper is almost a tit above Psykovsky, again in my opinion, placing them both on the very top. I ordered the physical. His last two was of the very best quality. I wonder how this 3rd is in compare But for sure i will agree to your post. Powerful music Dark Whisper, and sure, the old Vegetal album Free Thinkers Are Dangerous, makes me think of the gran daddy Xenomorph and his last album with them folks around the table - real world problems aka concpiracy theories
  10. To rent a car before the festival throughout the festival and deliver it after the festival might cost you a huge fortune..
  11. This one is really cool. Instant buy for self + gifting Nice1 thanks. This one is also nice http://zenonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/selections-2018-free-download And I don't wanna be too funny now mkay, but all MATERIAL MUSIC is Free/NYP at his personal Artist Bandcamp page =) (the albums them self are at a price to also respect the labels, but if you go to individual tracks, they're all free to DL.) - https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com BTW. the Full Material Music Digital Discography costs only 2.69 Euro. Awesome
  12. ^ Anak was a mod on Isratrance back in the heyday He gave/sent me his Vinyl copy of Sandman's Psycho Toones many many years ago.. I'll never ever forget and not appreciate that. What a cool release:) And the guy made some nice music holding up his own unique sound and yeah I guess style Do not know how he's doing today.. Hopefully he has a good life:)
  13. ^ the two last posts are very cool BTW. 50e, so he knew he had gold eh. E. Oh yeah, OK https://www.discogs.com/Paradise-Connection-Paradise-Connection/release/166214 My post today.. I shopped for the Space Tribe album, but incl a couple more releases from the seller (single was 1e, and the isratrance vs have Scotch and Look at Me in it):
  14. This VA from sst came to mind trying to connect track 2 https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Digital-Dance-Of-Shiva/release/50058
  15. + Shpongle - Shiva Space Technology Yes I recommend you CPC albums maybe if only one the Subliminal Messages album which is really really good hardware , https://www.discogs.com/artist/198829-CPC-2
  16. DAT's Analog Visions VA And the 50th Parallel VA by Suntrip
  17. I'd like to know the IDs as well. I'm especially curious about the 2nd (99/00) track...
  18. I don't know bro, 36? This is Digital http://3six.net/album/ego-death but on his - 3six- bandcamp page you can buy CDs and other physical formats. Else you always got www.discogs.com -- http://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/nordic-circles-live-nuit-hypnotique-4 BTW. Most of the tracks here on this double CD, are true Ambient divine http://firesofork.bandcamp.com/album/the-fires-of-ork
  19. This is going to be so good. All faith in Kris' perfecting the LP. Boom boom
  20. I've got trust in them. And just bought the CD. Delays happen so it's fine. Yeah your right. Comments in BC are usually for people giving their helpful opinion about the release. DAT's info on the release if one reads also gives us the perfectly good explanation for why this VA release is delayed. Hallucinogens 3
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