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  1. ^ What does Norska mean? .. Im norwegian, so I wonder. We call our country Norge, and we speak Norsk. And we are Norske. .. To end words with an 'a' is more a Swedish thing.
  2. Tracklist: 1 Alpha Portal & Ajja - The Other Side (Volcano On Mars remix) 2 Aion - Insane Cyborg (Kali Earth Records) 3 Soundbuster - Onyx 4 The Freak Show - Sick 5 Insignia - It's Powerful (Original Mix) 6 Infected Mushroom - Deeply Disturbed 7 Bitkit - Don't Wait (Lexxus Remix) 8 Tristan & SuperModule - The Multitudinous Path 9 U-Recken - Clouds Of Smoke
  3. I got so many questions now. First of all the music at the end of your review video sounded great. And the samples at the artist's URL sounds pretty good as well! Is this a known artist at all there down under in Oozieland? Live or othervice. Why did he choose to do it like this, a URL and Page hosting like that usually costs more than it gives back .. I for one can not afford to buy his album.. now. Besides, 14.99 price offends me. Why not just have it be 15 or 14.5 for that matter. Is that Hebrew on the wall of the coverart? If Serpent Sound is his label (?) then it's not that much a self-release as it is a label release, rights, or wrong? PS: Nice little summary you have here written about the album before your video review:) .. Your video mentions Courtney Haynes (thank gud for subtitles..), is this him?: Hey you said he has his fingers in all kind of kangaroo pouches? I can not see him on i.e. Discogs.com .. Man, now I really wan't a cold Foster beer. Btw. is that foster cereal on the shelf at the beginning of your video!? 13th Star, 13th Floor, Friday The 13th, 13th Warrior .. And you made 23 videos incl. this! wowsy.
  4. A d'n'basstard mini-album by Matte D. Gillard aka. Nystagmus, Anahata, and Narcolepsy .. All tracks written, produced and mastered by Matte Danger Gillard in 2014 & 2015. Artwork by Due (2021), Original Photo by RyanJLane (2007) Direct buy: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/dont-align-my-chakras-hippy-2 Samples: + Find it on Shops and Stream ing services you prefer.
  5. Always sad to find out that a living legend is no more alive. Much love & respect to this fluorogod & my deepest condolences to his family and friends * His Wisdom will be with us forever. This is the first track i heard by him, on the 3xCD VA Spirit Zone Best of:
  6. This is perhaps Too classic type of DnB, but worth the listen if you like dnb stuff as it's made by the one and only Nystagmus ;:) https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/dont-align-my-chakras-hippy-2
  7. Psychedelic breaks, drum & bass.. Well for one the producer of this minialbum is in my opinion pretty psychedelic: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/dont-align-my-chakras-hippy-2 He is more known as Nystagmus.
  8. psytones

    Good DnB?

    Well Good is in the ear of the beholder. . i think this has some good stuff in it. Love the intro power motion buildup on T1, and the 2nd is nice, 3rd has some interesting, 4th is annoying as f. But the deep wide basstuff inside it is ace (rest is like Dumb&Dumber most annoying sound), 5th is more Psytrance than DnB, and the last track is like chillstep. https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/dont-align-my-chakras-hippy-2 Made by a Psytrance producer ....
  9. Yo Yo It's been nearly a YEAR since the last KER-release Balder EP by Aion, so Push play and LoL if you will: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/in-places-doing-things-ep --> promotext: "And now for something, completely different... KER's head was and is a big fan of the Canadian Psychedelic Trance Artist NYSTAGMUS by Matte Gillard and his infamouse epic classical album "The Immaculate Perception", and went music hunting in his UNRLSD music archive where the Head of KER found something that resembled gold. An EP by his Narcolepsy project from 2006, and more!! The 'more' will be presented over the next few weeks on Kali Earth Records, so stay tuned to discover more unreleased material by the talented Mr. Matte Danger Gillard " Hope you like! This feels like a left fielder fo'sho! *KER-bear hug KER BC: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/in-places-doing-things-ep + worldwide on all shops & streaming services from the 21st of August 2021.
  10. ^ I came for Psytrance, but all i got was this awesome dnb track. Anyway, i am now gonna listen to... Hm... T4 https://beatspace-manicdragon.bandcamp.com/album/soulseeks *puts BC app on random* + T2 https://beatspace-parvati.bandcamp.com/album/atriohm-million-years-dance-parvati-records-prvep21 + T2 https://avatarmusic.bandcamp.com/album/sun-follower
  11. Actually, the Angry Dwarf LP has a lot of beautiful homage to Goatrance in it *wubz* I wish i could share it with you guys now bcs it's really awesome! But yes, the Final Mixdown needs to be finished, and then the all important Mastering. Artwork. --- so it will take some time to finalize. RLS. ~ Enjoy.
  12. Hei J, nice of you to ask. It has been a while since KER's last release. So here is an update on the line.. - A 33 track unreleased "album" by oCeLoT will be released as soon as the work surrounding it is done. I've already arranged the 33 tracks into one story flow.. So it will be one release with thirtythree tracks.. Release date is before 2025. We still miss mastering, artwork, and some nitpick.. - Psythagores is releasing a 6-track mini-album. All we're now waiting for is the Artwork finish-up by Erland Yildiz. - KER was sent all unreleased (unmastered) works by Yamabikaya (yes the Yamabikaya from SST). This incl. one unreleased LP and a couple of EPs .. Artwork also needs to be made for these outside the important Mastering. - A1ON formally known as Aion.. Is releasing his debut EP under his new moniker, A1ON. It is presently being Mastered by Zeamoon Mastering who usually work with Zenon rec. - I'm in a talk with Matte aka. Nystagmus.. Yes that Canadian guy. He has a lot of (old) officially great work hopefully ready to be Released with KER .... - a release by a new artist.. Though not worth the mentioning, yet, we'll see / hear. - As you can see, no Goa-Trance in sight now. - California Sunshine Har-El gave us a EP for totally free(dom), and it's already mastered and is just missing an artwork to go along with it. - Angry Dwarf LP
  13. 'Preventing Armageddon Since 93'
  14. ... 263 CDs sold so far. Notice: My Vinyls are sold and given away to locals, so they will not be placed on Discogs. Though I do have a few DVDs that should go up on discogs soon.. and I also got some more ,,normal" music (CDs) to add to my discogs store. Maybe even a couple of Psy/Goa ones. I'll see when I get started on them.
  15. Yeah! That could be a funny move. And Psytrance realm commercials instead of these normal ones. e. Molly? no no, Mushroom MUSHROOM! https://goarecords.bandcamp.com/track/molly Mouldyroom
  16. Brave, ok .. Crypto.. mkay.. Badges, don't give a rats ass ^,^ tho i can agree with what RTP wrote.
  17. Aaahhh.. I like this funky psychedelia groove PsyTrance a lot. Very tasty and makes you smiley https://resonantearth.bandcamp.com/album/planetary-relations
  18. If anything, keep this massive amount of ads on people not logged in, and have the logged in people be ad free.
  19. These pop-up etc. ads are totally annoying and will become a psynews killer . org @RTPand the owner and mod people. This can not continue.
  20. Whole album is ace and I love the breakbeats'n IDM, the ambience and the downtempo.. and the Techno? Fuck me Otherness (Album Edit) is amazing. AMAZING. PS. On the 24bit version contra the 16bit version you actually get that extra depth on some -to most- of the tracks. Which for me was worth the extra money. Though the 16bit is fine if you can live without those -few- moments of extra depth. AND I wanna point out that Alep Offset bassline sure remind me of a specific classic hiphop tune + the vulnerable vibe of Hol Baumann's Human album .. BEAUTIFUL. This Inks album is quality you will never be ashemed of playing out loud to friends or in a park filled with unknown ppl. And I think the title of the album, Inks, speaks for it self. These are music that have made an impression on Master Vince like ink on skin.
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