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  1. Yes she was sexy;) That show had a lot of cool tracks in it like White Zombie. Btw. I forgot an important fact leading up to my first Psytrance experience. Because of my best-friend (later died because of real world war - he became a army enrolled skydiver when his brother died because of drug related issues), I properly debut-smoked hssh to Cypress Hill's Hits From The Bong etc. on a WaterBong (ah the times, I could almost repeat life for those days).. He was into Trance as well as Nofx and the likes (his brother was into Astral Projection.. And skatepunk, + he was a junkie) .. So with my a.t.t collection and my friends trance interest I had experiences of mildly tripping with eyes shut before trying mushrooms. Seing colours.. On hasish, and on that: my first seing-colours-move with the music was on a CDS I owned, Mike Koglin's Enjoy the Silence. I remember that very vividly.. Was very few colours and simple visuals. and then not long after.. The mushroom exp. b l e w -m y- m i n d Most amazing visuals ever (tripping with eyes closed listening to Psytrance, Classical&Gathering tracks).
  2. I bought Odfworld's New & Tasty a ling tome ago on my phone, but i a bought s laptop a few days ago so I bought Redout Enhanced for only 4 dollars...https://www.instant-gaming.com/en/5280-buy-key-steam-redout-enhanced-edition/ Steam. And I intend on buying the Oddworld bundle... ESPN Xtreme sports PS1 game.. I got a kickbike a few years ago and live among hills with bikelanes I dont hit ppl
  3. 1980: Mothers heartbeat Pop, & Rock Vinyls, David Bowie (80s pop rule, Sledgehammer, Genesis ..) Inland season concert tour with country band at age of 4. Lots of dancing. My parents was travelling along with the band, friends, so I was not in the band or on stage. Michael Jackson Chart music, hoping to find that 1 or 2 track that's good and not sickening over time,.on Top 20 kinda music compilations, in parents shelf or presents recieved. Music-listening like for many has always been a big part of life. When at parents friends places you would find me in the cd shelf checking out all the music and wondering what pink floyd was and putting on headphones. Sucky life has also ment that its been nice to escape to music and its physical release, no doubt Dance music and finding personal gems, like The Prodigy, .. For the heart fun Dj BoBo - Love Is All Around is timeless nice, It's a Rainy Day, 2Unlimited was almost interesting but my Dance days and chart search where pretty much numbered.. Realizing how sickening a lot of the music felt.. Being gravitated to serious music, figured Def Leppard was cool but was really dissapointed to find out how soft the music of Iron Maiden was compared to the badass coverart. Alot of checking out artworks compared to music Stealing music magazine CDs with dark alternative electronic industrial music, also experimental stuff .. Dune albums and the music channel Viva happened .. Tried Thunderdome shit at the age of 15 because of a friend but listened for a month and never again. Had a step-brother who introduced me to stuff like Primus, Body Count, White Zombie, Green Jello, The Crow OST .. Music from PlayStation games and Demo's from Magazines was facinating, and WipeOut impressed OSTs was early on a facination but in the new numetal age (before it had a overcompressed emo thickening/watered out too much made it all bland.. reminds me of some darkpsy / forest evolution, which is a Psytrance style I really love). I will never forget the Mortal Kombat movie OST (1995/6) with my first Goatrance encounter, well, i didnt know it then. Juno Reactor, and Traci Lords. Got a dig on Fear Factory going and Clawfinger, Marilyn Manson, KoRn... <Darkpsy :b I would often check out credits from tv etc to find a song on it. I found Fluke early on because of the blond hot Nikita tv series I was introduced by ravers at school to Tiesto, Magik, Hyperstate Events (with Astral Projection incl.) was a thing in Norway, I never went. Trance was huge in Norway. Tiesto - Theme From Norefjell. I was also shown by my stepsisters (some years later she died of a heroin O.D) friend a Goatrance VA. Remember Elysium / Youth - Devils Circus on it. Goahead was it? Beautiful artwork though. Didnt like the trance, into metal as i was it was enough for me liking some quality Eurotrance (Forbidden Paradise) after a childhood in Dance VAs, and honestly i didnt get it - the Goatrance as it sounded thin and boring, even empty. I by this time still did not do or try any drugs. Not even tobacco or hash. Just moonshine/alchohol. Altough I did do xtc once given to me when I was 17 at a Veracocha (Cart Blanche) live rave in another village where I went home with a girl that I thought where hot (nothing happened, but we walked to her place from the party because she was home alone, which took a few hours of walking and we had a lot to speak about, and we fell alseep with clothes on in her bed. We became gf-bf but she dumped me on phone a week later, which sucked, i think i can still feel that heartbreak pain). Marilyn Manson was my fav. artist. The Prodigy.. A older neigbour made music on FastTracker II, and wanted to teach me. He had MWNN, and Massive Attack. Computer nerd only. But he liked Goa because it was advanced, intelligent. He respected the music. That made an impression. I'm 17/18 years old here. Left home. Found TooL. 1999/2000. A year later I did Mushrooms! (we had a kilo top quality dried mex) and listened to Infected Mushroom DL from Napster, both elements never tried/heard before A month later or earlier I did a microdot and "for the first time" listened to Goateance and I got it. Wonderful!! Had so much fun. Even tried Salvia Divinorum. and experiencing that music to Salvia was pointless, unlike other substanses. What can I say, MM, Slipknot, whatnot- worked with speed. X with i.e. Chicane - Behind The Sun.. What life period. Supert:)(: I like all sorts of music - but Psytrance has stuck the longest with me. . I dont pause to listen to psytrance. I pause to listen to other music Anti- racist, bs, political punkrapmetal band from Sweden/Norway. Album was a big thing to me. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0xXGZWysIya8KagiQtKbSne6hJ4Fo5-P
  4. Important to mention that even tho Lars do the live gigs these days, Christer (also) produces the music.
  5. Everytime I see your avatar Technosomy, I think about big plastic tits. I don't care what anybody thinks, I think about big plastic tits. The ZNA compilation looks real good, to bad I can not afford it now. The Hallucinogen track is propably very nice:)
  6. Hump the bump, we reached the goal of 4500 kroners!! So while we wait for the artwork to be done, the amount of the fundraiser / direct pre-order has been raised, and a end-date has been set. I'd like to underline one important factor about this VA project and its content.. All norwegian Goatrance artists are represented, at least all known and more. Only missing acts are arguably PhasrPhour, and Divinorum. Rest are represented on the VA. And soon we will start the next Goatrance from Norway VA named GOAGIMLE. One CD, or, might just press it on vinyl. Fail safe is CDr + Digital Peace (& Love) Thank you for the support. This VA id actually intended to be dedicated to the Last Goatrancers Standing .. Tracks are, to remind, made from 1995 til 2019, most in 2018 ..each track on the bandcamp page has info attached, so will the physical release
  7. He replied, "tell them that I'm always working on music, for the whole world".
  8. Well specific about Sixsense I donno.. He is reachable on Facebbok, I can ask I anyway actually need to ask him about something else (remix of Merge, a track by Aion feat. Vimana Shastra .. Kailum has already remixed it. It will most prob be released on Spiral Trax, legendary label bought up by the steadfast Geomagnetic umbrella *insert Rihanna*
  9. He claims Infected Mushroom stole Flamingo from him. And the release quantum, might be inspired from this viking? https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com (all released in a years time, but made in 7 years...) Six Sense is a close buddy with Vimana Shastra from Oslo, Norway, you see... They have projects together like Phalarix. Vimana Shastra will be released on this old baby https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/track/vimana-shastra-tura
  10. There should be no complaints about the quality of this set and its respectful tracks, soumd or otherwise. Aztronaut always put full effort and compassion into his tribute mikses. This is real love. Peace. () ()
  11. ^ nice Np. https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com/track/magenta-platinum-17th-cha-kra
  12. On Bandcamp there's an option to put a release, or a track on the release, as NYP (name your price = zero, or more, ka-ching!). Like this example, where the Album costs 9€ but the individual tracks are free/NYP (approved by the labels, all income from this page goes to Material Music) : https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com/track/superconscious-minds-synchro-science
  13. Really hope the new Cybernetika album sits good.
  14. Uploaded Aztronaut's tribute mix to our Mixcloud (what an honor!!)
  15. Norway's (country is a state of mind) officially earliest produced Goatrance track (1995) will be featured on this VA -to be released soon https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-goagilde-project-norways-got-goatrance ) :)(:
  16. Ok I got one. 1st track eheh (all tracks r solid quality and variated k&b, notice the next-last track) http://beatspace-nocomment.bandcamp.com/album/alien-technology-no-comment-records
  17. ^ you know dude, and I'm REALLY serious. The Yamabikaya album on Shiva Space Technology djs Really well with that style I do not see a reason for you not to get it and be pleasently amused by the tracks on it not availible on YT ©®π∆׶√ (awesome VA track you posted, great!)
  18. I just scrolled through.. I'd say that the first "Psychedelic" box, is just UK Full-on, or psychedelic fullon. It's like the "Full-On" box with Israeli Full-on.., it's all Full-on, Israeli & UK style - Israel usually being more melodic/cheesy... Like it took over for Euro-Trance which died a shamefull death, became taboo. Before "club" fullon was born, I called it Isratrance and it was Great (Tandu, Psysex, Sandman, Phreaky, all that goodness)
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