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  1. Yo. So, whatchathink? Comon, be honest now Like the Artist name? Like the Artwork? Like the, tracks? I do .. Released on Friday the 21st .. SPØTTIFY: Båndcunt: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/shadows-of-time Beatpært: https://www.beatport.com/release/shadows-of-time/3628974 And other places:
  2. Well geh, wanna review this badass? https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/perversion-and-insanity
  3. Har-El's California Sunshine albumart is done. We might most prop just skip the Anahata rmx album.. Buuut, there is still need for Artwork to Angry Dwarf's upcoming LP .......... Yo ready for it? Let us know and we'll send you the Audio. RLS date is far away still.
  4. Cool school got shroomz. If it's too long / many tracks to be an EP, and there's too few to be an LP. Means it's a MiniAlbum..if you wanna..right?:) Love the idea that these two brothers trip & make music together. Makes me think of my own
  5. Yeah what happened to to the AWESOME live Part 1. & 2. on Youtube/the web .. '+ If you have it, can you upload it , release it , or share a link where it is listenable. `Or should it not be listened to ? .. This track ain't that bad ~D ,,
  6. Humbled, and amazed. It's truly a great honour to be able to release this powerful Dark Psychedelic Forest Trance Album by the one and only, Proxeeus. KER-BC: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/perversion-and-insanity KER's FB RLS Event: https://m.facebook.com/events/280011267387904 Spotify: The release will be spread worldwide to shops like Juno, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and all other places - and also if you use Deezer, Tidal.. It should be there as well. Enjoy!
  7. Tell me, how real good is this Oldschool Goatrance EP?? .. No really, I'm asking. Bcs here at me it goes on loop............... PS. It's Free/NYP https://goagalaxy.bandcamp.com/album/trip-to-nitzholandia-ep
  8. I am one of those who appreciate deep information, and even I was shocked about the lenght of the promo text on this release There is one thing I do not understand tho.. THANKS TO Dr. Spook who runs the umbrella, Geomagnetic Label Group: Why on Spiral Trax? TimeWarp (and Ovnimoon) are the Labels in GEO- that release purer Goa-Trance. Why not there? Anyway, cool you created your own label instead. Best of luck with it's evolution!
  9. Track 3, Slavs On Mars .. Wooow! And as usual, Clementz im on Imba now.. Waiting for the remix of MWNN .............
  10. Nice list(: .. I had this back in the day.. https://www.discogs.com/master/10625-Theatre-Of-Tragedy-mjuzik *ye ye it's what it was.
  11. Look at the left upper corner of the Artwork. Freaky coincidence not intentional.. That "heart" face. https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/return-to-modulated-forest-tales-in-quarantine @Manuserif you thought the Goch EP was dark.. This breaks it. (?)
  12. Nice track. Btw. I love your Batman track with Total Eclipse A Lot!
  13. Oh no, did you remove your brilliant enlightening thought provoking long indepth answer!? .. .. Well my friend has 0 clue about any Goa .. He recently started diving into it:
  14. Goatrance Forest Battle Of The Future Buddhas Ka-Sol Derango Spindrift Cosmic Serpent Shiva3 .. ? ...or? Who can continue the list?
  15. Or on a cloudy sun-day almost 3 years later .. 2. Cosmic Serpent - Fractal Colors -- Amazing jumping kbb beans, with super awesome shimmers taken out of a Hallucinogenic fairytale. Elements falling and rising, making this a very pleasurable infectious ride worthy of a mushroom. Clearly this track is heavenly inspired, but that's O.K. because it's such a good one at it. Love it. 3. Everything Turns - Darkness Falls -- More of the shimmering, but this time more like Shpongleyed... Kbb turns needlepointed and the aggression is straight forward with effects swirling on top and around. It's nice though more static and linear than the wonderful 2 first tracks. So yeah, a straight forward piece with ticking progression building swirls and some depth. Kinda howling at the moon some times, so yeah, cosmositic attribute. Honestly, I'm kind of happy the track is over. 4. Proxeeus - ...But The Joke's On Mankind -- The kick and bass turns up the thumpness and in comes hard and strong acid synth-lines. The track continues of the vibe from the last track of being kind of static and linear, with acid agression. The groove is present, jumping beans. Intens acidness, and a kind of stail but fun walk to the 4 to the floor. I think the track is a bit quirky but it has constant elements and breaks that highten the level of the low ground it's walking. It's edging on the rim of annoyance, but never really falls off and outside the hoop. Though it doesn't really manage to swoosh it either. I think intens and hardware is the key here. Btw. Am I hearing that Man With No Name track from Earth Moving The Sun? 5. Triquetra - torturing The Machine -- A more machine like track, and again in the vein of linear and staticness. It sounds so old the brothers who made this track wasn't even born yet when this type of Goatrance was invented back in the 20th century. Unfortunately this track makes me long back to the first two tracks on this CD2. Now don't get me wrong, it has elements and play that are well worth your attention, and it does progress and introduce some cool changes. Though the stailness and static linearity, still holds on to the rotting acid teeth. I actually had to turn down the volume on the second half of this track. Intens and annoying with some awesome effects and nice ambient layer. Old School is the key-word here. 6. Morphic Resonance - Wonderland -- Oh yeah. If it's gonna be screaming acid, this is what I'd prefer to inject into my vains. Fat bassline with insane acid lines. This guy is ace. Fuck yeah, bring it on!! Come on!!! Rock and f'ing roll. Can it be harder faster fatter more intenslly awesome than this? Probablly, but fuck me christ this is an evil but good track. Mucho appreciated, holmes. Swirls and energy makes the teeth clinch in braceness. This is full power galore reaching for a true blissful moment in delight. And the end, I think I'm gonna use the phrase; Oh My GOA. And as always with love, shiva shidapuing is present from this stellar and most powerful producer. 7. Ka-Sol - Hysterical Mass -- Wøy! Volume down a notch, bitch yeah, i love those acid sounds. Very cool synth. As usual from this producer, it's on the scare side, and can be a bit too much even though it / he always has something cool and interesting to offer. Here at this track on the V/A, I got to say that I like the compiling work, the arrangement of the tracks that is. Pitch bendings in this Ka-Sol track are wonderful and really tickles my feathers. I'd rather listen to this shit all day long than some polished full-on stuff or some old school goa bore. Love the hard goa kicks. If yah gonna do it, do it right, right? And in the end, it wears on me and becomes really tiresome. But still cool. At the very end the super sexy synths are isloated and truly to be enjoyed as they are solo. 8. Hada - Magic Of Nature -- Last track goes a bit fuller on the kick and is engulfed in yummy bass. The synth melody is OK, and I'm reminded that in the midst of all music I'm almost forgetting what makes something become psychedelic and what makes something just be whatever it is. The acid screams are nice enough and the drive is there + with progression the melodic work evolves and becomes something to be better adored. The End. Now, what makes me wonder, is how the V.A. would have been if the Material Music track 'A Noble Prize' had have won a spot, as it was 1 spot away from being included.
  16. Lul, you guys are such goa nerds I watched it after reading your posts. I didn't think Dragonfly Records. But I am excited for the follow-up ... https://blacksunempire.bandcamp.com/track/arrakis Anyway, watch King of Staten Island. It's really good / charming
  17. If you own the EP and use discogs, plz add it to your collection:) https://www.discogs.com/master/2353411-A1ON-Chalice-Of-The-Void
  18. That are some good spaceius track recommendations! Thanks. They do have a feeling of dimensional depth to them for sure. Any more, from other members even, to recommend? .. How about something more recentlly released? Or did the D as in Psychedelia dissapear with the oldies?
  19. I donno how smart limiting 1 per customer is? Time (stock) will show .. I know of many that prefers to buy 2. One to open and play, and one to have sealed hidden away.
  20. Waw, amazing lineup and i like the tracks! Gonna buy this Digital tomorrow. Cool Artwork. & What a Nice Price, only 3 euros (or pay more if wanna/can). Much kudos and best of luck to the label ^^
  21. A friend of mine is asking for Goatrance tips. It's got to be like 12D (yea, 3D, 4D.. 12D) he sais. What would you suggest him? ..
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