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  1. There's a sense of true trust that comes in the Psychedelic Trance releases by Leo aka. Spindrift. I like a lot the EP https://spindrift1.bandcamp.com/album/madfunktion-ep and being a fan of it I should also soon buy his Deep Nature album .. ! I bought the album announced in this thread unheard, and i do like the Teaser.. It did give me a bit of Steptime / Ørebro Freakfactory vibe, which is fun. This album is prop. different then the Deep Nature album being more space disco oriented in it's coverart than the deep nature thing going on in the mentioned ep and lp. e. the Madfunktion EP (in
  2. @LeLotusBleuPlz see the 6th post in this thread ;):)
  3. O M G. I forwarded this to too many facebook friends
  4. jah man coming up ive just been too busy pimpin', and hiking mountains with my dog. Speaking of your point, same goes for the Suntrip 50th release And the Aion name copyright info-dilemma. *my head is on it*. Anyway, way the go filling this review topic even more up with unrelated text to the music. When I do make the short review I hope you'll edit yours here and have it say (to the Admin) DELETE ME. I'll do the same. Ps. Notice how i removed my offtopic stuff from my originaø post? .. Btw. My heart hurts reading how much astralprotrction apologiezed for writing His honest opinion review of t
  5. Kanye West approves of this post And it's serious, not funny.
  6. Do not worry, I am almost here for you. I have this for sale https://www.discogs.com/Michele-Adamson-Fallen-Angel/release/496418 Anyhoops, did you try making the seller an offer and or sending a PM?
  7. No no, you just need your own brain to watch. Highly recommended.
  8. Did someone mention politics and music? I was about 13 years old when this amazing album was released #) I was about 15 when this granade LP was released ^=^ <3 This band that was before KoRn and Limp Bizkit, and after Faith No More and Rage Against The Machine .. are 2 Swedish & 2 Norwegian guys who formed the genre Nu-Metal, but get's just about zero creds for it. Which annoys me. .. I was about 25 when this album marked (at least for me) a change in Psytrance not longer being free from politics https://www.discog
  9. 13 Crystal Skulls ey, ..hm. ShivaJoerg recommended this Documentary on his facebook profile, so i smoked and watched. It starts out bla-bla but then after 10 minutes or so it becomes Really interesting and well worth the watch / thought. Then way in, it goes from being super grounded to litterly becoming something ultra fantastic like the crystal skull UFO Indiana Jones phenanonom stuff.. . .. So yeah, watch it. Enjoy it's journey. _____ Btw i have a continues wild thought. What is inside the black kaaba box, is it a "let's call it a Indiana Jones
  10. Who's to say he's not a member here now, posting and avoiding going into conflicts as he used to do? Except for the Teleportation album by MWNN, this was the first Goatrance track I heard while knowing what genre i was listening to. And I had no clue about psychedelics or drugs in general. I was then a teen. I didn't like it. And it took me 3-4 years to rediscover the genre and realize that i absolutely loved it. I was then no longer a teen. #ClassicalMushroom e. Being now older and more experienced, the track is better than what I back then percieved it to be.
  11. ^ i agree, i like it's charming fusion. Isn't it a fiddlers violin tho? .. Country guitar, reminds me a bit of Tristan's Lost & Profound. Anyway, this pretty much unknown Goatrance album is special and has many good tracks worth an attantion https://www.discogs.com/Starseed-A-Million-Hz-Away/release/581149
  12. Here's Brundlefly's DJ-set: https://www.goabase.net/party/suntrip-10-years-lovemagic-5-years/82232
  13. Love people, I found it! @ 02:53 .... Oh my heart i love it.
  14. ^ I feel kinda silly writing this, I mean no dissrespect. You can get smth like a 100% royalties deal with KER if you wanna, you know, release there. Richpa, very cool artwork. To bad it's not what the new A1ON e.p. needs. We're still in Mastering process. Will msg. you to hear from you when it's done. P.L.U.R.
  15. Lord mercy, I think this Arty303 is a super nice talent that shows a great deal of Goatrance perspective pleasent to the ears and mind capible of lifting the spiritual body up back to the Stars. I own his Debut album and have enjoyed it a few times but never managed to wore the CD out.. I was thinking about buying the new album that this review thread should be about:) Now, back to the space of ARTIFACT303's FROM THE STARS album: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. BRB short review coming up: -- is Bandcamp down?
  16. Wunderbar ja, what a nice lift that melodic line is. Surely this is The Original, unless someone brings forward something even older. A friend of mine mentioned that "the problem" is that melodies are copyrighted but not chords, and melodies can not be copyrighted if they count as .. being Scale Race? It's interesting anyway, and big ups and much kudos to the originators out there, where ever the originate actually started. ""We're All Inspired""
  17. ^ Wow, from 1980, that is defo the same chords, and YES the lyric my mind tryed to recollect! Thanks!! .. It might even be The Original? I guess what I have heard is a 90s dancetrance version. Ppl post more Fade to Grey "remixes" plz, and if anyone know of a track using those uplifting chords Before 1980, do share
  18. Hei alle sammen, I've been trying to catch the original for a while but forgot about it until a friend of mine sent me a track he made that re:reminded me of my task. 3 chords maybe, F A D maybe? *I'm not a musician, just got a good ear and DJ. I can give you some examples of tracks that highly remind me of the ,,original" track. The original track might be a Disco track. I don't think it's a Donna Summer track but for sure it's in the same spirit .. So O.K. example number 1: Solar Fields - Kick Back @ 01:28 >> https://solarfields.bandcamp.com/track/kick-back
  19. ^ nice suggestion, but no. Keep 'em coming! LoveLove
  20. Holy rollercoaster.. Material Music was at 180 monthly listener for aaages, and then it all of the sudden rapidly dropped down to like 80.. now it's on its way up again! I'm happy his aged tracks still manage to please some peoples craving for authentic Psy-Trance. (:
  21. ^not as far as I know. Anyway, I recommend people to take control of their BC purchesses from DAT Rec. and Download what they bought before and if they dissapear completely only to remain as physical collector items. I have now DL from my BC : Etnica - Live In Athens 1996 Analog Visions - V/A Trip To The Stars EP by Morphic Resonance ^ I found them by just searching DAT Records in my BC collection, Doof - Let's Turn On < I had to search Doof in my BC to find it in my collection .. https://www.discogs.com/label/132833-DAT-Records And for the record, I've s
  22. ;P yo be welcome. That sample is also used here. Video of our Love&Magic team spreading Psy & Goa Trance and ChillOut to Oslo, Norway. *read info for track info. ps. I'm the head organizer since 2009 and am DJ Skogsdrøm
  23. Well that's a bit sad to read, hope else you are good and dandy. Will you continue to do i.e. Graphic works? A1ON is about to release his debut EP, and he said he really wants you to do the job, with a respectful payment.
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