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  1. Enjoy MADI samples why wont yah :O) https://www.psyshop.com/Madi-Experience-Material-Ohm/ogp1dw084/
  2. He's finally about to put on the tie & tail again with a release of Color 02 EP, and later the Greyscale 02 EP. Acid trance (wait for it) http://unknowncause.bandcamp.com/album/color-01
  3. Should have made the album Then asked for backers. 2013 is s long time since. 1 500 dollah is mucho money, honey. .. Makes me wonder, should we.. Will ppl back it? (The 3 cds are done, just not printed).
  4. Should psynews go comnercial and run in-our-scene ads, or are we happy with google ads? Do we have to have ads at all? As long as the server url gets paid etc, right.
  5. On that nipple note. Id like to point out that if a member uses sensur on a text in a post, only members logged in see it / dont see the text. Thats to say, people not logged in do not see the sensur, while people logged in do.. Kinda loses its point, no?
  6. Release date 24. May 2019 (world wide) Material Music - Madi Experience LP 1. Exotic 2. Magic Magician 3. Reunions Unite 4. Sugar Computers 5. Solar Systems 6. Sync 7. Understanding Label: Ohm Ganesh Pro [OGP084] Preview of the 7th track: + 01 - Material Music - Exotic 05 - Material Music - Solar Systems Have a nice day!
  7. 2008 Halloween was the first ever live-show? Really? .. Why only in 2008? If so, I was also there. Was dressed up by a friend as Link. I loved the Juno Reactor djset, and the Darth Vader custome guy. Also handshaked MWNN there:) No wait .. 2009, I was there in 2009. Anyway, 2008, really?
  8. True. Support the artists, I get it. Buy if can.. So in a way the pirated version of your LP is like YouTube, Spotify ..a kinda promotion.. Just, without your permission, out of your control. .. Let go? Kinda like nothing you can do with it anyway i guess else what steps you akready take ir canvtake to prevent it happening. In a positive sense, some artists pirates wont even bother to spread. At least your name is out there for all them new ears with some of them hopefully looking you up and pushing that Buy button providing you economical support. Psy has never been about money anyway, nor time, eh. Some albums Ive had on my to buy soon list for more then 5 years.. 15 years even. Yesterday i bought one of them, i.e. Instant money to -you- to live is maybe not realistic. But this is maybe not point, but respect and principle That it was spread the very same day.. Congratz? Someone must like you^^ (and haters gonna lose because of their choices that backfires while you grow and smile). Peace & Love
  9. Aha, I actually also thought that you wrote that you released the album for Free (NYP, Ektoplazm, or homepage) the same day you, yeah, released it. *good on you* i thought, a nice present to your fans and to further spread your good music, to achive bookings or whatever nice that comes from awareness and recognition to you, unless your all blood and underground, or in fear/hiding.. But then you felt sandy about it afterwards, giving your universe music away for free *grump* . ..Some ppl live and breath the hippie trail routes moneyless. Anyway, I pushed the link 7 Euros. What yo r talig aboot is digi-mafia, i had no idea your LP was out there wuth the pirates but congratz? Look at IM after Release Me (Metallica guitar Napster directed intro), sorry much bad j/k Then again I never look there at pirates anymore.. Hm, Wonder if . I should roll another one and push play (at your LP) https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com/track/digimafia <well intended spam, PS. I know rhe bank systems NWO is getting a better grip and control now so the noneys are leveling. But you think a indian, or African, or Bolivian person, or a hippie, or a punk in Russia can afford 7 euros for your non distrubuted self released digital divine goatrancey-hey LP? I dont. Who decided this high hash price anyway? Luckelly i get it cheap ATM. Boomz - push play. Ps3. 2 persons bought your LP + some hidden buyers? Was it one of them that pirated your LP already? Enjoying btw. ^^~
  10. Yes Oliver, Joking Sphinx =}
  11. Nothing more to get than to post a train track.. But Yes! Didn't you know. You can rent a train (& book the railway), its been done before with success -many times. No prob. If your a organizer.. Book me for gig, boomz
  12. LoL after that ride its nice to chill + part1 :offtopic:
  13. (Samples, got to catch them all!) Ok i know noone will ever catch this one teack, but anyhoops let's try: "I'm dead" "Pokemon, I play Pokemon Go everyday" "Every Instagram scheme, every Instagram meme. Every fucking whine, Is about this fucking Goat shit!" *a donno a repeated word* "All this Bullshit, stop acting like your 12 years old!" *a unknown repeated word again* "(Go) Fuck Yourself." "Wanna be in a trend" "They wanna be cool" "You like to see people fail" "no'h" .. *the repeated unknown word again* "Why don't you go catch yourself a Tyrannosaurus Rex!" "moneky noise" "Well I didn't know it was like a trend" "I Pokemon" "more monkey noise" ..... "birds"
  14. Excuse my bad manners, but this music is in my opinion not only made for Dance. You don't live on the dancefloor or only listen to Goa or Psy on the floorrist, .. Or maybe you do who knows:) So back to my manners, I can't think of a really long "kaffepause" track now but i did make this DJ-set which got a (daring?) long,,, teabreak in it. DeMon Tea comes to mind tho.. Mushroom flavoured. I love to dance, as well as hugging moss(:
  15. Well personally I like this track a lot, not just the MWNN GoaTrance that it so elegently offers, but I think the vocal, that for you ruin the track, is very cool- and I really love the lyrics that still kinda work in these modern times even though we dont put film in the camera anymore.. Which, with the "bad"vocals/lyrics IMO makes this track, punk.. Not saying it actually is punk genre. I bet someone who is both Punk construct expert and Goatrance could drop a "punk" like Goa-track without use of vocals. The Suicide track by Dirty Youth has punk to it. Then again one can disect and throw away what is punk and what is not. Punk afaik started with The Who track, MC5, Iggy Pop, and had the tops with The Ramones and Sex Pistols, rolling into Indistrual .. & Nofx, Bad Religion, you know the offsprings of Punk fuck, and yeah, the mega mainstream blast with Green Day. What happen to the sk8ter girl? She flead %) Nirvana was of punk .. One can argue that much of the Goatrance genre is sidelining punk philosophy, Hah, some bonus hard rock dolls slap: And when youtube keeps the roll, this is nice and well worth checking out:
  16. I dont think this has been asked about before but if so Moderate it.. Can you suggest Psy- or GoaTrance with Punk? I can at least recommend one track .. Be my guest and discuss it not being punk. - https://m.imdb.com/title/tt9419282/
  17. ^ The movie it's inspired by is also very cool holmes! :)) A memory stick like this is nice and is a no brainer with tip (value). http://the-cure.bandcamp.com/merch/32gb-wooden-usb-leaf-shaped-memory-stick-with-the-cure-logo-engraving I dont really understand yet why one would have to havr both sound quality versions, care to enlighten me anyone? Like with the new Entheogenic albums, I actually didn't buy his Full Discography on Bandcamp as a gift to someone because it includes doubleups.. Like with all the Ultimae Records Bandcamp releases, 24bit and normal < Normal costs less to buy. Why have both? Anyway, I like The Cure's memorystick (not recieved yet, ordered 2) because first of all the The Cure label is a good one, especially since I know the owner and where his heart and head is at. The stick includes All the labels releases to date (in both sound qualities..), profits goes to good cause. Music is of quality. It also includes the newest VA to Download and stream.
  18. I don't know but I read that Anjuna Records is returning with it..
  19. I don't know Javi but will checkout more of his tracks. Anyway Im glad you brought up Gubbology - Anachronnism. Ive experienced this guys live set in the forest two times at least, and its always great. Really. I dont own much Gubbology music, så when that album you mentioned got released I bought it, and a week later I was with my girlfriend camping in the woods and also I brought a god wireless speaker to check out some Forest music.. I put on the Gubbology album in question, while laying in my hammock, smoking, and blasting the "Forest" album. I was very dissepointed, it didnt resonance well with tje nature around, and forest, sounded to mechanical, not forest friendly per say .. Ive really not played it since that dissepointment. When you put the music i.e. Forest in the forest and have keen ears on what follows, you quickly hear what is true forest and what is not so actual Forest. Imho I think Id like to mention ShivaOm, or how you choose to spell his name. I have not yet managed to dive and really get to know his music wide and deep, but this has Goatrance Forest to it for sure: https://www.discogs.com/Shivaॐ-Space-In-The-Woods/release/2319344
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