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  1. I just got a few email from psynews. I don't know whether you changed the system or whatever, but this reminded me that Cronomi Records is 10 years old this year, and I decided to share some of the early history of how it came to be. It's funny, because back then we had the "new school old school" debate, and the whole "old school" era was about as long as the time from 2008 until now. Only tells you how this division is absolutely meaningless. Anyway, the teenager me was producing generic psytrance, kind of the usual kind of Israeli full on you'd expect. Some of it even ended up bei
  2. Brujo's Bowl in uptempo? Was going to vote best chillout - it's in the wrong category.
  3. Want to hear a secret? Some kickass psybient tracks were made with major scales and "cheesy" mainstream pop chord progressions. The technical stuff is only the basis, and the stuff that makes it deep is the sounds and how you use them. Forget the formalities.
  4. They tamper with sound quality. It sounds like crap. But it gives exposure - if people will want the high quality version, they will find it eventually.
  5. CD is out! You can order it at your favorite online shop, or directly with the guy above me, since that will make us earn a bit more money.
  6. 16th September. Forgot to add the release date, sorry
  7. PortaMento - The Portal Cronomi Records 1. White Dwarf 2. 48 Hours 3. The Portal 4. Monkshroom 5. Injected Spawn 6. Biosphere 7. Vitamin E 8. A Grain of Sand 9. Controlled Experiment Samples: http://cronomi.com/?page_id=213 Cronomi Records are proud to present “The Portal” – debut album from Danish artist PortaMento. While this is his first album release, PortaMento (aka Jesper Hahn) is a seasoned producer, who started making tunes as early as 1997 – inspired by the big acts from the golden days of Goa. After having honed his skills for a couple of years, he
  8. I was born 40 years after Hiroshima. Bone chilling indeed.
  9. starting in helsinki and finishing in oslo. I'm planning to put a bigger proportion of the time on norway, especially the west.
  10. hi, I'll be in finland sweden and norway in most of august. If anyone can help with travelling, i'd be glad. Also looking for a couch.
  11. fair prices http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?seller=anenburg for bulk orders and discounts contact me
  12. Mike A

    V/A - Erta Alé

    Here are some words I've written about the subject some time ago: http://cronomi.com/?p=210
  13. Going a bit too far, don't you think? You may like or not like his songs, but he can hit his notes. And a lot of people really like it, because it's a really fun and cute (yet extremely childish and un-deep) song. But don't worry, I won't release his songs on my own label and stick to the psychedelic stuff. It's ok to like both styles. However, I was insulted and I feel ashamed on your behalf as well for judging me according to the fact that I like one of his songs, in addition to my old and proven history in goa trance. "Oh my! he listens to bieber! crucify him!". Calling one ope
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